TRIP 2013

Update #04 - March 11th
Lexington, South Carolina
1,349.73 miles (2,159.57 KM) - Year Total

Tomorrow will be my last day off the road in Lexington, South Carolina. It will my 22nd day off the road. Most of the time, I was just hanging around my friend's apartment. One of the things that I have done was take care of my friend's two dogs, Daisy and Monty. Daisy is a dachschi ( dachshund - chihuahua mix) and Monty is a terrchi (terrier - chihuahua mix). Monty's nickname is "Gremlin" because of his demeanor. I haven't really minded taking care of the dogs but I don't like picking up the dog's fecal matter.

 Daisy and Monty

I did spend some time volunteering with a local ministerial association called LICS (Lexington Interfaith Community Services). Around twenty-four churches help fund and keep the ministry going. There is a foodbank, social center, and thrift store. I didn't help directly with the clients. What I did was work in the Distribution Center helping sort out the clothes that was donated. I spent quite a few hours sorting the clothes into children, men, and women. I sorted the clothes out of large plastic bins on wheels that were about six feet long, four feet wide, and six feet high.

One of the things that I really needed to get done during this time off the road was to have Alice checked out at a local bike shop. For a long time, a very loud clang was coming out of the headset whenever I turned the handlebar more than 45 degrees. I was concerned about this because I was worried that some of the ball bearings in the races were cracked. Sooner or later, this damage could make the headset freeze up and I wouldn't be able to steer Alice. I took Alice to
South Lake Cycles in Lexington.

The headset had to be replaced. Somehow the headset crown race fastened to the front fork and the lower frame cup were damaged. Instead of being smooth, both the race and cup were supposed to be smooth but there were deep dents from the ball bearings. This denting could have come from a hard shock onto the headset possibly from the front end of the recumbent being dropped. The dents formed something like a ratchet. They didn't have the right sized headset in stock so it had to be ordered from a supplier. Alice was in the shop for a little over a week. The headset was original and it had to have over 50,000 miles (80,000 KM) on it.

 damaged headset crown race
 damaged headset lower frame cup

Wednesday, March 13th, I will be starting out on my 34th missionary bike tour around the United States. From Lexington, South Carolina, I will be be cycling to the Amherst / Lynchburg, Virginia area. I have friends in both cities and I want to check out another cycling minestry called Wheelpower Christian Cyclists .

From Amherst, I will be heading east to Virginia Beach where I will be getting a ride across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula. I am riding to Coastal New Jersey to see what I can do to help out with the recovery effort after Hurricane Sandy. It should take me about a month to get to the Southern tip of New Jersey. After New Jersey, I plan to maybe spend a day or two in New York City and then ride along the coast to Maine. I'm not sure where I will be riding after Maine. I'll probably be riding through the Midwest States.

March 27th, 2013, will be the 20th anniversary of the start of my Pedal Prayers Ministry. March 27th, 1993 is the day that I headed out from Santa Monica, California on faith. I don't count the days between Feb 19th, 1993 (when I left Portland, Oregon) and March 26th, 1993, because I hadn't completely turned the trip over to the L-RD.

The next trip update should be posted sometime around March 25th.



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