TRIP 2017

Update #08 - April 17th
Gualala, CA
Mission Trip 4,073.32 miles (6,517.31 km)
Year Total : 2,122.09 miles (3,395.34 km)

Apr 10, 2017 : San Francisco to Sam Taylor State Park Campground (Jenner, CA) : 40.59 miles (64.94 km)
Trip Total: 3,971.49 miles (6,354.38 km)
Year Total: 2,020.26 miles (3,232.42 km)

Being that it was the night before I was going to head out again, I couldn't fall asleep. I was pretty wired. Before retiring in my bedroom, I took a shower, washed and dried what few dirty clothes that I had, packed up, and moved most of my stuff downstairs in the first floor hallway next to Alice.

I spent most of the evening and early morning, watching one television show episodes on YouTube, finished up updating all of the photos that I took this year, mapped out a route for tomorrow, and listened to a new musician that I'm into now, Andrew Black.

Around 6:30 am, I got cleaned up, dressed, moved out the rest of my belongings from the third floor bedroom, and stripped the sheets and pillowcase and took them to the laundry room in the basement. I got some breakfast while watching the morning national news. Around 7:45 am, Jake helped me move my gear and Alice outside to the sidewalk. Jake held Alice while I packed her because we were on a hill with a steep slope.

It was around 8:10 am when I headed out. The temperature was in the 50s and the high is supposed to be in the 60s. I walked passed the Jews For Jesus headquarters. I got on the bike path along Market Street. There was a lot of congestion, general motor traffic, electric buses, regular buses, street cars, and a lot of people on bicycles. There were a lot of police at this one intersection that was cordoned off for several blocks because there was some kind of altercation with a person with a gun. There were a lot of homeless people. I rode through the downtown area. I got a glimpse of China Town and Lombard Street.

At the ferry terminal, I turned West on Embarcadero and rode passed all of the piers. I rode through the Fishermans Wharf area. Near Ft Mason, I stopped to take pictures and videos of the Howe and Powell Street Street cars. I took videos of the street cars on the turntable. I was amazed that they were able to push the turntable by themselves without any use of a motor.

From the Ft Mason area, I rode passed Crissy Field and the waterfront. I stopped to take several pictures of ocean vessels and the Golden Gate Bridge. I was able to ride most of the way up a long steep hill to the Golden Gate Bridge. The overhal and tune-up of my recumbent seems to be working. There was one section where I had to walk Alice up the hill. At the bridge, I had somebody take several pictures of me and Alice in front of the bridge. Getting across the Golden Bridge was kind of tricky because of all of the tourists (walking and bicycling) and small vehicles for the workers doing some sand blasting and painting below the deck of the bridge.

Bicycle traffic between the Bridge and Sausolito wasn't as bad as on the bridge. I stopped to talk to a lady who had volunteered to serve as an ambassador to all of the bicycle tourists. There were a lot of kids on bikes because this was Spring Break.

The ride through Sausolito went okay. I rode passed a lot of house boats and a place where they had planes on pontoons that landed and took off from the Bay. I got on a long bike path next to US 101. Near Mill Valley, I had a bit of a confusing ride through the Mill Valley and Larkspur area. I got on Bike Route that took me through San Anselmo and Fairfax. In Fairfax, I tried to contact a couple of WS members but they weren't home.

West of Fairfax, I got on Sir Francis Drake and walked about halfway up a long hill that must have been a mile and a half long. It looked like it was going to rain but the clouds cleared up. Once on the top of the hill, there was a steep and then gradual downhill run to San Geronimo. I started to ride through the Sam Taylor State Park and rode through a lot of redwood tree groves.

I stopped at the Sam Taylor State Park Campground. There weren't that many people tent camping. This was tent camping only and no RVs. I was the only H/B. The site was down a hill next to a fast moving stream. There was a restroom building with electricity close by. Several of the campsites were flooded out.

Tomorrow, I'll be finishing up Sir Francis Drake Drive to Point Reyes Station. At Point Reyes Station, I'll be getting back on CA 1. My goal tomorrow is to make it to Bodega Bay. There is a WS member in that town.

April 11, 2017 : Sam Taylor State Park Campground (Jewell) to Tomales : 29.44 miles (47.10 km)
Trip Total: 4,000.94 miles (6,401.49 km)
Year Total: 2,049.70 miles (3,279.52 km)

I was hoping to get a lot of sleep but that didn't happen. I just couldn't fall asleep. I'm not sure what is really going on with my sleep. It's seems that my body has forgotten how to or my melatonin level is really low. I spent most of the night making circles in my sleeping bag going from one side to the other trying to find a comfortable position. This sleeping bag is too narrow so my arms can't stretch out like in the old sleeping bag.

The sun came up around 6:45 am. I had things back on Alice by 8:20 am. It was a little tricky getting Alice up the hill back on the road. I was hoping to take the paved RtoT path out of the park but it was closed because of a tree down over it. I had to ride to the entrance of the park and get back on Sir Francis Drake. I was supposed to stay on Sir Francis Drake to Point Reyes Station but I took a longer route to avoid going over a big hill. I got to Point Reyes Station on the west side. I rode into Point Reyes Station but there really wasn't anything for me. There was one church (Presbyterian Community) but it was too small to have an office.

After about 20 minutes in Point Reyes Station, I got on CA 1 and started the ride North. The ride was really slow because of the hills. Somewhere near BiValve, the rear derailleur locked up. I saw that the derailleur hanger was bent and the derailleur cage was out of skew. This really frustrated me because I had wanted the mechanic to replace the rear derailleur but he told me that it looked still okay. I spent over an hour on the side of the road with Alice flipped on its side trying to get things to work out. I got the middle gears to work somewhat okay but the granny gears I couldn't, The chain doesn't mesh right. It's going to be a pain without the granny gears working. I'm also having a hard time with the front derailleur not working right. It doesn't want to mesh with the granny gear up front.

It was almost 4 pm when I got into Tomales. I didn't feel like trying to go on to Bodega Bay. There was no guarentee that I would have gotten connected with the WS member there. There was a Catholic Church but no priest lived there in the rectory. After talking to a couple of people, I was told about the Presbyterian Church a cuople of blocks up a hill to the west. The minister was only in the office of the church on Tuesday afternoons and I had missed them by a half hour. Behind the church was a cemetary but there was a space next to the building where I could put the tent up. It took awhile getting the tent up because of the strong wind. Hopefully, the tent will stay up.

I'm about 18 miles away from Bodega Bay.

Apr 13, 2017 : Tomales to Bodega Bay : 18.74 miles (29.98 km)
Trip Total: 4,019.67 miles (6,431.47 km)
Year Total: 2,068.44 miles (3,309.50 km)

Another night and tossing and turning in my sleeping bag. I must have fallen asleep for a little while because I remembered that I had dreamt a little bit. Around 6:45 am, the rain started up again but it was a brief shower. The tent was a little wet especially under the sleeping pad. I packed the tent up wet.

It was about 9 am when I got back on the road. About 3 miles out of town, I stopped alongside the road to do some repair work on the steering column. I wanted to try and stabilize it more. It really needs to have a welding job done on it. The winds had switched from the south to the North. It was really hard going because I couldn't get into my low gears. I did a lot of road walking up and over hills.

It was a little after noon when I got into the small town of Valley Ford. I stopped at the grocery store for a short break but the only thing that I could buy was something to drink because the food was quite high. None of the stuff had price tags on them. They had fresh baked goods but they wanted $1.25 for one cookie.

The five miles to Bodega Bay were hard because of the wind. It was like riding through a wind tunnel. I got into Bodega Bay around 2:45 pm. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to connect with the WS member in town but I was surprised at getting a cell phone connection. The WS member actually about 1.5 miles to the South of Bodega Bay. I got directions to their house but I had to wait a couple of hours because they had to go to a hardware store to pick up some supplies to remodel their upstairs bathroom.

Apr 14, 2017 : Bodega Bay to Salt Point State Park sP/B (H/B) : 30.69 miles (49.10 km)
Trip Total: 4,050.36 miles (6,480.58 km)
Year Total: 2,099.13 miles (3,358.61 km)

I had an okay night at Dan and Val's house. I took a good and long shower and got what dirty clothes that I had washed and dried. I was surprised at getting at least six hours of sleep. This hasn't happened in a long time. I woke up with a start around 6:30 am. I had to get ready to leave before 8 am. Dan and Val got me a good breakfast. Val gave me a loaf of bread and some snacks.

I got on the road around 7:40 am. It was a tricky ride down to CA 1. Riding through Bodega Bay, a cycle tourist passed me going South. The guy didn't take the time to talk to me. The ride North was slow because of the hills and me having to walk up most of them. I got into Jenner around noon. I stopped for a short break behind a closed business to get out of the wind.

About 4 miles N of Jenner, I started the long climb up Jenner Hill. There were five switchbacks. On the second switchback, I had to walk through a construction zone where workers were building a retention wall at a mud slide that took down part of the South bound lane. I was thinking that there were going to be switchbacks on the North side of the hill but there weren't. For about five miles, I rode through five miles of rolling hills with six cattle crossings. I rode passed Fort Ross. I stopped for a short break at a grocery store at Fort Ross.

About 6 miles more I finally came to Salt Point State Park. The hiker/ biker campsite was behind the ranger station. There was one huy there and he was walking. I found a spot west of the ranger station because there was a loud roaring coming rom the ranger station. It was probably was the heating system but it sounded like a loud jet taking off. Hopefully, I'll be abke to block the noise out and get some sleep.

Apr 15, 2017 : Salt Point State Park to Gualala Point Recreational Park : 19.69 miles (31.50 km)
Trip Total: 4,070.05 miles (6,512.08 km)
Year Total: 2,118.82 miles (3,390.11 km)

I didn't get much sleep because of the loud noise coming from the ranger station. Sometime around midnight, the noise stopped but it didn't help me with my sleep. I probably got just two hours of rest. It was damp and cold.

I got on the road around 9 am. The ride North was slow. On the North side of the state park, the highway sort of leveled out while going through the Sea Ranch area. I stopped at this ocean side park for a lunch break around noon. After I pretty well finished up eating, these hispanic people gave me several sandwiches, some bags of chips, and a bottle of water.

Around 3 pm. I came to the Gualala Point Recreational Park next to the Gualala River. The campground was down a hill and it was on the banks of the river. The campground was in the trees but there was dirt to camp on. The fee for campsites was $32 but there were just two sites set aside for H/B at $5. I picked one of the sites.

I don't know how much rest I am going to get because camping close to a lot of people and an RV with a generator. I plan to go to the First Baptist Church in Gualala tomorrow morning.

Apr 16, 2017 : Gualala Point Recreational Park to Gualala Point Recreational Park : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 4,070.05 miles (6,512.08 km)
Year Total: 2,118.82 miles (3,390.11 km)

I didn't get much sleep because of the loud noise coming from the other people in the campground and the generator of the nearby rv. I was hoping to get on the road around 8 am but it started to rain. This wiped out my chance to go to the Baptist church in Gualala because I was worried about trying to get up the hill to the highway. I was worried about slick pavement. The main portion of the rain lasted till almost 10 am but there were residual showers till around 3 pm. There was nothing that I could do but to hunker down. At least, the inside of the tent stayed sort of dry.

Apr 17, 2017 : Gualala Point Recreational Park to Gualala : 03.27 miles (05.23 km)
Trip Total: 4,073.32 miles (6,517.31 km)
Year Total: 2,122.09 miles (3,395.34 km)

I didn't get much sleep last night because of the roar of the nearby ocean. There didn't seem to be that many people in the campground. I got packed up around 8:20 am. The walk up the hill went okay. It took me a lot less time than what I had expected.

It was a quick ride down to the bridge across the Gualala River and into Gualala. I stopped at the grocery store to get a loaf of bread and a carton of milk. Because of the lack of sleep the past couple of nights, I didn't feel like going any further. There was a sign on the west side of town warning about the hills. I decided to turn around and try to find some place to stop for the day. A young guy stopped to talk to me. He gave me his loose change.

I walked up the hill to the Baptist Church. There was a construction crew working on the roof in the SE corner. The pastor was in the office. He told me that a tree had fallen onto the church last Wednesday. Because of the construction crew, the pastor offered to get me a room at one of the local motels. Before leaving the church, I got to take along a few things from the church's food pantry.

I'm going to try and make it to Elk tomorrow if the weather is okay. There is a WS member there. If the weather is going to be wet tomorrow, I'll probably try and stop in the Point Arena arena. There might be rain the rest of the week. Later on in the week, I'm going to have to deal with another road closure. Between Westport and Leggett, CA 1 is closed because of a mud/ rockslide. I'm going to have to attempt to ride through the Coastal Mountain Range through Brascomb to Laytonville. I'll be getting on US 101 there.

I was really hoping to be in Oregon by now. Because of all of the bad weather and the unplanned days off, I'll probably be in California for another seventeen days. I'll probably cross into Oregon May 04th.

The next update will be posted between April 24th and May 01st.



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