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Update #03 - February 19th
Lexington, South Carolina
4,430.13 miles (7,088.21 KM) - Mission Trip 33
1,349.73 miles (2,159.57 KM) - Year Total

The last six days from Richmond Hill, South Carolina went okay. I had an off day (no ride day) Wednesday, February 13th, because of inclement weather. I was able to connect with a friend in Rincon, Georgia. We've been trying to meet for almost three years when I was in the area but things never worked out. My friend, Frank, offered to pick me up at the motel that I was staying at in Richmond Hill, Georgia and take me to a motel in Port Townsend, Georgia. This would get me around Savannah, Georgia and I wouldn't have to ride through the busy port area in Garden City, and Port Townsend Georgia. Frank had offered to pay for the room. Before leaving, he surprised me with a green handshake.

The temperature was only in the low 40s when I headed out Thursday morning, February 14th. I had four layers of clothes on. I traveled North to Springfield, Georgia and then I crossed the Savannah River into South Carolina. I stopped for the day in Estill, South Carolina. The pastor at the Presbyterian Church offered to pay for a room at the local motel because they were having an after-school program at the church.

Friday, February 15th, I rode to Barnwell, South Carolina. Being that it was Friday, I didn't think that I would have good luck connecting with a local minister. I did find the minister at the Presbyterian Church. He couldn't allow me to stay at the church for the night because there was a preschool there. He slipped me the money that he had in his wallet and I used it and some of the money from my friend Frank's green handshake and I got a room at one of the town's two motels. I spent a little more than what I had hoped for because motels usually charge more for Friday and Saturday nights.

The weather report for Satuday, February, 16th, wasn't a good one. They were calling for a winter storm watch with temperatures either in the upper 30s or low 40s with rain that could turn to snow but they were not predicting any accumulation. From Barnwell, I had planned to ride Northeast to the small town of North, South Carolina and from there it would have only been about a 30 mile ride to my friend's apartment in Lexington, South Carolina. I wasn't to sure that I could connect with a minister in the town being that it was a Saturday and I really wanted to make sure that I was inside someplace and not caught outside in my tent in any possible bad weather. Instead, I rode North to Aiken, South Carolina. Because of the projected colder weather, I wore five layers of clothes above my waist and four layers below the waist. About an hour after I headed out, the sky got dark and it started to lightly rain. The rain only lasted about two hours but I did get soaked and chilled. I found a low cost motel with rates in the upper $30 range on the western edge of Aiken.

I didn't have a good night at the motel in West Aiken. The motel was a "roach motel". I found roaches crawling on the floor and on the walls. The one good thing was that none of these roaches or their cousins had decided to share the bed with me. I still didn't get much sleep.

Being that I had already had my day off for the week already on Wednesday, I had planned to ride to the Batesville-Leesburg, South Carolina in the afternoon after attending church in downtown Aiken Sunday, February 17th. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church and I got to share what I was doing with one of the Sunday school classes. This would be my eighth church for the year where I had the chance to speak at. After the church service, the interim minister offered to pay for a room at a better motel close to the downtown area. He told me that I looked like I needed an extra night in a bed.

Monday, February 18th, I had a pretty good day riding to Lexington, South Carolina. I was pretty familiar with this section of US 1 because I had ridden it in reverse the day after Thanksgiving of last year. Since February 23, 2012, I had made a 2,555.57 mile (4,081.91 KM) loop. A couple of miles out of Lexington, South Carolina, I passed another milestone of passing the 218,000 mile (348,800 KM) mark.

Today is kind of special. It's now been 20 years since I headed out in the snow from Portland, Oregon back in 1993. A total of 7,303 days (20.01 years) had gone by since Fev 19, 1993. 5,963 of those days (16.34 years) had been "On Tour" with me being in the saddle 3,759,76 days (10,30 years) traveling from place to place, 1,145 days (3.14 years) doing disaster relief after natural disasters and volunteering at the international headquarters of Habitat For Humanity in Americus, Georgia and the Fuller Center For Housing Of Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport, Louisiana, and 1,058.24 days (2.90 years) of "Rest Days". There has also been 1,340 days (3,67 years) where I hadn't been on tour.

March 27th, 2013, will be the 20th anniversary of the start of my Pedal Prayers Ministry. March 2th, 1993 is the day that I headed out from Santa Monica, California on faith. I don't count the days between Feb 19th, 1993 and March 26th, 1993, because I hadn't completely turned the trip over to the L-RD.

Ten days ago, I passed another milestone. Alice became the number one bicycle (/recumbent) with the most miles on it. My record had been 49,747.96 miles (79,596.74 KM). This was the distance that I got on my first recumbent (the Lightning Cycle Dynamics - Thunderbolt) between April 02, 2001 and April 29, 2005. Currently, Alice has 50,077.53 miles (80,124.05 KM) on her. This distance was ridden in 876.78 days with an average of 57.12 miles (91.39 KM) cycled per day.

Speaking of Alice, I'm going to be getting her into a local bike shop real soon. I've got to get the headset checked out because I've been hearing a loud clank from it whenever I turn the handlebar over 45 degrees and the rear tire has to be reseated because the bead of the tire isn't seated right on both sides of the tire.

I'm looking at being off the road for the rest of the month. I'm patiently awaiting a new bankcard to arrive from my bank since the old one has expired. It's been really hard on the road without any access to the funds in my bank account. I haven't had access to the funds in my account since the first of the year.

When I do head out again, I will be starting up Mission Trip 34. In the beginning of the trip, I'll be riding up to New Jersey and New York where I hope to help out with the rebuilding effort after last year's late hurricane, Sandy. I will either be taking a Northeasterly route to Virginia Beach, Virginia where I'll get a ride across Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the Del/Mar/Va peninsula or I will be taking a more Northerly route to the Amherst - Lynchburg, Virginia area before turning East to Virginia Beach. I'm looking at arriving in New Jersey sometime in early April.

The next trip update should be posted sometime around March 01st.



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