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Update #20 - September 18th
Chittenango, New York
2,806.43 miles (4,490.29 KM)

Yesterday morning, I heard on the radio that today there were going to be storms with the possibility of winds up to 40 mph (64 kmph) so I decided to make a beeline to Chittenango instead of going to either Oswego or Fulton and then turning Southeast to Chittenango. I arrived on the outskirts of Chittenango around 6:15 pm. It's a little hard to believe that this trip is over. It's been 71 days since I left Baton Rouge and I rode 54 of those days.

I am not really sure how long I will be here in Chittenango. My plan is to help out my friend who is the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church and maybe do some things with the local association of churches. I'm going to give it at least four weeks. If nothing comes through by the middle of October, I will have time enough for me to load up Alice again and head South before it gets really cold up here. This of course will be Mission Trip 33.

Hopefully if I do get on the road again this year, I'll get out before the first snow falls. According to the record books, this area received it's first significant snowfall on October 02, 1974. I could stay over the Winter. I've been up in Mid Central New York before. This was in the early 1980s when I lived in Syracuse, New York.

Here is a recap of the last three days of the trip.

Saturday, September 15th - Rochester, New York to Wolcott, New York - I had an okay night at my friend's house. I had gone to bed around 9 PM but I woke up around 5 AM. I spent the time updating the website. Around 6:30 AM, Dave was up and he made some breakfast. Afterwards, I got Alice outside and loaded up.

I left the house around 7:30 AM. A few blocks away, a guy who was a Jehovah's Witness stopped and came towards me. I had stopped in front of a Methodist Church to put on my jacket because the temperature was in the 60s. He had his Bible and pamphlet already in his hand. The guy started off with a comment "I see that you have a loaded bicycle you must be travelling far." Before he got the next sentence out, I said "Just to let you know I'm an ordained Evangelical Christian minister." After I finished that, his eyes got really big and then he turned around and slunk away like a wounded puppy with it's tail between it's legs back to his car. Before he got in his car, I yelled towards him "If you want to follow the real one true G-D, come back, and I'll lead you in a prayer." He didn't say anything back and got into his car and drove off.

I got on NY 404 for the ride out of town. On the way out of Rochester, I was going to stop at a Presbyterian church that had a sign outside that said "Saturday Morning Cafe. Free drinks, food, music, wireless." but there wasn't anybody around. I rode along NY 404 till I got back on NY 18 and cycled it to Webster. In Webster, I got on NY 250 going Northwards and I turned Eastward on NY 1 (the Lake Road). I stayed on Lake Road for about 10 miles (16 km) until I had enough of it. It was just going passed residential areas and it didn't take me close to the shore of Lake Ontario.

I headed back south on Ontario Center Road. Along the way, I stopped to check out the
Heritage Square Museum . This is a collection of old buildings built in the mid 1800s and made into a museum. I stopped to take some pictures.

 Heritage Square Museum - 01; Ontario Center, New York

 Heritage Square Museum - 02; Ontario Center, New York

 Heritage Square Museum - 03; Ontario Center, New York

In Ontario Center, I got on NY 103 and I rode it until I got on NY 104. I headed East to Wolcott.

I got into Wolcott around 5:30 pm. There wasn't anybody around the churches and the small police station was closed. I went around the churches again to see if I could find any contact phone numbers. There was a phone number on the sign of the
First Baptist Church . I thought that I was going to maybe hear a voice mail message and maybe an emergency number. Instead, I heard a live voice coming from inside the church. Rev Walker came out to talk to me. He was at the church helping another member get ready for tomorrow morning, which was the start of the Sunday school session. I went inside to help the pastor hang up a sign in the fellowship hall. Afterwards, I was invited for supper at the parsonage and also to spend the night.

Sunday, September 16th - Wolcott, New York - I had a little bit of an off night. I had some restless leg in my right leg and the sun-burnt crack on my lower lip hurt really bad so I didn't get much sleep. During breakfast, I was invited to stay over for the day. I needed the day off since I had ridden almost 460 miles (736 kms) since last Sunday morning.

Around 9:00 AM, I loosely packed up Alice and I rode her the couple of blocks to the First Baptist Church. Today was the kick-off to the Sunday school program. During the service, I got to talk for a few minutes. After the service, a few of the members stopped to talk to me and check out Alice.

 Alice at First Baptist - Wolcott, New York

Back at the parsonage after dinner, I went upstairs to my room with intentions to work on the photos that I had taken during the past couple of days but I felt that I needed to take a nap. The nap was for a little over 3 hours long. I woke up a little before 5 PM. I updated the website and started to work on the pictures. After supper, Rev Parker invited the Presbyterian minister over since he is also a cyclist also. He is into cyclecross and was a bicycle mechanic before becoming a minister. We had a good half hour long conversation. Before he left, the Presbyterian minister slipped me $7.

Monday, September 17th - Wolcott, New York to Chittenango, New York - I had an okay night. I was able to fall asleep even though I had about a 3.5 hour nap in the afternoon. I woke up around 5:30 AM and I quietly got cleaned up and dressed. When it got light outside, I took all of the gear that I had brought inside out and packed up Alice. By the time that I got Alice ready for the day, Rev Parker and his wife were up and they had breakfast ready. They had to go to Newark for some errands and a doctor's appointment. Rev Parker took a few pictures of me and I headed out around 7:50 AM.

To stretch my legs, I walked Alice back to NY 104. Once back on NY 104 heading east, I turned on my radio to get the news. The weather report for today was good with temperatures in the seventies but tomorrow wasn't going to be good. The storm that was causing a lot of rain in the South was going to arrive tomorrow. They were talking about lots of rain, thunderstorms, and winds up to 50 mph (80 kmph). I was going to either ride Northeast to Oswego or Eastward to Fulton and then turn Southeast to Chittenango but I decided to take a more direct route and arrive in Chittenango tonight.

I rode along NY 104 to NY 370 and I turned Eastward. I rode through the small towns of Victory, Cato, and Meridian. By noon, I had ridden 27 miles (43 km) and gotten to the outskirts of Baldwinsville. After a light lunch, I got on NY 31. NY 31 is designated as Bike Route 5. I've ridden this bike route quite a few times. The ride Eastward was a little slow because of a slight crosswind coming from the South and there was a lot of traffic especially near the interchange of I-81. One of the saddest things that I've seen along the way was a closed down and weed covered church but I did see an encouraging sign at another church.

 closed down church

 prayer sign at church

In the small town of Lakeport, I turned south on Lakeport Road for the ride to North Chittenango and Chittenango. It was good to cross over the Erie Canal towpath trail on the Northern edge of Chittenango again.

 Chittenango Landing - Chittenango, New York

The last time that I've been in Chittenango was August 08, 2011. It was a little after 6 PM when I stopped to take a picture of Alice at the village sign.

 Alice at Chittenango, NY village sign

I called up my friend Rev Doerr and he told me to meet him at his church, First Presbyterian .

 First Presbyterian Church - Chittenango, New York

Rev. Doerr had some meetings to attend at the church. After the meetings, Rev. Doerr escorted me to his house.

Being that I am off the road and not on tour now, it might be a while before I post another update. The next one will possibly be posted at the end of the month, September 30th



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