TRIP 2015

Update #10 - June 02nd
Dodgeville, Wisconsin
3,089.18 miles (4,942.69 KM) - Year Total

May 19 : Thompson, OH to Twinsburg, OH : 45.51 miles (72.82 km)
Trip Total: 2,437.24 miles (3,899.58 km)

I had an okay last night. Yesterday would have been a good day riding because it never rained hard as it was expected. Throughout the day, I checked the weather report on the internet and the report of thunderstorms got pushed further away from noon. It did rain a little bit but nothing major. My legs needed the break anyway because I had a problem with sore calves again.

I left the church around 7 am. It was cool but not as cold as it as expected. About 4 miles (6 km) down the road, I stopped at a gas station for a short break and I took off the long sleeve cycling jersey. I headed west to Chadron and then I turned South to Chester Center. I decided to stop for an early lunch break. By noon, I had ridden 25 miles (40 km) by noon.

The afternoon ride was a little better. I'm out of the area of ridge lines. I headed South to Aurora and then I turned West to Twinsburg. There were two motels coming into Twinsburg but they didn't look good. Near I-80 West of Twinsburg, I came across a Super 8. It was already after 3 pm so I decided to stop. The manager gave me a 10% discount on the room.

May 20 : Twinsburg, OH to Elyria, OH : 43.58 miles (69.73 km)
Trip Total: 2,480.82 miles (3,969.31 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. I got on the road around 8 am. It was cool in the 40s. I walked up the first mile because there was a long hill. There wasn't any shoulder to ride up. The ride West was slow because of the hills, stop lights, and traffic. Between Sagamore Hills and Brecksville, it was a tricky ride through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park area.

Along the way past Brecksville, I did have to check out a soft rear tire. I took the tube out of the tire and I didn't find anything wrong with the tube. I think that the low temperature caused the pressure in the tire to go low. I accidently got the valve stem a little off center. I didn't want to risk deflating the tube there and trying again. I didn't want to risk accidently cutting the valve stem. I carefully went down the road a couple of miles and I was happy to find a gas station with a free air pump. I was able to get the tire inflated closer to the maximum. Because of the problems, I only got 14 miles 22 km) by noon time.

The afternoon was a lot better. Just passed Strongsville, there was a long downhill run down to Columbia Center. The terraign got more flatter. Once I crossed into Loraign County, I was so happy because a shoulder finally appeared and I was able to increase my speed. I finished up OH 82 and then I got on OH 57 for the ride North to Elyria.

I had to follow local roads through Elyria because the highway became restricted access. I stopped for a break at a McDs. After the break, I rode through the downtown area. It was after 5 pm. I headed up to OH 113. Just passed OH 113, I saw a sign for a Super 8 just South of the Ohio Turnpike. There was another motel next to the Super 8 but it didn't look too good. When I saw it, I remembered that I stayed there before and I had a bad night. I got a good rate at the Super 8. I didn't want to get caught out in my tent because it was going to either in the upper 30s or low 40s. It is supposed to get up into the 70s by the end of the week.

May 21 : Elyria, OH to Clyde, OH : 56.21 miles (89.94 km)
Trip Total: 2,537.03 miles (4,059.25 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. I got on the road around 8 am. I headed West on OH 113. The ride to Norwalk went okay. I got 27 miles 43 km) in by noon.

I found the bike shop in downtown Norwalk okay. I opted to get a higher psi tire for the back. The shop owner let me use a floor pump to get the tire up. There was a Rails to Trails path that would have taken me to Bellevue but it wasn't paved so I didn't take it. I got on US 20. It was a divided 4 lane highway but there was a wide shoulder to ride on.

I got into Bellevue around 3:45 pm. After a short break, I rode around to check out the churches. I stopped at a Lutheran church. I talked with the secretary. The pastor was in her office but she didn't come out to talk with me. The secretary told me that the ministerial association didn't work with any of the local motels any more. The one motel that they did wasn't open any more. I rode over to the First United Methodist Church where I had spoken at before. I was friends with one of the former pastors. I missed the current pastor by maybe 5 minutes. He had to go to some conference in Cleveland.

I got back on US 20 and rode to the next town of Clyde. I got into Clyde a little after 5 pm. I stopped at the police station. The lady dispatcher tried to contact one of the local ministers. None of the ministers were willing to help me. She was able to connect with some of the local residents and I got invited to spend the night with a nice elderly couple who lived a few miles South of town.

May 22 : Clyde, OH to McClure, OH : 62.27 miles (99.63 km)
Trip Total: 2,599.30 miles (4,158.88 km)

I had an okay night at the Hanson's household. I had fun playing with their dog Sheba. Mr and Mrs Hanson were great hosts. Mr Hanson who is going to be 86 was finishing up his first roto-tilling on their garden. I fell asleep before 10 pm.

I had Alice packed up by 6:30 am. It was warmer in the morning so I just planned to wear my short sleeve cycling jersey and my jacket.Mrs Hanson made a good breakfast with homemade bread. Mr Hanson grinds the wheat for the bread. I left their house around 7:20 am.

I rode back into town. Instead of getting back on US 20, I took the rails to trails path to Fremont. It was paved this time. I got off the path near downtown Fremont. I stopped for a mid-morning snack. It took a while getting onto US 6. Truck traffic on US 6 was pretty heavy but there was a shoulder to ride along. By noon, I was suprised at getting in 31 miles.

The rest of the ride into Bowling Green went okay. It was warm enough to take off my jacket. I got into Bowling Green around 2:30 pm. I stopped at the First United Methodist Church. The secretary was in but the two pastors were out. I was referred to a Lutheran church about five blocks away. The pastor wasn't there either. The secretary did have the phone number for the president of the ministerial association but they were not available either.

After a short break at a McDS, I took local roads for a few miles West and then I got back on US 6. Truck traffic was lighter because probably a lot of them got on I-75 a few miles East of Bowling Green. Even though I left Bowling Green around 4 pm, I thought that I could make it into Napoleon before dark.

I got into the small town of McClure around 5:30 pm. Napoleon was another 12 more miles (19 km) but I didn't think that I could get that far. There were two churches in town. I saw a sign for the Lutheran church saying that they were providing a free spaghetti supper for the community. One of the gentlemen in the kitchen had the cell phone number for the Lutheran pastor. I got permission to stay in the church for the night.

The church is very socially active in the community. There has been a food bank here at the church since the 1970s. Two of the classrooms have been turned into a clothes closet.

The weather should be warm again tomorrow. I'm going to start early tomorrow morning so I can push into Indiana.

May 23 : McClure, OH to Syracuse, IN : 105.45 miles (168.72 km)
Trip Total: 2,704.75 miles (4,327.60 km)

I had an okay night at the church. The sofa was long enough for me to get comfortable and the room was warm enough that I didn't have to use my sleeping bag.

I got on the road a little after 7 am. The ride to Napolean went okay even though I had to take a long detour into town because of a bridge out on Bus Rte 6. On the Northern edge of Napoleon, I stopped for a light snack at a McDs. I was hoping to get back onto US 6 but I hit a section of limited access highway where US 6 joined up with US 24. I met up with a local guy on a Terratrike and he gave me directions to the old US 6. Once on US 6, the rest of the ride in the morning went okay. Even with a slight headwind, I got 32 miles (51 km) in by noon. The ride to Edgerton went okay. From Edgerton, it was just a three mile (5 km) ride to the IN state line.

The ride in Indiana went okay. It was a little tricky riding through Butler. There was a lot of cars leaving the highschool on the Eastern edge of town. It could have been the graduation ceremony. I saw a sign in Butler saying that the temperature was up to 80. The ride between Butler and Kendallville went okay. I got into Kendallville around 6:30 pm. I stopped for some supper at a Wendys. My route through Kendallville didn't take me through the downtown area and there wasn't a sign for the downtown area. There was a low cost motel but it didn't look too good so I passed on it.

It was 7:15 pm and there was still daylight. I felt like going on. The next town was Ligonier about 17 miles (27 km) away. The ride went okay. I got into Ligonier around 9 pm. It was just turning dark but I thought that I would go ahead and push some more miles in so I could finally pass the Century mark (100 mile (160 km)). I tried using my headlights but it didn't work even though I had charged up the batteries. I'm thinking very strongly on going back to the regular battery powered headlights. I still had my caving light that I put on my helmet.

In three more miles (5 km), I finally passed the 100 mile mark. It took me five more miles (8 km) on the road before I found a place to camp out. It was around 11 pm when I had the tent pitched. My camping spot was maybe thirty feet from the road a couple of miles West of the small town of Syracuse. I was hoping to find someplace farther away from the road but the ground farther away from the road was marshy. I'm about 14 miles (22 km) out of Nappanee.

May 24 : Syracuse, IN to Nappanee, IN : 13.46 miles (21.54 km)
Trip Total: 2,718.21 miles (4,349.14 km)

I had an okay night camping out. It didn't get that cold so I only had to use my sleeping bag for a couple of hours. I was mildly surprised that I didn't experience any lower leg pain when I got out of the tent. I was back on the road about eight hours after I had gotten into my tent. I decided to wear the tennis shoes that I've been carrying since Pittsford, NY. The soles of the other tennis shoes are getting really thin.

The ride into Nappenee went okay. I stopped at the United Methodist church. I sat in on the above 50 Sunday school class. I got to share so this was my 12th church for the year. The discussion was on the parable of the Good Samaritan. I was able to meet the pastor before the service. I was hoping that the pastor was going to be as friendly as the pastor at the United Methodist Church in Thompson, Ohio but he wasn't. His answer to my question about trying to find someplace to take the rest of the day off was for me to move on and stop at the police station. I didn't stay on for the service. There wasn't really any point. I didn't want to listen to a goat in the pulpit.

I rode around town a bit and stopped at the North Main Street Mennonite Church. The service was about 15 minutes in progress. The pastor gave a pretty good sermon. Near the end of the service, the pastor saw that I was a visitor and I was given the chance to talk for a few minutes. After the service, the pastor told me that it would be okay for me to stay in the youth room for the night. I got invited to share with a Sunday school class. The pastor's wife offered to prepare me a supper.

May 25 : Nappanee, IN to Bremen, IN : 11.46 miles (18.34 km)
Trip Total: 2,729.67 miles (4,367.47 km)

I had an okay night at the church. I woke up around 5 am. It was a little after 7 am when I left the church. The sky was a little overcast and it looked like I was going to get wet sometime today. Everything was pretty well closed being that this was a holiday. Going out of town, traffic was pretty light. There was just one Amish buggy on the road.

Coming into Bremen, there was a sign saying that US 6 was closed a couple of miles down the road. It was a bridge under repair. I had to go into Bremen. In 106 is the old US 6.

It was around 8:45 am when I got into the downtown area. Somebody stopped me and told me that there was going to be a parade around 10 am, I decided to wait for it. The parade was okay. I haven't seen that many Memorial Day parades. The parade ended at a cemetary where there was a service. After the service, one of the veterans who was in the program invited me to stay with him. He was into cycling as well.

I'm shooting for Valparaiso tomorrow. The big help tomorrow is that I'll be gaining an hour after crossing into the Central Time Zone.

May 26 : Bremen, IN to Schererville, IN : 84.01 miles (134.42 km)
Trip Total: 2,813.68 miles (4,601.89 km)

I had an okay night at Mr Anderson's house. I was able to get a lot of sleep in. I got on the road a little before 7 am, When I started going West, I found out that I had a tailwind. The miles zipped through very quickly. A couple miles West of Walkerton, I crossed into the Central Time Zone gaining back an hour. By noon, I was in Westville. I had ridden 47 miles (72 km).

After a lunch break, I headed Southwest on IN 2 to Valparaiso. The ride was a little slower because now I had to deal with a head/crosswind. There were some brief fast moving rain showers. I had to pull off the road and duck behind some tall bushes to wait out one shower that had high winds.

I got into Valparaiso around 3 pm. After doing some shopping, I rode into the downtown area. I found my way over to the First United Methodist Church. On a previous trip, I had gotten some help from the church. I had been given permission to stay in the sr high youth room of their Asbury Center. I had hoped that I would be able to do it this time through but I wasn't. The youth pastor was no longer there. There was a different pastor. He wasn't as friendly as the last pastor. I went around to check out the other churches in the downtown area but there was nobody at them. I couldn't find the police station.

I got on the old Lincoln Highway and rode it to where it joined US 30 about 5 miles (8 km) West of town. The ride along US 30 went okay because there was a wide shoulder. I got caught in some brief rain showers. I stopped for some lunch in Merrillville.

Around 7:00 pm, I got into downtown Schererville. I stopped at the police station, I got a ministerial association voucher for a room at a motel near Dyer on US 30. I got to the motel a little before dark. I almost didn't get a room. There wasn't really a vacant room. After asking the Indian owner if I could camp out in back of the motel because it was too dangerous for me to get back on the road, the owner told me that there was a room in back on the second floor. The two rooms upstairs for extended stay rentals and the person who had rented the room had moved out earlier in the day but the owner hadn't had the time to clean it up. The room was a little messy but it was better to stay in it than try to camp out.

I'm just a couple of miles East of the IL state line.

May 27 : Schererville, IN to Oswego, IL : 64.91 miles (103.86 km)
Trip Total: 2,878.59 miles (4,605.74 km)

I had an okay night at the motel even though the room was a little run down. I'm just glad that I was inside instead of being in my tent some place because it rained some during the night.

I left the motel a little before 8 am. The three miles (5 km) to the IL state line was tricky because there was no shoulder to ride on. I rode my mirror and whenever I saw a lot of traffic coming up from behind me I pulled off the road. I did stop to get some breakfast. In Dyer, I did have to ride on the sidewalk.

Just before the IL state line, there was a paved shoulder to ride along. At the first stop light in Illinois, I got off US 30 and headed West on Sauk Trail Road. Traffic was a lot lighter on this road and there was some shoulder to ride along. I was trying to find the Eastern Terminus of the Old Plank Bike Trail. In Chicago Heights, I came across a paved bike trail. I thought that this would take me to the Plank Trail but it did not. It just went around a nature park. I got on local roads and found my way back to US 30. I carefully rode along it until I got into Park Forest. I was able to find the Old Plank bike trail.

The ride along the path was okay. It was a paved trail but it was bumpy in some places. What slowed me down was having to stop for traffic at every road crossing except for one. By noon, I had ridden only 22 miles (35 km) (half of what I did yesterday morning). The wind was also coming from the West.

I bumped into an older guy who was riding a trike. He told me that he had five other recumbents of different styles at his home. He never took any of his recumbents off the trail.

The bike path ended in Joliet but it didn't end in a known spot. I had to do some dead recogning to get into the downtown area. I got on US 30. Traffic was a lot less. I followed US 30 to Plainfield. I got into Plainfield around 5 pm. I rode around the downtown area but I didn't see any activity at the churches. From downtown Plainfield, I followed US 30 a little bit but then I used local roads to ride into Oswego. I checked out the churches but didn't find anything either. I thought the Fox River Bike Trail started on the west side so I crossed the Fox River and then I headed North on IL 31. The bike path was actually on the East side of the river following IL 25.

I rode IL 31 into Montgomery. I found a service going on at the Faith Assembly Church. I talked with the pastor after the service. Instead of letting me stay in the church for the night, there was an offer to get me a room at a motel they had an account with in Oswego. We loaded Alice and my gear in back of one of the member's trucks. Before we left the church, the pastor slipped me a GH. I was quite surprised when I was taken to a Holiday Inn Express. I'm about 3 miles (5 km) East of the Fox River Trail.

May 28 : Oswego, IL to Algonquin, IL : 43.14 miles (69.02 km)
Trip Total: 2,921.73 miles (4,674.77 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. Before going to bed, I got on the web to see if there were any coin laundries in the area. I found out that there was one just a half mile away in a shopping center. It was on the way. My bioclock woke me up around 4 am. My body can't adjust going from one time zone to another. There was a pretty good breakfast.

While eating breakfast in my room, I was amazed at seeing all of the destruction in Oklahoma and Texas from the flooding and relentless rains. The rains have been going on for almost three weeks and there is really no movement in the storm front. The death toll (mostly from drowning) is getting close to twenty people. The youngest victim was a boy under ten. He and his mother and sister were swept away in a house that was along the Blanco River in Wimberly, Texas between San Antonio and Texas . There is major flooding in the Houston area. Some small towns near Houston are being evacuated. The damage is worse than what you can get during a hurricane. The storm front is causing a lot of tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma. Oklahoma City and Moore have been hit numerous times. So far for the year there have been at least thirty tornadoes more than the norm. Hurricane Season is starting and they are calling for a below normal season. That is because of the La Nina effect which causes more tornadoes to form in the Pacific instead of the Atlantic.

I left the motel around 8 am. There weren't that many people at the laundromat. This was the first time that I had to go to a laudromat this year. The cost of the machines was kind of high but they were fast. I was back on the road around 9:30 am. I had to get on US 30 for a couple of miles and then I had to follow local roads down to the Fox River and the bike trail.

The ride North was okay even though it was a little slow going. There was a lot of intersections to wait for vehicles, bad signage, and some trail closures. By noon, I had gotten in only 13 miles (21 km). I stopped at a park for an extended lunch break so I could do some repair work on one of my bags that I've been meaning to take care of for a while.

The afternoon ride went okay. There were a lot of people on bicycles on the trail. There were a lot of geese and a lot of them had young goslings. I found out that certain geese take on young and raise them that they are not their own. There was this one pair of geese that were taking care of at least three dozen young goslings. Most of the people were on the trail between Oswego and Elgin. I stopped and gawked some along the way. There was this streetcar museum that I stopped to take some pictures of the different street cars. On this wall of a waste treatment plant North of Elgin there was a mural that displayed sea life in prehistoric time.

I finished up the Fox River Trail in Algonquin. It was around 6 pm when I got into the downtown area. I rode around the town to check out the churches and also to see if I could find the police station which I didn't find. I was thinking that I was going to possibly have to get onto the Prairie Path bike trail which is an extension of the Fox River Trail and goes up to Wisconsin and find some place to camp out.

I had to go passed the St Johns Lutheran Church. There was a bunch of cars there and a group of men meeting on the front lawn. It was a men's Bible study but they were drinking beer. It seemed a strange combination. The group was called "Beers, Bible, and Brews". The pastor was leading it. The pastor was in his early thirties and he came from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. He gave me permission to stay in the activity center for the night. I joined the group that was meeting in the lawn. There were two other groups meeting on the church grounds. One of the guys got me some bottled tea. It was a little hard for me sitting there with a lot of the group drinking beers. It did bother me a bit when the pastor casually chucked his empty beer bottle on the ground. At least the church was at the intersection of two dead end streets so there wouldn't have been any chance of people passing by in their cars. The Bible study lasted about an hour and then everybody moved into the school gymnasium for some more beer drinking and games (basketball and indoor horse shoes using bean bags). Before everybody left, one of the guys showed me where there was a sofa in the mezzanine of the church. The room was being used as a quasi sr youth meeting room. Before the men left around 9:30 pm, two of them slipped me GH's.

I'm about 18 miles (29 km) away from the Wisconsin State line.

May 29 : Algonquin, IL to Delavan, WI : 55.15 miles (88.24 km)
Trip Total: 2,976.88 miles (4,763.01 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. Before going to bed, I got on the web to see if there were any coin laundries in the area. I had an okay night at the church. My bioclock woke me up at 3:30 am. It was a long wait for the sun to come up. I left the church a little after 6 am. It was less than a block walk to the Prairie Path Trail which is a continuation of the Fox River Trail. It was paved. I stopped for a few things at a grocery store in Crystal Lake. Between Crystal Lake and McHenry, there was a two mile section of really steep hills with some long steep downhill runs. I carefully got through that section. Just North of Richmond, the paving stopped and the path became packed dirt and small stone. I stopped to check out a turtle that had crossed the trail.

The bike trail ended at a culdesac of a street in Genoa City, Wisconsin. I stopped at a grocery store for a short break. I headed North on County Road H. I didn't get far down the road because it started to rain. I ducked under cover at a picnic shelter in a park to wait out some heavy rain. I waited about 20 minutes for it to stop raining. I got back on the road about 20 minutes before noon. I was able to get 31 miles (50 km) in before noon.

The rest of the ride into Lake Geneva went okay. I got into downtown Lake Geneva around 1:30 pm. I checked out the churches in the downtown area. There was nobody around them and no contact information. I was saddened to see two churches closed down and used for other purposes. One of the closed down churches had been turned into a gift shop. I stopped at the police station to see if there was either a chaplaincy program or a ministerial program. There were none. I stopped at the Catholic Church. I talked to the priest. He told me that there was a possibility that he could help me but it would have to be after he comes back around 8 pm.

I decided to head out and ride to Delavan 12 miles away. The ride went okay because there were a lot of long coasts and there was some wind to push me along. I stopped at a gas station in East Delavan to use the restroom and to get some cold to drink. I was surprised when the black guy in front of me offered to pay for my drink. We went out of the store together. The guy surprised me by slipping me a GH. I found out that he had been in the army for eight years.

The ride into Delavan went okay but I did get caught out in a brief rain shower. I got into Delavan around 5 pm. I stopped at a Lutheran Church. There were some people getting ready for a rummage sale. They didn't want to contact their minister for me. I found some activity at the United Methodist Church. Some members of the hispanic church were getting the fellowship hall ready for a high school graduation party. One of the people let me use their cell phone so I could call the Methodist minister. He gave me permission to stay in the church for the night. The pastor and his wife came by after they had got done eating at a restaurant. I was showed where there was a sofa in the library. The church had been designated as a tornado shelter so there were blankets, sheets, and pillows there. During the winter, the church is used as an emergency shelter for homeless men.

May 30 : Delavan, WI to Janesville, WI : 29.71 miles (47.54 km)
Trip Total: 3,006.59 miles (4,810.54 km)

I had sort of a good night at the church. The sofa was a little too short and I couldn't keep my legs straight. If I had known that I was going to have serious leg cramping in the morning, I would have tried to put together one of the army cots that was in the hallway. The church is designated as a tornado shelter. The weather could have caused the cramping as well because it was raining.outside. I checked out the radar on the weather channel and I saw that the area was pretty well covered.

I waited till around 8:30 am before I headed out. There was a break in the rain. I got back on WI 11 and headed West. It was a five mile ride to US 14. After a short break at a gas station, I headed West to Janesville. I was hoping that I was going to be riding out of the cloud cover but the clouds were going West with me. Because of the clouds, there was a tailwind. I was cruising. In some places, I was coasting at 12 mph and in short sections I was cruising at 15 mph.

I got into the Eastern edge of Janesville around 11:30 am. I had to find cover at a gas station to wait out a rain shower. After the shower ended, I followed local roads North to the intersection of Us 26 and I-90 north of US 14. I was hoping to find a decent price for a motel room. Along the way, it started to pour again.

Near the interstate, I stopped at an EconoLodge. The lady at the counter was going to give me the weekday rate for the room but then she told me that because I was going to pay cash there was a $100 deposit on the room. There was no way that I was going to risk that much on a room and have the next person at the desk tell me that there was something wrong with the room and I wouldn't get the deposit back. There was a Super 8 next door but I didn't want to try it because I had run into the deposit problem at another one of their motels last year. I really don't like stopping at a motel when there is no advertised rates.

I headed South on US 26 towards the downtown area. I was hoping to find a motel on it but after a mile or so I didn't find a motel. I stopped at a Wendys for some lunch. I found out that there was a Motel 6 about a half mile North of the interstate. The rate was something that I could afford. The lady at the counter had pity on me because I was soaked and chilled. I actually got the room with tax less than the advertised rate for the room.

Instead of staying in Janesville for church, I'm going to move on to Evansville 17 miles (27 km) away. Janesville is just to big of a city to try and find a compassionate minister. There is going to be more rain and the high is going to be in the mid 60s. I might have a tailwind to push me along.

May 31 : Janesville, WI to Evansville, WI : 18.87 miles (30.19 km)
Trip Total: 3,025.86 miles (4,840.74 km)

I had a good night at the motel. The room got pretty warm so I got most of the wet clothes dried. I was happy that I had an extra pair of shoes and cycling gloves.

I left the motel around 7:00 am. The temperaure was in the upper 90s. The wind was coming from the North by Northeast. I got into Evansville around a little after 9 am. I rode around the downtown area. I had plans to go to the ELCA Church but I couldn't find it. I went to the United Methodist Church instead. The service was supposed to start at 9:30 am. I got to meet the minister before the service. During the Joys and Concerns portion of the service, the minister introduced me and I got to saw a few words. Afterwards, the trustee and his wife who was the pianist invited me to their house in the country.

June 02 : Evansville, WI to Dodgeville, WI : 63.72 miles (101.95 km)
Trip Total: 3,089.18 miles (4,942.69 km)

I was so tired last night that I went to sleep around 8:30 pm. I slept till around 4 am because I had to go to the restroom. I woke up around 5:30 am. My legs felt a lot better than yesterday morning. I am glad and grateful that the Maases allowed me to have a full day off the road. My last day off the road was Monday, May 18th at the United Methodist Church in Thompson, OH. That was 634 miles (1,014 km) ago.

I got Alice ready before I had breakfast. After breakfast, pictures were taken and Mr Maas slipped me a GH. I got on the road around 7:30 am. The ride went really well. I took mostly county roads to Brooklyn and then I got on WI 92 to Mount Horeb. The ride on WI 92 went really well even though there were some hills. The winds came from the South so I had a tail wind. By noon, I had gotten 32 miles (51 km) in by noon. I got into downtown Mount Horeb around 12:30 pm. I stopped at a gas station for a light lunch. On the way out of downtown, I stopped to take pictures of the trolls. There were a lot more trolls than the last time I had gone through town.

I got on a county road that took me through Blue Mounds and Barneveld. Right after Barneveld, I got on US 18. The highway was a divided 4 lane highway with a wide shoulder divided by a rumble strip. I got into dowtown Dodgeville around 4:40 pm. I was hoping to find somebody at one of the churches but there was nobody there. I stopped at the police station but it was closed. There was an after hours contact number but my cell phone didn't work in the area. I found somebody at a ministry center but they weren't really that helpful. The suggestion was that I should go to the sheriff station. I talked to a deputy that was in the jail. He offered to get me a room at a local motel through a Salvation Army voucher.

Tomorrow, I'm going to push it so I can get into Prairie du Chien before 5 pm. I'm about 56 miles (90 km) away from Prairie du Chien.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between June 09th and June 16th.



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