TRIP 2015

Update #06 - April 20th
Guilford, Connecticut
1,326.05 miles (2,121.68 KM) - Year Total

Apr 06 : Jacksonville, NC to Davis, NC : 69.55 miles (111.28 km)
Trip Total: 771.44 miles (1,234.30 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. I fell asleep around 10 pm and I slept till around 5:00 am. There was a pretty good free breakfast.

I left the motel around 7:30 am. It was at least 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. I got a little lost getting over to NC 24 from the motel but I made it. The ride East on NC 24 went okay. There was a bit of a tailwind in the morning to push me along. In some places, I was cruising at around 14 mph (22 kmph).

I got into Swansboro around 11 am and I stopped for an early lunch. By noon, I had ridden about 28 miles (45 km) instead of my usual 30 miles (48 km). The afternoon ride went okay. My route took me clear East to the outskirts of Morehead City. I had planned to get on US 70 and go North to Havelock so I could catch the ferry to Minnesott Beach but I decided to keep on going North to Cedar Island so I could catch the ferry to the Outer Banks again. I rode sidewalks pretty well all the way through Morehead City because there wasn't any shoulder and pretty heavy traffic. I rode most of the high bridge out of Morehead City. There was some road construction between the high bridge and the drawbridge on the outskirts of Beaufort. I had to wait for the drawbridge to close.

The ride through Beaufort went okay. Traffic was sort of light East of Beaufort. I stopped for a few things at a Dollar General. I stopped at a McDs for a short break. I was kind of disturbed that there were two homosexual teen boys who made themselves up to be transvestites. One of the boys really wore a lot of makeup and eye shadow. It looked like he wasn't wearing any shorts because the t-shirt that he was wearing was really long. He was wearing ladies boots. The other teen boy had colored hair. It was kind of strange watching this young black guy try and get fresh with him. The teen boy looked pretty depressed. He wasnt as bolsterous like the other teen boy was.

From Beaufort, I really cranked out the miles. I got into Davis around 5:40 pm. I stopped at the First Baptist Church. I had stayed at the church before in 2006. I knew the pastor before the one now. I'm not sure if I had met the current pastor, Rev Renfro. The parsonage was right next to the church. Rev Renfro was out. When he arrived at the parsonage around 6 pm. he had a take out meal for me. His wife must have called him before he got home. He took me over to the church and I'm going to be spending the night in the fellowship hall.

I'm about 20 miles (32 km) away from the Cedar Island ferry to the Outer Banks.

Apr 07 : Davis, NC to Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Salvo Recreation Area) near Salvo (m.p. 43) : 70.13 miles (112.21 km)
Trip Total: 841.57 miles (1,346.51 km)

I had an okay night in the fellowship hall. The room was nice and warm and I just stretched out on a pew to sleep without using my sleeping bag. I did use a small lap blanket for a pillow. I woke up around 5 am. I treated myself to some donut holes and juice that was in the kitchen left over from Sunday morning. I found the wifi code so I was able to check my email and update my ministry website.

The sun came up around 6:50 am. I wrote a note of thanks to the pastor, put it on the office door, and I got on the road around 7:15 am. The ride to the Cedar Island Ferry terminal went okay. I had a bit of a tailwind so it pushed me along.

I got to the ferry terminal around 9:50 am. They were still collecting fares for the next ferry. It was $3 for me. They didn't start loading the vehicles till around 10:15 am. I was the last person on the ferry. There was another guy on a bicycle but he was a day tripper. He was from West Virginia and he was just going to Ocrocoke for the afternoon and will catch the last ferry back to Cedar Island. The 25 nautical mile ride took about 2 hours 25 minutes. About 20 minutes out of Ocracoke, the ferry that started from Swans Quarters caught up with us and passed up.

We got into Ocracoke around 12:50 am. I was the last person off the ferry. I didn't stay long in Ocracoke because I wanted to get to the next ferry on the other side of the island that would take me to Hatteras. The 14 miles (22 km) went quickly because there was a bit of a tailwind to push me along. There was a new bike path to follow most of the way. I had about a 15 minute wait for the ferry to leave. It was about an hour ride to Hatteras. About 15 minutes out of Hatteras the ferry slowed to a crawl because it had to wait for a Southbound ferry to get out of the harbor channel.

Once off the ferry, I cranked in the miles. Along the way, there were a couple of places where people were sailboarding using large kites to propel them over the water. Around 6:30 pm. I was a few miles out of Salvo. I found some woods next to the Salvo Recreation Day Use Area. I found a glade to camp out in next to the parking lot.

Apr 08 : Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Salvo Recreation Area) near Salvo (m.p. 43) to Kitty Hawk : 44.69 miles (71.40 km)
Trip Total: 886.26 miles (1,418.02 km)

I had an okay night camping out. It didn't get that cold. Around 4:30 am, I woke up to light sprinkling on the tent. The inside of the tent had stayed dry. Before putting everything inside the tent, I cut down the tarp so it would be a better footprint of the tent and I used the excess as a ground cloth inside the tent to put the sleeping pad on.

The drizzle ended in about an hour. I portaged everything out of the woods into the open. I was back on the road by 7:30 am. The ride north went okay. A couple of miles before the Pea Island NHature Reservation visitor, I came across a two mile section of road construction. They were redoing the road to repair it in a couple of places where it had been breeched from the super storms last year. There were a couple of portable bridges that had metal plating as their deck. I was able to ride safely over them.

Right before the Bodie Channel bridge, the sky got dark and I had just enough time to stop, put on my jacket and helmet cap before it started to rain pretty hard. There was a parking lot for fishermen and there was a set of porta-toilets. I ducked into one of them and waited out the storm. The rain lasted about twenty minutes.

There was some road construction on the bridge. There was several areas where crews were doing repair work under the bridge deck. The South bound lane was closed half of the way across the bridge so there was one way traffic. I walked through the construction area. Once passed the construction zome, I was able to ride the rest of the way across the bridge. The rest of the way along the Seashore went okay.

I got into Nag's Head a little after noon. I got on NC 12 going North. The road was a block away from the ocean. The wind was coming from the North and there was some fog. I stopped at a McDs for a late lunch. I was concerned about the weather. I didn't know if the 5 mile (8 km) long bridge to the mainland was still under repair.

I decided to try and stop for the day at the Outer Banks Presbyterian Church. The minister was quite friendly. He offered me the use of the youth room for the rest of the day because there were a couple of couches. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep on one of the sofas. Around 4 pm, the pastor woke me up to tell met that they had arranged for a room in Kitty Hawk about 4 miles away. Before I left the church, the pastor gave me one of the youth group t-shirts and a couple of a couple small apple drink bottles. The ride was a little slow to the motel because of the fog and wind.

Tomorrow should be a little better. I'm about 37 miles (59 km) away from the Currituck to Knotts Island ferry and 46 miles (74 km) away from the Virginia State line.

Apr 09 : Kitty Hawk, NC to Virginia Beach (Creeds), VA : 59.47 miles (95.15 km)
Trip Total: 945.73 miles (1,513.17 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. The room got quite warm. I went to bed around 10:30 pm. I woke up around 5 am. I left the motel around 7:40 am. It was about a 5 mile (8 km) ride to the Wright Memorial Bridge to the mainland. The westbound bridge was closed. Both lanes were diverted onto the older Eastbound bridge. I didn't get on the bridge because there was a rain storm. I had to find cover at an office building close to the bridge for about 20 minutes.

The ride across the bridge went okay. The narrow shoulder was clean of debris. Traffic was light and what vehicles there were courteous. Crews were doing resurfacing work on the other bridge near the west side. I was so happy to get off the bridge and back on the mainland. I stopped for an early lunch at a McDs in Grandy.

The ride to Currituck went okay. I got to the ferry landing around 2:40 pm. The next ferry to Knotts Island was going to be at 3:30 pm. I went to the nearby McDs for a break. There were two vehicles on the ferry. I went up to the passenger lounge for the ride. The ride was pretty smooth. It took about an hour to get across to Knotts Island.

There was a bit of a tailwind that pushed me to the VA state Line. I stopped at the Baptist Church where I had stopped at before. There was a lot of construction. A multi-purpose building was being built. I talked with the pastor who lived next to the church. I got permission to camp out in the picnic shelter for the night.

I'm about 34 miles (54 km) away from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

April 10 : Virginia Beach (Creeds), VA to Onley, VA : 79.93 miles (127.89 km)
Trip Total: 1,025.66 miles (1,641.06 km)

I had an okay night at camping out in the picnic shelter. It was a little cool because of the wind but the wind did die down some. I woke up a couple of times during the night. I woke up around 5:30 am. The sun came up around 6:30 am. I got on the road around 7:15 am. The ride up Princess Anne to General Booth Drive went okay. I stopped at a gas station for a break and at a grocery store to get a few things.

I was able to ride up and over the intercoastal bridge into the oceanside area of Virginia Beach. I got on the oceanside bike path. Along the way, I stopped at the free woodcarvers museum. After about 16 blocks of the ocean bike path, I got on regular streets. I followed the Maritime Trail. The trail took me through Seashore State Park. The bike trail through the park was hardpacked dirt. I had to dodge quite a few tree roots. There were a lot of day cyclists on the path.

I got on US 60 about 5 miles East of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I got about 29 miles (46 km) in by noon. I stopped at a McDs in Cape Story by the Sea for lunch. The rest of the ride to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel went okay even though I had to get through a construction zone.

I got to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel around 1:45 pm. I had about a half hour wait before a truck could be found to take me across the bridge. We got to the northern terminus of the bridge around 2:50 pm. I had to do some work on the chain guide pulley before I was able to head out.

I rode along the Cape Charles Rails to Trails path for a couple of miles before I had to get on to US 13. There was a bit of a tailwind to push me along. I made it into Exmore around 5:30 pm. I found the secretaries in the office of the Baptist Church. They weren't that helpful. They didn't even want to give me their pastor's name. I rode back to the city hall. There was nobody at the police station. They didn't have a call box.

The next big town was Onley 13 miles to the North. I wasn't sure if I could get there before dark and I was concerned about the weather. On the radio, I heard reports about possible rain and thunderstorms. I pushed in the miles as fast as I could. I got about a mile out of Onley before the rain started. I had enough just enough time to get my jacket out of the bag but not on. I had to wait under some trees for a short time while the heavy rain went through. I found the Baptist Church but there were no contact numbers. I stayed at the church last year. I didn't have the home number of the pastor. I rode back to US 13 to see if there was a store that might have a local phone book. The only thing open to me was a restaurant. In a neat twist, I got connected with the pastor of the Baptist Bible Church in nearby Accomack who was having supper with a couple of his deacons. They offered to take me to a nearby motel and get me a room for the night insead of trying to connect the Baptist minister in town. They also got me a take-out meal so I had something hot to eat at the motel.

The rain should be done by morning. I'm going to try and push on through the rest of Virginia and across Maryland. I'm hoping to get close enough so that I could get to the Methodist Church in Georgetown, Delaware Sunday morning.

April 11 : Onley, VA to Mappits, VA to Onley, VA : 17.77 miles (28.43 km)
Trip Total: 1,043.43 miles (1,669.49 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. I got an early start around 7:40 am. My goal was to get up and through Maryland into Delaware so I could get close to Georgetown so I could get to the Methodist Church in Georgetown before church. I was making good time but after about 15 miles (25 km) I noticed that the front tire was low. I stopped to put some more air into it. The tire lasted for about 1.5 miles (2 km) and then it went soft again. I was a little ways out of the small town of Mappits. I went across the highway to the parking lot of this A to Z thrift store.

It took a long time finding the leak. It was in a ribbed part of the tire which is nearly impossible to fix. It took a long time putting on a patch. I tried to get the tube inflated but I accidently caused the valve stem to rub the edge of the hole and I cut into the valve stem. The tube was ruined. I had another tube but it had a leak in it. I found another hole in it's ribbed section. Tried to get the tube up but I accidently cut into this valve stem.

The owner of the shop came outside to see what was happening. He told me that he had some old bikes out back that might have tubes that I need. I tried a tube that was a little bigger but this was a mistake. I used the store's compressor and the tube blew up because it was pinched up inside the tire. I should have checked the other bmx bike because there was a tube that was a little smaller. I almost had this tube inflated when it blew out. The blowing of the first tube had caused some bead damage onto my tire and the bead had slipped which caused the tube to blow out.

I tried calling my pastor friend in Onley but I only got his voicemail box. I tried to see if any of the customers with trucks were going south but none were. The owner of the shop told me that if I could wait all day he could take me back into Onley to the Walmart. It was around 5:30 pm when we headed back to Onley. There was a tire and tube there. It used up most of my money.

After getting Alice fixed, I rode over to my friend's Baptist Church. I found out that he had gone over to Virginia Beach to check out a college for his older daughter who is getting ready to graduate from high school. I was able to get hold of him. He let me into the church. I'm staying over tomorrow.

April 13 : Onley, VA to Ocean City, MD : 73.90 miles (118.24 km)
Trip Total: 1,117.33 miles (1,787.73 km)

I had an okay night camping out in one of the classrooms of the church. Even with getting up to go to the rest room in the middle of the night, I still got about 7 hours of sleep. I had things packed up by 6 am. It was long waiting till the pastor showed up around 7:30 am. I'm glad that I did because he had a big GH that he wanted to give me. I've got enough for the train rides in and out of New York City. Before leaving Onley, I stopped at the McDs for a light breakfast.

It was around 8:20 am when I headed out of town again on US 13. The miles went by quickly because there was a tailwind to push me along. I was so happy when I rode passed the thrift store north of Mappits where I was stuck most of the day Saturday. The miles to the DE state line went quickly. By noon, I had gotten in 31 miles (50 km).

I stopped for a lunch at a Hardees outside of Pocomoke City. I went for one of the cheapest things - the kids meal. I ordered a two chicken tender dinner. I was really surprised when I got the dinner. There were four pieces of chicken instead of two.

After lunch, I got on US 113 going north. I stopped for a break in Snow Hill. After the break, I pushed on to Berlin.

I got into downtown Berlin around 4:30 pm. The first church that I came to was the Presbyterian Church. The office had closed at 3 pm. There was a phone number for the pastor but I found out that I didn't have cell phone coverage. I checked out another church but there was nobody around. I stopped at the police station. I got to meet the chief of police. It took a little over an hour but he was able to connect with one of his minister friends who offered to get me a room at one of the motels in Ocean City. The only problem was that the motel was ten miles (16 km) away from the police station. I pushed Eastwards to Ocean City and then I counted down the blocks to the motel. I got to the motel a little after dark.

I'm about 5 miles (8 km) south of the DE state line and 32 miles (51 km) south of the ferry to Cape May, NJ..

April 14 : Ocean City, MD to Midway, DE : 35.65 miles (57.04 km)
Trip Total: 1,152.98 miles (1,844.77 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. The room was pretty nice and I got it warm. I woke up a little before 6 am. There was a pretty good hot breakfast with pancakes.

I left the motel around 7:40 am. It was a little cool. There was a tailwind to push me along. The sky was pretty overcast. According to the weather report, there was going to be a long hard rain for most of the day. The storm was coming across the country from the Midwest. I figured that I had at least till noon to get into Lewes before the heavy rains started.

Five miles (8 km) down the road I rode into Delaware. I couldn't stop to take a picture of Alice and the state sign because the sign was an overhead sign. The ride through Fenwich Island, Betheny Beach, Dewey Beach, and Rehobeth Beach. It started to rain around noon. I stopped at a BK in Midway. I waited for the rain to end before I rode into Lewes.

I didn't feel like going to the ferry terminal. I didn't know whether it was going to be raining in New Jersey or not. I decided to see if I could connect with a minister to see if I could stop for the day. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church. An offer was made to get me a room at one of the motels in Midway. It was quite unusual to find out that the motel was right across the BK where I had stopped for lunch.

I'm going to be trying to catch an early ferry to New Jersey tomorrow morning. The rain should be over but it's going to be cool.

April 15 : Midway, DE to Bass River, NJ : 75.09 miles (120.14 km)
Trip Total: 1,228.07 miles (1,964.91 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. It pretty well rained the rest of the afternoon and the night. It stopped raining around mid-morning. I left the motel around 7:10 am. It was about a 5 mile (8 km) ride to the ferry terminal. There were just three other vehicles waiting for the ticket booth to open. I went into the visitor center to get my ticket. The ferry arrived around 8:15 am. I was the first person to board the ferry. The ferry left around 8:45 am. The ride was a couple of hours. I was the last person off the ferry. I left the cape May ferry terminal around 11 am.

A couple of miles out of Cape May Courthouse, I met up with another cyclist. The guy was from Britian and he was finishing up a three year trip around the country. He was riding up to New York City for his flight home back to Britian. We rode together for a couple of miles and we stopped at a Wawa for a break. We parted company.

I had a good ride through Cape May Courthouse and then North to Seaville. I then got on NJ 50 through Corbin City to Egg Harbor City. I got into Egg Harbor City around 5:30 pm. I was going to stop for the day but I decided to go on. I got on Atlantic County 563 for the ride to Green Bank and then I got on Atlantic County 542 for the ride back to US 9. Before it got too dark, I found a place to camp out in some woods between Bass River and Tuckerton.

April 16 : Bass River, NJ to West Belmar, NJ : 71.29 miles (114.06 km)
Trip Total: 1,299.36 miles (2,078.98 km)

I had an okay night camping out. It was a little cool in the 40s. I decided to wear my winter underwear and it helped. I got on the road around 7:20 am. The ride north went okay. I got about 28 miles (45 km) in by noon because of a headwind. I stopped for lunch at a Wendys between Forked River and Toms River.

In Toms River, I headed East on NJ 37 to the barrier islands and Seaside Park. Once on NJ 35 going North the ride was a little slow because of road construction. There was still a lot of home reconstruction going on after Sandy. I saw one house that looked like it had been abandoned. Once I got into Bay Head, the road was all finished.

I got into Point Pleasant around 4:30 pm. I was hoping to find somebody at the churches but I couldn't find somebody. At this Presbyterian Church, I saw indication that this was a disaster volunteer center but there was nobody around. At a Catholic Church, I saw some activity. There were having a meal but there was no priest available. I did get a couple of take out sacks.

I pushed on to Brielle. I couldn't find anybody. I got into Spring Lake around 7 pm. I found the police station. I talked with a sergeant. He referred me to the nearby St Margaret Catholic Church. The priest wasn't there. I found some people in ' the church. It was catachism training. I was told to go to the convent because the choir was getting ready to practice. One of the ladies who was a nun called over to the nearby St Cathering Catholic Church. The priest came over to talk to me. He wasn't really helpful. He was quite rude.

I pushed on to West Belmar. I found a sign for a Methodist Church. There were some people in one of the classes. It was an AA group. They were friendly. The minister lived next door but they were out. The guy leading the group offered to get me a room at a nearby motel on NJ 35.

I'm about 5 miles (8 km) away from the Ashbury Park RR station.

April 17 : West Belmar, NJ to Darien, CT : 7.02 miles (11.23 km)
Trip Total: 1,306.38 miles (2,090.21 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. I'm glad that I was inside for the night because it rained pretty hard during the night. The rain pretty well had stopped by the time I left the motel around 8:20 am. There wasn't any continental breakfast. It was just lightly misting. I stopped at a nearby McDs for some breakfast. The ride to the Asbury Park train station went okay. I got to the depot around 9:45 am. I bought my ticket through the automatic ticket machine. I had about an hour's wait for the train.

The train arrived around 10:39 am. It took me to Long Branch where I transferred to another train to Penn Station in Manhattan, New York City, New York. It was a fast transfer because the train was right across the platform. On the Long Branch train, I noticed that the ticket collector had a Christian book stuffed in his pants in back. I asked him about the book. We had a good conversation and he let me read it. It wasn''t that big (maybe 90 pages). It didn't take me that long to read it. The book was okay but there were a couple of mistakes. The guy had written that the Messiah's Hebrew name is Jehoshua (which is wrong because it is Y'shua). It also had G-D's Hebrew name as being Jehovah instead of ADONAI.

We got to Penn station in Manhattan around 12:40 pm. I was the last person off of the platform because I had to wait for an elevator. I found the other elevator that would take me to street level. It took several tries to get out of the door of the elevator because I had to stand the bent up to get it out of the door. The elevator was small and the doors didn't line up to each other. At least, there wasn't anybody trying to use the elevator. I was amazed that there was a homeless guy sleeping on the floor right close to the elevator door inside the station.

Once outside of the station, I headed North on Seventh Avenue to Times Square. It was warm enough that I was able to take my jacket off. In one short block in front of Madison Square Garden, there were at least a dozen homeless guys with signs asking for change. I didn't get any nudge from the Spirit to help any of them like I did last year.

About 8 blocks up, I heard a guy calling out behind me "Hey, it's the cycling pastor". This was strange because I hadn't told anybody of my trip. When I turned around, I saw a familiar face. It was the guy from Baltimore, Maryland who I met last August on the C&O Towpath. On Aug 07 of last year, I shared the Calico Rocks H/B Campsite with him and his three little girls. He had just come to New York City for some business and was heading back to Baltimore. Elliot asked me if I had any lunch. I said that I hadn't so he offered to get me some lunch. I had passed a McDs a block away. Since Elliot was going to Penn Station, I suggested that we go there. Elliot went inside to get me something to eat so I could stay with Alice. Elliot got me a chicken tender dinner. This was a small world situation.

From the McDs, I walked up to Times Square. I got one of the police officers to take a couple of pictures of me and Alice. Behind me, I noticed that there was a group of tourists standing together facing one of these large tv screen billboards. It was an advertisement for Revlon. There was a digital camera and every once in a while it would start taking a video of the people below and in from up it and then it would zoom up for a close shot. I decided to check it out. I got into the picture a couple of times so I was able to take a few pictures of me on the billboard.

From Times Square, I backtracked a couple of times so I could walk passed Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. From the library, it was a short walk to Grand Central Station. I took some pictures of the Chrysler Building. It was a key building in the movie Ghost Busters.

Inside Grand Central Station, it took a while finding the right automatic ticket machines to get a ticket to Darien, CT. After purchasing the ticket, I had about 20 minutes to get down to the right platform. The train was going to leave at 2:35 pm. I had to find the two elevators that would take me down to the platform. I got Alice situated on the train about 5 minutes before the train left the station.

The train that was to go to New Haven was pretty well an express train to Stamford, CT so we didn't make any stops the rest of New York. The Darien station was the next stop after Stamford. We arrived at the Darien station about 3:45 pm. I walked over to the Calvary Baptist Church. I called up my friend Mark. He let me into the church. Because I am at least 19 days ahead of my projected schedule, I've been invited to stay over for the weekend. I'm staying in the basement youth room. The last time that I was here was Aug 04, 2013. I was heading South from Southern Maine.

April 20 : Darien, CT to Guilford, CT : 20.57 miles (32.91 km)
Trip Total: 1,326.05 miles (2,121.68 km)

I had an okay night at the church. Instead of going back to the youth room in the basement, I put my sleeping bag down on the floor of Mark's office. The room stayed warm after closing the pocket doors. I got maybe 7 hours of sleep. I had Alice moved out into the hallway by 7 am.

Mark came by around 8 am to say goodbye. It was lightly raining when I left the church and walked over to the railroad station around 8:30 am. I was thinking that I was going to have to wait till around 10 am to catch the train to New Haven but I was able to catch the 9:05 am train. The ride to New Haven took about an hour.

I hard a hard time getting off the railroad platform because the elevator was out of order. I had to portage my things and Alice down several flights of stairs. At least, there was an elevator that went up to the main floor of the terminal. I got a little turned around outside trying to find US 1 going North because of the wind and rain. I didn't get several blocks away from the railroad station when I noticed that the safety sail flag was gone. It must have gotten snagged on something. I had the flag on the train and I remembered seeing it through the station. I rushed back to the station to backtrack my walk through the station from the train but I didn't find it. I checked the trashcans to see if it was thrown away but it wasn't. I figure that somebody must have picked it up and taken it with them. I've got to come up with another flag later on but not today.

It was a little tricky to get between New Haven and Brightview because of road construction. They were making a new bridge on the interstate and they were doing some repair work on the drawbridge. The winds really picked up coming from the East. I stopped for some lunch in East Haven.

Around 2:30 pm, I had enough when I got into Guilford Center. I stopped at the First Congregational Church. The ladies in the office were pretty friendy. One of them got me a towel from their car. There was an offer to get me a room at the Comfort Inn a couple of miles out of town on US 1. I had to climb up a hill to get there.

The main obstacles tomorrow is to get across the I-85 bridges between Old Saybrook and Old Lyme and New London and Long Hill. At least, there are bicycle paths across the bridges. I might stop in Mystic 49 miles (78 km) from here. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be a dryer and warmer.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between May 04th and May 11th.



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