TRIP 2010

Update #13 - May 08th
Lexington, South Carolina
1,551.60 miles (2,482.56 KM)

Fifth update for the trip. Being off the bike (recumbent) for a little over two weeks has helped. I've got some rest and I don't feel as exhausted as I have been. I did get the chance to see a physician to see what was wrong. He prescribed a mild anti-depressent that was supposed to help me sleep but it didn't work.

My body sometimes metabilizes medicine differently and I have the opposite reaction to what it is supposed to do. I was supposed to stay on the medicine for at least thirty days but I gave up on it after a week. I was suffering from some of the side effects and one of them was insomnia. I didn't really understand why I was told to take a medicine that was supposed to help treat insomnia but caused insomnia itself. I'm going to stay on something that seems to work and that is Melatonin.

I've tried over-the-counter sleep aids and they don't seem to work. I've tried Melatonin tablets and I've got to take a lot to get any benefit. I should be not functioning but my mind is clear and I don't show any effects of sleep deprivation. Riding long distances don't seem to make me tired. I don't have blood shot eyes. My friend here in Lexington has offered to get me in to see a doctor this week and hopefully they can tell me what is with me.

I was able to repair some of the problems with Alice so she might run better. One of the problems was that the seat was loose because a couple of screws were stripped and I wasn't able to tighten them all of the way. I put in a couple new screws and I was able to get the seat tight. I think that I got the problem with the disc rotors fixed also.

I'll be getting back on the road this coming Monday (May 09th). I've redone my tentative route and it's a little shorter. I've decided not to ride through Washington, D.C. and New England this year. I did them last year. Also, I'm not going to Colorado. It's only been a couple of years since I've been there. The tentative route that I had planned for this year was going to be around 9,200 miles (14,720 KM) through 32 states. My new tentative route is going to be around 8,414 miles (13,462 KM) through 27 states. I will be arriving back in Americus, Georgia around October 08th.

Thanks to my friends here in Lexington, I've got some new gear to carry along. I've got another sleeping pad. My old sleeping pad was at least twelve years old and wouldn't stay inflated. This new one even has a pillow that you blow up. Also, I've got a much better rain suit to carry with me. These two things are things that I had hoped to replace before I headed out from Americus back in March.

As for my emotions, I've going have to remind myself what I am doing and who I am doing it for. As Mother Theresa sayed in her poem "Final Analysis" - In the final analysis, it is between you and G-D; It was never between you and them anyway." I'm not going to let what people might say or write about me on the web stop me from what the L-RD called me out to do over 17 years ago.

I'll try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be around May 24th.



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