TRIP 2015

Update #17 - August 30th
Warrenton, Virginia
6,771.95 miles (10,920.58 KM) - Year Total

August 17 : Middlebury, VT to Fair Haven, VT : 34.11 miles (54.58 km)
Trip Total: 6,329.24 miles (10,128.78 km)

I had a decent night at the motel. Because there was a coffee bar/ restaurant there wasn't a free breakast. The room was okay but there were problems with the deadbolt. Also, I couldn't turn on the heat because there was a chill in the room. Somebody had cranked up the air conditioning in the room. I found out that the heater elements don't work unless the outside temperature is below 55. I got the room warm by opening up the window. It helped equalize the temperature with the outside.

I left the motel a little before 8 am. I backtracked into the downtown area and I got on VA 30 heading South. The morning ride was okay. There were several climbs and several long steep downhills (9% and 10%). Because of the heat, I took quite a few long breaks and I got around 20 miles by noon. I rode through several small hamlets but none of them had any gas stations or stores. I had to stop at a KOA Campground to fill up my water bottles.

I got into Fair Haven around 3:30 pm. I wasn't sure how I was going to connect with a pastor in the area because I had no cell phone service. I didn't find anybody at the Methodist or Presbyterian Churches. I saw a front door open at the Baptist Church. On a whim, I went inside. I found a guy vacuuming the sanctuary. The guy's name was Peter and he was quite friendly. Peter told me that their pastor wasn't available but one of their deacons worked close to the church. He was a barber. We went over to see John. Peter and I went over to John's shop a couple of blocks away. I got permission to spend the night in the church. The next thing I knew John had me into the barber chair getting a haircut that I really wanted. I had planned to get a haircut for the past month but I had to use the money for something else.

When I got back to the church, Peter told me that he had called his wife and they wanted to make me a home cooked meal. I put Alice in the church basement. Before Peter and I left for the country, John showed up and we talked a little bit. Before John left, he slipped me $20.

Peter's wife is into taxidermy. She's been doing it for seventeen years and she has one a lot of awards. She uses scripture into her presentations. I learned that she charges $500 to mount a deer head. She has done a lot of bear. She has people send her stuff from Africa, She is working on a zebra. She has a meercat in her personal collection along with a fox cub and a little lamb.

After dinner and before we went back into town, Peter had to go to another farm so he could check out a horse somebody wanted to race. Peter is a jockey for trotters. This was the first time for me to watch somebody put a cart on a horse and ride it. The mare had a little colt six weeks ago. It was pretty tall but a biter.

I'm around 2 miles from New York.

August 18 : Fair Haven, VT to Fort Edward, NY : 32.41 miles (51.86 km)
Trip Total: 6,361.65 miles (10,178.64 km)

I had a decent night at the church. I found a sofa in the nursery to sleep on. I woke up early so I decided to get on the road before 7 am. I wanted to try and avoid the warm heat in the afternoon. Before leaving town, I stopped for some milk. I took VT 4A to the NY state line to get on US 4.

From the state line, it was a little over a five mile ride into Whitehall. Whitehall is the birthplace of the U.S. Navy. On the southern edge of Whitehall, I stopped at this McDs for a break. The employees there were kind of down because they would be losing their jobs in four years. The franchisee's 20 year lease contract is almost over and they haven't found anybody else to take the store over.

I got into Hudson Corners a little before noon. I was going to go into Glen Falls there but Glen Falls is a pretty good sized city near and interstate. I stopped at a stewarts gas station for a break. I helped an elderly lady fill up one of her car tires. I also talked with this guy who was on tour from New York City but the guy didn't have any gear. He was really doing it light with just a few things strapped to his rear rack. He was getting to a motel every night. He was on the way to Montreal. He left New York City 4 days ago. I gave him pointers on what to expect on the way to the Canadian border.

From Hudson Corners, it was just a mile ride into Hudson Falls. I tried to connect with a pastor there but I couldn't. I was able to talk with the Episcopal rector but he didn't really live in the area. After about an hour, I rode to Fort Edwards. I stopped at a McDs for something to drink and also to do some research on the web. I called several churches but I didn't have any luck. As I was riding passed the American Baptist Church, I spotted a car in back. The church has a food pantry (has had one for 30 years). The car belonged to a lady who worked in the food pantry. I helped this other lady who came by for some food load up quite a few bags into her car.

The lady in the food pantry called several people and I got permission to spend the night in the church. The church membership is small and they don't have a full time pastor. The lady pastor's church is the First Baptist church in Glen Falls. Lester, the husband of the lady, offered to go out to the McDs to get me some dinner. Before Lester left, he slipped me a GH.

Because it is supposed to be in the upper 80s tomorrow, I'm planning to head out early tomorrow and just ride to Mechanicsville tomorrow, This will get me through the Troy - Albany area Thursday.

August 19 : Fort Edward, NY to Stillwater, NY : 25.43 miles (40.69 km)
Trip Total: 6,387.08 miles (10,219.33 km)

I had a decent night at the church. The only place in the church downstairs that had some carpeting was in the nursery. I spent most of the evening making a new bag for my sleeping bag(s). Yesterday, I picked up a bag that previously held a folding camping chair. It's not as round as the old bag but it should work for a while. I stuffed the sleeping bag(s) into it and cut off the remaining part.

I left the church around 7:30 am. Before heading out of town, I stopped to get some milk. The morning ride went okay. I took a couple of breaks along the way. I didn't really push myself so I just got around 21 miles in by noon. Along the way, I did have to stop to do some more equipment repairs. One of the shoelaces in my shoes were going bad so I sewed them with a needle and thread.

I got into Stillwater around 1:30 pm. I stopped for something to eat and drink. The temperature was in the upper 80s so I didn't really want to go far. I had originally planned to stop in Mechanicsville but I opted to try and stop in Stillwater. I found the secretary in at the First Presbyterian Church. I'm going to spend the night in the church. There was going to be a home visit but I opted to stay in the church because I was concerned at how Alice was going to be trasported.

Tomorrow, I'll be crossing the path that I took on May 01 when I ride through Troy tomorrow. My goal tomorrow is to make it through Albany.

August 20 : Stillwater, NY to Coxsachie, NY : 49.12 miles (78.59 km)
Trip Total: 6,436.20 miles (10,297.92 km)

I had a decent night at the church. I slept okay on one of the sofas in the parlor. One of the elders, Rick, came by with some breakfast. While we had breakfast in the fellowship hall, Rick gave me a bag of food that his wife prepared for me and he also slipped me a GH.

I left the church grounds around 7:30 am. The ride into the Troy area went okay. I got on NY 32. Once I crossed over NY 2, I crossed the path that I took on May 1. The ride into Albany went okay. I stopped in the Southern section of Albany for some lunch. After lunch, I got slightly turned around to get on NY 144.

I followed NY 144 to it's end about 15 miles South of Albany and I got on US 9W. I rode to the Coxsachie area. I stopped for some dinner. I decided to stop for the day in town. It looked like it might rain. I found the police staion and I talked withg a friendly sergeant. The sergeant tried to make connections with a minister. He was able to talk with three of the local ministers but all three said that they couldn't help me. One of the churches was right next to the police station. I got permission to camp out in the picnic shelter in the city park which was right behind the city hall/ police station.

August 21 : Coxsachie, NY to Hyde Park, NY : 51.43 miles (82.29 km)
Trip Total: 6,487.63 miles (10,360.21 km)

I had a somewhat okay night sleeping in the park picnic shelter in Coxsachie. It was a little hard staying asleep because I was out in the open and close to a road. There was only a metal fence separating me from the road. It rained a little bit about 2 am and then it started up again around 5 am. The rain lasted around 50 minutes.

By the time that I headed out around 7:20 am, the sky was clear. The ride to Saugerties was quite hilly. Because of the hills, I only made 21 miles by noon. In Lake Katrine, I stopped to do my laundry. It was expensive because I had to use a plastic key card. I put too much money on the card so I let an elderly lady use the card to dry her clothes. I did get the card deposit back.

Instead of going into Kingston, I crossed the Hudson River on a toll bridge. It was on a bike route. I wasn't charged anything. On the East side, I followed local and county roads and got on US9 about 7 miles North of Hyde Park. I stopped at the Episcopal church North of town where I had stopped at before but there was nobody around.

I rode into Hyde Park. I stopped at the Reformed church but the only activity there was an AA meeting. Nobody had the minister's phone number. I found some people at the St James Episcopal Chapel. There were some black and white musicians and singers practicing in the church hall for some kind of performance. The music was pretty good. I got to sit in and listen. I was also given the chance to share. Before everybody left, I got a love offering of $37. One of the guitar players was one of the church trustees and I got permission to camp out in a small yard behind the church. It's going to be about a 7 mile ride to the train station in Poughkeepsie.

August 22 : Hyde Park, NY to Lahaska, PA : 32.29 miles (51.66 km)
Trip Total: 6,519.92 miles (10,431.87 km)

I had an okay night camping out behind the Episcopal church. I was in a secluded spot even though I was half a block away from the Main road through town. I woke up around 5:30 am. I got on the road a little before 7 am. I stopped at a McDs for some breakfast and also to check my email and charge up my laptop. I found that I had gotten two online donations. I stopped at a grocery store for a few things.

I got to the train station in Poughkeepsie around 9:30 am. I was able to get down to the track platform okay and I had about a 10 minute wait before I was able to board the train. Found a handicap spot okay. The train left around 10 am. For about the first half of the trip, I had a seat to myself and I was able to plug my laptop in for a while. The train filled up so I had to put my laptop away and then two people sit with me. Most of the people were going to a ball game at Yankee stadium. At least 3/4 of the people got off at Yankee stadium.

We got to Grand Central station around noon. I stopped at a McDs for some lunch. As I was eating my food outside with Alice, this guy stopped me and gave me a half of a sandwich. I stopped for some postcards. I had about a 20 block walk to Penn Station. I found a bigger passenger elevator in back. This took me into the station. I opted to get a train ticket to Trenton, NJ. While I was waiting to see what track the train was going to be on, this guy stopped to ask me if I had a few dollars so that he could get a train ticket. He seemed an okay black guy so I gave him one of the dollars from the love offering. I also gave him the sandwich.

I was able to get down to the right track okay and got into the train about six minutes before it left. I shared part of a compartment with a flight attendant with American airlines. Before she left at Princeton Junction, she slipped me $5.

I got into the Trenton station a little after 3 pm. I stopped for a break at a McDs in the station. It was a little over a mile walk ride through downtown Trenton to the bridge across the Delaware River to Morrisville, Pennsylvania. Along the way, I stopped to talk with a Chirstian group who was doing a free meal giveaway. I accepted a bottle of water from them.

There was a wooden walkway across the bridge. I opted to ride North along the Delaware River about 17 miles through Washington Crossing and along the Delaware River. I got into New Hope a little before dusk. The town was really full of tourists. The town was quite homosexual friendly. There were a lot of stores with rainbow flags. There was this old church that was turned into a restaurant. I headed South on US 202. Outside of town, I crossed paths with three guys in drag. They were very ugly looking women. There was a motel and restaurant catering to them.

I used my lights to get into the Lahaska area. I went into town to check out a Methodist church. There was nobody around it and there wasn't any place to camp out near it. There was a large parking lot for the shops in town. I found some woods behind the parking lot and I found a place to camp out. It was about 8:30 pm when I had everything and me inside the tent.

August 23 : Lahaska, PA to (siouska) Coatesville, PA : 55.72 miles (89.15 km)
Trip Total: 6,574.64 miles (10,521.02 km)

I had an okay night camping out. While I was setting the tent up, I heard the sound of fireworks but I didn't see any flashes from them.

I woke up around 5:30 am. While I was getting things packed up inside the tent, I heard the loud noise of large fans and propane burners. I got to watch the inflating and launch of two hot air balloons. They were possibly 500 feet away from me. Once the two balloons lifted off, the area was all quiet.

I left the woods a little after 7 am. I could have stayed in town for church but it would have been at least a three hour wait. I decided to ride to Doylestown. I got into the downtown area around 8:30 am. I stopped at a bagelry for a bagel and something to drink. It looked like there was a large church close by but when I rode over to the church I found out that the church had been turned into an apartment building.

I got on State Bike Route S. There weren't any more churches on the route. Once I got out into the country, there was a seven mile paved bike trail. I maybe rode along it for a couple of miles and then I switched over to a designated bike path on the highway.

It looked like I wasn't going to find a church. Most of the churches that I had gone passed had services that started around 9 am. I took an extended lunch break at a BK in East norristown. After the break, I rode through Norristown and was able to find the bridge across the Schuylkill River to Bridgeport. With the help of a local cyclist and a friendly police officer I was able to find the trailhead in King of Prussia for the Chester valley Rails to Trails path.

The ride along the path was okay and the path was paved. The path was about 10 miles long and it took me to US 30 Bus. I could have gone on to Downington but I opted against it. I got into Downington a little before dusk. I stopped for a quick break before I finished the rest of Downington.

I got on PA 340. I got up and over a long hill in the dark using my lights. I walked up most of it but I was able to ride some. In the Siousca (Coatesville) area, I found a church that was up on a hill. I went way in back of the church yard and I found a place to camp out in some trees and tall grass. It was around 10:30 pm when I got everything into the tent and crawled in.

August 24 : (Siouska) Coatesville, PA to Smoketown, PA : 25.14 miles (40.22 km)
Trip Total: 6,600.78 miles (10,561.25 km)

I had an okay night camping out. I got delayed a little bit because I had to do some sewing on my pants. One of the leg zippers had gone bad and I had to sew up the seam and cut out the zipper.

I got on the road around 6:45 am. After a couple of miles, I stopped at a gas station for a break. There were quite a few hills to get over on the way passed Wagontown.

Once I got into Lancaster County, the ride became better because there was a paved shoulder but I had to dodge horse maure. I rode passed a lot of large and neat Amish Farms. I rode through the small towns of Compass, Salisbury Heights, Spring Garden, White Horse, Intercourse, and Bird In Hand. In Intercourse, I almost got hit by a car. I stopped at a couple of stores where there were a lot of free samples. One of the stores sold cheeses and meats while the other store sold canned goods like butters spreads, jams, and jellies. Along the way, there were a lot of Amish in buggies and wagons. There were also Amish riding these large scooters. I didn't see any Amish riding bicycles like I had seen in Indiana.

I stopped at a roadside rest between Bird In Hand and smoketown. Even though I drunk two water bottles of fluids, I still felt bonked. The temperature must have been in the mid 80s. I stopped at a gas station and gulped down a large Gatorade.

I didn't feel like trying to ride through Lancaster. I decided to try and stop in Smoketown. I decided to stop at the Faith Evangelical Covenant Church. The church looked a little familiar. I found the pastor in. I was surprised when the pastor remembered me. I was invited to spend the night in the church. I found out after checking my logs that I had stopped at the church two years ago. Pastor Joel gave me free reign of all of the food in the kitchen.

August 25 : Smoketown, PA to Thomasville, PA : 41.47 miles (66.35 km)
Trip Total: 6,642.25 miles (10,627.60 km)

I had an okay afternoon and night at the church. The room got a little hot but I was able to open the window. It was good having a hot meal for a change.

I was hoping to get on the road before 8 am but I had to do some last minute sewing repairs on my pants. I had to fix a seam. It was a few minutes after 8 am when I headed out.

The ride was okay until I got into Lancaster. I decided to check out the state bike route S. I've been following it some across the state. This was a bit of a mistake because the signs disappeared. I found PA 462 but when it merged with PA 23 the PA 462 signs disappeared. I followed PA 23 to the western edge of Lancaster and I turned south to find PA 462 again. This getting slightly lost in Lancaster really hurt my miles traveled by noon.

The ride to columbia went okay. I had to get across to the Southside sidewalk on the bridge across the Susquehenna River to ride it across to wrightsville. The ride to York was a little slow because of the heat in the low 80s.

I got into York around 3:40 pm. I found the pastor in at a ElCA church. He wasn't that helpful because the church air conditioning was down. He referred me to a Methodist Church about a mile away but the office had closed at 2 pm. The only thing that I could do was to ride through York. There were sort-of bike lanes but the drivers didn't always give me clearance. I was so happy when I finally got out of York.

PA 462 joined up with US 30 about 3 miles out of York. US 30 was a busy highway but there was a narrow shoulder to ride along. I rode on to Thomasville. On the western edge of Thomasville I came across the Paradise Evangelical Covenant Church. I thought that the people in the cars were only there to play baseball in a field behind the church but there was a Bible study going on. I got invited to take part and share. Afterwards, I got permission to stay in the parlor for the night.

August 26 : Thomasville, PA to Covers Corner, MD : 41.47 miles (66.35 km)
Trip Total: 6,683.72 miles (10,693.95 km)

I had an okay afternoon and night at the church. I got on the road around 7:20 am. The ride to Abbotstown went okay. In Abbotstown, I got on PA 194 going South. Near New Oxford, I stopped at a church to work on the rear flag. I made a flag out of some material that came out of a toy umbrella. While I was sewing this guy came from across the street with some food and a soda.

I rode through Hanover and Littlestown. At Littlestown, I got on PA 97. A couple of miles South of Littlestown, I crossed into Maryland. Because of the hills, it was a slow ride into Westminster.

I got into westminster around 3:30 pm. I stopped at the police station to see if I could make any connections with a minister/ The lady at the desk gave me some addresses to some of the churches close by. The closest was an Episcopal Church. The rector wasn't there. He was from some African country. I didn't feel like trying to go to another church so I decided to head out of town. I got on MD 27. On the way out of town, there was a guy on a loaded bicycle heading North. The guy just waved and kept on going.

Near Warfieldsburg, I stopped at the Calvary Baptist Church. They were getting ready to have a service. while I was talking with one of the associate pastors to see if anybody knew of a place where I could spend the night, this lady offered to take me home with her for the night. I found out that she and her husband had hosted other missionaries before. The Bible study was actually a discussion on the differences between Christianity and Islam. After the discussion, there was a brief period for prayer requests and praises. Towards the end of the time, I was recognized so I was able to introduce myself, give a brief synopsis of what I've been doing, and to also tell everybody that earlier in the day I had passed the 247,000 mile mark. After the service, the people who were there weren't really friendly or interested about me or what I'm doing.

After church, we stopped for some supper at a restaurant. After I took a quick shower, Cindy offered to wash all of my dirty clothes.

I'm in position to spend a day or two along the C&O Towpath.

August 27 : Covers Corner, MD to Frederick, MD : 24.77 miles (39.63 km)
Trip Total: 6,708.49 miles (10,733.56 km)

It didn't take long for me to fall asleep. I didn't take the time to do my journaling. I woke up early before 5 am. I did my journaling for last night. When I tried to walk to the restroom, my right knee hurt really bad. I wish that there would have been a way for me to stay over for the night but it wasn't possible. Neither Cindy or Charlie were going to be home. My last full day off the road was August 02nd when I spent the day at the Christian Camp in New York on Lake Ontario. I had ridden 950.29 miles since then. It's been 38 days since the accident in Michigan.

I got everything downstairs a little before 7 am. During breakfast, Cindy slipped me $10. She told me that the $10 was basically gas money that she gave to missionaries. After some pictures was taken, I headed out around 7:30 am. It was a short ride to MD 26. It was about a 16 mile ride to the Eastern edge of Frederick. I took my time getting up and over the many hills that I had to cross.

I got into Frederick around 11 am. I stopped at a McDs. When I checked out the pocket where I was storing the bike chain, I found a big surprise. There was a collection of offering envelopes from the church last night. when I checked out the envelopes, I found a lot of money. Quite a few of the envelopes had multiple fifties and one envelope had a hundred in it. This had to be one of the largest donations this year.

Online, I checked to see if there were any motels where I could use my reward points on a discounted room. I found a Days Inn near the Southern edge of Frederick. On the way to the motel, I stopped at a walmart to get a few things. One of the things was a camera to replace the one that was broken in the car accident.

I'm at least 10 miles away from the C&O Canal Towpath along the Potomac River. I'll be riding along the towpath to white's Ferry. I'm thinking about making tomorrow a short day and camping out in one of the campsites and cross over into virginia on Saturday.

August 28 : Frederick to C&O National Towpath Marble Quarry H/B Campsite (M.P. 39) : 18.73 miles (29.73 km)
Trip Total: 6,727.22 miles (10,763.55 km)

I had an okay afternoon and night at the motel. The room was okay but the area was a little noisy because the pool was close by. There was also a playground for kids. The kids were out till around 10 pm. I had a good rest. I opted to eat breakfast from my food pannier because the room that I was in was near the back of the motel and it was almost two blocks to the kitchen room. I wasn't really sure what was going to be served because there was a Huddle House right next door to the motel office.

I left the motel a little before 8 am. I headed South on MD 85 to Buckeystown. Traffic was really heavy until I got beyond I-70. I stopped at a grocery store in Buckeystown to get a few things and have a short break. About four miles out of Buckeyestown, I turned East on MD 28. A couple of miles East on MD 28, I turned South on Monocacy Aqueduct Road. This road was quite bumpy and steep going down to the Potomac.

The road ended at the parking lot of the Aqueduct. After taking some pictures, I headed East on the C&O Towpath. About five miles down the path, I came to the Marble Quarry H/B Campsite. This was the closest H/B campsite to White's Ferry. There was also another guy on a bike there. The guy seemed to be okay but he was also a little strange. He was tall, had a grey beard, a bald spot on the top of his head, and a long dreadlock ponytail. He told me that his name was John. John's bike was really loaded up. There were small panniers in back on the rear rack but there was a big rack on the front wheel where he had two large backpacks fastened to it. He had two tents. With one of them, he was trying to replace the fiberglass poles with ones made with wooden dowels. His bike must have carried at least 150 pounds and he said that he carried several plastic gallon milk bottles of water. He was also carrying at least six plastic grocery bags of food.

He told me that he had spent his last money to get some things. I felt the urge to give him a GH. Since he shared with me some of his food (he cooked me a hamburger and shared with me some chocolate pudding cups), I gave him some of my chocolate chip granola bars.

Before I got camp set up, I talked to John for a while. It was a really strange conversation. I learned that he was at least 41 years old and he was either from the Washington DC area or Poolesville, Maryland. He told me that his mother was a Methodist minister and possibly a chaplain. His dad supposedly abused her. He told me that he has been traveling around by bike for maybe the last ten years. He told me that he was riding for world peace. He said that he was a Reggae performer. He said that he has been traveling from Florida to Michigan but has made a trip along the Gulf Coast to Austin, Texas.

The longer we talked, the conversation got weirder and weirder. The guy mentioned that he was a Christian but then he said that he was going to divine appointments with spirit guides. He mentioned that he was also a Rastafarian. He told me that he was part Cherokee and he talked with animals and birds. He told me that the prophet Elisha came down to earth to talk to him but he was from Africa and a Reggae promotor. He was supposed to have dreadlocks as well but they were fake and attached to his hat. I spent a lot of time in my tent. I didn't really want to move on but I was concerned. I located the folding knife that I've been carrying in one of my panniers and got it out and put it my sleeping bag just in case. I attempted to take a nap but I heard him talking aloud to himself while he was in his tent. He was really getting animated and paranoid.

Around 4 pm, three young ladies in their early 20s stopped by. They were on their first bike trip. I talked them with a while. They were going to go on a European bike tour next year and this was a shake-down ride. They had graduated from college a couple of years ago. One of the girls was a paralegal and another girl worked in the medical field. I was so happy that they moved on.

After they girls, I pretty well stayed in my tent. Around 7 pm, the guy was getting ready loud talking to himself. He was yelling out that dreadlockers were the ones who ruled the world. He said that he wasn't born on this planet. He said that there were a lot of people awaiting for his arrival.

I was getting more concerned about my and scared so I started packing things up to get ready and leave if I had to. I started to get things out of the tent on the side away from him. The only thing that I had to pack up was the tent. I was really praying for some protection and heavenly intervention. When I carefully crawled out of the tent, I saw that he was packing up and getting ready to leave. He told that his spirit guides told him that I was a demon. He told me that I was a spawn of satan because I was using a laptop.

Just before he left, two other cyclists showed up. I carefully went over to talk with them and told him to be careful what they said to the other guy. They had come from Pittsburgh by train and were going to ride back to Pittsburgh by next Tuesday. Instead of sleeping in tents, they were going to use hammocks.

I didn't see the guy leave because it was dark outside. I assume that he was traveling East because he told me that he had some family in nearby Poolesville. After about ten minutes of hearing silence, I thought that it would be safe to get out my cell phone and try to call 911. I didn't get no where with the law enforcement. I was passed off from one county to another in both Maryland and Virginia. Nobody told me that they had jurisdiction. I was also passed off to the National Park Police but they told me that I was too far for them. After about an hour, I finally gave up.

August 29 : C&O National Towpath Marble Quarry H/B Campsite (M.P. 39) to Warrenton, VA : 41.67 miles (66.67 km)
Trip Total: 6,768.89 miles (10,830.22 km)

It took me several hours to fall asleep but I slept lightly. I didn't put away the knife. I was glad that there was enough ambient light outside the tent from stars so I could see shadows on the tent walls. I woke up a little before 5 am. I packed up and was able to get back on the trail around 7 am. The other people at the campsite were still asleep in their hammock.

I wasn't the only cyclist on the trail. Two guys cruised passed me heading East on mountain bikes. It was a short ride to White's Toll Ferry. I was there under three miles. There were several cars leaving the ferry so I was able to make this ferry across the Potomac River. There were two cars on the ferry. The ferry was cable driven. It cost $2 for me. The ride only lasted ten minutes.

From the ferry, the ride into Leesburg went okay. I got on US 15 Bus. The ride through Leesburg went okay. I stopped at a grocery store for a few things. Next to the store was a Roy Rogers. Outside there was an interesting trike. It looked like it was a big-wheels for adults. The frame was made that you could change the length of the trike. The trike was direct front drive. There didn't seem to be any gears. If there were any, it could have been a internal hub shifter but the cable was missing. I didn't go inside the restaurant to find the owner.

The ride between Leesburg and Manassas went okay. The highway was now a divided four lane highway with a shoulder. The road used to be a narrow two-lane road through the Mannasas Civil War Battlefield. By noon, I had ridden almost 25 miles. I haven't been able to do something like this in weeks.

I stopped for a break in Haymarket. The ride in the afternoon was a lot harder. There was some road construction along the James Madison Highway before US 15 joined with US 29. There was a lot of road construction after the intersection. The southbound lanes were being repaved. There really wasn't much of a shoulder and it was covered with loose stones. You couldn't tell where the lanes were because there were no lane striping. There was a ton of traffic. I walked up most of the hills and rode down the hills when I could. I spent most of time looking in my mirror. Most of the traffic gave me clearance but a few vehicles didn't.

A couple of miles out of Warrenton, the road repaving ended. I was so happy that most of the traffic used the US 15 Bypass. In Warrenton, I stopped at a Sheetz gas station for a break to get something cold to drink, As I was resting, this guy stopped to talk with me. Before he left, he slipped me $20.

I stopped at a motel where I stayed at before. The outside was being prepped for painting. I paid a little bit more than I had planned to pay for a room. It's too bad that there wasn't wifi.

I'm going to be trying to stay in town tomorrow. The last Sunday when I was able to take most of the day off was two weeks ago in Middlebury, Vermont. I had ridden 478.08 miles since then.

August 30 : Warrenton, VA to Warrenton, VA : 03.06 miles (04.90 km)
Trip Total: 6,771.95 miles (10,920.58 km)

For the money that I had paid for the room, I wish that I would have had a better night. I wished that I would have stopped at another motel. Stopping at one that was behind a bar/pub was a bad mistake. There was a lot of outside noise till around midnight. Having no wifi internet wasn't fun also. There was also no breakfast.

I left the motel around 8 am. The parking lot was littered with beer cans and other trash from the bar/pub. I found my way into the downtown area but I had to go up a steep long hill. I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church. They were between pastors and they had an interim. I talked with him for a few minutes but he didn't seem that friendly towards me. People started to come in for the 10 am service but they pretty well ignored me. I'm not going to stay and worship at a place where I didn't feel welcome so I left.

A block away from the Presbyterian Church was the Warrenton Baptist Church. People were gathering for the 9:30 am service but it was going to be a contemporary service/ I went downstairs to the fellowship hall. This older guy started to talk to me and he invited me to a sr adult class that was going to meet in the chapel. There were eight elderly people there. I got to share and talk with them. The Bible lesson was about hospitality. I got to meet the sr pastor before the service. He seemed to be a friendly guy. The church was going to have a special service celebrating a 20 year partnership with a church in Haiti. The pastor of the Hatian church was there. There was a lunchean with some Haitian food afterwards. The pastor offered to get me a room at the Howard Johnson motel.

Tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to get up into the 90s. There is supposed to be a Bermuda High affecting the weather all next week.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between September 06th and September 13th.



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