TRIP 2013

Update #18 - July 29th
Ipswich, Massachusetts
Mission Trip 34: 5,643.47 miles (9,029.55 KM)
6,993.20 miles (11,189.12 KM) - Year Total

After an abbreviated ride across Maine, I am now heading South along the Eastern Seacoast.

July 15 : Chittenango, New York to Pulaski, New York - 53.65 miles (85.84 KM)

I had an okay night. I packed most of my things on Alice last night so I just had to pack up a few things and fill up my water bottles. I left the Doerr house a little before 8 AM. It was a slow ride to the bike shop in Bridgeport because I hit some road construction on NY 31. The disc brake pads that I had ordered last week were there. There was also something strange waiting for me. It was the bible that I had mistakenly left behind at a church in the UP of Michigan. Rev Doerr had forgotten to give it to me while I was at his house so he rushed it over and got there a few minutes before I had arrived at the shop.

From the bike shop, I backtracked last week's route to Cicero. I took an early lunch break. Even with the lunch break, I got 23 miles in by noon. I got on Bike Rte 11 (US 11) going North. Even though there was some high heat (in the upper 80s low 90s) and a slight headwind, I still got an extra 30 miles in. The last 12 miles were slow because the shoulder had been damaged by Amish cart wheels.

I didn't get into Pulaski until a little after 5 pm. I had a vague memory that I knew somebody in town. As I was trying to find the police station, the wife of Rev Charsky (the Baptist minister) found me and invited me to the house. She was on the way to Ft Drum to pick up her husband because he couldn't get back home because of bad brakes. He is a chaplain with the army.

The last time that I had stopped here in Pulaksi was 4 years ago in 2009 and the time before that was in 2005.

June 16 : Pulaski, New York to Watertown, New York - 40.05 miles (64.08 KM)

I had an okay night. It was good being with the Charsky's again. The youngest boy, Micah, was there. The oldest boy, Jonah, was at boy scout camp for the week. There was a new girl. The Charsky's adopted a 4.5 year old girl from China, Leza. She is almost 8 now. I had a good time with the kids and talked with Rev Charsky for a while before heading upstairs to the guest bedroom. I had a problem keeping the cats out of the room because that is where the cat bowls and water bowl is in. I woke up a couple of times to go to the restroom and also to turn off the fan in the window. The room was getting too cold.

I woke up around 5:00 AM. Around 6:45 AM, I took my things downstairs. Rev Charsky was up and he let me into the garage so that I could pack up Alice. Mrs Charsky had put together a to-go bag with some crackers, granola bars, and homemade cookies. After Rev Charsky took some pictures I got on the road around 7:15 AM. I didn't get too far when I found out that I had accidently left my camera someplace in the house. I had it in one of the back pockets of the cycling jersey and it must have fallen out of the pocket when I put the jersey on. I had only gone to the Northern edge of town. When I got back to the house, the rest of the family was up. I found the camera underneath one of the chairs in the living room. I was the one to take some pictures.

It was around 7:40 AM, when I headed out from the house the second time. Fourteen miles down the road, I passed the 223,000 mile mark. The ride North went okay. The temperature was already in the upper 70s. I had an okay ride to Adam Center. I got about 28 miles in by noon time. I got to my friend's house in Adam Center a little after noon. I haven't seen them in eight years. Rev Hamilton was at their cabin. Mr Hamilton wasn't at their body shop. I found out that he had gone out for lunch and was going to a meeting in Watertown.

I rode on to Watertown. The temperature was getting into the upper 80s and I didn't think that I would try and go farther. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church. Because they were in the middle of their vacation bible school, the pastor offered to get me a room at the Best Western motel a block away.

July 17 : Watertown, New York to Alexandria Bay, New York - 33.72 miles (53.95 KM)

I had an okay night. The room was comfortable. There was enough room so I could flip Alice onto her side so that I could put the new disc brake pads up front and the put the ones that were in the rear disc unit back. I went to bed around 10:00 PM. I got some sleep but I had some weird dreams. I woke up around 4:30 AM. There was a pretty decent hot breakfast. I left the motel a little before 7:30 AM.

I went across the street to check out a farmer's market. There were some Mennonites. I bought a couple small baked goods. It took a while finding the right route to get through the downtown area onto NY 12.

About a mile and a half down the road, I rode passed a small drive in. There was a guy using a hose and soap to clean off the chairs and patio deck. He had two dogs with him and when they saw me they started to run across the parking lot. One of the dogs stopped when the guy called it but the other one kept on coming. When it got maybe 15 feet away from me, I yelled out "stay". The dog stopped in it's tracks but it kept on coming towards me. There were several puddles of soapy water on the parking lot. The dog had hit one of them and it was just like the dog skidding along the surface of an ice rink. His rear feet buckled underneath him and he skidded in a straight line on his rear paws and rear end. The dog had a really funny look on it's face of puzzlement. I must have saw it slide six or more feet before I rode passed it. It was so comical that I wished that I had my camera out to take a video of it as it happened. I did hear it's master calling after it.

There were some rolling hills. I rode through some Amish country. I rode NY 12 until it connected with NY 180 and I headed North on that. I took a short break in Lefargeville. Between Lefargeville and Omar, I stopped to watch some Amish harvesting a field of wheat by a team of two horses and an old fashioned reaper. I had stopped far enough away so that I could take a short video of it. There was a couple of young Amish boys who were gathering up the bundles of cot wheat and stacking them up.

At Fishers Landing, I got back on NY 12. It had gone Northwest to Clayton and then turned left along the St Lawrence Seaway and was going continue on going Northeast. I took a short break at a gas station in Fishers Landing. It was really starting to got hot in the noon time sun. The only thing that helped me was that there was now a tailwind coming from the West. It blew me on into Alexandria Bay. I got into Alexandria Bay around 1:00 PM. A bank had a thermometerand it said 90. I knew that it was too hot to go on.

I rode into the downtown area and I stopped at the Reform Church Of The Thousand Islands. The pastor who was still new at the church gave me permission to stay in the church for the night. The pastor had just arrived from western Illinois near Clinton, IA. He was amazed that I knew that part of Illinois. The church had a food pantry and I was able to get a few things out of hit.

Because of the heat wave that should last the rest of the week, my goal for tomorrow is just to get to Ogdensburg.

July 18 : Alexandria Bay, New York to Massena, New York - 85.35 miles (135.56 KM)

I had an okay night at the church. The youth room was pretty cozy. The sexton brought up a Red Cross cot and there was a pillow to use. Between 6:00 and 7:30 PM, the food pantry opened up. I helped a couple of people get their groceries outside to their cars. Aterwards, it rained pretty hard for a little while. The pastor came by around 8 PM to see how I was doing. He was taking a friend to the train station so that he could get back to Western Iowa. I could have gone upstairs and slept on one of the sofas in the library but I opted to stay downstairs.

I slept till around 5 AM. It didn't take me long to get Alice packed up again, get cleaned up, and have breakfast. I left the church around 6:40 AM. Having the early start really helped because it was already in the 70s. A couple of miles down the highway, two cycle tourist sped up and passed me. It was two guys. They were going too fast so I quickly lost sight on them. Occasionally, I would catch sight of the St Lawrence River Seaway. I stopped to talk to two guys who were touring out of Canada. They had crossed the River at Ogdensburg and were going West some ways. I got the first 20 miles in by 9:15 AM. Along the way there were quite a few hills to cross over and some long downhill runs.

I was at the Western outskirts of Ogdensburg a little before noon. I got almost 40 miles in by noon time. I stopped to cheeck out a monument and some plaques about the first fort settlement in the area and the Battle of 1812. I also took some pictures of the community garden. I stopped at the library to get a photocopy of the state highway map.

I spent the next 80 or 90 minutes seeing if I could connect with a minister and find some place to get out of the heat for the rest of the day. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church but the lady pastor was on vacation. I stopped at the Episcopal Church but they were between rectors. I checked out the First United Methodist Church but it was too small and there wasn't any indication if there was an office or not and there was no contact number for the pastor. Out of whim, I stopped at the offices of the Catholic Charities. The only suggestion that they had was for me to go to the Salvation Army. The oeople at the Salvation Army wasn't that friendly towards me. They gave an excuse that the town was too small for a homeless ahelter. The director didn't really want to talk to me. He was upset that the Catholic Charities referred me to them. On the way out of the downtown area, I stopped at the First Baptist Church. The pastor wasn't in and the old pony tailed guy who said that he was the church's business manager wasn't that friendly.

On the way out of town, I stopped at a BK for a cup of ice cream and some water. None of the churches or ministries that I stopped at didn't even ask me if I needed a glass of water. It was around 2:30 PM when I headed East out of town. Between Ogdensburg and Waddington, I had to stop at a gas station to wait out a fast moving thunderstorm that had a lot of lightning.

I got into Waddington around 5:15 PM. I checked out the churches but I didn't see anybody around them. At the Catholic Church, I saw that the tv was on but the priest didn't make any attempt to come to the door to talk to me after a rang the doorbell a couple of times. It was ironic that there was a welcome sign on the front steps.

A little over a mile out of town, I had an interesting encounter with some wild birds. Less than a couple of feet away from the highway, there was a mother wild turkey with a clutch of eight chicks. The mother turkey ran off to some woods nearby and some of the chicks tried to follow her. The other chicks froze in place. Their feathers and down made them quite camoflauged. Every once in a while, the mother turkey would pup out of the brush and call out to them. I was able to take a few pictures of the chicks. I was concerned that the chicks would run out into the highway and get killed so I used an old drinking straw to give them a few gentle nudges and get them to run back into the brush. I'm pretty sure that the mother turkey would find them okay after I had gone.

Between Waddington and Massena it rained a little bit. I got into downtown Massena around 7:30 PM. I was trying to find my way over to the police station to see if I could connect with a pastor that way. I came across some activity at the Congregational Church. There was some kind of men's meeting going on. I thought that it was an AA meeting but it wasn't. One of the guys told me that his wife was the pastor of the church but she was out of town. Another guy, Paul Coyle, told me that I could stay in a camping trailor that he had but his house was a couple of miles to the south. Before Paul and I left, two guys slipped me $35 in two GH's.

Paul told mw to meet him at a gas station that had a Dunkin Donuts. There was also a Subway in the gas station and a Dominos pizza. He ordered a cheese pizza and we ate it there. Paul's wife had left the Amish in Ohio but she went back to some kind of reunion with their daughter. Paul was an ex Catholic but they now attend a Church of Chr-st. He usxed to be a highschool teacher but now he works with the mentally and physically disabled. Since it was getting late and there was no electricity strung out to the camping trailor, Paul took me over to his church East of town instead. I'm staying in the children's Sunday school classroom for the night.

July 19 : Massena, New York to Malone, New York - 42.49 miles (67.98 KM)

I had an okay night at the church. The youth room was pretty cozy. I used my sleeping bag as a sleeping pad and there was a large pillow to use. The fan kept the room cool. I went to bed around 10:30 PM and I woke up around 5 AM. I left the church around 6:30 AM. The sky was a little overcast and there was a tailwind. I stopped at a grocery store to get some milk and a donut. As I was riding through the parking lot to the highway, I saw a guy on a trike recumbent. I didn't see any panniers so he must have been a local. He was going so fast that there was no way that I catch up to him.

I got the first twenty miles in by 9:45 AM. I had a good ride through the Mohawk Indian Reservation. The tailwind pushed me through Westville and Fort Covington. As soon as I turned southwards for the last couple of miles into Malone, the wind became a strong crosswind. There were some hills to come into Malone.

It was really windy coming into Malone. I got into Malone around 12:45 PM. I stopped for a break at a Stewarts. After the break, I started to check out the churches to see if I could connect with a local minister to find someplace to stop for the rest of the day. There was still a high heat warning and with the wind there might be a storm coming through the area. I checked out the Methodist and Catholic Churches on the West side of town but there was no minister or priest available. In the East side of town, I checked out the Presbyterian and Episcopal churches but there was nobody around them. I saw some activity at the Notre Dame Catholic church. I saw some young priests getting ready to go to somebody. I talked with a young priest. He was friendly. He told me that the churches had formed a ministerial association and he would arrange for me to get a room at a local motel. I had to go to the nearby police station that administered the ministerial association program. I was given a voucher for aroom at a motel west of town.

I'm about 50 miles away from Rouses Point. I haven't decided on whether to get on US 2 directly and ride through the islands in Lake Champlain or head South to Plattsburg and catch the ferry.

July 20 : Malone, New York to Swanton, Vermont - 78.20 miles (125.12 KM)

I had a good afternoon and night at the motel. Before the afternoon ended, I went to a local shopping center to do a little shopping. The sky was really getting dark and there were all of the indications for a storm. Around 6:30 PM, the rain really came down hard. The power flickered off and on once. The storm lasted for about 40 minutes.

I woke up early around 5 AM. I left the motel around 6:30 AM. The sky was still overcast. There wasn't any breakfast so I stopped at a nearby BK for some french toast sticks. The sky started to drizzle. I had to stop at a gas station downtown to wait out a shower. A front was coming through the area and the excessive heat was supposed to go away.

After the brief shower, I finished the ride through the town and started the long climb out of the valley. The ride was okay to Chateaugay. I had to wait at another gas station for another rain shower. After this rain shower, the sky cleared up. The ride was rolling hills till Ellenburg. Even with the two rain delays, I still made 28 miles by noon time. I stopped at a gas station for a large slice of pizza and some tea.

Between Ellenburg and Champlain, the ride was basically downhill. The highway was following this river that had started at Lake Roxanne. I had to watch my speed. I rode through the towns of Ellenburg Depot, Mooers Forks, and Mooers. Through Clinton County, I rode through a very large wind farm. The highway leveled out near I-87 and Champlain. At Champlain, I could have headed South on US 9 through Chazy and then catch the Grand Isle Ferry across Lake Champlain. North of Plattsburgh. Instead of doing that, I kept in US 11 to Rouses Point. US 11 ended at NY 223 and became US 2 again. I'll be on US 2 mostly to the coast of Maine.

If I would have turned Northwards on NY 223, I would have come to a US Border Crossing and then continued on to Lacolle, Quebec, Canada and Montreal 43 miles away. I crossed the US 2 bridge over Lake Champlain into Vermont. The first town that I came to in Vermont was Alburgh. Just North of Alburgh Center, I turned Eastwards on VT 78 for the ride to Swanton instead of continuing US 2 to Burlington. Between East Alburgh and West Swanton, I stopped on a bridge to watch a train that had come from Canada cross a railroad bridge. There was a swing bridge to allow boats to go through. I took a video of the train. The highway followed the railroad to Swanton. I rode through the Missaquay National Wildlife Preserve.

In Swanton, I had to stop at a closed gas station to put in a new inner tube up front. The tire was going soft. I found a troubling thing in the side wall of the tire. The side wall of the tire had disintegrated and was coming off in flakes. I didn't find any sidewall failures but because of this I only inflated the tire up to half of it's pressure. I've got to find a new front tire soon either in St Albans or Burlington, which is only 18 miles away.

I got into the downtown area of Swanton around 8 PM. There was some kind of band playing in the park. I saw some activity at the Swanton Christian Church. Some people were loading up a table and chairs into a trailor. I found out that the pastor was on vacation in North Dakota. The pastor's son lived next to the parsonage and he invited me to stay with him and his young wife. She is suffering from Lyme's Disease. I'm going to stay through the 10:30 AM service at the church.

July 21 : Swanton, Vermont to Essex Junction, Vermont - 41.46 miles (66.34 KM)

It was an awkward night. I should have tried to sleep on the sofa with the two arms. I thought that the sofa with just the one arm was longer. Throughout the night, the cushions slipped out underneath me. One of the cushions even turned around 180 degrees. I don't know how many times that I moved the cushions back. I slept till around 5:30 AM.

I got Alice packed up before breakfast. John made me some eggs for breakfast. Around 9:20 AM, we walked back to the church for Sunday school. I got to talk a little bit. The church service was long even though the pastor was out on vacation. The guy who did the sermon talked at least 45 minutes. There was another guy at the church whose name was Hans. He was an older guy from Switzerland. Nothing really happened afterwards. I did have an invitation to got to a member's house out in the country for some kind of picnic.

The goal that I had was to go to the local bike shop to see that it was open. The shop was actually in the garage. I was able to get hold of the owner. He had two 1x1.75 tires but they were only 40 psi. I had no other choice but to buy the one that had some tread. He only charged me $15 for the tire. When I was taking the old tirw off the wheel, more of the sidewall just split off in flakes.

Instead of heading directly out of town, I went to the picnic. It was actually a potluck to celebrate somebody's graduation (college?). I had a good meal but I was really left out of things. Only a couple people from the church talked to me. Around 2:30 PM, I decided to head out of town.

I finished VT 78 and I connected with US 2. I rode through St Albans. I kept on heading South on US 2 to about 6 miles North of Burlington. I got on VT 2B. It was a little after dark when I finally found some woods that I could camp out in outside of Essex Junction. I saw some light coming out of a house a couple hundred feet away but I thought that I was hidden.

July 22 : Essex Junction, Vermont to Danville, Vermont - 69.71 miles (111.54 KM)

I had an okay night but when I looked out of tent around 5:30 AM I saw that I was in plain sight of the house. I quickly got everything packed up. I got on the road around 6:20 AM. I rode through Essex Junction and I finished up VT 2B. I got on US 2 about 7 miles east of Burlington. The ride East went okay. A couple of miles out from where I got on US 2, there were two cycle tourist heading West. I stopped at a roadside rest for some lunch.

I rode through the state capital Montpelier. I stopped to get some groceries. It was around 3 PM when I got back on US 2 heading East. With every town that I went through, I checked out the churches but I didn't find anybody. At a gas station in Plainfield, a guy slipped me $1.

It was around 10 PM when I finally found somewhere to camp out outside of Danville. I found a place to camp out in some tall grass next to some woods.

July 23 : Danville, Vermont to Lancaster, New Hampshire - 40.12 miles (64.19 KM)

I had a rough night. I woke up around 5 AM to a wet tent. It was raining and the tent was leaning. I got my things on and went out to check the tent. I had put the tent on top of a hillock and the weight of my panniers had made the tent slip off the tent of the ground cloth. I quickly got things packed up and packed the sleeping bag, pad, and tent wet.

It was around 6:15 AM when I got back on the road. I rode through Danville. Between Danville and St Johnsbury, I had to follow local roads because US 2 became restricted access. In St Johnsury, I stopped at a Duncan Donuts to get some breakfast and I also stopped at a laundromat to get the sleeping bags dried out. I also stopped to check out a maple museum that showed how maple syrup is made out of sap.

The ride on US 2 to the NH state line was okay. There were some rollers and couple good downhill runs. The only problem that it was nearly continuous light rain. I stopped whenever I could to get out of the weather and to drink some hot chocolate to warm up. There was a good downhill run to the Connecticut River and the NH State Line.

It was around 3:20 PM when I crossed into New Hampshire. After taking the traditional pictures, It was a short ride into Lancaster. I found some ladies at the United Methodist Church. They were finishing up work on a quilt that they were making for disasters. One of the ladies called the pastor who at home in nearby Jefferson. He arranged for a room at a nearby motel.

I'm 35 miles from the Maine State Line and 273 miles from Calais, Maine.

July 24 : Lancaster, New Hampshire to Gorham. New Hampshire - 26.28 miles (42.05 KM)

I had an okay night at the motel. The little space heater got the room really warm. The room was big enough that I was able to set the tent up so that it would dry out. I stretched out the two tent flies and I rolled out my sleeping pad. There wasn't anything really interesting to keep my attention on the tv. I went to bed around 10:30 PM and I slept till around 6 AM.

I left the motel around 8:20 AM. It had rained some more during the night. The sky was overcast and it looked like it could rain again. Between Lancaster and Jefferson, there were quite a few rolling hills and the shoulder was really bad. On the western edge of Jefferson, I rode passed the tourist attaction called Santa's Village (amusement park with Christmas theme). I stopped for a break at a gas station. A couple miles down the road it started to sprinkle again. I took a break at another amusement called "Six Gun Village" but it had been closed down.

Because of the hills and the weather, I only made 16 miles by noon time. I stopped at a gas station for a break. In the window of the store, there was a large collection of solar cell powered toys. I took some pictures of them and also a short video.

There was a long five mile coast down to a river but there was a steep one mile climb that I walked up. After the climb, there was another downhill run of a couple of miles into Gorham.

I got into Gorham around 1:45 PM. I stopped for a late lunch at a BK. I really didn't feel like going on into Maine even though the ME State line was 10 miles away. I stopped at the Congregational Church. They were between ministers but I got permission to stay in the church for the night. There is a comfortable sofa to sleep on in the library.

I'm 10 miles away from the ME state line and 22 miles from Bethel, ME.

July 25 : Gorham. New Hampshire to New Gloucester, Maine - 71.42 miles (114.27 KM)

I had an okay night at the church. The room was comfortable so I didn't have to get my sleeping bag. I left the church around around 6:30 AM. I stopped to check out the railroad museum. About six miles from the ME state line, I crossed the Appalachian Trail. I stopped to take some pictures. There was a guy and a girl getting ready to get back on the Trail. They had started from Springer Mtn on March 16th. They were expecting to get to Katahdin in three weeks.

Twelve miles from the state line I got into Bethel. I was getting a little concerned about the rear tire. There were some weird markings in the sidewall. I'm concerned about having to get a new rear tire. Instead of staying on US 2 and riding to Bangor and then on to Calais, I decided to take ME 26 to Portland.

The ride on ME 26 went okay. About thirteen miles out of Bethel, I met up with a cycle tourist from Montreal. He was on the way back to Montreal. I rode through the towns of Paris, South Paris, Norway, and Oxford. I stopped to check out the elk at the Deer Run Elk Farm outside of West Paris, ME. I stopped to take some pictures and a short video of the elk. I stopped at a Walmart in Oxford to fill up my food pannier.

I kept on going till around 8:30 PM. I found a place to camp out in a tree line next to a corn field.

July 26 : New Gloucester, Maine to Kennebunk, Maine - 60.35 miles (96.56 KM)

I had an okay night camping out. It rained some during the night but the tent stayed dried. It was lightly drizzling as I took the tent down. I got on the road around 6:45 AM. It was still drizzling for about 20 miles. Once I got into Portland, I really got lost. I got on several bike trails that wasn't going to take me the right direction. It took a while to get into downtown Portland and on to US 1. I stopped to get some lunch.

My fear became true when I was riding South to US 1. I felt a weird wobble from my rear tire. I found out that there was a rip in the sidewall of the tire and it was getting ready to blow out. There was a bike shop about eigtht blocks away. I went and bought a new rear tire. I didn't leave as soon as I got the new tire on because I had to work on the brakes.

It was a long ride to US 1. I kept on going till around 6:30 PM. The sky was getting dark like it was going to rain again. I stopped at the St Martha's Catholic Church. The priest gave me permission to camp out on the grounds. There were a couple of covered porches of the school. The porch was big enough that I was able to pitch the tent. A few minutes after I had gotten everything inside the tent it started to rain.

July 27 : Kennebunk, Maine to Rowles, Massachusetts - 63.22 miles (101.15 KM)

I had an okay night camping out on the porch of the catholic school. The streetlights went out around midnight. The tent stayed dried inside. Around 4:30 AM, I started to hear a really weird sound outside the tent. It was really rhythmic and it sounded like somebody going for a brisk walk across the asphalt parking lot in high heels. When I looked outside the tent, I didn't see anybody. The sound went off and on for about a half hour. I got things packed up by around 6:10 AM.

The ride South went okay. I had a good ride down to Kittery. I stopped to check out the goats at the entrance of the York's Wild Kingdom outside of York, Maine. I also stopped to check out some climbers on a high wire obstacle course (Take Flight Adventures). I took a short video of some people walking across some tires that were hanging from ropes.

I got into Kittery around 11:30 AM. I was looking at walking across the drawbridge between Kittery and Portsmouth, New Hampshire but it was under construction. The new bridge wasn't going to be opened for a week. There was a free shuttle service. I had to wait for the shuttle bus that had a wheelchair lift. I couldn't get Alice all loaded up because there was a problem with it. I had to take Alice up by herself and all of my gear on a second trip. At the other side of the shuttle in Portsmouth I had problems getting things out of the shuttle. I was able to get my gear down but the lift wouldn't lower the second time. I had to lift Alice off of the lift.

There were a lot of people in downtown Portsmouth. I got on NH 1B that took me the long way around over New Castle Island. There was an art festival going on in downtown New Castle. I stopped to get a glass of lemonade from a little girl who selling each glass for $.50. It looked like she needed a customer.

NH 1B ended on NH 1A. I started the way South. Most of the seacoast had a seawall about sixteen feet high. There was nothing else on the seashore. The houses were on the other side of the road. There wwere a lot of people bathing at Northwood Meadows State Park. Traffic really picked up through the North Beach and Hampton Beach areas. At Seabrook Beach, there was a traffic jam of people trying to head West on NH 286 to I-95.

After a break at a gas station, I found my way through the traffic and crossed into Massachusetts in Salisbury Beach. NH 1A ended on US 1. There was about a two mile ride to Newburyport. I stopped to check out some cranes who were flocking to roost on several trees in a marsh. I took a short video. I crossed over the bridge over the Merrimac River into Newburyport.

In Newburyport, I was able to get back on 1A. I followed it about seven miles and I was able to find a place to camp out in some woods just South of Rowles.

July 28 : Rowles, Massachusetts to Ipswich, Massachusetts - 12.49 miles (19.98 KM)

I had an okay night camping out. If it rained it wasn't much. I took my time getting packed up because I had to do some sewing. I got on the road around 8:50 AM. I had to stop down the road after about a mile to work on the rear rack. It was rubbing against the rear tire. The ride into Rowles and through Ipswich went okay. I stopped to get some groceries.

I wasn't sure whether I was going to find a church to go to but I came across the First Presbyterian Church on the Southern edge of Ipswich. It was a contemporary service. I didn't get to meet the pastor before the service. There wasn't many people friendly towards me. The minister was getting ready to go on vacation after the service. After talking with one of the deacons, the pastor offered to get me a room at a motel North of Ipswich instead of letting me stay in one of the church buildings for the night.

I'm thinking about taking the commuter rail into and out of Boston tomorrow. There are to be some showers tomorrow.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between August 05th and August 12th.



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