TRIP 2013

Update #05 - March 13th
Camden, South Carolina
Mission Trip 34: 49.09 miles (78.54 KM)
1,398.82 miles (2,238,11 KM) - Year Total

Today wasn't a good start of a tour. I left my friend's apartment complex in Lexington, South Carolina a little after 8 AM. Traffic going east on US 1 towards Columbia was really heavy. There wasn't any shoulder. I tried riding with the traffic for a short distance but I was having a hard time with the rear tire. It was a lot worse than what it has been. I felt like I was riding a bunkling bronco because the bead of the rear tire was really off. The wheel was really out of balance. I had thought that the mechanic at the bike shop in Red Bank, South Carolina fixed it before I picked up Alice Sunday afternoon.

I walked Alice for about 4 miles (6 KM) until I got passed the interstate I-20. Traffic lightened up after the interstate so I was able to ride Alice some. I did have to stop at a roadside rest to work on the below the seat rack, I had to replace the picture wire that I had put on the bike to fix the rack in place. The wire had broken apart from the stress on it.

Once I got the rack fixed, the ride was a little better. I rode on to West Columbia. I stopped at
Summit Cycles . I wanted to get the rear tire bead reseated. The owner was the mechanic. He got right on the rear wheel. Before he reset the bead of the tire, the owner put on a new rim strip because the old one was bad. There were three spots where the bead of the tire was bad. It took a while getting the bead to seat in place. The tire got inflated and I took the wheel outside to put it back on Alice. I had flipped Alice on her side and took the rear wheel off. While I was installing the wheel, the tire went soft.

I took the wheel back into the shop. I don't know how the tube got punctured. The owner was going to put in a new innertube, but I went outside to to get the spare innertube that I had bought. This is when the troubles started. As soon as the tube was inflated, it blew out. I don't know how it had happened.

The owner tried two more times with new innertubes but they popped also. He was really frustrated and he took the tire clear off the rim to check it. He found out that there was internal damage of the sidewall and a tear on the outside of the bead. The tire was shot and it had to be replaced. I tried calling a friend in New York but he wasn't home. I called up, my friend, Tim at his office in Columbia. He offered to come to the after his noon meeting to pay for a new rear tire. The owner didn't charge me for the popped innertubes or the extra labor. He put on a Continental tire with 65 psi. It's a little wider than the old tire and it has for knobs. It took him less than 5 minutes to get the new innertube and tire back on the wheel.

It was almost 11:45 AM when I got back on the road. It was about noon when I got into the downtown area and rode passed the state capitol. I had to take my time because the wind was really strong and the downtown area was like a wind tunnel. Once I got back on Alice, the ride was a lot better. There was a lot hills to up and over between Columbia and Lugoff. Along the way, I almost got hit twice because two motorists turned in front of me at an interchange instead of waiting for me to go through the interchange and then turn behind me.

I got into Camden around 4:40 PM. I made my way over to the First Baptist Church. The pastor was in. There wasn't any place where I could spend the night in the church complex so the pastor offered to get me at a room at a motel that I had passed on the ride into town. The motel was about 1.5 mile (2.4 KM) West from the downtown area. On the way to the motel, I almost got hit again when a driver opened up the driver's side down in front of me. Hopefully, all of the bad stuff has happened for the tour and the rest of the ride will be easy.

From Camden, South Carolina, I will be cycling to the Amherst / Lynchburg, Virginia area. I have friends in both cities and I want to check out another cycling minestry called
Wheelpower Christian Cyclists .

From Amherst, I will be heading east to Virginia Beach where I will be getting a ride across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula. I am riding to Coastal New Jersey to see what I can do to help out with the recovery effort after Hurricane Sandy. It should take me about a month to get to the Southern tip of New Jersey. After New Jersey, I plan to maybe spend a day or two in New York City and then ride along the coast to Maine. I'm not sure where I will be riding after Maine. I'll probably be riding through the Midwest States.

March 27th, 2013, will be the 20th anniversary of the start of my Pedal Prayers Ministry. March 27th, 1993 is the day that I headed out from Santa Monica, California on faith. I don't count the days between Feb 19th, 1993 (when I left Portland, Oregon) and March 26th, 1993, because I hadn't completely turned the trip over to the L-RD.

The next trip update should be posted sometime around March 27th.



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