TRIP 2010

Update #21 - May 21st
Hanover, Pennsylvania
2,146.03 miles (3,433.65 KM)

Sixth update for the trip. The ride is pretty well back to order (sort of). I've been able to sleep without any kind of medication (even Melatonin). The miles are going by quickly and so are the states. Pennsylvania is my seventh state for the trip. I'm within 263 miles (421 KM) of Geneva, NY where I will be turning west. The interesting portion of this leg would be to ride up the Susquehanna River. At Duncannon, PA (north of Harrisburgh), I will be crossing the Appalachian Trail.

May 10 - Lexington, SC to Camden, SC. : 44.99 miles (71.99 KM) - Guest of the Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church.

May 11 - Camden, SC to Wadesboro, SC : 40.06 miles (64.10 KM) - Guest of the First Baptist Church.

May 12 - Wadesboro, NC to Randleman, NC : 72.97 miles (116.97 KM) - Guest of the Randleman Baptist Church. Was able to speak for a few minutes during the Wednesday Evening prayer service. Thank you Rev Chris for all of the help.

May 13 - Randleman, NC to Haw River, NC : 51.24 miles (81.98 KM) - Guest of the L-RD's Chapel. Had a great night staying in the Youth House.

May 14 - Haw River, NC to South Boston, VA : 70.46 miles (112.74 KM) - Spent the night camping out under a picnic shelter in the city park north of South Boston. Wild night because of a fast moving thunderstorm and also lots of heat lightning before the storm. Everything stayed dry.

May 15 - South Boston, VA to Keysville, VA : 41.14 miles (65.82 KM) - A few miles out of Keysville, I passed 198,000 miles (316,800 KM). Guest of the Ash Camp Baptist Church.

May 16 - Keysville, VA to Cumberland, VA : 45.34 miles (72.54 KM) - Spoke at the Ash Camp Baptist Church in Keysville (fifth church for the year). Guest of the Payne Memorial United Methodist Church. Thank you Pastor Lee.

May 17 - Cumberland, VA to Gordonsville, VA : 64.94 miles (103.90 KM) - All Day Rain. Good try out for the new rain suit. Guest of the Daystar Worship Center (Church of G-D). Special thanks also goes out to Officer Greg of the Gordonsville Police Department.

May 18 - Gordonsville, VA to Warrenton, VA : 54.49 miles (87.18 KM) - Six miles out of Warrenton, the rear tube blew out with a bang. Luckily, I was riding slowly up a hill so I didn't crash. The blow out damaged the sidewall and made it un-repairable. Special thanks to Tim at the Warrenton Cycling Center ( who saved the day by helping me out with a new rim strip, tire, and thorn-proof innertube. Guest of the Ministerial Association. Special thanks also goes out to officers of the Warrenton Police Department.

May 19 - Warrrenton, VA to Barnesville, MD : Crossed the Potomac River on the historic White's Ferry northwest of Leesburg, VA. Crossed the historic Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath. I traveled through this area on August 18, 2008. Spoke at the Baptist Church in Barnesville, MD. This was my sixth church for the night. Thank you very much for the Love Offering. Also, special thanks to Rev Gilliam and his wife for the great meal and night's stay in the parsonage.

May 20 - Barnesville, MD to Hanover, PA : 53.79 miles (86.06 KM) - Guest of the Jerusalem Lutheran Church in Bachman Mills, MD. Special thanks to Rev Marsh and her husband.

I'll try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be around June 04th.



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