TRIP 2017

Update #06 - March 03rd
Lompoc, CA
Mission Trip 3,602.86 miles (5,764.58 km)
Year Total : 1,651.63 miles (2,642.61 km)

Feb 18, 2017 : San Diego, CA to San Elijo State Beach (Cardiff-By-The-Sea) : 27.67 miles (44.27 km)
Trip Total: 3,310.08 miles (5,296.13 km)
Year Total: 1,358.85 miles (2,174.16 km)

I had a somewhat okay afternoon and night at the motel. I just wished that I didn't have to put a $100 deposit on the room. At least, the desk clerk waived the early check-in fee. The desk clerk (Mike) was quiet friendly. The room wasn't in that good of a shape. It looked liked it had been prepped for painting but it hadn't been painted yet. At least, there was a strong wifi signal and a comfortable bed. The plus for me was the guest laundry. I only had to pay $2.50 to do all of my laundry because the soap was free.

I'm glad that I was inside and on the East side of the hotel. The storm started around 4 pm and it was fierce. The rain really came down hard and the wind was intense. There was a reported gust around 50 mph. The storm caused several deaths in the area.

I was able to get some good rest. I went downstairs for breakfast. There was just cold stuff. I left the motel a little after 8 am. I was told that I should get my deposit back between 48 and 72 hrs.

Instead of trying to find my way along the Pacific Coast Trail, I used what I found out on Microsoft Streets and Trips. I only had a few slipups. There was a long hill to walk up in the Torrey Pines area. Once I got over that, it was a downhill run to the ocean. I did have a brief rain event.

I wasn't sure that I would be able to connect with the WS member in Carlsbad. I was about 10 miles to the South and it was around 3:30 pm when I got to Solona Beach. I rode on to Cardiff-By-The-Sea. I hadn't planned to camp out in the San Elijo State Beach camp ground but I didn't have a choice. I couldn't check in until after 4 pm. The thing that hurt my finances some was that the fee was now $10. I'll probably not be staying in many H/B campsites along the coast in CA because of this.

I wished that I could have checked in when the sky was clear. Right as I was trying to get my tent up, it started to rain. I had to wait under a tree for about fifteen minutes. At least, the inside of the tent didn't get that wet. I put on the extra tent fly that I normally cover Alice with.

Tomorrow is the 24th anniversary of the start of my ride.

Feb 19, 2017 : San Elijo State Beach (Cardiff) to San Clemente State Beach : 37.94 miles (60.70 km)
Trip Total: 3,348.02 miles (5,356.83 km)
Year Total: 1,396.79 miles (2,234.86 km)

I had a somewhat okay night camping out in my tent. I wished that I would have been able to check right in when I got to the campground instead of waiting for 4 pm. If I had that extra time, I might have gotten my tent set up before it started to rain. Right after I had put down my groundcloth and spread out the tent on it it started to rain. I quickly bunched up the tent into a bundle and tried to fix the broken ridge pole while standing under a tree that didn't give me much rain protection. At least the shower was a brief one and only lasted about twenty minutes. I was able to get the tent up. Instead of covering Alice, I put on the second rain tarp to give me some extra protection. After getting things situated in the tent, I got out of the wet clothes and into some dry ones. I wasn't sure how much sleep I was going to get because the campgrounds had the loud ocean surf on the right side and the busy passenger train line and I-5 to the left side. I only woke up twice but I was able to fall back asleep.

I took my time packing up. There was another guy in a tent in the campsite. He didn't look like he was traveling very far on bicycle. It was still around 7:50 am when I got back on the road.

I wasn't really sure if I was going to find a church to attend. I finally came across St Anne's Episcopal Church in Encinates. I got there about 15 minutes into the service and about halfway through the sermon. The rector was kind of young. I waited till pretty everybody had left before I had the chance to talk to him. I half expected that he was going to be a pass-off minister but I was hoping that he wasn't going to be. The church didn't do much in the way of social services to the community. They were giving out sack lunches to the homeless but from what I heard that program was going to end soon. They were going to collect new socks and underwear during the Lenton season.

I rode on to Oceansides. I stopped at several motels in Oceansides but I couldn't get a room because they wanted a deposit in cash between $40 and $70 for a room. I really didn't know how I was going to get across Marine Corps Camp Pendleton. From what I heard it could take between 24 and 96 hours to get approval to ride across the base. I found out that this wasn't the case. At the main gate, I met a friendly corpsman who just asked for a valid ID card. After running my ID card through a hand held scanner, he gave me directions on how to ride across the base. I hd about a 10 mile ride through the base. I did have to stop once to add air to my rear tire. I got through the main part of the base my 4:30 pm.

I was hoping to camp out in the San Onfre State Beach campground but the campground was closed. The next campground was in San Clemente about 8 miles away. I pushed on as fast as I could. I rode passed the San Onfre nuclear power plant.

I got into San Clemente a little before dusk. I should have gone through the side gate instead of taking the time to go through the main entrance. I would have avoided going down a steep hill and then climbing up a steep hill to the ticket office. They didn't really have a H/B area but I was given a regular camp site for $6. As I was getting ready to leave, this friendly lady asked me if I needed anything. I told her what I was doing and her husband slipped me $20 in a GH. She told me that they were Catholic and she was impressed at what I was doing, The campsite was a lot better than what I had last night, At least, I had some grass to camp out on.

I'm not sure where I will be going to stay tomorrow. The last campsite with any possibility of staying at is Doheny State Beach but that is just ten miles away. The next campground is going to be 30 miles North of Santa Monica. There is supposed to be a WS member in HunTington Beach. I might just have to break down and get a motel room for the night.

Feb 20, 2017 : San Clemente State Beach (San Clemente) to Seal Beach (Huntington Beach) : 41.29 miles (66.06 km)
Trip Total: 3,389.31 miles (5,422.90 km)
Year Total: 1,438.08 miles (2,300.93 km)

I had a somewhat okay night camping out at the san Clemente State Beach. I was able to get some rest. It was good being able to camp on some grass instead of dirt. I woke up early a little before 5 am. I took my laptop to the restroom and did yesterday's journal writing. There was some dew on the grass and ground. The tent seemed dry on the outside. I took my time packing up and I had to add some more air to the rear tire.

It was almost 9 am when I left the campground. I used the side exit to get back on the road instead of going down the steep hill to the park's entrance and then climbing up to the road. I had a hard time following the bike route through San Clemente. I got on the Pacific Coast Highway. There was a seperate bikeway through Capistrano. I didn't ride through Doheney State Beach because the bike trail had a lot of sand on it. I thought that I was supposed to follow Dana Point Harbor Drive but after about a mile I turned around and found the right path to CA 1. In Dana Point, I stopped at a McDs for an early lunch. There was a long hill to get up and over.

I stayed on US 1 through Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, to Huntington Beach. I got into Huntington Beach around 4:20 pm. I tried calling the WS member but they were not home. I pushed on through the Huntington Beach area. I got into Sunset Beach around 5:10 pm. I didn't want to try and go any farther. I decided to get a motel room. I paid a little more than what I wanted to but I chose a good looking motel.

I'm going to push through the Los Angeles area. My goal tomorrow is to go to the Santa Monica Hostel. The last time that I stayed there was Dec 17, 2006. The next H/B campground is 30 miles to the North of Santa Monica at to Leo Carillo State Park.

Feb 21, 2017 : Seal Beach (Huntington Beach) to Santa Monica : 42.47 miles (67.95 km)
Trip Total: 3,431.78 miles (5,490.85 km)
Year Total: 1,480.55 miles (2,368.88 km)

I had a somewhat okay night camping out. It was a little cool but my new sleeping bag helped. I was pretty surprised at how I had a somewhat okay night at the motel. I paid a little more than what I wanted to but I think that I did okay. The owner was Chinese and he was friendly. The heater unit in the air conditioner didn't work that well but there was a small space heater that really cranked out the heat. I kind of stayed up late. I was trying to find a safe route through the Los Angeles area but i decided to go ahead and ride the main highway. I got about 6 hours of sleep.

I left the motel a little after 8 am. I was pretty surprised at how light traffic was on CA 1 (Pacific Coast Highway). There was a bike lane most of the way and for the most part motorists were courteous. I did stop to do some shopping at a couple small stores. At a 99+ store, I was pretty amazed at finding bicycle tubes for $1.99 . I bought two tubes for the rear tire and a new tube for the front tire. They had a lot of other bicycle stuff but I couldn't find a patch kit. At a Dollar Store, I filled up my food panner. I did stop at a McDs for some lunch.

I stayed on CA 1 till Torrance and then I find my way down the Coast to the bike trail. I got on the bike trail in Hermosa Beach. The ride went okay but it was a little cool. I still couldn't believe how many people were on the trail, playing beach volleyball, or even out surfing. I met up with a guy who had a Lightning Phantom SWB. While we were talking another local guy stopped at he was on a Rans LWB. The ride through the Marina Del Rey area went okay. I rode through the Venice Beach area.

I got into Santa Monica a little after 5 pm. I was pretty amazed that I was able to find the hostel without much problem. The fee for a bed was a little more than what I had planned to pay but it was still a lot cheaper than a motel room. The room had eight bunkbeds in it but it looked like there was just one other occupant. I got a lower bed in a far corner.

My goal for tomorrow is Leo Carillo State Park about 30 miles away. I'm 454 miles away from San Francisco. I'm probably going to have to find some place long term there to stay so I can figure out how to get Alice overhauled before making the temp to travel more Northwards along the Coast.

Feb 22, 2017 : Santa Monica to Leo Carillo State Beach : 30.18 miles (48.29 km)
Trip Total: 3,461.96 miles (5,539.14 km)
Year Total: 1,510.73 miles (2,417.17 km)

I had a somewhat okay night at the hostel. I paid a lot more than what I had hoped to pay but I didn't have a choice. There was no way that I could have afforded a cheap motel room in the area. At least the room that I got was clean and there seemed to be just one other person staying in the room. After getting settled, I took my food and my laptop down to the dining room on the first floor. At least, the wifi was free and throughout the building. Around 8:30 am, there was a comedy show in one of the side rooms downstairs. The comic wasn't that funny. I left after the first ten minutes but all the guy talked about was drug usage, alcohol, and illicit sex. I went back up to my room. Around 10:00 pm, the other guy showed up. I noticed that the room had gotten much louder and colder. The guy had opened up several windows without asking me. I put on a mild fuss and was able to at least shut the window nearest me. The guy let the window nearest him open up a crack. It was about midnight, when I finally was tired enough to go to asleep.

I was surprised that it was 6:30 am when I woke up. I got cleaned up and I moved my stuff downstairs to the dining room. There was going to be a free breakfast. I got my money's worth.

I left the hostel a little after 8 am. I had forgotten that I had gone up a hill to get to the hostel. I had to go south some to find a road that would take me down to the Pacific Coast Highway. Once I got down to the Pacific Coast Highway, I still had a hard time getting over to the bike trail on the beach. I stopped at a parking lot and worked on my brakes. I was concerned about the back brake pads but they looked like they would last me a little while more.

It was a little almost 10 am when I was back on the bike path. I followed it to it's end and then I had to get on the highway. At least there was a bike lane to ride along most of the way. I did have to watch out for the occasional mud and rock slides. The ride North went okay except for when I came to a hill. Depending on how long or steep it was, I either was able to ride up it or I would have to get off and walk Alice up the hill because the chain was slipping. It was a long ride and slow ride through the Malibu area because there was a stiff wind coming from the North.

I got to the Leo Carillo state Beach a little after 4 pm. The ticket booth at the gate was closed. There was self check-in but there was no mention of prices for the hiker/biker area. I thought that there was a check-in area there but there wasn't. The hiker/biker area was kind of big in a glade. I found a good spot to camp out in the rear of the area. I broke down and cut the shock cords on the poles. I was able to get the tent up without much problem.

Feb 25, 2017 : Leo Carillo State Beach to Oxnard : 27.64 miles (44.62 km)
Trip Total: 3,489.60 miles (5,583.36 km)
Year Total: 1,538.37 miles (2,461.39 km)

7:45 am. I didn't get far because the rear tire was soft. I took out the old inner tube and put in a new one. A local cyclists stopped to help me out and he had a better pump for me to use.

The ride through the Santa Monica Hills and Point Magu Area was slow because of hills. I had to still walk up quite a few of them because the chain was still slipping. Once I got into the southern part of Oxnard, I had to get off of CA 1 because it became a freeway and I had to follow local roads. I rode passed the Point Magu Naval Station and I rode passed a lot of truck farms. There were a lot of migrants picking strawberries.

The ride through Port Hueneme area was a little tricky but the Pacific Coast bike route was marked. I stopped at a Wendys for a light lunch and I stopped at a 99 cent store to fill up my food pannier. Once I got back on the road, I should have stopped to investigate a sign that said that there was a bike shop in a shopping area but I didn't stop because I wasn't sure how far I was going to have to ride to the McGrath State Beach campground.

It was almost when I got to the McGrath state Beach campground but I was sad to see that it was closed. I rode on into Ventura but after seeing that it was mostly rich residential areas and very high priced hotels I thought that I would turn around and head back South to see if there was some place where I could at least stealth camp for the night. I did find a place to camp out about a half mile south of the camp ground. The place that I found was kind of okay but it really wasn't that far away from the road.

Mar 01, 2017 : Oxnard to Carpenteria State Park : 30.94 miles (59.60 km)
Trip Total: 3,520.54 miles (5,632.86 km)
Year Total: 1,569.31 miles (2,510.90 km)

I was amazed that I got a little sleep last night. I had things taken down and packed up on Alice by 8:30 am. Traffic along Harbor Road didn't slow down with my heedings of trying to get a ride. I wasn't sure how far I could safely roll Alice down the road with the flat tire without doing any damage to the bead of the tire. I carefully took my time and I stopped to tip Alice on her side quite a few times. I did this for a couple of hours and I didn't think that I traveled just a couple of hours. A lady police officer stopped to see if I needed anything but she didn't have the right kind of vehicle in helping me out and she wasn't from the area so she didn't knnow where the bike shop might be in Port Hueneme.

Around noon, an older guy on a bike stopped to see if I needed any help. He told me that he had his station wagon close by and he had a floor pump in it. He would ride to his station wagon and come back for me. It was about a 15 minute wait till he did show up. For some reason, the floor pump wasn't working. We were near the entrance to an electrical power plant and a worker there stopped to try and help. He told us that there was a bike shop near the corner of Wooley and Ventura in Oxnard that was maybe three miles away. We packed Alice and my gear in the back of the station wagon and went to the bike shop. The guy surprised me by slipping me $20 in a GH. I got a new bike pump for under $20 but I did have to pay $7 for a 20 inch tube. I put that tube in the tire. I wished that I could have bought a tire guage but the bike shop didn't sell any there.

Instead of backtracking clear to Harbor Road and then riding North passed where I had been stuck for a little over 72 hours I found a different ride into the Southern part of Ventura. The ride through the Ventura area went okay. Between Ventura and Carpenteria, there was a pretty well marked bike path to follow. On the Eastern side of Carpenteria, I did have to get on the freeway (US 101) for a little under a mile.

I got to the campground in the Carpenteria State Park a little before dark. Don't know how far I'm going to try and make it tomorrow.

Mar 02, 2017 : Carpenteria State Park to El Capital State Beach Park : 42.27 miles (67.63 km)
Trip Total: 3,562.81 miles (5,700.50 km)
Year Total: 1,611.58 miles (2,578.53 km)

I was amazed that I got a little sleep last night. There was some loud noise from the ocean surf on my right side and every once in a while there was loud noise from a passenger train. There was one other guy staying in the campsite. The last time that I had stayed there was Dec 19, 2006. Before heading out, I took the time to repair the shock pole. I found some elastic cord in one of my panniers.

I was back on the road around 8:45 am. The ride West through the Summerland area into Santa Barbara went okay. There were plenty of bike signs to follow. The ride got a little tricky when I rode through the downtown area along the harbor. Because of all of the stops and starts, I only made about 16 miles by noon. I stopped at a McDs for some lunch and I also stopped at grocery store to get a loaf of bread.

The afternoon ride was a little harder because the bike route signs became a lot less. I got lost going up a road on a cliff and it ended in a private community. I got on a pretty long bike trail. The bike trail ended around the Santa Barbarba airport and I had a really confusing ride through the University of California Santa Barbara campus. It was really tricky getting on the right roads again that took me to US 101.

Just beyond Ellwood, I got on US 101. Bicyclists were allowed in this section. Instead of stopping at Refugio State Beach, I stopped at El Capitan State Beach. I got to the state beach a little before dusk. Instead of going to the H/B campsite, I was given a regular campsite.

Mar 03, 2017 : El Capital State Beach Park to Lompoc : 40.05 miles (64.08 km)
Trip Total: 3,602.86 miles (5,764.58 km)
Year Total: 1,651.63 miles (2,642.61 km)

I was amazed that I got a some sleep last night. There was some strange loud noises throughout the night. It sounded like somebody was chopping wood. I wasn't really rested when I headed out around 8:30 am. It was a slow ride West along US 101. There were a couple of times that I had to walk up some of the hills when the chain slipped.

I got to the Gaviota Rest stop around 11:40 am. I wasn't sure if I could get a ride over the Gaviota Pass but it took me a little over 90 minutes. While I was trying to get a ride, this older guy stopped to talk to me. After talking for a few minutes he went away but he came back after about 10 minutes to slip me $20 in a GH.

After talking to 10 people with pick-up trucks, I finally got offered a ride. Instead of being dropped off at CA 1, I was offered a ride to Buellton. The ride went okay except when the guy left me at a gas station I found out that my bike lock was missing from the pocket where I normally carry it. I didn't see it in the back of the truck before the guy left. I wandered around Buellton to see if there was a place where I could get a new bike lock but there was no hardware store. I also went around the town to see if there were any churches. I only found one church but the office was closed and nobody around it. I checked out a couple of motels but I couldn't afford the rates.

The only thing that I could do was to head out to Lompoc 16 miles away. It was almost 2:40 pm when I headed out to Lompoc. The ride along CA 246 was slow because of the hills. I looked along the way to find some place where I could camp out but there wasn't a place.

I got into Lompoc a little after 5 pm. I was able to find the police station. I didn't get much help. I was only given the church office number of the minister who was the chaplain. There wasn't a emergency number for the minister. I was given some vague directions to a Catholic church. There were a couple of churches along the way but there was nobody around them, At the Catholic Church, I talked to a guy who was in charge of the local St Vincent dePaul program but he told me that they didn't put up people in motel rooms any more. The Catholic priest wasn't that helpful. He told me that he has only been in the area for a couple of months.

I happened to find somebody cleaning the santuary of the Grace Temple Missionary Baptist Church. The guy called his pastor and also his father who was the head deacon. I was kind of surprised that I was given the offer of a motel room for the night. On the way out of Lompoc, I will stop at a Walmart.

The next update will be posted between March 10th and March 17th.



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