TRIP 2015

Update #15 - August 04th
Pittsford, New York
5,843.04 miles (9,348.56 KM) - Year Total

It's been two weeks since the accident in Michigan. My injuries are healing up okay. I'm sort of back to my normal pace. I am though a little more concious around vehicles. My goal for this leg is Calais, Maine Northeast of Bangor.

July 22 : Adrian, MI to Maumee, OH : 49.54 miles (79.26 km)
Trip Total: 5,344.54 miles (8,551.26 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. I took the dressing off of the abrasion so that it could get some air. The abrasion didn't look that bad. It was about 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. The hair on my arm was rubbed off. I did see that my elbow was cut up and there were several large scabs already forming. The largest scab was about a half dollar sized circle. The pain was very minor.

Looking back at the accident, I would have suffered for damage if Alice had flipped over to the right side. On the right side of the paved shouder, there was a dirt and stone shoulder about 2 and a half feet wide. The stones could have torn up my face. I really lucked out in a way.

I was able to get abot six hours of sleep. I was surprised that I didn't have any leg cramps. There was a breakfast. I got Alice packed up and I left the motel a little after 8 am. I decided to backtrack through the downtown area to get on MI 52. On the way into the downtown area, I stopped at a grocery store to get a few supplies. On the advice of the emergency room doctor, I bought a calcium-magnesium suppliment because I was told that it would help with the leg cramps.

It was around 9 am when I got to the Southern edge of Albion. There was a wide paved shoulder. I was hoping for a safe ride through the rest of Michigan but I didn't have it. Three miles down the road, I almost got hit again. I was almost halfway through an intersection when the person who was behind me in an suv spead up, and passed me to turn left. We missed each other by a little over a foot. I'm not sure why the person couldn't have slowed down a little bit, waited a couple seconds, and just yielded to me.

The rest of Michigan went okay. Once passed the Ohio state line, I took the first state road going East. I took it to Metamora. I got 24 miles in by noon. After a short lunch break, I headed South on OH 64 to Swanton and then I turned East on US 20-A to Maumee.

I got into downtown Maumee around 4:30 pm. I wasn't sure if I would find anybody at a church but I found the senior pastor at the St Paul Lutheran Church. He offered to get me a room at a local motel. Before I left the church, the pastor took me downstairs to the church's food pantry where I was able to pick up a few things. The pastor also gave me a small GH.

I'll be riding to Clyde tomorrow.

July 23 : Maumee, OH to Clyde, OH : 49.12 miles (78.59 km)
Trip Total: 5,393.66 miles (8,629.86 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. I left the motel at almost 9 am because it took a while to get everything downstairs from the second floor. The motel wasn't that full so there should have been rooms available downstairs.

I backtracked into the downtown area and then I got on US 20 heading East. I got about 24 miles in by noon. The afternoon ride was a little slower becaused the paved shoulder had narrowed a lot and there was a rumble strip. When I got into downtown Fremont, I found my way over to the paved Rails to Trails bike path that would take me into Clyde. I got to my friend's house around 5:00 pm.

July 25 : Clyde, OH to Westlake, OH : 66.43 miles (106.29 km)
Trip Total: 5,460.90 miles (8,736.14 km)

I had an okay night. I was able to get some rest even though the boys were really noisy. I was the first one up so I got into the restroom first. Jeannette made me a light breakfast before I got Alice packed up. Charles was up when I went back inside. We had some long goodbyes and Charles went outside to take my picture on Alice before I headed out.

I got on the road around 8:20 am. I headed Southeast towards to US 20 but I got back on the North Coast Inland Bike Trail. I followed it to the paved end a couple of miles out of downtown Bellevue. I backtracked through Bellevue and then I got on OH 113 to Milan.

I got into downtown Milan around noon. After a short break, I got on OH 113. I rode through Berlinville again and then I turned North on OH 61 through Berlin Heights to Ceylon. In Berlin Heights, I almost got hit. I was halfway through this intersection when this elderly lady pulled out of her side street and turned Southwards. She was really short barely seeing over the steering wheel and wearing dark sunglasses. This was somebody who should have given up her drivers license years ago.

In Ceylon, I turned East on US 6 to ride along Lake Erie. The ride was okay. I took a lot of breaks along the way because it was in the upper 80s. I was hoping to maybe find a low cost motel along the way but there weren't that much of a chance. There were some low most motels on the west side of Lorain but they looked like roach motels.

I got into Bay Village a little after 7:00 PM. I tried contacting my pastor friend but I wasn't able to. I rode over to Bay Presbyterian. There wasn't anybody around. There wasn't place on church grounds to stealth camp because there the church was in a residential area. There was some woods but not much. The only place that might have worked was behind the dumpster but I think that the area was too narrow for my tent and there was a slope down to a creek.

I got out my laptop and checked my mapping software to see if there were any motels in the area. I found out that there was a Super 8 about 1.5 miles to the South next to I-90. The clerk on the counter gave me a deep discount on the room.

July 26 : Westlake, OH to Bay Village, OH to Westlake, OH : 1.84 miles (2.94 km)
Trip Total: 5,461.93 miles (8,739.09 km)

I had an okay night. There was an okay breakfast. I left the motel a little after 8 am. It was about a mile's ride to the Bay Presbyterian Church.

I got to the church around 8:30 am. I found out that my pastor friend was out on vacation. I got to talk with the senior pastor. The services had the flair of a stage show. There was no evidence that this was a Presbyterian Church. I found out later that the church was a member of the Evangelical Presbytery.

In the sanctuary. There were two large television screens on the two main side walls. The table that in most churches was the altar was just used as a backdrop table. Instead of a cross, there was a large fern plant and a large candle but it wasn't lit. The stage looked sterile and this could have been a non-denominational church. There was a drum set in a sound dampening box, electric piano, and some other musical things.

During the service, there were videos and there were cameras on the people on the stage. Before the sermon, there was a video of a guy building a fire out in the woods but it really didn't have any tie-in with the sermon text which was about the stoning of Stephen and the persecution of Christians. After the services, I asked the senior pastor about the video and he didn't have a clue why it was shown.

A good part of the sermon was about the complacancy of the modern church. The top twenty countries that show an increase of Christianity is in Asia and Africa. In 1970, 91% of the population of this country professed to be Christians. According to a recent Pew Study, it is down to 78%.

Between the services, I got a GH from a couple of the church. The wife was at the welcome desk before the first service. After the second service, the senior pastor took me back to the Super 8 to get me a room for the night. I could have stayed in the church but it wouldn't have been as comfortable.

July 27 : Westlake, OH to Mentor, OH : 41.23 miles (65.97 km)
Trip Total: 5,503.16 miles (8,805.06 km)

I had an okay afternoon and night at the Super 8 in Westlake. There was an okay breakfast. It was nice having a half gallon of milk to drink during the day. I left the motel a little after 8 am.

It was about a 13 mile ride into the downtown area of Cleveland. I found the Lake Erie Bike Trail. The ride was really slow because of the heat and the bad roads. I probably only got 23 miles in by noon.

I changed my route a little bit to get onto US 20. I stopped in Willoughby around 2:30 pm. It was just too hot to go on. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church. The office manager and the pastor was in. Instead of letting me stay in the church for the night, there was an offer to get me a room at a motel in Mentor about 3 miles away from the church. It was an American Value Inn. The motel was okay even though it was owned my some Indians. I got the handicap room because it was the only room that had a ramp to the door.

There was a McDs right next door.

July 28 : Mentor, OH to Edgewood, OH : 43.14 miles (69.02 km)
Trip Total: 5,546.30 miles (8,874.08 km)

I had an okay afternoon and night. Since there was a McDonalds right next door, there wasn't any breakfast. I had breakfast out of my food pannier. Because of the threat of high heat in the afternoon, I got on the road around 7:20 am. The ride was kind of slow because of the heat that was already in the 80s.

A couple of miles out of Madison, I bumped into another cyclist on the tour. The guy was from Syracuse, NY and he had started his ride in the Louisville, KY area. The guy was a couple of inches shorter than me so the bike was small. The frame was possibly a 24 inch. He had gotten a piece of wire stuck into the rear tire. The tires were really thin and the tires were Presta valve instead of Schraeder valve. It didn't seem that he had any camping gear so he must stop at motels each night,

I decided to head North at Madison to US 20 instead of staying on OH 84. I stopped for lunch at a BK. I must have gotten just 26 miles during the morning. The afternoon ride along US 20 went okay. Traffic on US 20 was light.

I got into downtown Ashtabula around 3 pm. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church. I talked with the pastor's wife. I didn't talk with the pastor because he was recovering from some kind of surgery. The pastor's wife told me that the church's Christian Education Building was going to be used tonight by some kind of group coming in. There was some mention of a shelter being in town. I was referred to the First United Methodist Church. The part-time bookkeeper was there and the pastor was out. There was going to be Vacation Bible School at the church tonight so it probably wouldn't have worked out for me to stay in the building while VBS was going. I rode over to the nearby Episcopal church but the office had closed at 1 pm. Because of the news of the shelter, I didn't want to try going to the police station.

I rode over to a motel that I stopped at before in Edgewood. I payed a little bit more than what I had hoped. The owner from India raised the rates over the summer.

July 29 : Edgewood, OH to Orchard Beach, PA : 63.23 miles (101.17 km)
Trip Total: 5,609.53 miles (8,975.25 km)

I had an okay night, There wasn't any breakfast. I got on the road around 8 am. It was already hot in the 80s. I followed US 20 as far as I could and then I rode Northward to the Lakeshore road and took that into Conneaut. I took an extended lunch break at the McDs in Conneat.

A couple of miles into PA, I met up with a black lady on bike. She was in her 20s. She told me that her name was Naomi and she had started in New Jersey and was riding to Chicago. I talked with her for a while. I asked her about her faith walk. She told me that she was a devoit Christain and she prayed and read the Bible that she was carrying every morning. Naomi also told me that she was using this trip to better herself. I was really impressed for her doing this.

The heat made it a really slow day. I took a lot of breaks. I also got slowed down because the front tire was going soft. I finally had to put in one of the new tubes that I was given at the Motion Initiative in Grand Rapids, MI. The patched tube from Bemidji had finally did it's job. I stopped at an auto repair place to get it filled up.

It was about 3:45 pm when I got to the Asbury Methodist church in Milcreek. The new pastor was out for a bit but I was invited into the parsonage by the pastor's wife for a little bit to get out of the heat and wait for the pastor. She was more compassionate that he was. She got me some lemonade and made me a sandwich. The pastor showed up a little bit before 5 pm. He wasn't friendly. He wouldn't even offer me a place inside the church or the use of the picnic shelter. His advice for me was to try and go to the local rescue mission in downtown Erie.

I got back on the road around 5 pm. It was a little cooler. I headed north to PA 5 and took that through Erie.

I got to the Eastern edge of Erie around 6:15 pm. I saw some activity at the Christian Missionary Alliance church. I got there around 6:45 pm. There was a small group in the sanctuary for a Bible study/ prayer meeting. The pastor wasn't leading it. I had the chance to speak. I got to meet the pastor afterwards. He wasn't friendly at all. Instead of giving permission to spend the night in the church, he wanted me to head back downtown to the rescue mission which they supported. There was no way that I was going to risk riding seven miles in the dark to find it. I thought to myself that the guy must have had a real low self image of himself because he treated me like dirt. He sure didn't follow the Golden Rule. Treating others as you would want yourself to be treated. I don't often come across two pass-off ministers in one day.

When I got to the edge of the parking lot, I shook the dust off my feet and then I got back on the road. I had to stop at a gas station to fill up my water bottles. I got out my lights for some night riding. It was almost 10:30 pm when I found a place to camp out in some woods next to a grape vineyard in the Orchard Beach area. I estimate that I'm at least 3 miles from the NY state line.

July 30 : Orchard Beach, PA to Evans Center, NY to Angola-on-the-Lake, NY : 59.23 miles (94.77 km)
Trip Total: 5,668.27 miles (9,154.69 km)

It was a rough night. I had to move the tent three times. The area where I had originally picked for the tent was on a slope. The tent nearly tipped over downhill twice. The area was also too close to a pond where there were some really loud frogs croaking. Before it got too late, I portaged everything up a hill and found a place to camp out between a couple rows of grapes.

Around 3 am, I got awoken up by some really bright flashes of lightening and loud booms from thunder. The rain came down really hard and fast but the tent stood up to the rain and wind and it stayed dried inside. The storm lasted about an hour.

I woke up around 5:30 am. I found out that the tent fly over Alice had blown off and the seat was a little wet. I got back on the road around 6:30 am. From where I had camped out, it was about a 2.5 mile ride to the NY state line. The temperature was down into the 70s.

I took the first road passed the state line and headed South back to US 20. In Westfield, I took an extended break at the McDs for some breakfast, charging up my electronics, and to also work on my journals. After the break, I took my time to Reeds Corner. I got about 25 miles in by noon.

I took an extended lunch break at a McDs in Reeds Corner. While I was working on my journals, this guy stopped by my table and gave me a GH. From Reeds Corner, I headed North to Dunkirk. I checked out several churches in the Dunkirk area but I didn't find anybody around them.

From Dunkirk, I got on NY 5. A couple of miles East of Dunkirk I stopped at a Christian Camp. I was hoping to see if there might be an unused cabin or room but I couldn't find anybody to talk to. There was a lot of activity at a maintainance barn close to the entrance but nobody came over to talk with me.

After about 10 minutes, I headed on into Silver Creek. I found out that there was going to be a vacation bible school at the United Presbyterian Church. The school was supposed to start around 6 pm. I went to a drug store to get something to drink and I parked myself on a bench in the park across the street from the church. I waited about an hour but nobody showed up to prepare or attend.

I headed out of town around 6 pm. I stopped for some lunch at a BK near the New York Turnpike. I rode through the Seneca Nation. I headed North on NY 5 instead of heading East on US 20. I got into Evans Center around dusk. I stopped at the First Church. Instead of letting me stay in the education building for the night, the pastor offered to transport me back to a motel in Angola and get me a room. Before he left, the pastor slipped me a GH.

I'm about 18 miles out of downtown Buffalo.

July 31 : Angola-on-the-Lake, NY to Youngstown (Towers Corner) : 70.12 miles (112.19 km)
Trip Total: 5,738.79 miles (9,181.42 km)

For the price that the pastor of the First Church of Evans center paid for the room, there should have been breakfast and internet but there were neither. I got on the road a little after 8 am. I got back on NY 5. A few miles down the road, a guy on a touring bike went passed going Westbound. Just a few minutes later, this couple on a tandem on tour zipped past me heading North.

In Blasdell, I followed the bike route 517 signs through Lackawana. This long winding route got me back on the lakeshore bike trail. There were no signs so I missed my turn. I stopped at a park for a light lunch. I followed the bike path near it's end at a point. There was a bike ferry over to the battleships and it cost a dollar.

From the battleship, I found my way over to Niagara Ave. I followed Niagara Avenue to Tonawanda where I could get back on the Niagara River bike trail. Along the way, I stopped at a McDs for a break. Back on the road, a city worker guy stopped me to talk with me a little bit. He gave me a small orange.

In Tonawanda, I found my way over the Erie Canal. In North Tonawanda, I almost didn't make it through the bike path to Niagara Falls. There was this area being set up for a band concert. The area took over the path. I almost didn't make it through from the south because of a security guard. I was given permission to go through the area but I had to walk Alice. This other security guy (a pot-bellied guy in a black security t-shirt who could have been a bouncer) tried to give me a hard time. He told me that I couldn't leave the area without an all-access pass. I told him that I wasn't here for the concert and I got permission to go through the area. I could have gotten one of the police officers on bike to come and help me out but I didn't.

I got into the Southern section of Niagara Falls around 6 pm. It was a long ride to the Falls where I got on the Robert Morse Bike Trail. The trail ended at the Power vista. There was a very narrow sidewalk that took me through the area. I followed a closed down section of road to it's end and then I had to get on the Robert Morse Parkway for a couple of miles to Lewiston.

In Lewiston, I stopped for a break. I rode around the town to check out the churches but I didn't find anybody. I tried to find the police station but I couldn't find it. I got on NY 18F and took it to Youngstown. I had to get out my lights. I got into Youngstown around 9:30 pm. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church. There was a house there but it had been turned into an apartment building.

I pushed on through town. A couple of miles out of Youngstown, I had to find some woods really fast because there was a thunderstorm coming through the area. I got the tent up and most of my things into it before the rain started.

August 01 : Youngstown (Towers Corner, NY) to Niagara Bible Conference and Adventure Camp (near Appleton, NY) : 19.81 miles (41.70 km)
Trip Total: 5,738.79 miles (9,181.42 km)

The thunderstorm didn't last long and there wasn't much rain. The tent stayed up and dry. I took my time getting packed up because I needed to do some sewing repair work on my panniers. Getting back out of the woods was a little tricky because I accidently twisted my left ankle. It only hurt when I tried to walk on it.

It was about 8:45 am. when I got back on the road. About four miles down the road, I got caught in the middle of the cycling portion of a triathalon. There were probably one hundred fifty cyclists zipping passed me for a couple more miles.

A couple of miles West of Olcott Beach, I stopped at the Olcott Bible Church. I had stopped there one time before. One of the guys was out mowing the lawn. I found out that the pastor was gone for the weekend. The two elders were gone also so I couldn't get permission to stay in the church for the night.

It was a little before noon when I stopped at the Market grocery store in Olcutt Beach. I got a loaf of bread and something cold to drink. As I was drinking my can of green tea and reading one of my paperback books, this local guy stopped to talk with me. He told me that his name was Nate. Nate was pretty interested in what I was doing. He told me that he knew the director of a Bible camp (Niagara Bible Conference and Adventure Camp) a few miles East of Olcutt Beach near Appleton. He called over there and I got permission to camp out in one of the trailor sites.

Before Nate, he arranged for me to get a hot sandwich from the market grill and also he gave me a GH. I put the GH into a pocket without looking at it and went inside to order a hamburger and chips. When I finally looked at the GH, I found out that it was a $50 bill.

I got to the bible camp around 1:30 pm. This was the last day of the regular summer season but there were going to be several groups coming in. The camper area was right next to a cliff overlooking Lake Ontario. It was really windy. It took me several attempts to get the tent pitched and also near a power outlet that I could plug the laptop in. There was internet access.

I'm staying over tomorrow.

August 03 : Niagara Bible Conference and Adventure Camp (near Appleton, NY) to Erie Canal Trail (near South Greece, NY) : 67.93 miles (108.69 km)
Trip Total: 5,826.13 miles (9,321.13 km)

I had a good day and night at the Christian camp. I didn't do much but try and rest and stay off my feet. I took several long naps in my tent. I did venture out a couple times around the camp to check it out and to find a better place to get on the web so that I could update my website. There were quite a few groups using the camp grounds but we didn't connect much. There was a large group of Russians from the Buffalo area. I talked with this one guy named Dmitri and he told me that he used to cycle when he lived in the Ukraine.

The wind was quite calm during the day. I didn't want to deal with any more strong wind that I had experienced Saturday afternoon. Around 7 pm, I noticed a lot of car lights on my tent wall. When I looked outside, the camping area was pretty well filled up by cars. There was this church service/ meeting going on in the tabernacle but nobody came by to invite me.

The guy in the camper did come by to tell me that there was a good chance for thunderstorms during the night. I was given permission to camp out in the house that had been turned ito an arts and crafts center and a nursery. I chose to camp out in the nursery because it was only part of the building that had carpeting. It took me five trips but I got everything inside.

I went to sleep around 9:30 pm. Around noon, the thunderstorm started. There was a lot of lightening. The wind was so strong that I felt the floor of the nursery slightly move. The storm didn't last that long. I woke up around 3:30 am to urinate but I was able to fall back asleep till around 5:50 pm.

I had to find another bathhouse to shave and get cleaned up because the bathhouse close to me was all all-girls bathhouse now. My left ankle was still a little stiff but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. I had Alice packed up by 7:20 am.

I got back on NY 18 around 7:30 am. I rode to Somerset and then I turned South to Barker and then I got on NY 31, which was NY Bike Route 5 in this part of the state. Along the way on NY 18, I rode passed apple and cherry orchards. There were quite a few places where you could pick blueberries.

On NY 31, I stopped at a bakery/ bulk food, deli that was run by some Amish. I got some stuff but I didn't get any dried fruit because the packages were too big. It would have been nice if you could have filled the bags yourself. I took an extended break on the porch because I had heard some thunder.

It was still early in the afternoon when I got into Medina. I stopped at a McDs for a late lunch. I decided to ride on to see if I could connect with the pastor at the Presbyterian church. I had stayed in the church back in May. A couple of miles out of Albion, I saw evidence that it had rained hard for a little bit this afternoon.

I got into Albion around 3:20 pm. The only people at the church were a couple of ladies cleaning the building. I tried calling my pastor friend's cell phone number but all I got was his voicemail. I didn't feel that comfortable staying around the church very long so I went around town to check out the other churches. It was a sad sight to see a large church close by closed and up for sale along with the parsonage next door. I wasn't able to connect with anybody so I moved on to Brockport. I rode the highway instead of along the canal.

I got into the Brockport a little before 6 pm. I found some activity at the Free Methodist church. I found one of the assistant ministers still in the office. She was fairly friendly towards me. She told me that she had lived in Germany in the 70s when her husband was in the military. She told me that she couldn't really make the decision by herself to let me stay in the church for the night. I was concerned that there might be more storms. She told me that there was another assistant pastor in the building and she went out to get him. The guy wasn't that friendly towards me and he looked like he was quite annoyed in having to talk to me. The guy was tall, big, and looked like he hadn't exercised in a while. He told me that he had just gotten back from Buffalo where they had taken some kind of group and he wanted to get home. This guy was all excuses and he didn't want to give me permission. He didn't even want to read my letters of references. Before he left, he actually used what happened in Charleston, SC as an excuse. This was a total waste of my time there. I wish that I had a time machine to get back the 45 minutes that I had wasted.

There was a Lutheran church not too far away and the parsonage was next door. The pastor was a very eldery man and he wasn't in that good of shape. There was something with his left arm or shoulder. He told me that he was housebound and he couldn't help me. There was a motel next to this church but the rates were too high for me.

Close by was a McDs and I stopped there for some dinner and I wanted to see if there were any motels in the area where I could use some of my membership reward points and get a discounted rate on a room. There were a couple of motels in the Rochester area but they were too far for me to try and travel to them before dark. I was able to talk with the interim pastor at the Presbyterian church in town but he lived far from the church and only comes in on the weekends. I decided to head into the downtown area to see if I could find some place to camp.

On the way into the downtown area, I bumped into a group of people from another church who were giving out free car washes at a gas station. I guess the catch was to get a donation afterwards. When I asked them if there was any way for me to stay at their church for the night, they clammed up. One of the guys suggestions was for me to go to the police station. There was supposed to be camping allowed next to the canal near where people docked their boats but there wasn't really a secure place. There was just a narrow strip of grass beteen some buildings and the sidewalk next to the canal. There were a lot of street lights. I tried camping there once but I didn't get much sleep.

I headed East towards Spencerport and Rochester. There wasn't much open land. Most of the land was private property and most of the canal path wasalong a tall dike retaining wall. There was at least a 20 foot drop off. There was a small park a few miles West of Spencerport but it didn't really look that safe because there was easy access to the park from a room behind it. I rode in the dark through the Spencerport area.

I finally found a place in some woods between Spencerport and South Greece to camp out in. It was around 10:30 pm when I got everything and myself in the tent.

August 04 : Erie Canal Trail (near South Greece, NY) to Pittsford, NY : 16.91 miles (27.06 km)
Trip Total: 5,843.04 miles (9,348.56 km)

I had an okay night out in the woods and was able to get some rest even though I was a little wired from the pass-off ministers from yesterday. I fell asleep before midnight and stayed asleep till around 3:30 am because I had to urinate. I was able to fall back asleep and slept till around 5:50 am. When I looked outside, I was really surprised at how close I had pitched the tent up from the canal path. I must have been just less than 20 feet away. There were a few early people on the trail but they didnt spot me. It hadn't rained during the night so I was able to pack up everything dry very quickly. Instead of packing up Alice in the woods, I portaged everything out of the woods to the grass next to the canal path. Since there was nobody around, I took the time to shave at a picnic table.

It was around 7:30 am when I got back on the canal path. The ride east was okay. I stopped at a gas station for a break and to also use the restroom. I thought I was making good progress through the Rochester area but somehow I made an error and started to ride up the Gennessee River near the University of Rochester. I had to backtrack about a half mile. I had originally planned to find my way Northeast back to the Seaway trail but there wasn't a convenient way to do so by bike. I decided to head east through Pittsford again and maybe go as far as either Macedon or Palmyra before turning Northwards.

When I got back on the correct path, I bumped into a guy who I had met in May. He was directing another cycle tourist. The guy had started from Florence, Oregon and was riding to Bar Harbor, Maine. I rode on to Pittsford.

I got into Pittsford around 11 am. I rode over to the Presbyterian church to see if my pastor friend was out. There was a good chance for rain showers in the afternoon so I thought that I would try and make it a short day. My pastor friend was out taking his wife for some tests at the hospital but he was supposed to be back in the office between 1 and 2 pm. I went out for some lunch. I went to a bagel shop that was in the public library building. I had the chance to chargeup my laptop and get on the web for a little bit.

My friend came back to the church around 1:45 pm. He was happy to see me again. He gave me permission to stay in the youth room on the second floor. He apolgized that he had meetings most of the rest of the day and because of his wife's health that he couldn't entertain me at his house. He took me over to the mother store of the Wegmans food chain. This is a super store beyond belief. He bought me a pre-packaged meatloaf dinner, a breakfast meal, and some other stuff. On the way back to the church we took a circular route to check out the two college campuses in the village and one of the professional golf courses. The village has only a population of 1,400 with the township having a population of about 20,000. I was also given the chance to get some other foodstuffs out of the backpack ministry food pantry to take with me. I'm going to have the food pannier stuffed again.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between August 11th and August 18th.



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