TRIP 2011

Update #27 - December 01
Shreveport, Louisiana
6,517.12 miles (10,427.39 KM)

Usually, I have been posting updates every two weeks or so but there hasn't been anything new to talk about. In the previous update there was a mention that I was planning to move down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Instead, I made a personal commitment to stay in Shreveport this month to continue volunteering with the Fuller Center For Housing of NW Louisiana .

The Fuller Center has been building two homes for the city. One of the homes (a three bedroom, two bathroom) is about 2/3rds finished and if the contractors do their work in a timely manner it might be ready to be moved in before the Holidays. The one hold-up is that the contractor who is supposed to put in the driveway, back sidewalk, and grade the lawn hasn't finished doing their work. I can't help in the laying of the sod for the yard until this work is done. I laid down one yard that took three pallets of sod in two days. The work on the second home is about halfway finished and it is going slower.

I have been getting involved with more of the people in the neighborhood. There are a couple of people in the neighborhood who developed and are maintaining a community garden called the "Allendale Garden of Hope and Love". This garden is a highlight of the neighborhood because the area used to be a hangout of drug dealers. My plan for this month is to design a website for the garden.

 Allendale Garden of Hope And Love

I am getting more adjusted to my living arrangements. It is several steps up from where I was living in this time last year. I was staying in the partially finished, unheated basement of a house in Nw Illinois. I've got a small hotplate so I can do some cooking. Also, I've found several websites that stream live television. It is so nice being able to watch the national news live again instead of watching it as a replay.

Most of my time last month was spent on doing maintenance and making upgrades on my website. One of the upgrades was cleaning up the homepage. I was able to make an animated non-flash header through a new internet service called
Bannersnack . Once I figured out how the program worked, it was really easy to make the animated graphic. Bannersnack is a subsidiary of Snacktools . Through another subsidiary of Snacktools called Flipsnack , I was able to make an electronic flipbook. The flipbook is about the twelve most commonly asked questions about me and my ministry. You can view the flipbook by clicking HERE .

I plan to do some more upgrades to the website. Website traffic in the past couple of month has really picked up. I had over 22,000 visits to the website last month. So far this year, I've had more traffic to the website that what I had during the previous twelve years combined. Also, I have now gotten visits from 220 countries, dependencies, and territories around the world. There are 262 countries, dependencies, and territories around the world.

I am making some plans for next year's mission trip. I've decided to head west this year but I'm planning to not go passed the Pacific Crest Mountains. From El Centro, California, I'll possibly head north through the Imperial Valley passed the Salton Sea and then up the San Joaquin Valley to Sacramento. At the beginning of the year, I'll possibly be moving down to Baton Rouge for about a month and then head out sometime in February.

I will keep everybody abreast through upcoming updates. Usually, I try and add a new update every two weeks but it might be longer if nothing really happens in the upcoming weeks. The next update might be posted as early as December 15th or possibly not till the end of this month.



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