TRIP 2016

Update #25 - December 09th
Luling, Louisiana
Mission Trip 71: 1,289.29 miles (2,062.86 km)
Year Total : 8,381.25 miles (13,410.00 km)

Nov 30, 2016 : Destin, FL to Navarre, FL : 22.33 miles (35.73 km)
Trip Total: 1,005.38 miles (1,608.61 km)
Year Total: 8,097.34 miles (12,955.74 km)

I had a somewhat okay night at the Motel 6 in Destin, FL. The room was a little run down for Motel 6 standards. What would have made the night better would have been a much stronger and steady wifi signal. There should have been multiple routers to choose from. The signal varied a lot. It went from 5 bars to 1 bars and back up to 4 bars. There was no rhyme or reason. The modem was constantly being dropped.

There was really nothing on tv to keep me company so I tried going to sleep around 10:30 pm. I woke up several times during the night. The last time that I woke up was around 4:30 am and I gave up the effort of falling back to sleep. I tried getting on the web and I was able to. I was able to update my website but it took a lot longer than normal because of all of the disconnecting and reconnecting to my server in California. What should have taken me at least 20 minutes, took me almost 2 hours.

I was kind of torn at what to do today with regards to riding. The weather reports talked about bad storms during the day with the possibility of strong winds. I thought that if I would just ride to Mary Esther I could try and connect with the people at the First United Methodist Church.

It was about 8:20 am when I left the motel. Before crossing the bridge onto Okaloosa Island, I stopped at this social ministry called Harvest House. It is a food pantry / thrift store. I knew the executive director. The lady who I knew wasn't there any more. The new executive director didn't give me the time of day because they were getting ready to open up. Overall, for being a ministry, the people there weren't that friendly.

I was able to ride across the first bridge onto Okaloosa Island. The ride across the island went okay. There were quite a few people on the bay para-sailboarding. They were really going fast across the water. There was a sidewalk across the second bridge to Fort Walton Beach. I made my way through Fort Walton Beach.

To wait out a brief rain shower, I stopped at a Lutheran church. The ministers weren't there. The secretary gave me this sack lunch that the church gives out to the homeless. What was unusual about the sack lunch was that it hada flip-top can of chicken noodle soup.

It was around 11 am, when I stopped at the First United Methodist Church in Mary Esther. They remembered me from my first stop back on Oct 15. Because there was a pre-school till around 1:30 pm, I couldn't get myself settled inside the church. I had to wait on the back covered porch. It was good that I didn't have to wait out in the open but the bad thing was that a lot of the surrounding trees were dropping acorns onto the metal room of the porch. The noise was quite loud. I was starting to get a bad headache. By 2 pm, I had enough of the acorns so I left the church property. I had expected somebody by then to come and get me and let me move Alice inside.

There hadn't been any rain showers for a while so I thought that I was in the clear with regards to no more storms. At the western edge of Mary Esther, I noticed that the clouds were getting darker so I opted to stop at the First Baptist Church. I knew the sr pastor there but he had retired quite a few years ago. The guy who was there now wasn't that friendly. He told me that there had been a big drop in membership and they had no real funds to help me out. All I had wanted to do was try and stay in one of the classrooms like I had done so before but the guy told me that they couldn't allow it. The guy was trying to get me to move on.

I left near the end of a brief band of rain showers. They weren't that strong but I did get wet. I wasn't sure where I was going to stop. It was too late in the day to try and ride all of the way to Pensacola.

I stopped at the First Baptist Church in Navarre. The pastor was young and he was sort of friendly. He showed me a place where I could get out of the rain and wait for a men's bible study class. I had about a 90 min wait on the covered porch of a classroom building. The pastor told me that they had let cyclist camp on the porch before but I wanted to try and find a place inside because the morning temperature was going to get down to 40 degrees. There were six other guys at the bible study. The pastor led the study. It was pretty good. I was able to share and take part in the discussion. Afterwards, one of the guys slipped me a GH. The pastor gave me permission to spend the night in the building.

I'll probably just be riding to Pensacola tomorrow. I'm going to try and stay in the youth building of the First United Methodist Church like I've done before. I've got to stop at the bike shop in downtown Pensacola to try and get a new rear tire for Alice.

Dec 01, 2016 : Navarre, FL to Pensacola, FL : 28.17 miles (45.07 km)
Trip Total: 1,033.55 miles (1,653.68 km)
Year Total: 8,125.51 miles (13,000.82 km)

I had an okay night camping out in the portable building where the middle school kids met Sunday morning. It was good to be in a heated room because I was wearing wet clothes from getting in the rain. The room didn't get that dark inside because of the venetian blinds and there was a lit banking atm next door. There was also a Walmart on the other side of the church property.

I woke up a couple of times during the night but I was able to fall back asleep. I woke up in the middle of a strange dream. It was daylight being that it was 6:30 am. I took my time getting Alice packed up because the outside temperature was supposed to be in the 40s because of the cold front going through the area yesterday afternoon. From what I had found out, the storm that I had found myself in yesterday had formed a couple of waterspouts (water based tornadoes) between Fort Walton Beach and Destin. The power was supposed to have gone out for a while.

I left the church around 7:40 am. I rode down US 98 a couple of miles and stopped at a BK for some breakfast. I was hoping to get my laptop connected onto the web but I wasn't able to. As I was waiting at the counter to tell the manager about the router, this small elderly lady came up to me with a five dollar bill in her hand. She told me that she wanted to buy me breakfast but I told her that I had already eaten and will use the money later on to buy lunch. I continued on to tell her about my present trip. She was pretty excited about what I was doing. She told me that she wanted to give me more. She rooted in her purse and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and gave it also to me. She also gave me a hug. I was able to talk to the manager but he already knew about the modem problems.

The ride West went okay. About two miles down the highway, this rv came close to me and brushed into the side flag. The blue reflector unit got busted. I stopped alongside the highway in a safe spot to break off the remaining parts of the reflector unit and to also sew up the seam of the flag. I was happy that it was the reflector unit being broken and not my rear view mirror. I've had mirrors broken several times.

I'm glad that I had taken the time before heading out to put on my long thermal underwear. I stopped at a gas station for some hot chocolate. This helped get my insides warm.

The ride into Gulf Breeze went okay. The temperature got a little warmer so I was able to take my jacket off but I kept my long sleeve cycling jersey on. Even with the late start, I got about 22 miles in before noon. At one intersection, I was surprised at finding a handle of pennies that had been scattered about. There must have been around thirty pennies.

I stopped at a McDs in Gulf Breeze for some lunch. After lunch, I was able to ride through the rest of Gulf Breeze using a sidewalk and then across the Pensacola Bay Bridge without stopping to walk up and over the high section of the bridge. It was a little tricky getting across US 98 onto the road that would take me into the downtown area.

At a busy street corner, there was this lady with a backpack on holding up a sign that said that she was homeless and stranded in town. I went across the street to a gas station and went through what I had in my food pannier and prepared her a package of food. I told the lady that I was a minister on a mission trip around the country and I didn't have any extra money but I wanted her to have some food. I also told her that Jesus loved her. She was appreciative. Before leaving the area, I noticed that there was a guy sitting on a pail of some kind on the other side of the road across from the corner where the lady was. He was making up some kind of sign. They might have been traveling together. I had more pity on the lady that what I had for the guy. From where they were panhandling, they must have been less than a mile from the downtown Riverfront rescue mission.

I rode into the downtown area and stopped at the First United Methodist Church. I wanted to see if there was any way that I could stay in the youth building across the street from the church again. I needed to stay in Pensacola overnight because I needed to go to a nearby bike shop and get a new rear tire for Alice. At the church, the guy in charge of the program was there. He told me that I was in luck because they didn't have anybody scheduled to stay over tonight and there were no activities.

I was able to connect with my pastor friend in NY. He had told me to call him anytime when I had some kind of emergency like bike repairs and he would try and pay for it over the phone with his charge card. I was able to get a pretty good tire that is supposed to last me almost 4,000 miles. This would surely get me across the country and possibly up the Pacific Coast.

Before getting some supper, I put on the new tire. When I took off the old one, I was surprised at finding the tiny piece of patch that I had glued in the hole in the tread still there. The little patch had survived about 350 miles. The tire had 2,854.32 miles on it.

I've made up my tentative route for the rest of the year. I'm planning to be in Bayou La Batre, AL Saturday so I can stay and worship at the First Baptist Church again. I'm looking at stopping in Pascagoula, MS next Monday and Bay St Louis, MS next Wednesday night. I should be passing through New Orleans, LA Friday, Dec 09th. For church on Sunday, Dec 11, I should be in Thibodaux, LA. If all goes well, I should be crossing into Texas, Monday, Dec 19th. Christmas should be spent in Austin, TX. On Dec 31st, I should be in Sonora, TX. about 400 miles East of El Paso, TX. I'm about 1,000 miles away from Sonora, TX. From where I am now, I've got about 2,157 miles to ride to San Diego, CA. This should have me in San Diego sometime near the first of February. From San Diego, it would be about a 1,540 mile ride up the Pacific Coast to Seattle, WA. .

Dec 02, 2016 : Pensacola, FL to Dauphin Island, AL : 60.10 miles (96.16 km)
Trip Total: 1,093.65 miles (1,749.84 km)
Year Total: 8,185.61 miles (13,096.98 km)

I had an okay night at the youth center of the downtown FUMC. I stayed up late working on the internet because I needed to set up another online donation program. I almost got it to work right around midnight but I gave up on it so I could try and get some rest. I woke up early around 4 am and I got things to work right.

Around 6 am, I went to the men's restroom to get cleaned up. As I was going back to the main room where I slept, I heard a strange female's voice. It was the youth director. I wasn't told that there was going to be a Bible study for some middle schoolers happening. I quickly got dressed and started to pack things up before getting some breakfast.

I left the center around 7 am. It took a while riding through the downtown area to find the right road to travel on to Gulf Shores, AL. Once on the right road, the ride went well. For the most part, the traffic behind me was courteous. I stopped at a Walmart to get some new innertubes. Once back on the highway, I passed another guy touring. There was no place where we could stop and talk. He was traveling Eastbound so we just waved.

The ride to Perdido Bay went well. By 10:10 am, I had the first 20 miles in. 22 miles from downtown Pensacola, I crossed into Alabama for the fourth time this year. By noon, I had gotten in 31 miles. I made my way through Gulf Breeze into Gulf Shores. I stopped at a BK for some lunch. Since it was Friday afternoon, I didn't think that I would find anybody in a church office so I decided to keep on going towards the ferry at Fort Morgan. I wasn't sure when the last ferry across would be.

About 10 miles down the highway, I met up with another guy on a tour. He was traveling to St Augustine and then up to North Carolina. He had an unusual bike. The bike was made so that it could be taken apart and stored in a suitcase. The frame could be broken down into two pieces. Instead of a chain, the bicycle had a rubber belt. The bicycle also had a 14 speed internal cluster hub and there was a dynamo in the front hub. We talked for about fifteen minutes. He wanted to know where to camp out between where we were and Pensacola. About two more miles down the road, I met up with another guy on bike. The guy was 22 from Ireland and he was heading to St Augustine. He was being helped across the country by the Rotary Club.

I cranked in the remaining 11 miles to the ferry terminal. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it but I caught the last ferry across to Dauphin Island. One of the guys who worked on the ferry stopped to talk to me. He was impressed at what I was doing so he gave me a small GH. I almost got my ferry fare back.

I got on Dauphin Island around dusk. I called up my WS contact on the island. They were not there but I was given directions to their place on the west side of the island. It was a little tricky finding the right street and house in the dark.

Dec 03, 2016 : Dauphin Island, AL to Bayou La Batre, AL : 21.47 miles (34.36 km)
Trip Total: 1,115.12 miles (1,784.19 km)
Year Total: 8,207.08 miles (13,131.33 km)

It was a somewhat okay night camping out under my host's house. They were off the island but they allowed WS cyclist to stay. There was an electrical outlet, lights, water, and a wifi signal but no restroom. I'm glad that I had pitched my tent by one of the stilts that held up the house because the tent might have been blowm off the porch deck. The house was quite exposed because there were no bushes or trees. I wasn't that far from the Gulf. I was probably 1.5 miles away from the main part of the town on the island.

Around 7:30 pm, I conked out and crawled into my tent. I did wake up a couple of times to relieve my bladder. I woke up the lsst time around 4:45 am. I got maybe 6 hrs of sleep. I got on the web and updated my ministry website. The sun finally came up around 6:30 am. The sky was overcast and it looked like it was going to rain. I had Alice ready by 7:15 am. Before leaving the island, I stopped at a Circle K to get a cup of hot chocolate to warm my insides up, People were talking about the town's Christmas parade that was supposed to start around 11 am.

The ride across the bridge and causeway went okay to the mainland. The wind pushed me along. From Alabama Port, I had about an eleven mile ride to Bayou La Batre.

I stopped at the First Baptist Church. They were getting a float ready for the town's Christmas parade that was going to start around 2 pm. The pastor was out with his wife looking at houses. The old parsonage next to the church needs some major renovations. I did have a brief conversation with the youth minister. He was kind of surprised to see me again because I was last here October 12. The door to the youth department was left open for me.

A little before 2 pm, I walked to the road in front of the church to watch the parade. It was an okay one for a small town. I took a video of it. The parade lasted about 10 minutes. when the church people who were in the parade got back to the church, there was a light meal of hotdogs, chips, and cookies. Afterwards, I helped some of the people disassemble to float.

I'm not sure if I'll be staying over for church tomorrow. I didn't feel much of a welcoming spirit. Only one guy talked tp me. The pastor didn't say much to me. Before I left the float disassembly, nobody thanked me for helping them. Neither the pastor or the youth pastor asked me what I was going to eat for supper. There wasn't any invitation to share either with the youth or the congregation.

I'm thinking about getting up early and leave here before anybody shows up and ride over to the First United Methodist Church. I've always wanted to worship there again. I had stopped at the Methodist Church after Hurricane Katrina and I helped them distribute relief supplies.

Dec 04, 2016 : Bayou La Batrem AL to Bayou La Batre, AL : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 1,115.12 miles (1,784.19 km)
Year Total: 8,207.08 miles (13,131.33 km)

It was a somewhat okay night in the sr youth section of the First Baptist church. The mattress on the sofa bed was thin so I felt the bars. I had to find something to put under the mattress to cover up the bars.

Around 3 am, the storm outside started. The rain really started to come down hard. The rain came down so hard around 5 am that the covered walkway was getting flooded. The rain ended around 8 am.

People started to come to the church around 8:20 am. There was an 8:45 am.service. People started showing up for Sunday school around 9:30 am. There was an older bunch of guys meeting in a room in the fellowship hall but they didn't welcome me into their class. There was a small group of guys meeting in the fellowship hall and I got invited to be with them. The second service started around 11 am. It was okay.

I got a short nap in in the afternoon because there was going to be people meeting in the fellowship hall around 6 pm to fill up food boxes. Around 4 pm, I helped some of the guys move in long tables into the fellowship hall. I also helped some of the guys carry in the boxes of food into the fellowship hall. There were two pick-up trucks full. I also took the food out of their packing boxes and put them on the tables. After the choir ended their christmas program rehearsal, they came to the fellowship hall. There were probably two dozen people. It didn't take long to fill up the 104 food boxes. I got four of the boxes full.

Dec 05, 2016 : Bayou La Batrem AL to Bayou La Batre, AL : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 1,115.12 miles (1,784.19 km)
Year Total: 8,207.08 miles (13,131.33 km)

It was a somewhat okay night in the sr youth section of the First Baptist church. I had gone to bed early around 8:30 am. I slept till 3 am and I was able to fall back asleep till around 6 am. The sky was overcast. Around 8 am, I took a walk over to the nearby shopping center to get to a grocery store to get some extra supplies.

The rain started around 1 pm and it kept up till around 5 pm.

Dec 06, 2016 : Bayou La Batre, AL to Ocean Springs, MS : 45.57 miles (72.91 km)
Trip Total: 1,160.69 miles (1,857.10 km)
Year Total: 8,252.65 miles (13,204.24 km)

It was a somewhat okay night in the sr youth section of the First Baptist church. I had gone to bed early around 8:30 pm. I woke up a couple of times during the night but I was able to fall back asleep and sleep till around 5:30 am. I was surprised at finding another website award to post. This was my 482nd award (the second for this year).

When I went outside to the restroom around 6:30 am, the sky was overcast and there wasn't any rain. When I looked at the radar on the internet, I saw that the storm front had gone past me. The radar was clear to the West. The temperature was cool in the 50s.

I headed out around 7:30 am. About a half mile down the road, a truck came close and it hit the end of my safety flag. The pole got bent some. The guy stopped but I didn't like his look so I quickly rode around his parked truck. The rest of the ride North to where I turned West on AL 180 went okay. The rest of the ride to Grand Bay where I turned West on US 90 went okay. The pavement through Grand Bay to the MS state line had been recently repaved. Gone was the rumble strip.

Once in MS, the pavement on US 90 went from very good to worse. This was by far the worse section of roadway that I've cycled on. As soon as I could, I got on local roads through the Moss Point area and I got back on US 90 a couple of miles East of downtown Pascagoula. I made about 24.6 miles before 11:45 am. I stopped at a BK for a working lunch. I checked my bank balance and I was surprised at finding the online donation already in my account. I got back on the road around 12:30 pm. Instead of staying in Pascagoula for the night, I decided to keep on going till at least Ocean Springs. This would get me closer to Bay St Louis and would make the ride less to Bay St Louis.

It got a little warmer so I was able to take my jacket off. About a half mile west of the Pascagoula River Bridge, I passed another guy who was on tour. He was an older guy and he was taking pictures ofthe city limit signs. I couldn't get over to talk to him because of the divided 4 lane highway and traffic so I was just able to yell at him and wave. The ride west to Ocean Springs went okay. I stopped at a motel that had a ridiculously low rate but the rate was actually a bightly rate if you stayed a month with them. The daily rate was $20 more.

I got into Ocean Springs around 3:40 pm. I caught the secretaries at the First Baptist Church locking up. The pastors had left for the day. I quickly made my way to the First Presbyterian Church. I caught both the assistant and senior pastor still in the office. Because there was a preschool, the sr pastor offered to get me a room at a local motel. The pastor met me at a Studio 6. Before leaving, the sr pastor helped me carry my gear up to my second floor room.

I will have about a 37 mile ride to Bay St Louis tomorrow.

Dec 07, 2016 : Ocean Springs, MS to Bay St Louis, MS : 38.40 miles (61.44 km)
Trip Total: 1,198.73 miles (1,917.17 km)
Year Total: 8,290.69 miles (13,265.10 km)

It was a somewhat okay night at the motel. I didn't get much rest because the curtain in the window was too short so it didn't block the light from the hallway come into the room. I woke up several times during the night. I woke up the last time around 5:30 am. The electricity went out for about ten minutes and then it came on again.

I didn't take the time to carry all of my things down the stairs. Being that my room was near a railing, I tossed all of my gear except for the computer bag over the railing. This only had me walk down the stairs twice. I left the motel grounds around 7:40 am. I backtracked about 2.5 miles to where I had turned South to go into downtown Ocean Springs and I stopped at a BK for some pancakes and hash browns. After breakfast, I talked with a lady who was feeding cat food to some feral cats. Before she left, she slipped me a GH.

Once past that intersection, I had a good ride over the two bridges to Biloxi. I was able to ride over both bridges. Once I got into Biloxi, I got on the boardwalk/ sidewalk and started the ride to Pass Christian. Around 10:30 am, I stopped at a Chrevron gas station for a break. As I was drinking a soda and reading my paperback book, this guy stopped to talk to me. Before he left, he slipped me a small GH. A couple of minutes later, another guy in a pickup truck with a dog stopped to talk to me. He told me that he was a private investigator. Before he left, he slipped me a GH and also gave me directions to the Cyclist Choice bike shop in Gulfport. I told the guy, Eddie, that I needed a set of disc pads. Eddie told me to call him when I got to the bike shop and he would pay for the disc pads. There was also a short discussion of maybe helping me get some new lights for Alice.

It didn't take me that long to get the bike shop Cyclist Choice. It was a little after noon when I got to the shop. Eddie was supposed to call the bike shop to tell them that I was coming but Eddie didn't make the call. The mechanic wasn't that friendly. They did have one pair of Avid BB7 disc pads. I had planned to put them on myself but when I called Eddie he told me that he wanted the mechanic to check Alice over to see what needed to be fixed. The mechanic took Alice into the work area but he didn't know how to put it on the rack. This was kind of strange because the shop had sold Sun recumbents. The mechanic told me that the drive train was shot and all of it needed to be replaced. He also told me that the reason why I was having with the chain coming off the front cluster was that the derailleur hanger was bent and possibly the cage of the rear derailleur was bent. What should have been only a ten minute repair was almost a two hour long nightmare. The mechanic had installed the new disc pads in the front unit instead of the rear unit. I was told that the front disc rotor was warped and the rear disc rotor was getting thin. Another guy got involved and he wanted to see if they had a rotor that would work but they didn't have any Sram rotors. It was really strange that the guy couldn't put the rear wheel back on Alice corrently. Alice was taken back into the repair area again. The mechanic came out to tell me that Eddie had refused to pay for the repair and I had to. The man told me that Eddie was sort of a con man. I left the bike shop not sure who to believe. It really bugged me on how bad service that I got.

Because it was after 2 pm when I got back on the boardwalk along US 90, I didn't feel that I had enough time to stop for lunch. I rushed to Bay St Louis but I had to stop before crossing over the bridges to Bay St Louis to put the new disc pads in back and put the ones that were there up front.

I got across the bridges by 4:10 pm. I rode over to the First Baptist Church. I waited outside about 1.5 hours for people to come for the Wed night bible study/ prayer service. The church had a new sr pastor but he was out for the week. I did talk to several of the guys who remembered me. I was able to share with the small group at the Bible study/ prayer service. There was an offer to get me a room at one of the local motels. Instead of one of the cheap motels, I was taken over to the Super 8.

I'll be crossing into Louisiana tomorrow. I'm probably going to try and camp out in the same spot where I had camped out on my return back from Louisiana on October 8th.

Dec 08, 2016 : Bay St Louis, MS to Michoud (East New Orleans), : 45.60 miles (72.96 km)
Trip Total: 1,244.33 miles (1,990.93 km)
Year Total: 8,336.29 miles (13,338.06 km)

It was a somewhat okay night at the motel. I was a little wired at what happened at the bike shop in Gulfport. I'm glad that I called Eddie to tell him what happened. He was pretty shocked at the treatment tnat I had gotten and the rude things that were said to him. I didn't realize that the mechanic had refused taking Eddie's credit card over the phone.

I went to bed kind of early. I woke up once around 2:30 am. I stayed awake for a little while and was able to fall back asleep. I was kind of surprised when I woke up around 6:30 am. I quickly got dressed and went to the office to get some breakfast. It was a bit cool, overcast, and kind of windy. The wind was coming from the East.

I left the motel around 7:40 am. There was a bit of a tailwind to push me along. Before leaving Waveland, I stopped at a Family Dollar to get a few things.

About 11 miles out of Bay St Louis, I met up an older couple on bikes. They were from Friesland, Netherlands and were finishing a bike trip around the world. They had come into the USA at Laredo, Texas and were riding to Miami, FL where they were supposed to catch a jet on Jan 05. The couple must have been in their late 60s or early 70s. After they heard my total distance traveled, the guy told me that he thought that he would never meet somebody who cycle-toured more miles than what he did. He told me that in 40 years of touring he had toured around 220,000 miles. We talked for about 15 minutes and then we parted company.

The rest of the ride through Mississippi went okay. I crossed the East Pearl River into Louisiana. By noon, I had ridden 21 miles. A couple more miles down the highway, I stopped at the Bayou Savage Wildlife Area for some lunch out of my food pannier. As I was finishing up my lunch break, three guys on bikes zipped by me heading West. By the time that I got back on the highway, there was no sight of them.

The rest of the ride into the New Orleans area went okay. About 18 miles out of downtown New Orleans and about 8 miles away from where I planned to possibly camp out in the Michoud area, I met up with the three guys. They had stopped to cook something to eat. I stopped to talk to them. The guys were taking some time off of college and had started in Gainesville, FL and were riding to CA. I talked with them for about 10 minutes.

During the hour that I was on the road to Michoud, I was thinking that the guys were going to catch up to me and pass me they didn't. I got to the Michoud area a little before dusk. I was kind of concerned about the cold. The wind would push the temperature down. There was a motel close to the place where I had planned to camp out. A friend of mine in Hattiesburg, MS had planned to pay for a room at the motel but the person in the office was an older guy from India and he didn't speak and understand English very well. He refused to take the credit card information over the phone.

At the place where I camped out, I found another place that didn't have piles of garbage and stuff that was left from Hurricane Katrina. I found a spot that had some trees that could serve as a windbreak. The concrete pad wasn't in as bad of a shape as the place where I had camped out back in October.

My goal for tomorrow is to get through New Orleans and cross the Mississippi River. If I feel that it is too cold, I'll try and contact one of the WS members in New Orleans.

Dec 09, 2016 : Michoud (East New Orleans), LA to Luling, LA : 44.96 miles (71.94 km)
Trip Total: 1,289.29 miles (2,062.86 km)
Year Total: 8,381.25 miles (13,410.00 km)

It was a somewhat okay night camping out. The cold wasn't as bad as I had expected. The new sleeping bag kept me warm. I was pretty toasty in the sleeping bag. The tent didn't get that dark inside because there was a lot of light pollution in the sky. It was pretty light in the West and dark in the East. I only woke up once during the night. I woke up around 6 am. It was cold but not as cold as I had thought it would be. The temperature was in the 40s.

I got back on the road around 7:10 am. I rode down the highway about 6 miles and stopped at a BK for a hot breakfast. After breakfast, the rest of the ride into the downtown area went okay. I followed a different route into downtown New Orleans. I walked about seven blocks to the Canal Street Ferry Terminal and took a lot of pics.

I got to the ferry terminal just as the ferry was docking. I was the only person on the ride over to the ferry terminal at Algiers Point. The fare was $2. The ride was about ten minutes. I took a video of the ride across. On the return trip back to New Orleans, there was just one passenger (a lady).

I got on the Levee Bike Trail at Algiers Point around 10:30 am. It was kind of strange getting on the levee bike trail again. The last time was on October 0th. The ride through Gretna went okay. In Westwego, I stopped at a Family Dollar to get a few groceries. I also stopped at a church to get some lunch out of my food pannier. I had ridden 21 miles by noon.

The ride in the afternoon went okay. The temperature got up into the 50s. I rode up the Mississippi River North to Wilswood. I stopped at a gas station to get something hot to drink. After talking to a guy, I thought that I would get on US 90 now instead of riding up to Lutcher and then turning West to Thibodaux. I was concerned that US 90 had became a restricted access highway but it wasn't till beyound Raceland. The ride along US 90 went okay because there was a wide paved shoulder.

I got into the Luling area around 4:30 pm. I was concerned about going any farther because I heard that there was going to be a hard freeze tonight. With the help of a friend of mine in Hattiesburg, MS, I got a room at the motel that I had stopped at back on October 7th.

I'll be riding to Houma tomorrow.

The next update will be posted between December 10th and December 17th.



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