TRIP 2017

Update #07 - March 29th
san Francisco, CA
Mission Trip 3,930.90 miles (6,289.44 km)
Year Total : 1,979.67 miles (3,167.47 km)

Mar 04, 2017 : Lompoc, CA to Guadalupe, CA : 40.09 miles (64.14 km)
Trip Total: 3,642.95 miles (5,828.72 km)
Year Total: 1,691.72 miles (2,706.75 km)

I was hoping to get a lot of rest but I didn't. The room wasn't that good. I was hoping to take a shower before going to bed but all that came out of the shower was super cold water. It was strange because I could get hot water out of the bathroom and kitchenette sinks. I wasn't able to get that comfortable in bed because the pillows were really hard. I was also worried about not finding a new bike lock and chain.

I got about 5 hours of rest. I was kind of surprised when I saw that it was 7 am when I woke up. I took my time packing up and getting ready to go. It was almost 9 am when I left the motel. From the motel, it was about a mile ride to the Walmart. I parked Alice behind a troop of girlscouts and kind of made it look like I had a bike lock. I quickly went into the store to the bike section and picked up the cheapest locking system that I could find. After getting Alice locked up, I went back into the store to get a few more groceries.

The ride North was kind of hard because I went through a really hilly section through the Vandeburg Air Force Base. There were quite a few hills that I almost got up to the top before I had to get off and walk the rest of the way up the hill. Once out of the Vandeburg area, there were some long downhill runs. About six miles out of Orcutt, the road pretty well leveled off. At Orcutt, I could have turned towards Guadalupe there but I would have had to climb some more hills. I instead rode into Santa Maria. At 100,000 population, I didn't think that I would find any help at the police station. I happened to ride passed the First United Methodist Church and it was kind of small for the size of the city. I also rode passed the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter. It didn't look too inviting.

I got on CA 166 and rode it West through farming land to Guadalupe. I wasn't sure what I was going to find in the small town of around 800. I found the police station but it was closed on the weekend. I caught the end of the Saturday afternoon mass at the Catholic Church. The priest there was just filling in for the weekend so he couldn't give me permission to stay in one of the church buildings. The only place that I could find to maybe camp out was in the small park near the North end of town. The grass hadn't been mowed in a long time. I waited till after dark and set up my tent in one of the concrete handball courts. I hope that the rumor about rain wasn't going to be true.

Mar 05, 2017 : Guadalupe, CA to Guadalupe, CA : 01.00 miles (01.60 km)
Trip Total: 3,643.95 miles (5,830.32 km)
Year Total: 1,692.72 miles (2,708.35 km)

The rain that they were predicting happened. I really hoped that I could have found a place under cover for the tent. There was a small porch in the back of the boys and girls club but it didn't look that big. I was amazed at finding some puddles of water in the tent but the sleeping bag stayed dry. There was a lot of wetness under the sleeping pad. I waited till the rain ended aorund 8 am before making any attempt to take the tent down but I still had to pack it up wet.

I was pretty miserable and I didn't want to make any attempt in leaving town. The next town would have been almost 15 miles to the North. I remembered seeing a sign for a Community Church on the way through town. I found a place to wait out some of the rain before heading to the church.

Once at the church, I still had a little over an hours wait before people started to show up. It was a really small group. During the service, I got to share a little bit. Afterwards, I got permission to stay in the old parsonage next door. The electricity and water was still turned on but there wouldn't be any heat or hot water available. There was a bed to sleep on and also there was a laundromat close by. This is the third Sunday in a row that I couldn't say anything to the congregation.

Mar 06, 2017 : Guadalupe, CA to Morro Strand State Beach Campground (N Morro Bay), CA : 48.37 miles (77.396 km)
Trip Total: 3,692.32 miles (5,909.71 km)
Year Total: 1,741.09 miles (2,785.74 km)

I had a bit of a rough afternoon and night. I had a bad case of diahhrea. I was really happy that I was inside and I had access to a bathroom. After a couple of hours of repeated trips to the bathroom, I finally broke down to take a couple of anti-diahhreal pills. I was able to get some rest even though there was no heat in the house and the house was pretty dirty. There was a plus and that there was a laundomat next door.

I got on the road around 8 am. After a couple of miles of level ground, there was a hill to climb up nd then a long downhill coast to Oceano. I rode through more farm land. The ride was pretty level through Grover Beach and Pismo Beach. In Shell Beach, I stopped at an ocean side park for a brief lunch break.

The afternoon ride to San Louis Obispo went okay. There were some hills to get over but the signage was okay into San Louis Obispo. Once I got into the afternoon, the ride was a little confusing because the signage for the Pacific coast Bike Route disapperared. I was able to get on CA 1 and that was the right route.

The ride to Morro Bay went okay. I got to the Morro Stand State Beach Campground around dusk. The entrance booth was closed and there wasn't really a H/B area. I picked a spot that had some tree coverage to camp out. The area was just sand.

Mar 07, 2017 : Morro Strand State Beach Campground (N Morro Bay) CA to Campbria, CA : 20.09 miles (32.14 km)
Trip Total: 3,712.41 miles (5,939.86 km)
Year Total: 1,761.18 miles (2,817.89 km)

I had a bit of a rough night. I was surprised at getting some sleep. Everything shifted over to their side. I was able to get a couple of hours of sleep.

Around daylight, I started to pack up. I was back on the road around by 7 am. The ride to Cayucas was a little slow. I waited till a grovery store to open up and I bought a few things. I stopped alongside the road for a short lunch break.

A couple of miles out of Cambria near the intersection of CA 1 and CA 56, I saw a flashing warning sign that put a big crunch into my ride up the California Coast. The sign warned that CA 1 was closed at Ragged Point about 27 miles to the North.

I rode on to Campbria hoping to find some place to stop for the night. I happened to come across the St Stephan Episcopal Church. The rector was out but the secretary through one of the parishioners was able to help me out with a motel room for the night. At the motel, I found out that the reason why CA 1 was closed at Ragged Point was that there was a bridge out and the highway wouldn't be reopened until next year.

The only thing that I could do tomorrow is to head East to Paso Robles and then try and find a ride between Paso Robles and Salinas because US 101 is a restricted access freeway.

Mar 08, 2017 : Campbria, CA to Paso Robles, CA : 28.57 miles (45.71 km)
Trip Total: 3,740.98 miles (5,985.57 km)
Year Total: 1,789.75 miles (2,863.60 km)

I could have had a better night but I was a bit worried about what I was going to do today. I really didn't want to leave the California coast and go inland. Trying to get a ride along the freeway section of US 110 would be really hard. I got maybe 5 hours of sleep.

I left the motel a little after 8 am. The temperature was kind of cool and it was windy. I didn't have much problem getting up the hill on Main Street to CA 1. The ride South to CA 46 went okay. Once I got on CA 46, I started to climb. I tried getting a ride but I didn't have much luck. The walk was kind of slow. The climb was over 10 miles long. I stopped to take several breaks along the way. By noon, I had only made almost nine miles. During one of my breaks, the wind was so strong that the recumbent was flipped on top of me. I wasn't hurt. A little after noon, I stopped at a less windy place. I was really surprised when a hispanic guy came out to me with two clam-shell boxes of food and a liter of water. After lunch, I had about 4 more miles of climbs before I started to go downhill.

There was a couple of miles of coasting at 6 percent grade. After about a mile more of coasting downhill, there was a sohrt climb up a hill. There were several other roller coaster hills to Paso Robles. I rode passed a lot of wineries and grape vinyards. Along the way, I looked for a place to camp out but there wasn't any open land.

I got to the Southern edge of Paso Robles a little before dusk. After a short break at a gas station, I got on a frontage road and rode it a couple of miles into Paso Robles.

Somehow, I happened to come across a Horizon Vineyard church. It was on the edge of a shopping center. There were some meetings going on downstairs and some youth activities on the second floor. I got to talk with one of the pastors. He didn't feel comfortable with me staying inside but I was given permission to camp out in an alcove in back. There was electricity available. There were going to be lights around me. Hopefully, I will be getting some sleep. One lady got me a small cardboard box of food. I waited till after 8:30 pm before I pitched my tent.

Mar 09, 2017 : Paso Robles, CA to Paso Robles, CA : 10.64 miles (17.02 km)
Trip Total: 3,751.62 miles (6,002.59 km)
Year Total: 1,800.39 miles (2,880.62 km)

I had a hard time falling asleep. There was a sore spot on my right leg and my left ankle hurt some. It was probably 1:20 am when I finally fallen asleep. I didn't stay asleep long. Around 4 am, I heard the loud voice of a police officer. Because I didn't have the business card of the pastor who gave me permission to camp out, I had a half hour to pack up and leave the church grounds. The police officer told me that there was actually a no sleeping in public and camping out ordinance in the city. I packed up and left the grounds and stopped at a bus stop to wait out till dawn.

From the bus stop, I walked through the downtown area and stopped at an on-ramp to the freeway on the end of Spring Street, which was the main street through the downtown area. There was very little traffic at that on-ramp. I rode over to another on-ramp that had more traffic but after about three hours of trying to get a ride I gave up because I was pretty exhausted. I decided to try and connect with a local minister. I didn't have much luck. I did talk to a couple of secretaries. Around noon, I checked out a church where there was supposed to be a free lunch but there was nobody there.

After trying for another hour, I decided to try and contact one of my pastor friends back East. He offered to get me a room at a motel close to the freeway (US 101). I really have to make a honest effort to get a ride tomorrow. If after about four hours of trying to get a ride, I'll try and ride 10 more miles to San Migel and try and get a ride there.

Mar 10, 2017 : Paso Robles, CA to Paso Robles, CA : 01.00 miles (01.60 km)
Trip Total: 3,752.62 miles (6,004.19 km)
Year Total: 1,801.39 miles (2,882.22 km)

I had a hard time falling asleep. I was pretty wired. I wished that I could have gotten more sleep. I got probably 4.5 hrs of sleep. I did go out and go to a nearby grocery store to get a few things. I found a piece of cardboard there and made up a sign.

I left the motel around 8:30 am. I rode over to the on-ramp of US 101 and tried to get a ride. I didn't have any luck. I tried maybe 8 hours and got no where. There was a lot of traffic but not that many pickup trucks that had empty backs and no company signs. A hispanic lady did stop to talk to me and she slipped me $15 in a GH.

I didn't really want to go down into the river valley next to the freeway but I needed to find some place to camp out. During the day, I watched maybe a dozen or more people go down and come up several trails from the valley floor. There was a sign that said no trespassing and no camping but I didn't have any other idea on where I could go. I waited till around 6 pm and then I carefully took Alice down the hill. I didn't go all of the way into the tall weeds where the other people were camping out. I found a clearing but I waited till after dark to pitch the tent.

Mar 12, 2017 : Paso Robles, CA to Paso Robles, CA : 01.76 miles (02.82 km)
Trip Total: 3,756.54 miles (6,010.46 km)
Year Total: 1,805.31 miles (2,888.50 km)

I didn't get any sleep. There was this strange guy yelling close by. The loud yelling started and stopped every couple of hours. I waited till around 7 am to take my tent down. I rode over to the park where I had stayed yesterday afternoon and took the time to shave and have some breakfast.

Around 9 am, I left the park and walked over to the Plymouth congregational Church. The service was supposed to start at 10 am and I got there about fifteen minutes before the service started. Near the beginning of the service, there was a time for visitors to introduve themselves. I took the time to tell the congregation what I was doing. After the church, there was some fellowship time in the fellowship hall. Several people came up to talk to me and slip me some GH. I was really surprised when one person slipped me a $100 bill and another person slipped me 2 $100 bills. Before I had the chance to talk to the pastor to see if he could help me with a place to stay for the day, a couple invited me to stay with them.

Mar 13, 2017 : Paso Robles, CA to Watsonville, CA : 36.78 miles (58.85 km)
Trip Total: 3,793.72 miles (6,069.31 km)
Year Total: 1,842.09 miles (2,947.34 km)

I had an okay afternoon and night at Gary and Melinda's house. I was happy that they had offered to take me to Monterey tomorrow. The only other way that I could have gotten to Montery was Amtrak but the logistics of getting my recumbent into the Baggage Car and the rest of my gear into the train and vice versa was too complicated to think about. It would have been nice if there was somebody who I could have talked to about just rolling Alice fully loaded into the baggage car. The station was unmanned and I really didn't know if I could have bought a ticket there.

I got some rest. After breakfast, we loaded Alice and my gear into Gary's van. It was really nice finally going passed the on-ramp where I had tried a couple of days getting a ride. The ride to Solinas went okay. Along the way, most of the flat land was taken up with large truck farms. The ride from Salinas to Monterey was hard because there was some road construction especially on a bridge. In Monterey, Gary got a little lost. They were going to the Monterey Aquarium.

I got dropped off someplace in Cannery Row. It was a little tricky getting down to the Monterey Bay Bike Trail. Along the way on the bike trail, I stopped at a McDs for some lunch. The afternoon ride went okay. It was a little tricky getting into and through Marina. Between Marina and Castroville, it was a little tricky finding a safe bike route.

Between Catroville and Watsonville, I got on CA 1 because it was a two-lane highway. About 3 miles out of Watsonville, the bike route took me East to Palaro because CA 1 became a freeway.. The bike signs disappeared going into Watsonville. I tried finding the way as best as I could. Around 7 pm. I came across a Motel 6. Even though the rate was a little more than what I wanted to pay, I broke down and got a room. I think that I found a decent ride to santa Cruz where I should be able to get back on CA 1 again.

Mar 14, 2017 : Watsonville, CA to Davenport Landing, CA : 36.67 miles (58.67 km)
Trip Total: 3,829.99 miles (6,127.98 km)
Year Total: 1,878.76 miles (3,006.02 km)

I had off evening at the Motel 6. The wifi didn't work. I was able to log onto the network but I couldn't do anything. Pretty frustrating. The room was on he upstairs on the back side but it was right above busy US 1. It took a while finding a bike route that would take me into Santa Cruz.

I left the motel around 8:20 am. I headed North to get on Freedom Blvd. Along the way, I stopped to get a loaf of bread. The ride along Freedom Blvd was okay but the ride was long and there was a long hill to get up and over. Near CA 1, I got on Soguel Blvd. In the Aptos area, I was surprised at seeing some Pacific Coast Bike Trail signs. In the Capitola, I got off of Soquel because there was more bike signs but they disappeared. It took a while getting back on Soquel.

The ride into Santa Cruz went okay. I did stop in a parking lot in the downtown area to take a short lunch break off the bike. After the break, I stopped at a Safeway to get a few more groceries. From the downtown area, it was a tricky ride to CA 1, Once I got out into the country, the ride was okay to Davenport. I was hoping to stop in Davenport for the night but the town was just 400 people and not much there. There was an inn but they wanted $90 for a room. There was one church but it didn't look like it was being used.

I left Davenport and rode about 4 miles out of town. I was getting worried about the time so I followed a dirt toad and found a level place to camp out on a cliff.

Mar 21, 2017 : Davenport Landing, CA to Santa Cruz, CA : 15.26 miles (24.42 km)
Trip Total: 3,845.25 miles (6,152.40 km)
Year Total: 1,894.02 miles (3,030.43 km)

I had a really rough night. The rain lasted well past midnight and then the winds started up hard again. There was really very little dry floor on my tent. I put down my large towel on the floor and put my sleeping pad down on it. It was really tricky keeping the sleeping bag on top of the sleeping pad. The outside of the tent got really wet.

I had to wait till around 9 am before I could take the tent down because of the wind. It was almost 10 am when I finally got back on the highway. It was really hard to get back to the highway from where I had been camping out because of large mud holes and thick mud. I wasn't really planning to ride to santa Cruz but it would have taken me a long time to walk back to Santa Cruz. There were only a couple of hills that I had to walk up.

I stopped at one bike shop but they didn't have the right size of tire that I needed. They had one almost two inches wide but they wanted $30 for it. I was given directions to another bike shop five blocks away. On the way to the second bike shop, I stopped at a Safeway to fill up my food pannier. I was nearly out of food. At the second bike shop, I found a tire that would work for under $20. There was a McDs across the highway. I got on the internet to see if I could find a low cost motel. I found one through When I got to the motel, I was kind of disappointed because it was run down. The owners were from India and there was blue tarps on the roof which was evidence of roof leaks. I had to be switched to another room becuase the television channel translator didn't work.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow. There is going to be some heavy rain tomorrow especially in the morning. I've got to find a laundromat to get all of my wet stuff washed and dried. Not too sure what I'm going to do about a place to stay. There are only a couple of WS members in Santa Cruz. I might have to find a church and go that route.

Mar 22, 2017 : Santa Cruz, CA to Swanton, CA : 19.94 miles (31.90 km)
Trip Total: 3,865.19 miles (6,184.30 km)
Year Total: 1,913.96 miles (3,062.34 km)

I had a really rough night. The room was really terrible. The owners are from India. Most of the roofs of the buildings were covered with blue tarp. I had to be moved to a second room that was a little bigger and the tv worked even though the color went in and out of focus. The curtain didn't hang properly because there were not that many hooks. I had to fix it and put a towel on top of the curtain rod to block a lot of the light coming into the room. The room still didn't get that dark. I forgot to plug in my cell phone. There was some room to hang out my large towel and sleeping bag. Hopefully both will get dry tomorrow.

Around midnight, I had a scare. The door opened up and there was a strange guy coming into the room. I yelled and I scared the guy off. I don't know how that happened because I thought that I had secured the door with the dead bolt. This got me pretty wired so I didn't get to sleep. I spent most of the rest of the evening tossing and turning. I was really worried when I found out that my cell phone was on the fritz. I tried the flip phone to see if it would charge but something was wrong with it as well.

I couldn't leave the motel till almost 9 am because it had rained in the morning. The first thing that I had to do was find an att store to see if I could buy a new go-phone. At the phone store, I was happy to see that the cell phone was working some what. There was a SuperCuts next door. I took the time to get my hair finally cut. The lady who cut my hair gave me a free shampoo so I saved $5. The hair cut came out okay. I don't look like a long-haired freak any more.

From the SuperCuts, I rode through the downtown area to a laundromat. The laundry was kind of expensive. It cost me $5 to get my wet stuff washed and dried. From the laundromat, I had a long ride to the First United Methodist Church in the SW part of town. I was able to talk to the pastor but he wasn't that helpful. I checked out three other churches. The last church was the catholic Church. I wasn't able to talk to the priest. I was only able to talk with somebody who was finishing up a food pantry. I was able to get a few things to take along with me.

I tried contacting some of the Ws members but I didn't have any luck. The only thing that I could do was to go ahead and head out again. I would at least ride to Davenport. It was around 3 pm when I headed out again. The ride to Davenport went okay except that I had a headwind. I was able to ride most of the way except for the last hill into the Davenport. I checked out the Catholic Church but there was no rectory. I stopped at a couple of businesses to see if anybody knew of somebody who went to the church. I wanted to see if I could maybe camp out behind the church. I stopped at the Bar and Restaurant. I got to meet the owner. She told me to stay around because her husband was supposed to show up around 6 pm. Maybe I could get permission to camp out in back. One of the hispanic guys slipped me a small GH. Around 6:30 pm. The lady came back and told me that her husband said no but she wanted to offer me a bowl of oyster chowder and toast.

It was around 7 pm when I headed out. There was another guy on bike on tour as well. I was going to try and find someplace to camp out by the fire station. Some local people who were in the bar offered to take us about seven miles up the highway to a place where we could camp out. When we got to the place the other guy didn't really want to camp out there because there were some keep out signs. We went out to check out some other places but there was no way there. Finally we went back to the irst spot. It was a tricky walk down to the hill to the gate. We found a place hidden sort of view from the traffic going above. Hopefully, I can get some sleep because of the loud surf. The other guy wanted us to be back out on the highway by at least 7 am.

Mar 23, 2017 : Swanton, CA to Francis State Beach Campground (Half Moon Bay), CA : 32.13 miles (51.41 km)
Trip Total: 3,897.32 miles (6,235.71 km)
Year Total: 1,946.09 miles (3,113.74 km)

I had a really rough night. I wasn't able to get any sleep. I couldn't drown out the loud noise from the nearby surf. I maybe got an hour or two of sleep. By 6:30 am, it started to get light out so I quickly got my bike packed up. The other guy helped me up the hill at the highway. Before he zipped off, he gave me a rear flasher, a small flashlight, and some batteries.

The ride to Half Moon Bay went okay. I took a couple of extended breaks. Except for one hill, I was able to ride most of the way. There was one really long hill that had a climb of almost two miles. The last seven miles into Half Moon Bay was smooth.

I got into Half Moon Bay around 3:30 pm. I found the Methodist Church but the office had closed at 3 pm. I checked out a couple more churchs. The last Church was the Catholic. I found out that there was going to be a food pantry through the SVdP. It was a long wait to talk to somebody. The person wasn't that much help. I did get a bag of bread, a bag of grapes, a $10 BK card.

I rode to the state beack campground and paid $7 for a spot. The rain is supposed to start before sunrise tomorrow. I was surprised at finding wifi in the park campground. I got an email from a contact of mine in San Francisco asking me to hold off my arrival in San Francisco because my hosts were going to be gone for the weekend.

Mar 26, 2017 : Francis State Beach Campground (Half Moon Bay), CA to Montara Lighthouse Hostel (Montara), CA : 09.94 miles (15.90 km)
Trip Total: 3,907.26 miles (6,251.62 km)
Year Total: 1,956.03 miles (3,129.85 km)

I was surprised at getting a little sleep during the night. Around daylight, I took my tent down and got Alice packed up again. I then went to the bath house to get cleaned up. It was around 7:45 am when I left the campground.

I rode back into the downtown area and stopped at the Community Methodist Church. There was an early chapel service but I decided to wait outside. The people weren't that friendly. At 10 am, there was a regular service in the main church. There was a lady minister. I didn't get any help when I asked if she knew where I could possibly spend the rest of the day. Just another pass-off minister. I probably would have gotten the same answer if I had stopped at one of the other churches in town.

On the way North, I did stop at a BK to use the gift card to get a hot meal and a nearby Safeway to get a few groceries. The ride North went okay but it was a cold ride. For the night, I stopped at the Montara Lighthouse Hostel. I got there around 1:30 pm but I wasn't able to check-in till 3:30 pm. I paid $31 to get a bed in a room that had three bunkbeds.

I'm about 25 miles away from San Francisco.

Mar 27, 2017 : Montara Lighthouse Hostel (Montara), CA to San Francisco, CA : 23.64 miles (37.82 km)
Trip Total: 3,930.90 miles (6,289.44 km)
Year Total: 1,979.67 miles (3,167.47 km)

I was really hoping to have a warm night at the hostel but I didn't. Around 10 pm one of the other guys who was staying in the room without asking me opened both windows in the room. The guy told me that the room smelled a little funny but he did crank up the electric heat in the room. The only thing that I could do was burrow into the cover. I didn't really get any sleep.

Around 7:30 am, I got my things out of the hostel and up the hill to the building where Alice was being kept. The temperature was cold and it was windy. I did stop to get some breakfast off the bike before heading out. The ride North went okay but there were a couple of places where I had to get off of Alice and walk up the hill. There was no shoulder in some of the sections. I rode through the long tunnel.

In Pacifica, I got off of CA 1 because it became a freeway again. I started to follow some signs for the Pacific Coast Bike Trail. There was a really long steep hill that I had to push Alice up. I had to watch the brakes on Alice on the other side of the hill. By noon, I had only ridden 12 miles. I lost the bike signs in Daly City. I stopped at a BK to get some lunch.

After BK, I was able to find out where I was and get back on the right roads into San Francisco. Coming into San Francisco, I got on the Great Highway Extension. It was really windy riding close to the ocean. Near the SW corner of Golden Gate Park, I turned East on Lincoln and rode it East to Haight Street where I followed it to my host house. I got to my host house around 3 pm/ I've been invited to stay for as long as I needed/ Hopefully, I'll get Alice into a bike shop in a couple of days. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the money together before I have to get Alice out of the shop.

The next update will be posted between April 05th and April 12th.



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