TRIP 2015

Update #23 - December 02nd
Biloxi, Mississippi
9,372.46 miles (14,995.94 KM) - Year Total

November 19 : DeRidder, LA to Kinder, LA : 49.77 miles (79.63 km)
Trip Total: 9,091.83 miles (14,546.93 km)

I was able to get some rest last night but I really didn't feel refressed because I yawned a lot. I left the motel a little after 8 am. It was a little cool so I got out my jacket. I backtracked through the downtown area to get back on US 190. US 190 turned South to Rangley.

Around 10 am, I was about 15 miles South of DeRidder when the rear tire started to go soft. I had a hard time finding a place away from the road to check out the tire. I found a piece of wire from a shredded truck tire sticking out of the tire. Instead of patching the tube, I put in the new inner tube that I had bought yesterday. It took me about 20 minutes to get the tire fixed and back on the road. I didn't get four more miles down the road when the rear tire went soft again. This time I found two small pieces of wire sticking out of the tire. I found a pinhole leak in the tube. I patched this up and was back on the road in about a half hour.

Because of these two flats, I only made about 20 miles in by noon. I stopped at a gas station in Longwood for a short lunch break. It was warm enough that I was able to take my jacket off. Seven miles down the road, US 190 finally turned East.

I got into Kinder around 4 pm. I wasn't sure that I was going to find somebody at one of the churches. There wasn't anybody at the Methodist Church. I found some ladies packing up some things for Samaritans Purse in the fellowship hall of the Bible Church. One of the ladies let me use her cell phone to call the pastor. It turned out that the pastor was in his office in the church next door. The pastor came over to talk with me. I was hoping to just spend the night in the fellowship hall but the pastor to get me a room at one of the motels South of town. Before we went to the motel, we stopped at the McDonalds so that I could get some supper. We stopped at the Super 8.

I'm about 26 miles from Eunice.

November 20 : Kinder, LA to Eunice, LA : 26.27 miles (42.03 km)
Trip Total: 9,118.10 miles (14,588.96 km)

The room wasn't up to Super 8 standards. Very disappointed. The wifi network didn't work too well. I didn't try and go to the office to see what was for breakfast.

Left the motel a little after 8 am. Ride to Eunice was a little cool. Got into Eunice a little after 1 pm. Nobody was around the First Baptist Church. Saw a sign saying that the First United Methodist church was close by. The parsonage was next door. Was given permission to stay in the church for the night.

November 21 : Eunice, LA to Opelousas, LA : 20.39 miles (32.62 km)
Trip Total: 9,138.49 miles (14,621.58 km)

Another night of not getting much sleep. I'm really not sure how I am functioning with not much. I was looking at heading out around 8 a.m. but it was raining. The rain lasted about a half hour. I thought that the rain was over but a second wave started up before I got to the Eastern edge of town. I stopped at a closed down business to wait out the rain.

It was almost 9:45 am when I was able to start up again. The ride East was kind of slow because there was a head wind. I was only able to make around 15 miles in by noon. About five miles out of Opelousas in the small town of Lawton, the rear tire went flat. I did the repairs at a side entrance to the post office.

I got into Opelousas around 1:30 pm. I decided to use the money from the DeRidder church love offering to get a motel room. I was hoping to not have to pay much for the room but the rate was $45 with a $10 key deposit. The room was bad and the wifi network didn't work.

November 23 : Opelousas, LA to New Roads, LA : 43.27 miles (69.23 km)
Trip Total: 9,182.26 miles (14,691.62 km)

Another night of not getting much sleep. I didn't really comfortable in the room because I wasn't really able to get myself secure. The deadbolt lock needed a key and I wasn't given one. There wasn't a security chain. The room was about as bad as one of the low cost motel rooms that I had stayed at. I kind of wished that I could have stayed in the classroom/ fellowship hall building instead. There looked to be a comfortable sofa in an upstairs classroom.

I woke up really early again. The pastor said that he would be coming by around 9 am but I didn't want to wait for him. I left the room a little after 8 am. My objective before leaving the Opelousas area was to find the Walmart so that I could buy some new innertubes for the rear tire and some other things. By 8:50 am, I had already bought what I needed using most of the remaining funds on the Visa gift card that the pastor in DeRidder had given me.

I followed frontage roads alongside I-49 going North to get back on US 190. The temperature was only in the 50s with the high only being in the 60s. The ride to Krotz Springs went okay.

I got into Krotz Springs around noon. After a short lunch break, I started the task in trying to find a ride across the bridges east of Krotz Springs. The first bridge was under construction being painted. There wasn't a way for me to get across the bridge myself being that the right lane was blocked off. The next bridge across the Achtafalaya Spillway would be doubly hard to attempt because the bridge was over 5 miles long and there was no shoulder.

It took me over two hours to obtain a ride. The last person that I talked to offered to take me across even though he wasn't going East. We loaded everything in back of his pickup truck. I had to sit in back so I could hold Alice in place because we wasn't able to put the truck's tailgate up.

It was almost 2:45 pm when I was left off on the East end of the bridge. From where I started back up on US 190, it was about a 10 mile ride into Livonia. In Livonia, I headed North on LA 78 to New Roads. The ride went okay. I didn't stop for many breaks. Along the way, I rode passed some fields of sugar cane. Some of the fields had already been harvesting and the stubble was being burnt.

About six miles South of New Roads, I got on LA 1, which is the MRT. The ride into New Roads went okay. I got into New Roads around 4:30 pm. I checked out the First Baptist Church but there wasn't anybody around and I couldn't find any contact phone numbers. I stopped at a Catholic church but the priest wasn't there. I rode around the downtown area. I found the old police station but I couldn't find the new station. I didn't spot a sheriff office near the courthouse.

Before it got really dark, I spotted a cross on another block. I rode over to check out the church. It was the Methodist church. There was a phone number. My cell phone worked. When I called the phone number, the pastor answered. He told me that he would come by the church and meet me. He gave me permission to camp out in the fellowship hall for the night.

Tomorrow, I'll be making my way over to a new bridge across the Mississippi River. The bridge replaces the old ferry. The bridge is about 5 miles South of St. Francisville. I'll be about 20 miles North of Baton Rouge and US 190.

November 24 : New Roads, LA to Corbin, LA : 53.59 miles (85.74 km)
Trip Total: 8,714.34 miles (13,942.94 km)

Another night of not getting much sleep. There was a lot of light coming into the room from the venetian blinds and I couldn't really close all of them. It was good last night having a hot meal. The pastor told me to eat what I could find in the fridge. There was quite a bit of noise from the fridge and the heater.

I left the fellowship hall a little after 8:30 am. On the edge of town, I bumped into four guys who were cycling the Southern Tier to St Augustine. I talked with them for a couple of minutes before they bolted off Eastwards to the new Audoban bridge over the Mississippi River that replaced the old ferry to St Francisville.

I got maybe three miles out of New Roads when the rear tire went flat. I couldn't find anything in the tire that stuck out. I put in one of the new innertubes that I had bought before leaving Opelousas. I was back on the road in about 20 minutes. From where I had stopped to fix the rear tire, it was about a five mile ride to the new Bridge. The bridge had 4 lanes and a shoulder to ride along. I was able to ride up and over the bridge. There were a few tow boats with barges.

From the bridge, it was about a 5 mile ride to US 61. I got on US 61 about 4 miles South of St Francisville. There was about five miles of road construction that I had to ride through. I only made about 19 miles by noon. I stopped at a church for a short break.

The ride into Baton Rouge went okay. It was a long ride to get to Bus 190. It was almost 3:30 pm when I got out of Baton Rouge. I got into Denham Springs around 4:30 pm. There wasn't really a downtown area so I couldn't find the police station. There were not that many churches along my route and of course there were nobody around them.

I pushed on to Walker 5 miles away. There wasn't much in Walker. Between Walker and Corbin, I found some open land and I found a place to camp out.

November 27 : Corbin, LA to Lorraine, LA : 37.19 miles (59.50 km)
Trip Total: 9,273.04 miles (14,836.86 km)

Another night of not getting much sleep. I was surprised at maybe getting an hours or two of rest. I remember having a short dream. I felt a little better so I decided to head out and get as far as Hammond.

It was around 8:30 am when I was back on the road. The ride was a little slow. I got as far as Roberts by noon. I decided to stop at a laundromat to get my clothes washed and dried.

I got into downtown Hammond around 2 pm. I stopped at the police station to see if somebody there could help me connect with a local minister but the station was closed. I called up the emergency phone number and I was able to talk with a lady dispatcher but she didn't know of a program that could help me. There wasn't a chaplaincy program or a ministerial program. I was given directions to a Catholic church that was close by but there was nobody around the church. There was an Episcopal church close by but there were no contact numbers. I found the First Baptist church but there were no contact numbers there either.

I got back on US 190 around 3 pm. I stopped at a gas station on the Eastern edge of town for a short break. There wasn't much heading East. The shoulder disappeared at the St Tammany Parish line. I decided to go ahead and find a place to camp out. I'm not sure how far I am away from Covington.

November 29 : Lorraine, LA to Covington (Clairborn Hill), LA : 10.59 miles (16.94 km)
Trip Total: 9,283.63 miles (14,853.81 km)

Another rough night but I was able to get some rest. Around 6 am, I woke up and I started to pack up. I got myself out of the woods around 7:30 am. It was about an eight mile ride into Covington.

I decided to stop at the First United Methodist Church. I got there about 9 am. People were starting to show up because there was going to be a pot luck after the service. This was the first Sunday of Advent. I sat in on one of the sunday school classes.

Before the service, I got to talk with the pastor. During the joys and concerns time, the pastor introduced me. I got to say a few words. During the pot luck, a lady came up to me and gave me a GH. After the pot luck, the pastor led me over to a motel that was Northeast of town. I'm not sure how much sleep I'll be able to get since the motel was a bit run down but at least I'm not going to be in my tent tonight.

November 30 : Covington (Clairborn Hill), LA to Slidell, LA : 33.37 miles (53.39 km)
Trip Total: 9,317.00 miles (14,907.20 km)

Another rough night but I was able to get some rest. I was surprised that I did sleep some because I remembered having a long dream. The room was kind of dirty and there was a lot of light coming into the room from the outside. The curtain didn't fit the room. I had to put up one of my tarps and used some towels to cover up the curtain. This blocked a lot of the light but not all of it.

I woke up around 6:30 am. Sometime around 7 am, I had a bit of a scare when somebody tried to get into the room with a key. I yelled really loud to stop them. I quickly got dressed, shaved, and packed up.

I left the motel a little after 8 am. It was a little over a mile of backtracking before I got get on the Trace Rails to Trails. The ride along the bike trail was okay. There was more activity on it than what I had expected. I was kind of worried that the drawbridge was closed but it wasn't. I finished the bike trail a little after noon.

From the trail head, it was about a 3 mile ride into downtown Slidell. I found the First United Methodist Church. There was a small park across the street so I went over to wait till 1 pm. There were a lot of staff in the office but the pastor wouldn't be in till around 2 pm. I was thinking that I might have to wait till 2 but there was an offer to get me a room at a motel East of town near the interstate. I'm about 18 miles away from the MS state line..

December 01 : Slidell, LA to Bay St Louis, MS : 28.49 miles (45.58 km)
Trip Total: 9,345.49 miles (14,952.78 km)

I was hoping for a better night but I didn't get it. It's really frustrated that I was given a room with a malfinctioning heater part in the air conditioner. It was just blowing cold air. Without the air conditioner being on, there was no background noise to mask the noise from the outside especially from the grocery store next door. There were also some people next door who were noisy late at night. There were a couple of young kids and a small dog. Around 11 pm, there was a loud disturbance outside. A guy who came into the area with a truck was yelling loudly for some lady to come out and give him some money. The disturbance lasted about twenty minutes. The room was also too cold to take a shower.

I got maybe a couple of hours of sleep. I left the motel a little after 8 am. It was warm enough that I didn't have to wear my jacket. There wasn't much of a breakfast provided. From the motel, it was a short ride to US 90. The ride to the Pearl River and the MS state line went quickly.

The ride into Waveland went okay. I got into Waveland a little before noon. I stopped at a gas station for a short break. I then stopped to get some groceries.

I got into Bay St Louis around 12:45 pm. I saw a car at the Lutheran Church of the Woods. I found the pastor in the office. He told me that he remembered me from about seven years ago when I worshipped there. He offered to give me a small donation. I decided to use that money and some of the money from the donation that I had gotten at the Methodist church in Covington to get a motel room.

December 02 : Bay St Louis, MS to Biloxi, MS : 26.97 miles (43.15 km)
Trip Total: 9,372.46 miles (14,995.94 km)

I was hoping for a better night but I didn't get it. I got some rest but not enough. I was a little concerned about my safety because there was no deadbolt on the door. There weren't that many people at the motel.

I left the motel a little after 8:30 am. It was really cool so I really layered up. From the motel, it was a short ride to the Bayshore bridge. I was able to ride across the bridge.

Once I got on the Gulf in Pass Christian, I started to ride the sidewalk/ concrete boardwalk system that pretty well took me into Biloxo. I didn't have to ride along US 90 very much.

By noon, I got into Gulfport. I took a short break on a bench. I got into Biloxi around 1 pm. The sky was getting dark and it looked like it was going to rain. I decided to stop at the Seashore United Methodist Retreat center next to the Leggett Memorial Methodist Church. The secretary was in. She told me that the director had gone out to lunch and would be back around 1:45 pm. There were rocking chairs on the porch of the fellowship hall. When the director came back from lunch, he gave me permission to spend the night in one of the rooms of the retreat center. The room is pretty goodand it's as good as some of the good motel rooms that I've stayed in.

I'll be riding to Pascagoula tomorrow and I should be stopping in Bayou La Batre, AL Friday. This put's me into Florida either Monday or Tuesday.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between December 09th and December 16th.



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