TRIP 2010

Update #28 - October 15th
Lexington, South Carolina
7,525.07 miles (12,056.11 KM)

I was thinking that when I got to Lexington, South Carolina the trip would be over for the year but this is not the case. I'll be getting back on the road in a couple of days. There has been a fantastic improvement in my left wrist now that I've been on an anti-inflammatory for the past two weeks. I thought that the damage in my left wrist was going to be either permanent or repairable by surgery. This isn't the case. There was some inflammation around one of the ligaments or tendons in the hand. Right now, I've got about 98.999% use of my left hand and wrist.

During the past couple of weeks, I have been getting cabin fever. I've only been away from my friend's house a couple of times and there is really nothing for me to go to in a reasonable amount of miles. To keep my legs in shape I've been riding laps here in the sub-division and I took some short trips to some of the area churches. Now that I've got enough motion and strength back in my left wrist, I've been able to use my grift shift to switch gears on the front chain ring so I've been riding every where in high gear.

I'll be getting back on the road either next Monday or Tuesday. This depends on whether I get a special package in the mail. A couple of weeks ago,
Christian Cycle Online in California has stepped up to be a new in-kind donation sponsor. They have offered to give me two new cycle jerseys with a Christian theme. I am waiting for them to come to me in the mail.

From Lexington, I will be heading up to Spartanburg, South Carolina to help set up the new office for the
Fuller Center For Housing chapter office there. I'll be in the Spartanburg area for about a week. After Spartanburg, I will be heading southwest to New Orleans, Louisiana where I will be doing some volunteer work in the 9th Ward with Common Ground Relief . It will take me at least two weeks of cycling to get to New Orleans from Spartanburg. This might be where I will be through the rest of the year. I will keep everybody informed if there are any changes in my plans.

Next week is special for me. October 19th is my twelfth anniversary of my being ordained as a minister by an evangelical ministry in the Augusta, Georgia area. Also, October 19th is the twelfth anniversary of the start of this website. It is hard to believe that my website has been up that long. I've had visitors from 146 countries around the world. Vietnam is the newest country.

I'll try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be around October 30th.



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