TRIP 2014

Update #12 - May 22nd
Sabula, Iowa
4,632.37 miles (7,411.79 KM)

I arrived here a couple of days ago. I will be here through at least Monday, May 26th. Tuesday morning, May 27th, I will start my trek Northward along the Mississippi River through Dubuque, Iowa and possibly Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin to Lansing, Iowa. After visiting with some friends, I'll be riding Westward to Decorah, Iowa.

I haven't really made any definite plans after Decorah, Iowa. I'm looking at heading West across Iowa to Nebraska, and then head south through Kansas, and into Oklahoma. After Oklahoma, I'll probably head East into Arkansas. The main reason for the next leg of this trip would be to try and help out with the rebuilding and recovery effort after this Spring's deadly tornadoes.

May 09 : Norwalk, OH to Fremont, OH : 33.64 miles (53.82 KM)

I had a decent night. The heater unit didn't work too well but the room didn't get too cold. I got on the road around 8:20 am. I backtracked through the downtown area to get back on US 61. South of town, I was able to get on US 20, which was a divided 4-lane highway but it wasn't restricted access. There was a wind from the South that switched from a slight tailwind to a stiff crosswind.

I got 24 miles (38 km) in by noontime. I stopped in Clyde for some lunch. The ride in the afternoon was okay but it was kind of tricky because of the wind. I was a little concerned about the weather. There was a report on the radio about possible rain storms and thunderstorms.

I got into Fremont around 1:20 pm. I went around to check out the churches. After stopping at eight churches, I was able to connect with a friendly secretary at the Trinity Methodist Church who was willing to help me find some place to stop for the night. She was able to connect with one of the local ministers who was in charge of the ministerial association. A room at one of the local motels was donated.

May 10 : Fremont, OH to Napoleon, OH : 68.81 miles (110.10 KM)

I had a decent night. I slept okay but I found myself sleeping on a diagonal because the bed was a king size. I left the motel a little after 8 am. I backtracked through the downtown area. I was hoping to head West on US 6 but I found myself heading Northwest towards Toledo on US 20. I didn't find this out until I traveled over 3 miles. Instead of backtracking, I decided to head to Hessville, take OH 600 to Gibsonville, and then head South on OH 300 a mile or two and then get on US 6. This only added 5.5 miles (9 km) on my route.

The ride West on US 6 went okay. The big plus was that the terraign was pretty flat. I got into Bowling Green a little after noon. I got 24 miles (38 km )in by noon. I stopped for some lunch. I had to follow some local roads to get back on US 6 where it was restricted access. The afternoon ride went okay.

I got into Napoleon around 5 pm. I stopped at the fire station and they gave me directions to the police station. The chaplain was contacted. After a few calls, he was able to arrange a room at a motel North of town.

May 11 : Napoleon, OH to Avilla, IN : 71.33 miles (114.13 KM)

I had a decent night considering that this was a Potel. The room smelled a lot better after a liberal spraying of the air freshener that I had gone out and bought at a nearby store. It took a while getting connected to the wifi network. I got about 6 hours of sleep. Because I had plenty of food on board, I didn't feel like going to the lobby to see what kind of continental breakfast there was. Chances are it was just something cold.

I left the motel a little after 8 am. I rode back into the downtown area to check out the churches. The Lutheran Church was just letting out. I stopped at the United Methodist Church. While I was locking up Alice, this older guy came around the corner of the church and asked me what I wanted. This kind of bothered me because his voice wasn't too friendly. I put away the lock and went across the street to the First Presbyterian Church. I met the pastor before the service. Near the beginning of the service, the pastor introduced me and I got to speak for a minute. After the service instead of letting me stay in the church for the night, the pastor gave me a GH of $60.

There was a small motel across the Maumee River. I went over to check it out. There wasn't anybody around in the office. I didn't feel like going back to the motel that I had stayed at last night. Defiance was 15 miles (24 km) to the west. It took me a couple of hours to get there. There were some motels coming into town but they were high priced chain motels/ hotels.

I didn't feel like going into the downtown area to see if there might be a church with an evening service and wait. It was still warm and sunny so I decided to get on OH 18 and ride to Hicksville. The ride to Hicksville went okay. I stopped at a gas station for a break. This guy at the counter surprised me by paying for my drink and donut. Indiana was close by so I opted to go on to at least Auburn. I was making an assumption that as soon as I crossed the state line I cross into the Central Time Zone and gain an hour.

I got into Auburn around 8 pm (EST). I stopped at the first church that I came across (United Methodist) because there was some cars parked. I found the youth minister teaching a small group of teenagers. He told me that if I could wait till he was over in about an hour he would probably be able to help me out. Since I didn't know where any other churches were, I decided to wait. A little after 9 pm, the session ended and the youth minister came out to talk to me. I had hoped that I might be given to stay in the church for the night because there were dark clouds in the area that indicated a possible storm in the area. The youth minister wasn't compassionate. He was a "goat". He gave me quite a few excuses. He told me that in order for me to get permission to stay overnight he would have to get permission by some church committee. He didn't want to contact the sr pastor. Before he went back inside, he told me that there was some kind of shelter less than a mile away.

There was no way that I wanted to check out the shelter. I decided to head out of town. I saw some lightning in the sky so I decided to see if there were any motels. There were some motels West of town near I-69. I stopped at the Super 8 because I thought that this would have been the cheapest. The girl at the counter offered to give me maybe a $5 discount on the room but before I could get the key I would have to give her and extra $100 deposit on the room. I didn't have this. She wanted to make an impression of my bank debit card but there was no way that I would allow her to do this because I didn't want to get a hit on the card like what had happened at the Holiday Inn Express in Manhattan, New York City. Before I left, I told her that I'll never go back to a Super 8 again because they want a deposit from guests who wanted to pay cash. I didn't want to go back into town to see if there were any more motels.

The next town was Aville eight miles (13 km) away. I got my helmet light out. It was a scary ride because there was a lot of lightning. Most of the lightning was cloud to cloud but there were some ground strikes South of the road. A couple of miles out of Avilla it started to rain so I had to put my jacket on.

I got into Avilla around 11 pm. I found the police station. I called 911 to see if an officer would come by the station to talk to me. I had about a 45 minute wait. Two officers came by the station. One of the guys told me that there was a motel outside of Kendallville about 7 miles (11 km) away. It was way too late for me to go there. The chief of police was called. He told me that I could camp out under a pavillion in the town park as long as I would be gone from the park right after sunrise. One of the officers took me over to the park. The pavillion was in back of the park by the baseball field. There was a wide enough space for me to pitch the tent but there were a couple of lights that stayed on throughout the night.

May 12 : Avilla, IN to Nappanee, IN : 50.01 miles (80.02 KM)

I headed North out of town and took a local road up to IN 3. I followed IN 3 around 6 miles (10 km) to Kendallville where I got on US 6. There were some rolling hills to Ligonier. There was a bit of a crosswind that on occasion became a tailwind. I got into Ligonier around 11 am. I stopped at a MCD's for an early lunch. Just passed Ligonier, US 6 leveled out. Close by was the CSX railroad that I've been following from Albany, New York.

A couple of miles (3 km) out of Nappannee, I met up a Mennonite guy that was riding an EZ-Sport LWB recumbent. He told me that he had it for about three years and he rode it to and from work.

I got into Nappanee around 2 pm. I didn't feel like going on because they were talking about possible thunderstorms after 3 pm. I rode around town to check out the churches. Most of them didn't have anybody around them. I did find the secretary in at the Methodist church but the minister wasn't in. I found the police station. An officer was called in. He was able to contact somebody with the local ministerial association and a room was offered at a motel that I had passed coming into town.

I'm not sure how far I'll get tomorrow because there are talking about possible thunderstorms in early afternoon. I'm under 90 miles (144 km) from the IL state line.

May 13 : Nappanee, IN to Plymouth, IN : 30.81 miles (49.30 KM)

I had a decent night. I left the motel around 8:20 am. On the way through town, I got stopped by a Mennonite who was on a bike pulling a long bob trailer. I rode through Mennonite country for a couple of miles. The farms were really neat. Because of the threat of bad weather in the afternoon, I decided to change my route some and ride to Plymouth instead of Walkerton. Even with taking an early lunch, I got 24 miles (38 km) in by noon.

I headed South for about 7 miles (11 km) . The sky was getting pretty dark. I got into Plymouth around 1 pm. It took a couple of hours but I was able to connect with a local minister. I met him at the Trinity United Methodist Church just south of the downtown area. He helped me get a room at a local motel through the local ministerial social service office. At the social service center, I got loaded down with a plastic shopping bag of snacks that included a pack of cookies from Germany and a loaf of good wheat bread. Also, I got a large box that had a deep dish pizza from a local pizza chain. The motel was a Potel so I didn't expect to have a good night.

May 14 : Plymouth, IN to Valparaiso, IN : 46.07 miles (73.71 KM)

I had a decent night considering that this was a Potel. The motel had seen it's better days. The room would have been a lot better if the manager would have invested some money and time glueing the seams of the wallpaper in the room. There were quite a few rips in the wall paper. The tub was too rust stained to get into it. I was too far away from the office to get wifi access.

I got on the road around 8 am. I backtracked into town to get on the old Lincoln Highway (US 30). I was able to follow the old highway for about 10 miles (16 km) before I had to get on the new US 30. I had to dodge a lot of debris from blow out truck tires. Just before the small town of Hamlet, I crossed into the Central Time Zone when I crossed over the Kankakee River.

About 2 miles (3 km) out of Wanatah, I had to stop to fix a flat rear tire. There was a piece of wire from a truck tire sticking out of the tread. I put in the patched tube from yesterday. It started to lightly sprinkle while I was getting the tire inflated. Right as I was getting back on the road it started to rain harder.

In Wanatah, I stopped at a BK for a late lunch. As I was leaving to get back on the road, I noticed that there were two packed up bicycles at a gas station next door. I went over to the gas station to check it out. I met up with two college aged girls. They had started in Ann Arbor, Michigan three days ago and were riding to Wyoming.

The nine miles (14 km) to Valparaiso went okay. It stopped raining a couple of miles out of town. I rode into the downtown area. I stopped at a Lutheran Church that wasn't ELCA or MO Synod. I talked to a lady who had a name tag that said that she was a deaconess. She told me that the minister wasn't in. She told me that there was a men's shelter in town. I probably wouldn't have been comfortable staying at the church because there were small pro-homosexual rainbow flag stickers on the doors.

I checked out the other churches in the downtown area but there was nobody around them. I was able to connect with the pastor at the First United Methodist Church. I was given permission to stay in the youth room on the second floor of a building across the street that housed a food pantry and a thrift store. The youth minister took me over to show me around. There was wifi and I got the password. I had the chance to have a hot meal because the church was hosting a choir from Ashland, Ohio that was putting on a program at the church in the evening.

I'm about 26 miles (42 km) away from Illinois.

May 15 : Valparaiso, IN to New Lenox, IL : 53.95 miles (86.32 KM)

I had a decent night. I didn't stay awake very long after I got back from the church after the meal. It had to have been before 8 pm when I fell asleep. There weren't any lights to deal with so I stayed asleep till around 4:30 am. I decided to get on the road around 7 am because I wanted to be gone before anybody staff of the thrift store shows up. I didn't want any problems like I had around 5 pm yesterday. One of the ladies who worked at the thrift store was still there. She was a little upset that the youth minister hadn't tried to tell her that I was staying over for the night. She told me that she had almost called the police on me.

It was lightly sprinkling when I got on the road. I stopped at a gas station for some hot chocolate and a donut. I followed the old Lincoln Highway out of town. The ride West went okay. I was going to stop in Merrillville but the rain stopped. It was still cold in the upper 40s. It was good that I had gotten out my longjohns and layered up. I got around 25 miles (40 km) in by noon time. I stopped in Dyer at a McDs for some lunch.

From the McDs, it was a little over a mile to the Illinois state line. The ride between the state line to Matteson through Ford Heights and Chicago Heights. There was a lot of truck traffic because of the factories and I had to deal with no shoulders and continuous curbing. I finally got some shoulder to ride along just passed I-57.

A couple of miles (3 km) out of Frankfort I was surprised at finding a handful of college id cards, credit cards, and other cards for seven black girls. I rode down the road about a half hour to a gas station so I could call 9-11 to report them. I had about a 15 minute wait until a deputy sheriff showed up.

I rode on to New Lenox. I got into New Lenox around 5 pm. I checked out some churches. There wasn't anybody around the Catholic and Episcopal churches and the third church that I had checked out was closed and for sale. I found some activity at the First United Methodist Church. They were going to have a musical program for the kids graduating from the preschool program. I was given permission to stay in the sr high youth room downstairs. Before being able to bring Alice in, I had to wait for a youth program to end in the room. They were having a game night. The assistant lady pastor who was from Asia came downstairs to talk with me.

About 15 minutes before the program was going to end and I would have the room to myself, there was a change of plan. One of the guys at the church offered to take me in his truck to a motel that I had passed to get me a room for the night. Before leaving the church, the secretary gave me $40 for the room. I got to briefly talk with the sr pastor. When we got to the motel, the guy offered to pay for the room himself so I ccould use the money for something else later on. The room was very good. There might have been wifi but I wasn't given the password.

It was good to get out of the youth room because I was having a hard time watching this teenage boy cuddle up with a teenage girl. They got together at the beginning of the program and didn't get involved with the other kids. I watched the guy feel up the backside of the girl before they went across the room to cuddle up on a sofa. His hand had went from the small of her back and down to her buttocks where he squeezed them. On the sofa, the girl's head was cradeled in one of the guy's arm pits and she was using one of her hands to rub the boy's chest. Every once in a while, the guy smirked at the other guys and gave a hand sign like he was bragging that he was scoring. If they would have been alone, they might have gone the next step and possibly been out of their clothes. I'm surprised that they had started kissing each other.

I really can't understand why the guy who was supposed to be the youth leader and a couple of the parents didn't stop the couple. It was such innapropriate behavior at a church. They had no interest in taking part in the prayer and devotional part of the program. What got to me was that the assistant pastor had talked to them briefly but this didn't stop them. Several of the parents had showed up to pick up their kids but they didn't say anything to the teen couple. Some of the girls had arrived at the church looking like sluts. One of the girls was wearing super short shorts and a t-shirt that had many vertical cuts in it that showed off her midriff and bra. I was really surprised that there didn't seem to be a moral code of conduct.

The guy who was supposed to be the youth minister in my mind didn't know his stuff. He didn't seem to knowledgeable in ways to teach the youth in religious matters. He had to ask one of the parents to help him explain the parable of the sowing of seeds. He seemed to be the direct opposite of the youth minister that I had met the night before at the Methodist Church in Valparaiso, IN. What got to me was that during the hour that the teens had met, I was basically ignored. I can't understand why I wasn't given the chance to talk to the teens like I had been able to at my friend's Methodist church in Tuckerton, NJ.

May 16 : New Lenox, IL to Oswego, IL : 26.48 miles (42.37 KM)

I had a decent night even though my lower chapped lip hurt some. The room was warmed by electric baseboard heaters. It would have been better if there was wifi but there wasn't. I woke up around 5 am. I got about 6 hrs of sleep. According to the weather report, there was going to be more rain today. Near the WI state line, there was supposed to be snow flakes. If it was pouring outside I might have decided to use the money that I got last night to pay for the room but it wasn't. I got an odd feeling about the owner who was from Crete. He kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

It was around 8:30 am when I headed out. The temperature was in the low 40s. I backtracked into downtown New Lenox before continuing on Westward on US 30. I stopped at a gas station to get some hot chocolate. A Meta commuter train was pulling out of the station nearby and heading West to Joliet. From New Lenox, it was about a seven mile (11 km) ride into Joliet. It started to lightly sprinkle as I was riding through downtown Joliet. I had to get across a drawbridge. Across the River, there was a long climb out of the river valley. I stopped to take some pictures of a statue of a beardless Abraham Lincoln.

By noon, I had only ridden 18 miles (29 km) . I stopped at a McDs in Crest Hill for some lunch. As I was checking my email and eating lunch, this elderly lady stopped at my table. We talked together a couple of minutes and she slipped me $5. I had gotten an email notifying that I had received an online donation. Before leaving the McDs, it stopped raining.

I had an okay afternoon. At least, there wasn't a stiff wind like there was yesterday. I decided to stay on US 30. On the outskirts of Oswego as I was riding passed a motel, this guy from India waved at me. Being that was almost 3 pm on a Friday afternoon, I didn't think that I was going to connect with a minister. I decided to stop. I got a clean room for $40.

I'm going to ride to Dekalb tomorrow. The temperature is going to be in the upper 50s tomorrow. The temperature is supposed to be back into the low 60s on Sunday and into the 70s next week.

May 17 : Oswego, IL to Ashton, IL : 73.57 miles (117.71 KM)

I had a decent night even though my lower chapped lip hurt some. The room got quite warm from the electric heater that was fastened to the wall below the air conditioner. There were several hundred channels on the tv but nothing really caught my interest. I wished that there would have been wifi. There was a thin curtain covering up the window and there was a glass window in the door that had a plastic yellow covering over it. It let in a lot of light from the outside. To get the room reasonably dark I had to fasten my ground cloth over the top of the door.

My bioclock is set to EST (Eastern Standard Time ) so I woke up before 5 am. I left the motel a little before 8 am. On the morning news program that I was watching, I was surprised at seeing a blurb about the school district that I had attended in Ohio back in 1973 as an exchange student. There was a short video about a kindergarten teacher physically abusing a five year old boy after he had left the classroom to go to the restroom. The teacher had physically threatened the boy and this was caught by a security camera that was in the school's hallway. The teacher was supposed to have been at the school district for over 14 years. She was suspended the rest of the schoolyear and the boy had been moved to another classroom for the rest of the year. The Hancock County sheriff department had been called to do an investigation.

I left the motel a little before 8 am. It was a lot warmer than yesterday morning so I didn't layer up as much as I did the past couple of days. Being that I was close to Aurora and the Fox River, I wanted to try and get on the Fox River Trail for a short distance before swinging back Westward. I had a short ride into Aurora. I had to stop and put in a new tube in the front wheel. I didn't feel anything sticking out of the inside of the tire. After the repair, I caught myself going Southwards along the Fox River instead of going Northwards. I found a short section of the trail north of Aurora but in a couple of sections it was underwater (not sure if the river was above flood stage or it was just from excessive rain). I had to get back on local roads before I was able to get on the Trail again just South of Batavia. There were quite a few weekend cyclists. I stayed on the Trail a couple more miles up to Geneva.

While walking through downtown Geneva, the front tire went soft again. I patched up the tube. I found a very short piece of steel tread wire between an eighth and a quarter inch long sticking out from the inside of tire. I had to use my pliers to pull it out. Once I did the repair, I headed West on IL 38, which was the old historic Lincoln Highway. I got into Dekalb around 4 pm. I checked out a few churches in the downtown area but there was nobody around them. Dekalb was a college town (Northern Illinois University). There were a couple of motels going West out of town but I probably wouldn't have been able to afford them because of weekend rates. Chances are that they would have been probably full because there was a graduation ceremony going on at the university.

For most of the ride through the county, I had to deal with a rumble strip but as soon as I got into another county the rumble strip disappeared. I had an okay ride into Rochelle. I checked out some of the churches. I found some activity at the Presbyterian Church but there was an AA meeting going on. I stopped at the police station but the lady at the desk told me that there wasn't a ministerial association in town. I had passed several motels coming into town near the interstate but they were high priced chain motels. I didn't see anybody around the fire station. On the way out of town, I checked out two more churches but there was nobody around them.

It was around 7 pm when I headed out. I got out my helmet light just in case I had to do some night riding. The next town of Ashton was about 12 miles (19 km) away. I got within possibly a mile away from Ashton when I decided to see if I could camp out behind a church. There was a building next to the church that had some space behind it that was wide enough for me to pitch my tent. It was around 10 pm when I had everything inside the tent.

May 18 : Ashton, IL to Dixon, IL : 15.63 miles (25.01 KM)

I had a decent night camping out. It didn't get that cold. It started to get daylight before 5 am. I quickly packed up because there was a house not that far away from the church. It was around 5:50 am when I got back on the road. It was less than a mile to get into Ashton. I stopped at a Caseys that was open to get some hot chocolate and a donut for breakfast. A couple of miles down the road, I stopped at a corn seed plant to get a quick shave.

The ride to Dixon went pretty quickly. I got into Dixon around 8:30 am. I stopped at the first church that I came across, Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. The first service (traditional) had started at 8:00 am. I got into the sanctuary a few minutes after the sermon. The people welcomed me. The pastor was pretty friendly. I got invited to take part in the sr adult Sunday school class. I got to share. Before the class ended, an envelope was passed around for a love offering for me. It was about $60. I was asked to close with a prayer. I went to the second service (contemporary). Afterwards, I was given permission to stay in the youth room on the third floor for the night. There was to be a youth program for the high school kids between 6 and 8 pm. I took a couple of hours long nap. Before the youth group, I went down to the classroom where the sunday school class had met. I was surprised when a couple of the girls invited me to join the group who were having a hotdog cookout in back. I got to share with the kids there. This was a direct opposite on what had happened at the Methodist church in New Lenox a couple of nights ago. They were a pretty good group of kids.

I'm about 45 miles (72 km)away from the Mississippi River and 65 miles (104 km) away from my friends in Sabula, IA. I'm going to head out early tomorrow morning so I can get to my friend's house before dark. May 19 : Dixon, IL to Sabula, IA : 65.83 miles (105.33 KM)

I had a decent night staying in the youth room of the Lutheran church. The church got really quiet. Before going to bed, I watched a couple of videos on my laptop. Since it was pretty warm in the room, I left my sleeping bag and sleep sack on Alice and just stretched out on one of the sofas in the room. The emergency light didn't bother me much. I did have to make a trip downstairs to the narthax to get some medicated salve for my lower chapped lip. It's almost healed up.

To prevent any conflict with the church secretary and the janitor, I decided to head out really early. I left the church a little after 6 AM CST. It was a short ride into downtown Dixon. I stopped to take some pictures of the Peace Memorial. Dixon is the hometown of President Ronald Reagan. There was a section of the Berlin Wall that President Reagan helped tear down through his speech to Premier Gorbochev. I continued on following the old Lincoln Highway across the state.

The sky got dark and it started to lightly rain. It wasn't a fun ride to Sterling. If there would have been a low cost motel on my route, I would probably have called the day a wash out and stopped using some of the money from the love offering yesterday. I stopped at a gas station to get out of the rain. The sky cleared up from the east to the west.

From downtown Sterling, I crossed the Rock River into Rock Falls. I got on US 30 again. There was a strong wind coming from the Southeast and it pushed me along. By 11:30 am CST, I was in Morrison. I had ridden almost 35 miles (56 km). I stopped for an early lunch at a McDs.

After lunch, the wind got really strong and it pushed me along. In a couple of places, I was cruising along over 18 mph (29 kmph) without even pedaling. I had to watch myself because there was a lot of truck traffic and in some places the shoulder was less than a foot wide. It didn't take much time getting into Fulton, Illinois. Fulton is right across the Mississippi River from Clinton, Iowa. From where I made my turn Northwards, I was less than a half mile (1 km) from the Mississippi River.

After a short break at a gas station, I headed North on the paved Great River Road Bike Path that took me to Thomson. In Thomson, I was surprised to see the bike shop open. The owner who was a friend of mine had died from a heart attack back in September of 2013. Some friends and business associates of Gary had bought the shop from Gary's kids and they had recently reopened the shop a couple of months ago. I had known Gary since 2005 when he originally had his bike shop in nearby Savanna. This is where my first recumbent, the Lightning Thunderbolt, had been traded in for Alice's predecessor "Speedy" (EZ-Speedster-SX).

Instead of getting back on the bike trail to Savanna, I decided to head North on IL 84, which is part of the Great River Road System and the MRT (Mississippi River Bike Trail). From Thomson, it was a 10 mile (16 km) ride into Savanna. I had lived in Savanna for several months during the winter of 2011-2012. While riding through downtown Savanna, I bumped into two cross-country cyclists who were riding South to New Orleans, LA along the Mississsippi River. They had started from the headwaters of the Mississippi River less than a week ago. One of the guys was dealing with a couple broken spokes in his rear tire. I gave the guys directions to the bike shop in Thomson and suggestions on where they could stay in Savanna.

From downtown Savanna, it was a short ride to the bridge over the Mississippi River to the island village of Sabula, Iowa. I got to my friend's house in Sabula around 5:30 PM CST. I'll be staying with my friends through the rest of the week and head out Tuesday, May 27th so I can avoid getting caught up in the Memorial Day Weekend traffic.

I wanted very much to see my friend, Rev Paul Figue. He is recovering from a bout with Gulliam-Barre Syndrome. I was very surprised at his miraculous recovery. The illness could have either killed him or left him in a wheelchair unable to walk but he was walking without any kind of assistance aids.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between May 29th and June 05th.



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