TRIP 2010

Update #12 - April 24th
Lexington, South Carolina
1,551.60 miles (2,482.56 KM)

Fourth update for the trip. These past couple of weeks have been hard. Because of this, I'm putting the trip on hold for a while. I am staying with some friends in the Lexington, South Carolina area and they said that I could take as long as I need to rest up and get things together.

I've been having a terrible time falling and staying asleep. I've always had problems with these two things because of my suffering from tinnitus in my ears but what I've got now is much worse. I've got a bad case of insomnia. It's been over three weeks since this problem has started. My mind doesn't want to shut down at night. I spend most of the night tossing and turning. Being light and noise sensative doesn't help much either. If at best, I might get in an hour or two of rest each night.

I've tried over-the-counter sleep aids and they don't seem to work. I've tried Melatonin tablets and I've got to take a lot to get any benefit. I should be not functioning but my mind is clear and I don't show any effects of sleep deprivation. Riding long distances don't seem to make me tired. I don't have blood shot eyes. My friend here in Lexington has offered to get me in to see a doctor this week and hopefully they can tell me what is with me.

I've been having some problems with depression. This might be slight case of burn-out. It's been hard trying to keep thing together on a very tight shoe-string budget, trying to find places to stay every night, dealing with the bike problems. One of the hardest things is not having anybody to talk to. I've had limited internet access and when I do get on the web I find no emails from people who I thought would be out there encourageming me on.

Alice has been showing her age because things have been wearing out a little faster than what I had expected. I'm still having problems with the brakes. I might be having problems with a bent disc rotor so I might have to take it off the bent and see if I can flatten it out. Hopefully, I might be able to get the recumbent worked on at a bike shop.

There is still a nagging squeak coming from the back. I was concerned that it might have been from the rear hub but it's not constant. I think that it's coming from the frame and I've got to see what I can do to fix it. One of the problems is that I've got a couple of screws loose on the bottom of the seat and I can't get them tightened all of the way. I think that the screw threads in the seat are stripped and that is why I can't get them tightened. I might see if I can make some new holes.

For a while, I was thinking about riding back to Americus and end the trip but that wouldn't have worked out. I'm pretty sure that my friend Richard wouldn't want me around. I over-stayed my welcome over the winter my coming back to early last Fall. There wouldn't be much for me to do in Americus. I'm going to stay out and see if I can keep this ride going this year. I'm not sure how far I will be riding. I'm not sure about going back up into Maine again. We'll just have to see how this year goes day by day.

I'll try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be May 15th.



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