TRIP 2016

Update #27 - December 26th
Port Lavaca, Texas
Mission Trip 71: 1,836.93 miles (2,939.03 km)
Year Total : 8,928.89 miles (14,286.22 km)

Dec 17, 2016 : Vinton, LA to Vinton, LA : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 1,560.79 miles (2,497.26 km)
Year Total: 8,652.75 miles (13,844.40 km)

I had a somewhat okay night camping out in the youth room of the Welsh Memorial United Methodist Church. Roger brought over a comfortable folding cot, sleeping bag, and a pillow. I've been invited to stay for as long as I needed to because the weather is supposed to turn cold. I got maybe six hours of sleep last night.

I had a light breakfast out of my food pannier around 6 am and then Roger came by with a more substantial breakfast around 8:30 am.

Around 9:30 am, I went with Roger to the local grocery store to pick up some water and a cake dessert and then we went to a middle school where members of his second church (Maplewood UMC), 2 other Methodist church in Sulphur, member of a community church that met at the school, and some people from a Biker Church (The Open Door Biker Church) were going to provide a meal for the less fortunate of the community. There were a lot of members there. I offered to take care of the bottles of water. About 100 people came in for the meal of chicken, green beans, potato salad, rolls, and desserts. There were also 230 take-out meals made (100 were delivered to shut ins in Sulphur). Instead of eating then, I opted to get a take out meal for supper.

Tomorrow, I've been invited to speak at Roger's two churches.

Dec 18, 2016 : Vinton, LA to Vinton, LA : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 1,560.79 miles (2,497.26 km)
Year Total: 8,652.75 miles (13,844.40 km)

I had a somewhat better night camping out in the youth room of the Welsh Memorial United Methodist Church. I didn't wake up as many times during the night like I did last night. I got out of bed around 6 am.

Around 8:00 am, I went with Roger to Sulphur. On the way to the Maplewood United Methodist Church, we stopped at a donut shop run by some koreans to pick up some donuts for the church. The church was pretty nice. The congregation was friendly towards me. I made a special friend with a six year old boy named Saylor who was brought by his grandmother. I got to speak to the congregation for about four minutes. After the service, one of the guys slipped me a GH. After socializing in the fellowship hall for about 15 minutes, we had to rush off to Vinton for the 11 am service at the Welsh Memorial United Methodist church. We got to the church a few minutes into the service. I was invited to speak to the congregation. This was my 62nd church for the year. After the service, two people slipped me GH's.

Roger brought me some pizza for lunch. In the afternoon, I ventured out to take a walk. The temperature was just 46 and there was a stiff wind coming from the North. I went to the local grocery store to get a few things and I also stopped at a Family Dollar to get a recharge card for my cell phone.

Around 5:30 pm, I went over to the First Baptist Church for their evening service. I wanted to get reconnected with Rev Bobby Daniel. I had stayed at the church for a couple of nights during one of my previous trips through the area. He was surprised to see me again. There was just a small group. I got to share with them. After the service, I got invited to a family's house where the youth were going to meet after they went out caroling. Rev Daniel took me back to the Methodist church and he slipped me a small GH.

I'm staying over tomorrow because the high tomorrow will just be in the upper 40s.

Dec 19, 2016 : Vinton, LA to Vinton, LA : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 1,560.79 miles (2,497.26 km)
Year Total: 8,652.75 miles (13,844.40 km)

I had a somewhat better night camping out in the youth room of the Welsh Memorial United Methodist Church. I didn't wake up as many times during the night like I did last night. I got out of bed around 6 am.

I'm glad that I had taken the offer of staying over an extra day. The high was supposed to be in the upper 40s but it felt a lot colder because there was a stiff wind from the North about 15 mph. I did venture out just long enough to check out a small thrift store and also to get a few supplies from the Family Dollar.

It was good seeing Rev Daniel at the First Baptist Church again. I had stopped at the church one time in the area and had stayed two nights at the church in the youth room.

Dec 20, 2016 : Vinton, LA to Guffy, TX : 31.16 miles (48.86 km)
Trip Total: 1,591.95 miles (2,547.12 km)
Year Total: 8,683.91 miles (13,894.26 km)

I had a somewhat better night camping out in the youth room of the Welsh Memorial United Methodist Church. I didn't wake up as many times during the night like I did last night. I got out of bed around 6 am.

I was a little confused and frustrated because Rev Townsend didn't visit me yesterday. I don't understand why he didn't break bread with me. I thought that he would have either invited me into the parsonage next to the church for a meal with his family or take me out to a local restaurant for a meal. There wasn't an offer to get my clothes washed or even an offer to make sure that I had enough supplies for my upcoming ride into Texas. I was at the church over 72 hours. I only met with Rev Townsend less than an hour not including the time I was with him going to the middle school in Sulphur Saturday morning and Sunday morning to go to his church in Sulphur and back to Vinton. What happened this weekend was almost like what happened during my time at the First Baptist Church in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. Before leaving around 7:30 am, I sent Rev Townsend an email.

The temperature when I headed out was just 31 degrees but it didn't feel like it because there was no wind. On the way out of Vinton, I stopped at the local grocery store for a few things. The ride to Toomey was a little under 5 miles.

Instead of stopping at one of the two gas stations near the interchange, I decided to try and get a ride at the entrance of the interchange. Traffic was pretty light. In the twenty minutes that I tried getting a ride, I had several white guys in pickup trucks pass by me. The fourth person who I tried getting a ride from was a black guy. There was no hesitation in him stopping to see what I needed. It didn't take long to get everything situated in the back of his pickup truck. Once I got into the cab of his truck, I made a comment about a well worn - well read Bible that was up on the dash. The guy told me that he was an elder of his church in Orange, Texas. The ride into Texas didn't take that long. I'm glad that I didn't attempt to ride over the bridge because there was a lot of construction.

Instead of being left off at the Texas visitor center, my ride offered to take me through Orange. He needed to pick up another truck for a construction job. I got dropped off at a gas station at the corner of Bus US 90 and TX 83 in the Bland area close to West Orange. This was a ride of 15.6 miles. I was saved an eight mile ride through Orange.

Once I headed South on TX 83, the ride to Bridge City went okay because there was a smooth shoulder to ride along. When I got to the Neches River, I crossed the highway to get on the shoulder of the Eastbound lanes of the Veterans Memorial Bridge. The Veterans Memorial Bridge was a much newer bridge made out of concrete. The Westbound lanes went over the River on an older narrower bridge made out of steel called the Rainbow Bridge. There was no shoulder on the bridge. The bridge was under construction because workers were sand-blasting the bridge for repainting. Traffic was down to one lane. I took my time getting over the bridge. I took a lot of pictures. I stopped to take a video of a cargo ship making it's way along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico into the mouth of the Neches River and under the bridge. There were several tugboats and towboats around the cargo ship and several other towboats waiting for a oil tanker ship come into the River. There was also a towboat pushes two barges into the Gulf from one of the area's oil refineries.

I got into Port Arthur a little after noon. I was curious on whether the First Baptist Church was still there. During my earlier trips through the area, I had stopped at the church and stayed the night in the youth building. The last time that I had stopped was back in 2007 when I was going to Galveston and high Island a couple of months after Hurricane Ike hit. The church was almost dead. There were very little people. It was a case of white flight. The church didn't want to adapt to the neighborhood that was mostly black and hispanic. I was really shocked to see that the church was completely gone. There was nothing built at that corner and the grocery store across the highway was shut down as well. I stopped at a Churchs for some chicken. I couldn't really read the menu because it was all in Spanish. They did have a special deal on two pieces of chicken and a biscuit.

After lunch, I had a couple of mile ride to TX 73. From where I got on the frontage roads along TX 73, I was about 32 miles away from Winnie. I didn't feel that I could make it all the way to Winnie before dusk. I stopped at a couple of motels but they wanted over $50 for a room. I stopped at the main Methodist Church named the United Methodist Temple. Port Arthur has a population over 50,000. Instead of having one of the pastors come out of their offices to talk to me, the business manager suggested I move on to another church in the area that supposedly had some kind of bunkhouse (shelter). There wasn't even offer to take along some christmas cookies that was in a container on the desk of the secretary. There was a sign that said take some. I just left.

I stopped at another motel in a chain that I had used before but they wanted $15 more than the regular base price. They had a sign outside that said that they had the lowest prices in the area but instead they had one of the highest rates. The guy told me that the high rate was because it was the slow season and they can jack the rates up because it is the holiday season.

I decided to keep on going. There was a slight tailwind to push me along. In the Guffy area of Southwest Port Arthur, there were a couple of motels. It was getting close to 3 pm. I stopped at the one I thought would have a lower price. I got a room under $50. The room was a little worn out but I thought that it would be okay. There was a gas space heater in the bathroom. I wasn't really happy to see a sign that said that rooms could be rented out by the hour after 9 pm. I was given a room up front and on the other side of the office so I wouldn't have to deal with this kind of traffic.

I was thinking about riding to just Winnie tomorrow but I'm going to ride to High Island instead. This will put me 29 miles away from the ferry terminal at Bolivar.

Dec 21, 2016 : Guffy, TX to Crystal Beach, TX : 64.97 miles (103.95 km)
Trip Total: 1,656.92 miles (2,651.07 km)
Year Total: 8,748.88 miles (13,998.21 km)

I had a somewhat okay night at the motel even though the room was a bit run down. At least, there was a good wifi signal. I was quite surprised that I slept through the night because I was warm.

I left the motel around 7:40 am. It was warm enough that I didn't wear my jacket but I did wear my long sleeve cycling jersey. The ride West was kind of hard because the shoulder was really rough. I was dealing with several textures of chip sealing. I got the first 20 miles in by 10:20 am. About 4 miles out of Winnie, I stopped at a gas station for a break to use the restroom. The shoulder the rest of the way into Winnie was really rough with a washboard texture. Somewhere between where I had stopped at the gas station and where I got off TX 73, my side safety flag fell off. I didn't hear it. I didn't realize that it was gone until after I had stopped at a BK for lunch and a short break at a gas station. At the gas station, a lady slipped me a GH. When I finally noticed that the side flag was gone, I backtracked to the BK to see if it had fallen off somewhere in town but it didn't. I've got to come up with something that will be fastened to Alice.

From Winnie, it was about a 16 mile ride to High Island. The shoulder was a little bit better. I got into High Island around 3:45 pm. I stopped at a gas station for a short break. I had planned to stop in High Island but I didn't know if the First Baptist Church was still open. I didn't see a sign for it. I decided to try and go on further because I saw a van from the First Baptist Church in another town on the Bolivar Peninsula.

From High Island, it was a mile long ride down to the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico and TX 87. The ride West went okay because there was a tailwind to push me along. The nearest town was Crystal Beach a little over 18 miles away. I wasn't sure if that was where the church was.

I got the first ten miles in before it got dark. I used my lights to do the remaining eight miles. I got into Crystal Beach around 7 pm. I stopped at the First Baptist Church. There was a youth group meeting in the sanctuary. I found a small group meeting in a classroom off of the fellowship hall. They were having a prayer service. I was given the chance to share. This was my 64th church for the year. After the service, the pastor offered to take me to a motel about a half mile to the West and get me a room for the night. The room was too small for Alice so I had to lock her up under the motel.

I'm less than 15 miles away from Galveston.

Dec 22, 2016 : Crystal Beach, TX to Fort Crockett (Sw Galveston), TX : 23.17 miles (37.07 km)
Trip Total: 1,680.09 miles (2,688.14 km)
Year Total: 8,772.05 miles (14,035.28 km)

I had a somewhat okay night at the motel even though the room was quite small. There was just enough room for a queensize bed, a small night stand, and a small round table with the flat-screen tv on it. There wasn't enough room for a chair, microwave, or mini-fridge. There was no lamp on the night stand. There was just enough room up front to store my gear but Alice had to be kept outside locked up to one of the stilts underneath and holding up the motel. There was no coat rack so I had to hang my things on top of the bathroom door. There was a wooden horizontal Venetian blind in the window and it was sort of big enough to cover the window but not big enough to block out all of the light from the outside. Even though I was six doors down from the office and around a corner a bit, there was just three bars of wifi signal.

I was surprised at staying in bed all night. I didn't have to go to the restroom because the room was warm enough for me. I was looking at heading out around 8 am but it was raining outside. I waited about an hour before I tossed most of my gear over the railing. I got on the road around 9:10 am. It was just misting.

From where I was, it was about a nine mile ride to the Port Bolivar Ferry Terminal. I got there about 10 minutes before the next ferry showed up. The ferry was free. It runs 24 hours a day. There are three shifts and each shift does 16 runs (6 two-way trips). I was amazed at how many vehicles got on the ferry. There were two semi trucks with trailers. I was the last person on the ferry. The ride across Galveston Bay took about twenty minutes. I took a lot of pictures of the pelicans and sea gulls. I took a short video of another ferry going back to the Bolivar Ferry Terminal. I missed taking pictures of a porpoise. I was the last person off of the ferry.

I got into Galveston around 11 am. I rode over to the Sea Wall. I stopped at a McDs for some lunch. I took the time to call some of my friends around the country to wish them Happy Holidays. My pastor friend in Decorah, Iowa told me that they didn't have church last Sunday because the temperature was -30 F. Dave told me today that the temp was 0 F. There were five inches of snow on the ground but they were expecting a storm that would have freezing rain and possibly more snow.

After lunch, I thought that I would try and see if my friends Philip and Helen were still in the area. The last time that I saw them in person was eleven years ago in 2005. I tried again when I was in Galveston after Hurricane Ike but they were not there. The phone number that I had didn't work any more. I rode over to the address of their house. A couple of different people were outside. I found out that they were Philip's nephew and niece. Philip came out to talk with me. Helen couldn't come outside because she was sick. Because of their relatives and Helen's sickness, Philip didn't think that I could spend the night with them.

Philip went across the street to see if a friend of his, Ed, was home. Ed came over to talk with me. Ed had come for the North to volunteer after Hurricane Ike and he had stayed to do more volunteering. Ed and I talked for about ten minutes after Philip went back into his house. He was baking bread to take to the special Holiday Farmer's Market that was going on this evening to sell. Before Ed left, he prayed over me and he slipped me a GH.

I didn't really feel like trying to head out of Galveston because they were predicting more rain this afternoon. I rode into the downtown area, to check out some of the churches. I talked with the secretary at the First Baptist Church. The pastor of out of town till the Christmas Eve service Saturday afternoon. She suggested that I try the Episcopal Church but I could raise anybody in the office to talk with me. I checked out the Evangelical Lutheran Church but I didn't see a sign for the office. I wasn't sure what kind of help I wouldn't have gotten there anyway because there was a social service center called Our Daily Bread across the street from the church. There were a lot of homeless people standing around there.

It took a while to find the First Presbyterian Church. The secretary was out but I did talk with the young lady who the director of the childrens and youth ministries. Stephanie had her two year old twins with her. They were quite rambunctious especially the young boy. Stepanie called up her pastor since he was out of the office. He didn't have much of an idea on where I could stay because either the church members were out of town for the Holidays or had people already at their homes. Stephanie didn't feel like the Salvation Army shelter would be a safe place for me because they administered quite a few medical tests (breathalizer and swab tests). Stephanie called up her husband who was a bookkeeper at a local liquor store. Stephanie told me that they wanted to give me enough money to get a room at a local motel. On the way to meet with Rudy, I stopped at a Family Dollar to get a few things. Rudy met me outside his store. He gave me an envelope in which he told me that there was enough money to get a room at the Beach Comber Motel. It took a while finding the motel because it wasn't on the road along the Sea wall. It was actually a block away. The rate was in the low $40s after tax but I was floored that I had to fork over an extra $50 as a deposit on the room. I was given a receipt for the money. Hopefully, I'll get the money back tomorrow. I'm going to be extra careful with the room so I can surely get that money back. I've got less than $20 left in my wallet.

I was told that the toll bridge on the West side of the island was open so I could have a straight ride to either Surfide Beach or into Freeport tomorrow. There might be more rain to deal with tomorrow.

Dec 23, 2016 : Fort Crockett (Sw Galveston), TX to Brazoria, TX : 59.87 miles (95.7 km)
Trip Total: 1,739.96 miles (2,783.04 km)
Year Total: 8,831.92 miles (14,131.07 km)

I had a somewhat okay night at the motel even though I was a little wired having to pay such a high deposit on the room. I only had $14 left in my wallet. I made special care to not disturb a lot of the things in the room to make sure that it looked like I hadn't stayed in the room. I took a lot of pictures of anything wrong in the motel room before I took the bike in just to protect myself from false accusal. From what I understood, before I get the full deposit back or a portion of it somebody from housekeeping would inspect the room. I got maybe 7 hrs of sleep. It was a surprise when I found out that it was 6:45 am. when I woke up. Around 7:15 am, I went to the breakfast room to see what was there. There wasn't really anything hot except for waffles that you put into the toaster. I opted for cereal and pastries.

I left the room around 7:50 am. Nobody went to the room to check it out. All I had to do was sign at the bottom of the recept to get my money back. From the motel, it was about a block ride to the Sea Wall. There was some light fog. I finished up the seawall and got on the road. The farther West (South) that I went, the less the traffic became. The ride to the toll bridge to get off the island went okay. The fare was $2 but when I tried to pay the amount I got waived across. On the other side of the bridge was a bike path through the Surfside Beach section of Freeport. I got 28 miles in by noon.

Before going across the intercoastal waterway bridge, I stopped at a gas station for something hot to eat and then took it across the street to eat it at some picnic tables. As I was finishing up my lunch break, a young couple on trikes rolled passed me. They must have been locals and were going to ride the bike trail. They had tall safety flags at the back of their trikes but no helmets, lights, or mirrors.

About two-thirds the way up the bridge on the South side, this truck rolled slowly besides me. The guy nearest me asked if he could give me something. I said yes and he slipped me a GH. I got about half of what I paid for the motel room back. The ride into Freeport went okay. I got into Freeport around 2:40 pm. I rode around town some but I didn't see anybody at the churches.

It took a while finding TX 36. I got into Jones Creek around 4:30 pm. There wasn't much there in town. I stopped at a Family Dollar to get a few things. I had a strange enounter with a black lady who said that she was a minister. I thought that she was going to give me something but all she did was have somebody take some pictures with me.

Between Jones Creek and Brazoria, there was a large open area of fields and a prison. I had to stop and get my lights turned on. On the southern edge of Brazoria, I found some small woods in a field to camp out in.

I'm about 32 miles away from Bay City.

Dec 24, 2016 : Brazoria, TX to Bay City, TX : 35.19 miles (56.30 km)
Trip Total: 1,775.15 miles (2,840.24 km)
Year Total: 8,867.11 miles (14,187.38 km)

I had a somewhat okay night camping out. I should have done a better job at finding a tent spot away from some thorny vines. They poked through the ground tarp and tent bottom. I got maybe 3.5 hrs of sleep because I couldn't sleep straight through. I spent an hour going through my things to see what I could get rid of. I had things packed up with the first light of dawn.

I got on the road around 7:10 am. I rode through Brazoria and then headed North to West Columbia. In West Columbia, I stopped for a break at a McDs. I headed Southwest to Bay City. For about 3/4th the way, the shoulder was really smooth. I was making good time because there was a bit of a tailwind. I took a break at a gas station about eight miles out of Bay City. Just passed the gas station, the shoulder became pretty rough.

I was surprised that I got into Bay City before noon. I was able to ride 31.5 miles by noon. I stopped at a McDs for a working lunch. After lunch, I rode into the downtown area to check out the churches. The sign on the First Presbyterian Church said that there was a service at 7 pm. I'm thinking about going to the Methodist instead.

I found a laundromat that had cheap rates. The laundry was $1.50 and dryers were $.25. Jt was good getting my clothes washed and dried.

After the laundry, I rode back to the Methodist Church. There was a bench to sit on. About 4 pm, the music director showed up. I was invited into the sanctuary to wait. I got to meet the pastor Rev Munk. I found out that Rev Munk had taken two long bike tours across the country. One tour was North to South along the East Coast. On the second tour, he rode from Los Angeles, CA to Virginia Beach, Va. During that tour, Rev Munk towed a trailer that carried a 8 foot cross. I was able to talk with Rev Munk before the service. Instead of letting me stay in one of the church buildings for the night, Rev Munk surprised me by slipping me $100 in a GH. The service was okay. After the regular service with communion, we went outside to finish the candlelight portion of the service. After the service, I backtracked a little over a mile and stopped at the fidst motel that I had come across.

Dec 25, 2016 : Bay City, TX to Bay City, TX : 03.21 miles (05.14 km)
Trip Total: 1,778.36 miles (2,845.38 km)
Year Total: 8,870.32 miles (14,192.51 km)

If I would have known how bad the room was going to be and how bad the rear part of the motel was, there would have been no way that I would have forked over as money as I had done. There were no lights in the back part of the motel to help me find the room. I had to use a flashlight. After about 10 minutes of looking, I finally found the room in the farthest building. The room was bad. There were no chairs to sit on. There was just a queen size bed that had a sagging mattress, a small end table with drawers, a small chest of drawers that had the flat screen tv on, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. You had to manually turn the flat screen tv on or off. There wasn't even a wash cloth in the bathroom. The mattress sagged so much to the left that you could easily roll out of bed. I got maybe 5 hours of sleep.

I left the motel around 9 am. I rode back into the downtown area. I stopped at a small park with some picnic tables to wait a little bit. Around 10:30 am, I went over to the First Presbyterian Church. I waited about 10 minutes before people started showing up. There was this older lady who was the minister. When I asked the lady about where I could possibly spend the day, she told me that she couldn't help me because she didn't live in town. I left before the service started.

I rode over to the First Baptist Church. The service had started around 10:30 am. After the service, the pastor told me that he recognized me from a previous trip. He told me that I could spend the night in the gym but I'd have to wait till after 4 pm to be let in. I rode around to see if there was a fast food place open to get something to eat but there wasn't one. I parked myself in the breezeway between the two church buildings. There was an electrical outlet available so I got my laptop out. I found out that I did stop here Sunday evening, December 28, 2003.

Dec 26, 2016 : Bay City, TX to Port Lavaca, TX : 58.57 miles (93.71 km)
Trip Total: 1,836.93 miles (2,939.03 km)
Year Total: 8,928.89 miles (14,286.22 km)

I had a good late afternoon and evening staying in the gym of the First Baptist Church in downtown Bay City. Rev Zimmerman came by a little before 4 pm to let me into the church. There was a section of carpeting near the entrance where I could put down my sleeping bag and not be seen. There were tables and chairs. The bathroom had showers. I was given the wifi code and access to the wifi network. Rev Zimmerman and I talked for about a half hour. I found out that he has been at the church for 26 years and in the ministry for 40 years. Before he left, Rev Zimmerman slipped me a GH. I got 55% of what I paid for the motel room.

I went to bed early. I woke up a couple of times but I was able to fall back asleep. I woke up around 5 AM. I got some breakfast stuff out of the kitchen.

I left the church around 7:20 am. I headed South on TX 35. The shoulder was okay. The weather report said that it was going to rain but it didn't. I got the first 20 miles in my 9:45 am. the good shoulder lasted till the town of Blessing and then the shoulder got really rough. There was also a stiff crosswind. I went from an average 9 mph down to around 5 am. About six miles out of Palacios, a hispanic guy stopped and asked me if I needed a ride. This ride helped me save an hour off the road. I got dropped off at a gas station on the East end of Palacios. Before the guy left, he slipped me two cans of coke. This went along with the bottle of water that he gave me on the way into town.

There was a motel across the street. I went over there. Because they were the only motel in town, they wanted $75 before taxes. I stopped at a Sonic for a sandwich and some fries. After lunch, I rode into the downtown area. There were not that many churches. I rode around the First Baptist Church but I didn't see the name of the minister or a contact phone number. I didn't see any evidence of a police staion. The city hall was actually between the Sonic and a DQ in a shopping center building. There wasn't a police station there.

It was around 1:40 pm when I decided to head out to Port Lavaca. The shoulder along TX 35 was okay even though it was a little rough but when I got into Jackson County the shoulder became really smooth. The wind was to my back and I was really started to cruise. I went from 9 mph up to around 13 mph. The miles went by really quickly. I rode through a section of cloud that got really dark but it didn't rain. Around 4 pm, I started to ride through Port Comfort. There was a large refinery that I rode passed.

Between Port Comfort and Port Lavaca, there was a five mile bridge and causeway across from Matagordo Bay. The sky was getting dark with dark clouds. I thought that I was going to get caught in some rain but I didn't. There wasn't any shoulder along the bridge but it was a divided 4-lane highway and traffic was light. I got into Port Lavaca. I stopped at 4 motels gbut the rates were really high. At the last motel that I stopped at, I got referred to a smaller motel about a mile down the road. I was given a $8 discount on the room.

I've got a 28 mile ride to Victoria tomorrow.

The next update will be posted between January 02nd and January 09th.



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