TRIP 2016

Update #13 - June 27th
Darien, Connecticut
Trip 48 : 3,269.83 miles (5,231.73 km)
Year Total : 4,022.75 miles (6,436.40 km)

First day off the road since June 16t5. That was back in Chittenango, New York. I had ridden 429.39 miles (687.02 km) since my last day off.

Because of the complexity of trying to travel through the rest of Connecticut and into New York City, New York, I'm going to be taking a commuter train into New York City tomorrow. Also, I'll be taking a commuter train from New York City, New York to Atlantic Beach, New Jersey and I'll be starting my journey along the New Jersey Shore from there to the ferry between Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey and Lewes, Delaware.

June 16, 2016 : Chittenango, NY to Jacksonburg, NY : 55.96 miles (89.54 km)
Trip Total: 2,896.40 miles (4,634.24 km)
Year Total: 3,649.32 miles (5,838.91 km)

The past four days off the road were okay. It was good being able to celebrate my 60th birthday with friends. I had an okay night last night. I packed up my stuff in my panniers. I went to bed around 10 PM. It was a little before 6 AM when I woke up. I got cleaned up and dressed. Around 7 AM, I quietly took everything downstairs and into the garage so I could pack up Alice. Dennis came downstairs around 7:30 AM and he made me some breakfast. He was going to play some more golf this morning.

It was around 7:30 AM when I headed out. I could have stayed through the rest of the week but I decided to go. Linda was dealing with my being in the house but I didn't want to cause her any undue anxiety. Her mood swings had been mellow but that might have been from the new medication that she is on. I was getting a little antsy and getting cabin fever. Being off the road as much as I was able to had done some good with the problem with the shin splints in my lower legs. It helped that I stayed in bed a lot. Besides, I normally operate on the "three day rule". Fish normally start to smell bad after three days.

I took the back way out of town instead of backtracking into the downtown area. Before heading out of Chittenango, I stopped at a gas station to get some milk. I opted to get on NY 5 for the ride to Utica instead of heading North to US 31 and then turning East.

The ride East was a little slow because of the heat and the hills. Even with the early start, I only made 21 miles in by noon. I had taken a lot of breaks along the way. I stopped at a Wendys in Vernon for a late lunch. The afternoon ride was a little slower because of the heat in the 80s.

It was a little after 4 PM when I got into Kirkland. Between Kirkland and Utica, I had to find a different route because NY 5 became restricted access. I got on Genessee Street that took me into downtown Utica. Once in downtown Utica, I had a tricky ride getting onto old NY 5S. Once I got on old NY 5S, the ride to Frankfort went okay. I was able to get on NY 5S near the Eastern edge of Mohawk. Before getting on NY 5S, I stopped at a gas station for something to eat and also at a Dollar General to get some batteries for my headlights. It was almost dusk when I got on NY 5S.

Just passed Fort Herkimer, NY 5S started to go up a long hill. It was a little steep so I had to get off and walk Alice up it. I kept my eyes open to spot some place where I could camp out. It was almost 9:30 PM when I spotted some woods a little East of Jacksonburg where I could camp out. The grove of fir trees had a lot of trees that were dead so there was a large quantity of pine needles that I could pitch my tent on. It was a little after 10 PM when I had all my gear inside of my tent.

June 17, 2016 : Jacksonburg, NY to Fultonville, NY : 30.97 miles (49.55 km)
Trip Total: 2,927.37 miles (4,683.79 km)
Year Total: 3,680.29 miles (5,888.46 km)

I had an okay night camping out. It didn't get that cold but I did crawl into my sleeping bag around 3 AM. I woke up a little before 6 AM. I was back on the road around 6:30 AM. The uphill climb lasted for about five miles but the climb was pretty gradual. About seven miles out of Fort Plains, I started to go downhill. There were quite a few long stretches of coasting. A couple of miles out of Fort Plains, the terraign leveled out and I parralled I-90.

In Fort Plains, I stopped to get a few things. There were quite a few Amish and Mennonite women shopping in the Sav-A-Lot grocery store and Family Dollar. After a short break, I got on the Erie Canal Pathway. This path was paved and it was a Rails-to-Trails. Between Fort Plains and Amsterdam, the pathway is going to be Rails-to-Trails.

I got into Canajoharie around 11:00 AM. There wasn't really any place to get something to eat so I had to cross the Mohawk River to get into Palantine Bridge where there was a McDs. I brought in my laptop to charge it and to get on the web. I wanted to see if there were any Warm Showers members along the way to Albany.

I also did some more route planning especially in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, I had planned to cross the state near the Northern edge of the state and take MA 2 across the state. There would have been a lot more climbing because I would be North of Mount Graylock, which is the highest point in the Berkshires at 3,495 feet above sea level. Instead, I'll be crossing the Hudson River at Rensselaer, which I've done quite a few times, and get on US 20 and NY 9 to Pittsfield, MA through Glenmont, Nassua, and New Lebanon Center, NY. I'll be crossing the middle of Massachusetts through Cummington, Northhampton, and Amherst before starting to gradually swing Northeast through Fitchburg, MA to Nashua, NH and then NE to Kittery, ME where I have some friends. I've got 274.8 more miles to go to Kittery, ME.

It was about 12:20 PM when I left the McDs in Palentine Bridge. Instead of going East on NY 5, I opted to backtrack and go back across the Mohawk River Bridge to canajoharie. I got back on the Canalway Path. The paved path lasted till about a mile West of Sprakers. The trail became a dirt path. It was pretty rutty. I lasted for about a mile and then I got off of it and got back on the paved shoulder of NY 5S.

It was a little after 3 PM when I got into Fultonville. According to the Warm Showers website, I could have camped out on the grounds of this historic old inn but there wouldn't have been any facilities and there was no guarentee that there wouldn't be any water there. I didn't want to camp out in my tent again and be exposed to all of the road noise from the traffic on the interstate.

I opted to check out the churches. They were getting ready for some kind of rummage sale at the Reformed Church so that option was out. I had seen a sign for the Methodist Church. I found a guy in the sanctuary doing some maintenance work. He contacted the head trustee. The church is sort of between pastors. The old pastor, who is a lady, is going to go to another church in Northern New York. The District Supervisor hasn't told the church who their new pastor is going to be even though a new pastor is supposed to start the beginning of July. The head trustee came to the church and I got permission to stay in the fellowship hall for the night.

I'm not sure how far I'll go tomorrow. There is a Warm Showers member in Schenectady 28 miles away. Either I'll stop in Schenectady or see how far I can get to Albany. There are a couple of Warm Showers members in Albany. I'm about 40 miles away from Albany.

I've got a little less than 4 miles before I pass the 254,000 mile mark.

June 18, 2016 : Fultonville, NY to Nassua, NY : 52.43 miles (83.89 km)
Trip Total: 2,979.80 miles (4,767.68 km)
Year Total: 3,732.72 miles (5,972.35 km)

I had an okay night at the church. It was pretty quiet. I didn't turn on any lights because I didn't want the people next door to know that I was inside the church. There was sort of an alcove by the handicap bathroom. There wasn't any carpeting on the floors. The floor looked kind of cold so I decided to move one of the small kid tables into the alcove and sleep on that. It got me off of the floor a couple of feet.

I was up around 5:45 AM when I woke up. I left the church around 6:30 AM. Before heading out of town, I went to the McDs for some breakfast. Instead of backtracking back into the downtown area, I followed the river road and it got me out of town about three miles to the East. I tried riding along the Canal Path but it was just packed dirt and stone. I got back on the shoulder of NY 5S. About three more miles down the road, I found the paved section of the path and followed it through Amsterdam and it lasted till about three miles East of Amsterdam. NY Bike Route 5 stayed on the South side of the Mohawk River until Rotterdam Junction and then it crossed the Mohawk River about seven miles West of Scotia.

The ride through Scotia and over the Mohawk River bridge into Schnectady went okay. There were three WS members in the Schnectady area but it was too early to try and stop for the day. By noon, I had ridden about 26 miles. I stopped at a McDs for some lunch.

The ride was going well until I got into Colonia Township. I noticed that the front tire was a little soft. I put in the new tube. I didn't get more than three quarters of a mile down the road when the tire went flat. I found a really small piece of wire sticking up from the inside of the tire. I had to use a pair of fingernail clippers to pull it out.

I wasn't able to get back on the road after the tire repair because the main zipper in my trunk bag went bad. I tried getting the zipper to catch but it didn't want to. I remembered that I was carrying a pretty long zipper in one of my underseat pannier bags. I dug the zipper out of the pannier and cut the old zipper off of the trunk bag. It took me a little over an hour to sew in the new zipper. Hopefully, this zipper will last me through the rest of the trip. I was going to try and use the zipper on my sleeping bag if I can't get that one to work right.

I didn't get a half mile down the road when the tire went flat again in about the same spot. I found another piece of small wire and a small staple sticking out in the tread. Hopefully, this will be the last of the flats for the day.

The rest of the ride into Albany was pretty well uneventful. I got a new front innertube at a bike shop. I caught it as the store was closing. I stopped at another McDs for an early lunch.

Once I got into Albany, the traffic was pretty light. I rode passed the state capitol. The route that I took to the Hudson River took me directly to the ramp across the Hudson River Bridge to Rensselaer. I got on US 20/ NY 9. It was a short walk/ride up and out of the Hudson River Valley. I got through Shodack around dusk. I had to get my lights working before I crossed the bridge over I-90, which was being redone.

About three miles out of Nassua, I found a place to camp out for the night. I'm about 24 miles away from Pittsford, MA.

June 19, 2016 : Nassua, NY to Dalton, MA : 30.79 miles (49.26 km)
Trip Total: 3,010.59 miles (4,816.94 km)
Year Total: 3,763.51 miles (6,021.62 km)

I had an okay night camping out considering that I had to move the tent a little bit to get it over a half buried stump and the fact that the tent was close to a road. I got maybe six hours of sleep.

I took my time getting ready because today was Sunday and I planned to not travel much. I got back on the road a little before 7 AM. It was just a couple of miles ride into Nassua. I stopped at a Stewarts gas station. There was picnic tables outside and electrical outlets. I got my laptop out to do some work on it. I was probably at the gas station for about 80 minutes.

I started to wait at the Grace United Methodist Church but I saw some picnic tables in back of the Reformed Church across the street. I was thinking about going to the Reformed Church but people who had come in early didn't take much interest in me. I went back to the Grace United Methodist church.

I went into the church maybe 25 minutes before the service started. I got to meet the pastor before the service but I was quite confused at what gender the person was. The person was about five foot tall, had hearing aids in both ears, and talked in a voice that sounded feminine. The pastor wore a baggy black robe so that didn't help. No where in the bulletin or doing the service was mentioned the person's name. During the beginning of the service, I got to share for a few minutes. After the service was a reception for the June Birthdays and graduates. I asked the minister if there was a way for me to stay in the fellowship hall for the night. The minister told me that they would have to discuss this with several of the trustees there. After about twenty minutes, one of the trustees came by to tell me. Vague reasons was because of insurance and that there would be nobody available to babysit me. Before I left one of the ladies who I talked with came out and slipped me a GH.

The high was already in the 80s. There was a long climb to Brainerd. There were a couple of constructions zone where they were putting in new bridges. After one construction zone, two people stopped and gave me a bottle of water. I stopped at an antique store in Branierd. The guy there got me a glass of water and a piece of pie. Before I left, He filled up my water bottles. Near Lebanon Center, I rode passed a race course and a drag strip.

I stopped at a gas station in New Lebanon. There was a really long climb up to the MA State Line near Mount Lebanon. Once in MA, the climb lasted for about a couple of more miles more before I started to go downhill. In Hancock, I stopped to take some pictures at the Shaker village.

The ride into Pittsfield went okay. I had to do some shopping along the way. In the downtown area, I stopped at the police station to see if somebody knew how to connect with a local minister. The department chaplain was contacted but that person didn't want to help me.

I rode on to Dalton. In the dark, I found a place to camp out in a narrow patch of woods behind the Congregational Church.

June 20, 2016 : Dalton, MA to Dwight, MA : 49.27 miles (78.83 km)
Trip Total: 3,059.86 miles (4,895.78 km)
Year Total: 3,812.78 miles (6,100.45 km)

I had an okay night camping out. I woke up early with the birds. When I looked out of my tent, I found out that the woods wasn't as deep as I had hoped. I was maybe fifty feet from the edge of somebody's backyard. I packed up quickly and portaged everything up to the parking lot and got Alice packed there.

It was about 6:15 AM when I headed out from the church. Before leaving Dalton, I had to stop at a couple of gas stations to find some water to fill up my water bottles. Once back on the road, I had a couple of miles of gradual climbing before the climbing got steeper for the start of the climb up and over the Berkshires. I started to walk up this section. The climb lasted for about 2.5 miles until Windsor. There was a downhill run for about 1.5 miles.

I stopped at a gas station for a break. There was a Little Free Library box so I exchanged both of my paperbacks for new ones. I was thinking that I was going to cross the Appalachian Trail in the area but after checking my road map I learned that I had actually crossed the Appalachian Trail back in Dalton last night. It had been to dark to see the white blazings of the trail.

The somewhat level ground lasted for about a mile and then there was another climb of about 2 miles. I stopped at a roadside park under some trees for a break. After the break, I had another climb of about .75 miles. A couple of miles out of Cummington, I really started to descend in a good coast.

In Cummington, I had a good find. I came across a box that said free items. These things must have been the remnants of a yard sale. There was a pair of snow skis and some other big stuff. In a box, I spotted a pair of white Rebox tennis shoes. I was really amazed when I saw that they were my size. The outside of the shoes and the soles were okay. There were just a little bit of wearing on the inside of the shoe tongues that I could sew up. I had gotten my old pair of tennis shoes from a thrift store in Albany, GA back on Jan 12. The deep purple of the cloth body had turned to a light greyish black. There were a lot of wear spots and the soles were getting a little thin. This was a great find.

Near Swift River, the descent started to get longer and faster. By noon, I had ridden 22 miles. The coast pretty well lasted me to the Western edge of Northampton. I started to make my way through Northampton around 3:45 AM. Northampton was a university town. Most of the churches that I had passed were quite liberal and had rainbow flags in front of them. The downtown area was quite busy with a lot of college students in their summer session. Some of these people were gathering signatures for some kind of homosexual cause. There was this one guy who had a cardboard sign saying that the state laws against adultury and fornication should be repealed.

Through Northampton, I stayed on MA 9. In Hadley, I come across a McDs. I stopped to get some supper but to also to get on the web to see if there were any WS members. There were some back in Northampton but the profiles looked inactive. There were two listings in Hadley but no contact information (phone numbers). In nearby Amherst, there were profiles for seven people but only two profiles looked active. I called up one profile number and I talked with this young guy but he was out of town. The other profile was for a family but both of their young kids had strep throat, which is contagious.

I got into the downtown area around 7 PM. I stopped at the police station to see if they had a department chaplain. I wes told that they didn't but the fire department did. I was given the name of the chaplain. The fire department was close by. When I got there, I was hoping to find somebody outside but there wasn't anybody. There wasn't a door bell. I got out my smart phone. I found out that there was free wifi downtown. I tried finding a phone mumber of the chaplain. I did learn that he actually lived back in Northampton. I found the number for the fire department but it was only for the business office.

It was around 7:45 PM when I headed out of town. I was looking for a place to camp out. In Belchertown, I came across a church. There was a meeting going on. A new members class. The pastor came out to talk to me. He was quite friendly. He told me that he had recently taken a short mountain bike tour up in New Hampshire. He gave me directions to their old church a couple of miles down the road and he would meet me at the church a little after 9 PM. The old church had been converted into a youth department. Their were several couches. One of them was a futon that I could have pulled out into a bed.

June 21, 2016 : Dwight, MA to Sturbridge, MA : 27.96 miles (44.74 km)
Trip Total: 3,087.82 miles (4,940.51 km)
Year Total: 3,840.74 miles (6,145.18 km)

I had an okay night in the youth building of the church. I was able to get some chocolate ice cream cake. The futon was pretty comfortable. I'm glad that I was inside tonight because around 3 AM I woke up to some loud thunder.

I got on the road around 7 AM. There were quite a few rolling hills to cross over till Ware. Because of the heat, I took my time getting up the hills. Because of the heat, I only rode around 16 miles by noon. I stopped at a gas station for a break. The terraign really leveled out and there was even some down hill runs.

I got into West Brookfield around 2:30 PM. Because of the heat, I decided to try and stop early for the day. The biggest church in town was the U.C.C. The secretary was the only person there. While she tried contacting the head of the trustees, she got me some water. While I was waiting outside for an answer, a guy on a homemade recumbent stopped at the church. The recumbent was homemade out of a ladies frame. The recumbent was full suspension and the guy also installed a small gas powered engine on the rear rack. The secretary came outside to tell me that she wasn't able to contact anybody. She did tell me that I might have better luck in Spencer about 9 miles away. She told me that she was a Conservative Christian.

I rode through Brookfield Center. In East Brookfield, I stopped at the East Brookfield Baptist Church. I wasn't in the parking lot for about a minute when another car showed up. The driver of the car was the interim pastor and his wife. Pastor Ron was pretty friendly. He took me inside to his office on the second floor. There was going to be a board meeting in the church tonight so Pastor Ron offered to get me a motel room someplace. The nearest motels were near I-84 in the Sturbridge area. Instead of having me ride the 14 miles to the motel, Pastor Ron arranged for one of the church members to come to the church and take me to the motel. Pastor Ron and his wife were going to take me out for supper but instead he gave me an envelope with a GH in it. On the way to the motel, the guy who took me stopped at a Wendys and got me some supper.

Because I'm being so far South in Massachusetts, I'm not going North to Maine. I just don't want to deal with having to get through Boston. I'm going to be heading Southeast to Providence, RI instead.

June 22, 2016 : Sturbridge, MA to Comstock Gardens, RI : 50.94 miles (81.50 km)
Trip Total: 3,138.76 miles (5,022.02 km)
Year Total: 3,891.68 miles (6,226.69 km)

I would have had a better night at the Days Inn if I would have been put into a room that was connected to another room by an inside door. About 9 PM, I started to hear the loud voice of a man. I thought that the sound might have come from somebody talking in the hallway but there wasn't anybody there. The loud voice was coming from the room next door. The guy was having some really loud conversations with somebody else who might have been on a phone. The first call must have lasted about 25 minutes. There was a gap of about five minutes and then a second much louder phone conversation started up. About 10:40 PM, I had enough. I couldn't find the number for the front desk so I personally went there. The guy was talking so loud that you could here it several feet down the hallway. Going back to my room, I heard the sound of a message from the front desk on the phone next door. The guy finally quieted down.

It was around 11:35 PM when I fell asleep. I woke up a little before 6 AM. There was an okay breakfast. I got there before most of other guests awoke. I left the motel a little before 8 AM.

From the motel, it was about a 3.5 mile ride back into Sturbridge. I'm glad that somebody from the church in East Bridgeport sagged me over to the motel because I probably wouldn't have found it myself. In Sturbridge, I got on MA 131. There were several long climbs to and through the Southbridge area. A little over 9 miles from Sturbridge, I crossed into the NE corner of Connecticut. I stopped to take the traditional pictures. RI 131 ended in North Grosvenor Dale and I got on RI 12 for the ride to Putman.

In Putnam, I got on US 44 going East. A mile or so passed I-395, I stopped at a Wendys for a late working lunch. I was probably on my computer for about 80 minutes. Before going out to Alice, I packed everything up and headed to the men's restroom. Right before I went into the men's restroom, this other guy came out of the restroom with a $10 bill in his hand. He told me that he was going to go to my table and give it to me there. I found out that his name was Terry and he spent sometime in Bavaria doing some kind of sports training. We talked for about six minutes before the pressure on my bladder stopped me.

From the Wendys, it was about a six mile ride to the RI state line. I stopped to take the traditional pictures. From the state line, it was about a six mile ride to Chepacet. There was a WS member there but they weren't home. I stopped at the Union Church because of it being the biggest and because I saw some cars. I couldn't find anybody in the section where the offices were. I did find a phone number for somebody that could have been the pastor at one time. I found out that he had retired and the church had just an interim but the old pastor didn't have their phone number.

There was supposed to be another WS member in Greenville. I stopped at a Dunkin Donut to get a chocolate chip muffin and to call the WS member up. I found out that the member was an attorney but I was only able to leave a message for him. The ride into Greenville went okay. I tried the phone number of the WS member a couple of times but had no luck. I stopped at this big Baptist church because there was a car there. The car was owned by this guy who was doing janitorial work for a day care center that rented out a portion of the church. The guy didn't have the phone number for the pastor of the church.

The fire station was across the street but I didn't see anybody around the station. About a block away, I saw some cars at an Episcopal Church. There was some kind of Bible study going on. The majority of the people were over 70. The guy who was the rector must have been in his 80s. It turns out that he was the assistant rector. The rector who was a lady wasn't there. I got to share with the group for a couple of minutes. When I asked the assistant rector if there might be a way for me to stay in the fellowship hall for the night he told me that it wouldn't be possible. Here was another case where the ways of the world superceded what the Bible said.

I didn't want to leave town but I didn't see any other option. Right next to the church was RI 116 going South. On a street light was a traffic sign that indicated that there was supposed to be some kind of tent camping. I was going to have Providence be my turning point but I decided to make Greenville it and I headed South to see if I could find that tent camping spot.

RI 116 took me out of town and then into North Scituate. I didn't see any more signs for tent camping. It was well past dusk so I got my lights turned on. I found myself in an area where there was just miles and miles of fencing, woods, and no trespassing signs. I was in an area around the Scituate Reservoir, which was the water source for Providence. I did stop to check out an area to the east of the highway but the woods didn't go that far in before my progress was blocked by a fence made out of stone. There were no gaps in the fence and the ground on the other side of the fence was lower. I had a hard time getting Alice back on the road because I had taken her down a slope.

A mile or two South of RI 14, I found a break in the fencing on the West side of the highway. It looked like somebody had cut out a clearing and was going to put in a road made out of stone. I had enough being on the road after dark. I had been on the road a little over 14 hours. The gate was one made out of tubing and I was able to get Alice under it without taking much off of her. I found a spot behind a tree to pitch my tent. It was around 10:45 PM when I crawled into my tent.

June 23, 2016 : Comstock Gardens, RI to Cold Springs Beach (North Kingston), RI : 23.55 miles (37.68 km)
Trip Total: 3,162.31 miles (5,059.70 km)
Year Total: 3,915.23 miles (6,264.37 km)

I had an okay night in my tent. I woke up around 5 AM. I was back on the road around 6:20 AM. I rode through the community of Hope and into North Warwick. I was going to get directly onto RI 115 that was going to take me SE to US 1 near East Greenwich but I rode down this paved bike path. It was a Rails to Trails and part of the East Coast Greenway that was supposed to go between Key West, Florida and Calais, Maine. The path was taking me more into a diagonal and was heading NE to Providence.

I was able to get on RI 115 and I rode it to RI 2. I decided to head on RI 2. I stopped at a McDs in a shopping center because I wanted to charge up my electronics and to also try and get on the web for a little while. I was probably in the store for about 80 minutes and I got out of there around 11 AM. While I was parking my things back onto Alice, I struck up a conversation with a lady. She was surprised to see the cross on my cycling jersey. She told me that she was a Christian and her family just experienced a medical miracle. She and her husband had recently been at a specialist for her 14 yr old son's kidneys. There was supposed to have been some kind of cyst on both of the kidneys. The outcome of a previous trip to the specialist had indicated that some kind of surgery was warrented. The prognosis of this most recent trip was just the opposite. One of the cysts had completely disappeared and the other one had shrunk to almost a quarter of it's former size. The specialist who was possibly Muslim had told them that this pretty well never happens. The lady also told me that they had prayed for another patient who was a lady and the cysts were on her ovaries. The cysts were supposed to have vanished. The specialist had asked the lady to pray for some of the other patients. Before going into the McDs to be with her son and husband, she slipped me a GH. I went back into the McDs to meet the boy. He was really tall for 14.

It was a little after 11 AM, when I got back on RI 2 going South. I didn't get about a mile down the highway when I noticed that the front tire was a little soft. I've been meaning to put in a new innertube because the old old had two patches on it. I found a really small piece of metal in the tread. I had to use my fingernail clippers to pull it out. I was back on the road in about 20 minutes.

By noon, I had only ridden 16 miles but that was okay. In Wickford Junction, RI 2 ended and I got on RI 102 and that took me into North Kingston and I got on RI 1A. It was around 2:30 PM, so I decided to try and stop at the United Methodist Church. I had stopped there during previous trips through the state. The lady pastor who I knew was still around and she gave me permission to stay in the church for the night.

There is a WS member in Wakefield and another one in Westerly. I'm about 33 miles away from Westerly. I'm about 1480 miles away from Columbus, GA.

June 24, 2016 : Cold Springs Beach (North Kingston), RI to Poquonock Bridge, CT : 44.37 miles (70.99 km)
Trip Total: 3,206.68 miles (5,130.69 km)
Year Total: 3,959.60 miles (6,335.68 km)

I had an okay night at the church. It was pretty quiet. I was able to sleep on one of the sofas in the backroom. The collection of stuff for the upcoming yard sale wasn't a bother.

I left the church around 6:30 AM. The morning ride went okay. I did talk for a little while with a local guy who was riding a Sun EZ-Sport-AX LWB. He told me that he had taken it on several cross country trips.

The morning ride was okay but it was hot. I took quite a few breaks. By noon, I had ridden 24 miles. I stopped alongside the road to have lunch out of the pannier.

About 7 miles out of Westerly, I had to do some emergency repair on Alice. What was left of the plywood base of the seat had disintegrated. The foam seat was flopping around. I was able to get the seat fixed by using some large zip ties, some wide electrical tape, and a couple of bread knifes. I was back on the road in about a half hour.

The rest of the ride into Westerly went okay. On the East side of the downtown area, it was a quick ride across the state line back into CT.

The ride to Mystic went okay. The downtown area was really busy with tourists. There were several long hills between Mystic and Poquonock Bridge that I walked over. I needed to find some place where I could camp out. I stopped at the Groton Police department. I got permission to camp out in the back of the Catholic church across the street.

June 25, 2016 : Poquonock Bridge, CT to Guilford, CT : 47.53 miles (76.05 km)
Trip Total: 3,254.21 miles (5,206.74 km)
Year Total: 4,007.13 miles (6,450.50 km)

I had an okay night camping out behind the church. I just wished that there would have been a more secluded spot. Right behind the church was the parking lot for the high school. Most of the fence between the two properties was just a wire mesh fence. The spot where I was in a corner was small stone fences. The area that I picked was behind the dumpster and where plant waste was dumped. You couldn't get too close to the church or sensor activated lights would turn on.

It didn't get that cold so I stayed most of the night on top of my sleeping bag. It was around 3 AM when I crawled into the sleeping bag. The sun started to come up around 5 AM. I had to do a little bit of equipment repair but I was on the road by 6:30 AM.

From where I camped out it was about an eight mile ride to the beginning of the pedestrian/bikeway across the I-95 bridge over the Thames River. I walked up the east side of the bikeway but I was able to ride most of the way across the rest of the bridge. I got a little lost getting into the downtown area of New Haven. It took a while getting back on US 1. Instead of staying on US 1 for the rest of the day, I got on CT 156 which took me through Niantic. There were quite a few steep hills to get over. CT 156 ended back on US 1 in Old Lyme.

It took a little while finding the bikeway across the I-95 bridge over the Connecticut River. Once across the bridge, it took a bit of navigating along local roads to get back on US 1 in Old Saybrook. The terraign was a lot more flatter.

I tried stopping in Madison but I wasn't able to connect with the WS member there. There were two WS members in Guilford so I decided to go on to there. I was able to connect with one of the members and they lived with their parents East of Guilford. The only problem was that I had to get up a steep road. The parents weren't too keep about having a stranger being in their house so I was given the okay to camp out in their back yard.

June 26, 2016 : Guilford, CT to Darien, CT : 15.62 miles (24.99 km)
Trip Total: 3,269.83 miles (5,231.73 km)
Year Total: 4,022.75 miles (6,436.40 km)

I wished that I had a better night. It would have better if I could have stayed in the house. Alexandria's parents didn't come outside to meet me. I had a hard time finding a level place to camp out on. The grassy part of the yard had a downhill slope to it that ended in a huge area of boulders. There was some level ground on the side of the yard around some trees and near where the compost containers and wood pile was. There was a sturdy sawhorse to lean Alice on.

It was about 10 PM when I got the tent up. There was a lot of noise in the background. It sounded like a lot of cannon fire. Somebody must have been shooting off a lot of fireworks. The sound of the fireworks went on for over a half hour. I woke up with the sun again around 5 AM. Sometime around 6 AM, I heard Alexandria and her younger sister go out to kayak. A couple of minutes after they left, I had to make an emergency trip inside to find a restroom. I'm glad that the door inside the garage wasn't locked. I got out of the house as fast I could.

I was on the road around 6:30 AM. I got into Branford around 8 AM. The first church that I came upon was the United Methodist Church. I decided to stop even though the service wasn't going to start till around 9:30 AM. I parked myself on some large boulders to wait. The pastor showed up around 8:45 AM. More people started to show up around 9 AM. The service was okay. The pastor did introduce me at the beginning and I got to saw a few words but I wished that I would have been able to say a few more words. The pastor did seem to be interested that I had stopped. The time with the children went long because he shared a lot of the funny birthday cards that he had gotten last week for his 50th birthday. Nothing really happened after the service. I talked with this really old lady. She gave me a piece of banana bread that had been wrapped up. I was back on the road by around 11 AM.

The ride into New Haven was a bit complicated because there was a long section where I-95 merged with US 1. The interstate was in the inner lanes and the US highway was on the outer lanes. There wasn't much of a shoulder to ride along. The merging lasted a couple of miles.

I was really happy to get to the Union RR station in New Haven. Cylcing the rest of the way across CT would be hard because it is basically one big metroplex with the majority of stuff along US 1 being strip malls and commercial property. There wouldn't be much open land between towns. The fare to Darien was $7. I had plenty of time to get to the right platform for the train.

I found a good spot in a car with a handicap space for Alice. I got on the train about fifteen minutes before it headed out. The ride to Darien took a little over an hour. The train really filled up with people going into New York City.

I got to the train station in Darien around 3:30 PM. It was less than a block walk to Calvary Baptist. People were there for the evening service with the Encounter Church. The minister had a heads up about me stopping by. I'll be staying in the youth room tonight and staying over tomorrow. I really need a day off. My last full day off the road was on my birthday June 15th back in Chittenango, NY and I had ridden a little over 430 miles since then. I'll be catching a train into NYC Tuesday morning.

The next trip update should be posted sometime between July 04th and July 11th.



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