TRIP 2011

Update #17 - July 18th
Neilsville, Wisconsin
2,943.60 miles (4,709.76 KM)

The past two weeks have been okay but I've gone from one weather extreme to the next. There were cool mornings in the sixties to hot afternoons with high temperatures in the upper 90s with heat indexes in the low 100s. With the high temperatures, it was best to wake up before the sun; get on the road just after sunrise; and get in most of the miles needed to be traveled that day before the sun reached it's peak at noon. I've been able to get as many as 41 miles (65.6 KM) ridden before noontime.

There were days with clear skies with a mild tailwind to days that you really attempted to make any progess because of either strong headwinds or torrential rain storms with some lightning and thunder thrown in for good measure. I've also gone from flat prairies with either corn or soy bean fields on either side of the roadway, to high bluffs, and up and over steep and long grades where in some cases it was more easier to get off the recumbent and walk it than to try and attempt to ride up the long and steep grades. Of course with these long grades, there were usually longer grades of coasts where you really had to feather the brakes so your speed wouldn't get too high.

During these past couple of weeks, I've got to take some real time off the road instead of just a half day here or a half day there. Alice got to stay stationary for four whole days (not four days consecutive though). I got to reconnect with some old friends in Hampton, Iowa and Plymouth, Minnesota and make some new friends in North Central Iowa. I got to go to a small county fair in Iowa, enjoyed some home cooked meals, and also got taken out to several restaurants. I've had the chance to replace some worn out gear but I've also had to throw away some gear. My worn out cycling gloves were replaced along with my tennis shoes. I did have to throw away my cloth sleeping liner bag because it had gotten really soaked and there was some mildew growing on it. It was kind of hard carrying two sleeping bags anyway. On a religious side note - I was able to speak at two more churches along the way.

Currently, I'm about 150 miles (240 KM) into my ride across Wisconsin. I have about 250 miles (400 KM) more to ride in Wisconsin. I got into the state at Prescott (southeast of St Paul, Minnesota) and I'll be leaving the state near Lake Geneva (southeast of Madison, Wisconsin). One of the places that I'm interested in stopping for the night in is Mt Horeb near Madison. I'm interested in taking pictures of the many
Trolls in the area. Just beyond Lake Geneva, I plan to get on the Prairie Path and Fox River bike trails to Batavia, Illinois just west of Chicago. I plan to be in Batavia in about ten days.

As I have mentioned in these past couple of updates, I have decided that this year's mission trip will be more of service to others instead of just riding. I'm not going for high number of miles. If I ride just 4,000 or 5,000 miles (6,000 Kilometers to 8,000 Kilometers). this year that will be okay. My plans will be returning to Shreveport, Louisiana and volunteering with the
Fuller Center For Housing of NW Louisiana in Shreveport again. I will possibly be there from possibly October or November of this year to possibly March or April of next year. Shreveport will become my new homebase.

I will keep everybody abreast through upcoming updates. Usually, I try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be around August 01st, 2011.



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