TRIP 2011

Update #21 - August 27th
Wilson, North Carolina
4,938.65 miles (7,901.74 KM)

These past eleven days have been interesting and I've used different modes of transportation not just my two feet. Between Poughkeepsie, New York and Manhattan, New York City, New York, I took the MTA North-Hudson Railroad

MetroHudson Rail

I arrived in New York City at Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

My visit to New York City was quite brief (3.5 hours). I stayed in Mid-Town Mahattan between 22nd Street and 54th Street. Basically, I walked between Grand Central Railroad Station and Penn Railroad Station. I checked out Times Square, The Empire State Building, The Public Library, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, and the Rocket City Music Center. One of the things that I checked out was the studios of the NBC News Morning Show "The Today Show".



NBC News Today Show Studio

To get out of New York City, I took the New Jersey Transit from Penn Railroad Station to Long Branch, New Jersey.

New Jersey Rail

New Jersey Rail

From Long Branch, I rode down the tip of New Jersey to the Cape May - Lewes Ferry between Cape May, New Jersey to Lewes, Delaware.

Cape May Ferry

Cape May Ferry

Instead of heading northeast to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Annapolis, Maryland and then ride to and through Washington, D.C., I rode to the tip of the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula Del-Mar-Va stands for Delaware - Maryland - Virginia. I got a ride across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to Virginia Beach, Virginia. The last non-bike transport was the Currituck Ferry

Currituck Ferry

between Knotts Island and Currituck, North Carolina.

My original plan was to ride south along the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Southeast North Carolina to at least Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and then turn west to Shreveport, Louisiana with a sidetrip to Americus, Georgia. Because of Hurricane Irene, I had to turn inland at Currituck. I needed to get inland away from the coastline. A couple of days ago, I heard on the radio that the American Red Cross was going to open up an emegency shelter in the Wilson, North Carolina area. Since I've already had extensive volunteer experience with the American Red Cross after quite a few hurricanes, the Northridge (California) Earthquake, and the Mississippi River Flood in 1993, I decided to head to Wilson to stay at the shelter and also volunteer if possible.

When I got to downtown Wilson yesterday, I found out that the shelter was going to be at the
Roanoke Rapids Baptist Church west of Wilson. There are about 100 people here at the shelter (Red Cross staff from the
Frederick E. Turnage Chapter out of Rocky Mount, North Carolina , Federal Emergency Management Agency , Wilson North Carolina Police police , and evacuees.

As I am typing this update out, Hurricane Irene is making it's way northward along the Outer Banks. We were quite fortunate that the hurricane lessoned and came ashore as a Cat 1 instead of the projected Cat 3 or Cat 4. Right now, we are experiencing winds up to 20 MPH (32 KPH) and rain. The hurricane should be passed us in the next 12 hours. I might be heading out tomorrow on the way to Spartanburg, South Carolina.

As I have mentioned in these past couple of updates, I have decided that this year's mission trip will be more of service to others instead of just riding. I'm not going for high number of miles. If I ride just 6,000 or 7,000 miles (9,600 Kilometers to 11,200 Kilometers). this year that will be okay. My plans will be returning to Shreveport, Louisiana and volunteering with the
Fuller Center For Housing of NW Louisiana in Shreveport again. I will possibly be there from possibly October or November of this year to possibly March or April of next year. Shreveport will become my new homebase.

I will keep everybody abreast through upcoming updates. Usually, I try and add a new update every two weeks along the way so the next one will be around September 11th, 2011.



Bicyclist in Sunset



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