TRIP 2010

Update #18 - July 17th
Little Falls, Minnesota
4.480.32 miles (7,168.51 KM)

Tenth update for the trip.

I was off the road four days in Plymouth, Minnesota. It was good seeing friends. I was so happy to see the progress that my friend, Leanne, is having. She accidently hurt her brain last year and had a minor stroke earlier this year. She was doing a lot better than what I expected.

It was a busy four days. We got my recumbent into a bike shop in uptown Minneapolis. The rear cluster had to be replaced. I made some new cloth pockets for my water bottles and sewn them on my panniers. I wrote an article for CycloCamping on how to carry a laptop/mini-notebook/netbook pc on a bike tour. Did some work around the condo for my friends. Rested.

The peacefulness of the time off was abruptly ended by a distburbing email that I got. The Pentecostal minister (Rev Wayne Carvell) that I stayed with in Savanna, Illinous less than two weeks ago got killed Saturday (July 10th). I stayed with Rev Carvell and his wife, Karen, from June 23rd through July 02nd. Rev Carvell was the pastor of the Church On The Hill (Assembly of G-D). The church was founded five years ago and they had just moved into a new building last October. Congregation was small with about 40 members. I'm not sure whether the church is going to be disbanded or not.

I called Karen. She told me that Rev Carvell was killed on his motorcycle. Something happened and he crashed. The motorcycle had hit a tree. He might have been either riding to or from the church outside of Mt Carroll going to either worship practice or coming home from it. Rev Carvell played guitar. Karen said that Rev Carvell might have died instantly. His funeral was Thursday, July 15th. I've known Rev Carvell and Karen since 2005. He was the one who helped me get the EZ-Speedster- SX in 2005.

The past two days back on the road have been okay. I've been following the Mississippi Road Trail (Great River Road) along the Mississippi River going north. Also, I got on the Lake Wobegon Bike Trail for a little bit. I'm going to ride along the Paul Bunyan Bike Trail a bit also.

I'm changing my route again. I'm not turning west from International Falls and going to North Dakota. I rode through North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska last year. It can get really hot through Kansas and Nebraska. I'm also concerned with riding through Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. I would probably get there during the height of the hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico.

Even though I will not be riding by the Gulf, I'm also concerned about all of the fumes from the oil spill and the dispersement chemical. The dispersement chemical is supposed to be nasty stuff that can cause cancer and other things. It is supposed to be banned in the United Kingdom. I'm corcerned that the chemical might be water soluble at the molecular level and would evaporate with the Gulf water and it would turn into something like acid rain.

I'm going to be going to Baxter where I will be getting on the Paul Bunyan Bike Trail to Park Rapids. I have a minister friend there. From Park Rapids, I'll be riding to Detroit Lakes and on to Hallock in the Northwest corner north of East Grand Forks. From Hallock, I'll be heading east to International Falls and keep on going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

After my ride through both peninsulas of Michigan, I'm going to riding through the north section of Ohio and then ride to the G.A.P. (Great Appalachian Passage Bike Trail) in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. I really want to ride the G.A.P. again and also the C&O Towpath maybe toW ashington, D.C. I did that in 2008 but I didn't have a digital camera back then. I'm not sure what route I will be taking between Washington, DC and Americus, Georgia. I'll be going through Springfield, Georgia since I've got an invite from a chaplain that works with a truck stop ministry.

I'll try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be around July 31st.



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