TRIP 2011

Update #20 - August 16th
Rhinebeck, NY
4,381.84 miles (7,010.94 KM)

Just a short update. Saturday, August 13th, I arrived in Albany, New York and I ended my trip East from the Minneapolis (Plymouth), Minnesota area. I had ridden 1,554.93 miles (2,487.89 KM) in 24.4 days with an average of 63.73 miles per day (101.96 KM per day).

After crossing the bridge over the Hudson River to Rennsalier, New York, I turned south along the Eastern side of the Hudson River. The past couple of days have been pretty wet with rain that lasted most of the day. Sunday (Aug 14) afternoon and night, I camped out in the fellowship hall of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stuyvesant, New York. In 1609, the explorer Henry Hudson stopped in the area in his boat "the Half Moon". Last night, I found a dry place by staying with the sexton of the Dutch Reform Church here in Rhinebeck. I am about 100 miles (160 KM) north of New York City.

I am not sure what I am going to be doing today. It is supposed to be another wet day today. My original plan was to ride to Poughkeepsie where I was going to get on the Metro-Hudson rail line into New York City. I find it to be more safer to arrive and depart New York City by train instead of riding in and out of the Big City. I am going to try and find a dry place today and try for the train tomorrow.

I am hoping to try and connect with a member of one of the associations that I belong to in New York City and possibly stay a night or two. I'd like to do a little sightseeing without my recumbent and gear and possibly get to see "Ground Zero". From New York City, I plan to take another train to someplace in New Jersey where I will be starting my trek down the Eastern Sea Coast. I might ride to the tip of New Jersey and catch the ferry to Lewes, Delaware. From Lewes, I will possibly ride to Queenstown, Maryland where I hope to get a ride across the bridge to Annapolis, Maryland and then head to Washington, D.C.

As I have mentioned in these past couple of updates, I have decided that this year's mission trip will be more of service to others instead of just riding. I'm not going for high number of miles. If I ride just 6,000 or 7,000 miles (9,600 Kilometers to 11,200 Kilometers). this year that will be okay. My plans will be returning to Shreveport, Louisiana and volunteering with the
Fuller Center For Housing of NW Louisiana in Shreveport again. I will possibly be there from possibly October or November of this year to possibly March or April of next year. Shreveport will become my new homebase.

I will keep everybody abreast through upcoming updates. Usually, I try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be around August 30th, 2011.



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