TRIP 2017

Update #12 - June 11th
Coulee City, WA
Mission Trip 4,937.13 miles (7,899.41 km)
Year Total : 2,985.90 miles (4,777.44 km)

It's hard to believe that I'm almost across Washington State. I'm two days ahead of my tentative schedule. In 116.00 miles (185.60 km), I will be at the Idaho State Line. I have really done some climbing the past three days. I went from 785 feet above sea level to 2,920 feet above sea level at Stevens Pass and now I'm at 1,580 feet above sea level. In 401 miles (642 km), I will be at the top of Marias Pass (5290 feet above sea level) in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park in Montana. My turning point and end of this trip leg is Bemidji, Minnesota 1,344.30 miles (2,150.88 km) away where I will be turning Southeast for the ride along the Mississippi River to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

June 01, 2017 : Montesano, WA to Bay Shore, WA : 45.53 miles (72.85 km)
Trip Total: 4,664.32 miles (7,462.91 km)
Year Total: 2,714.09 miles (4,342.54 km)

I had an okay night at the motel. The room was really good. One of the best ones that I've stayed at this year. I did stay up kind of late to update my ministry website. My bioclock got me up early so I could do some end of the month updating on my website. There was a really good hot breakfast.

I got on the road around 7:30 am. The sky was kind of overcast since it had rained during the night. It looked like it might rain some more. A couple of miles out of Montesano, I had two young ladies pass me on loaded bicycles. I yelled out asking them where they were going. They yelled back saying that they were going to san Francisco but they were going the wrong direction. I think that they were heading to Portland before going over to the Coast and then heading South.

I got into Elma around 10 am. I stopped at a Ding and Dent store to get some more groceries. I also stopped at a drug store. I had to wait at a gas station for a brief rain shower to pass.

On the east side of Elma, I bumped into another guy on bike. He said that he was traveling South to Mexico but he told me that he was going to check out Mt St Helens first but the guy was going the wrong direction. Hopefully, he will correct his error and get on the right path.

The ride to McCleary went okay. I stopped at a city park to take pictures of an old horse drawn fire engine and an old steam locomotive that had a wooden cab. I stopped at the park pavilion for some lunch off of Alice.

The afternoon ride went okay. I had a good ride to Kamilche on WA 108. I stopped at a gas station near and Indian run casino to take pictures of a totem pole. Between Kamilche and Shelton, I had to get instructions to find a safe route because I couldn't ride on US 101 since it was a freeway. I got directions on how to ride several dirt paths in the woods and follow some short roads before I could get on the right road into Shelton. The first dirt path was really tricky. While trying to navigate down a steep rocky section, I lost my footing and I fell down on my right knee. Nothing was cut.

I got into downtown Shelton around 4:30 pm. I didn't think that I would find anybody in a church office. I caught this guy leaving the Methodist Church. He was the hispanic minister. He took me inside the church to the office. The only person still in was a lady asssistant pastor. She wasn't that friendly or helpful. She wanted to treat me as a homeless person. The only thing that she did was try and give me the address of a place where I might get a hot meal. I left the office. Outside, I did try and explain to the hispanic minister that the lady minister wasn't that Christ like. I could have stopped at the police station across the street but I decided to just get out of Shelton.

I got on WA 3 heading North to Bremerton. Around 6 pm, I had ridden an extra 10 miles and I decided to stop and find some place in the woods to camp out. I followed this path up a hill and found a spot in a clearing to pitch my tent. I was probably .2 of a mile from the road.

June 02, 2017 : Bay Shore, WA to Bay Shore, WA : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 4,664.32 miles (7,462.91 km)
Year Total: 2,714.09 miles (4,342.54 km)

I had a somewhat decent night camping out in the woods but my left knee hurt some. I did find out that there was a cut below the right knee cap. Since I had enough food and water, I decided to stay put and give my knee some more rest. I was able to catch up on my sleep. I did some more sewing repairs on my cycling jersey and I also had to do some sewing on one of my tennis shoes. The upper was coming apart from the sole of the tennis shoe. I probably put in a hundred small stitches.

I also took the time to make a tentative plan for the rest of the trip. I can be in Couer d'alene, ID for my birthday. I made two routes for the Midwest. From Bemidji, MN, I made one route that would take me into the UP of Michigan and the other route would take me down the Mississippi River to Prairie de Chien, WI and then get on the Fox River Trail in IL. Both routes would get me into Bay Village, OH on a Sunday. It looks like I can make it to Kittery, ME by Sept 22. This will have me down into St Augustine, FL by Nov 23.

June 03, 2017 : Bay Shore, WA to Bangor (W Poulsbo), WA : 46.42 miles (74.27 km)
Trip Total: 4,710.74 miles (7,537.18 km)
Year Total: 2,760.51 miles (4,416.82 km)

I had a somewhat better night camping out in the woods but my left knee hurt some. I did stay up kind of late working on the rest of my route. I used my sleep mask so I was able to sleep till around 6 am.

I got on the road around 7:30 am. I had a good ride to Allyn . I stopped to check out some really great chainsaw art. I had an okay ride to Belfair. After doing a little shopping, I stopped at a McDs for a working lunch to charge up my electronics and to also check on my email.

I found a disturbing email that was actually a message left through my ministry website. A guy in Iowa who was supposedly a member of the Warm Showers program sent me a threatening message saying that he was glad that I had gotten kicked out of the program and he hoped that I would never join again. He wrote that I was possibly a pedophile. If the guy would have taken the time to really read the special cause section on the website, he would have found out that I'm one of the worst enemies of child molesters and pornographers. The guy didn't even leave a working email address so I could write back to him. What a coward. I'm sort of glad that I'm not a member of the Warm Showers program anymore. I really didn't have any good luck finding a good place to stay through them. There were too many dead profiles and nobody seemed to care to get rid of them. I stayed at some really bad places during my stop overs. With regards to the guy's message, I've learned that there will always be naysayers especially when you start telling the truth about something. Mother Theresa in her poem "The Final Analysis" wrote "that it was never between you and them, It was always between you and God anyway".

The afternoon ride went okay. I had planned to ride as far as at least the town of Gorst and then try and find some place where I could camp out for the night and then ride the rest of the way into Bremerton Sunday morning and then find a church to go to. There was no open lands. It got more metropolitan the closer that I got to Bremerton. WA 3 became a freeway and I got on WA 304 that took me into downtown Bremerton.

I stopped at the police station to see if they might have a department chaplain or if there was a ministerial association and somebody might know how to connect with a local minister. The main office was closed. The only thing that I could do was to talk through somebody in the dispatcher's office through a call box and see if a policeman could come by to talk to me. I waited almost an hour but no officer came by. I watched several officers go away from the station and then come back.

The only thing that I could do was to go out and find some place in the country to set my tent. I got on WA 303 going North. I kept on going farther north than what I wanted to go. I did come across a Walmart. I stopped to see if I could get a brand new tire. I really needed a new tire becasuse the old one had gone bad a lot quicker than what I had hoped to get. Since I didn't have enough cash in my wallet or enough money in my bank account, I had to have the cashier take half of the cost and taxes out of my account using my debit card and the rest of it in cash. It took a while to get the new tire installed because I wanted to make sure that the valve stem was in the right position. I was back on the road by 7:30 pm. There was some open land around the Walmart but it was too hilly so I got back on the highway.

After traveling a couple more miles, the highway connected with CA 3, which became a freeway. I saw a bike path below me so I went down to it. The paved path followed Clear Creek. The path lasted for about a couple of miles and then I had to get on Tripp Road which went over CA 3. There was a street that went North but there was just an overpass. There was a dirt path that went up the hill to Clear Creek Road. It took me six trips up and down the hill to get all of my gear and Alice up on Clear Creek Road. It was almost 9 pm when I headed North on Clear Creek Road. I rode passed the Bangor Naval Strategic Weapons Facility. The more that it got dark, the more that I looked for any open land that would allow me to duck into the woods. Finally around dusk, I came across a path in the woods. I followed it for some distance but I didn't go all to the wy to the end of the path. I carefully used my headlight to find some place to pitch my tent. Around 10:30 pm, I finally had my tent up and all of my gear inside it.

It's too far to try and backtrack to get to Bremerton for church and then find a place to stay over to allow me to take the ferry into Seattle Monday. Instead since I'm close to Poulsbo, I got into that town to find a church and then ride on to Kingston where I'll catch a ferry there to Edmonds. From Edmonds, it will be about a 20 mile ride to Monroe where I'll get on US 2 for the ride across the Northern part of the country to at least Bemidji, MN.

June 04, 2017 : Bangor (W Poulsbo), WA to Poulsbo, WA : 08.63 miles (13.81 km)
Trip Total: 4,719.37 miles (7,550.99 km)
Year Total: 2,769.14 miles (4,430.62 km)

The night was pretty short. The birds started to chirp and the sun started to come up before 5 am. I wasn't sure where I was so I quickly got Alice packed up and back on the road before 5:30 am. I had to follow Clear Creek Road for a couple of more miles going North before I got on Rude Road that took me into Poulsbo.

I got into the Poulsbo area around 6:30 am. The first church that I came to was the Poulsbo Community Church. The church looked kind of inviting but the first service started at 9 am. I waited till about 8 am before people started to show up to practive the praise team. People sort of ignored me. Around 8:30 am, one of the pastors showed up. He wasn't really that friendly. He wanted me to move Alice away from the front of the church where I thought would be safe and covered if it ever rained to around the corner in an unsafe place. Instead of just moving Alice and going back into the church, I decided to just move myself out of the church parking lot. I really wasn't interested in watching a stage show church and have what hearing that I had blasted with loud music. Surely in a town of 10,000 people, there would be more churches to check out.

I rode into the downtown area. It was sort of interesting because the town was Swedish and had a lot of images about Vikings. I saw a large church up a hill. It took a while getting up to the First Lutheran Church (ELCA). The first service had started at 8:30 am. I waited in the social hall. There was supposed to be a Sunday school class but today was the end of the sunday school and they had a breakfast brunch instead. The food was okay and I was able to pack up a few things. I got to talk with one of the ministers. He helped me by arranging a home visit and I would go there after the second service.

June 05, 2017 : Poulsbo, WA to Sultan, WA : 49.79 miles (79.66 km)
Trip Total: 4,770.16 miles (7,632.26 km)
Year Total: 2,818.93 miles (4,510.29 km)

I had an okay night at Margo and Oscar's house. For being in their 80s, they were pretty spry and active. They had a nice cat. Oscar makes pens as a hobby using a drill press and a lathe. They've only been in WA for a little over a year. They had moved from Hawaii. I got a good shower and got my clothes washed and dried. I updated my website. Marge made a good supper. I crashed around 8:30 pm using my sleep mask.

I woke up around 5 am but kept quiet till around 6:30 am. Margo made a good breakfast. I got some bananas and oranges to take along. I got on the road around 7:40 am.

The ride to Kingston went okay. I did stop to take a few pictures of the Poulsbo Troll (wood carving). In Kingston, I stopped at a McDs for a break to charge up my cell phone. I got to the ferry landing around 10:00 am. I had missed the last ferry by about 5 minutes. I was surprised that there was no far for me. It was about a 20 minute wait for the next ferry to come. I was the first person to be loaded in. It took about 15 minutes to load all of the trucks and cars. The ferry was huge. I thought that the ferry between Cape May, NJ and Lewes, DE was huge but this ferry was nearly twice as big. It had two levels for cars. The ride to Edmonds took about 20 minutes to go across the Pugent Sound. I took my cell phone charger into the passenger waiting area and got a seat up front. I was the first person off of the ferry.

There was a long hill to climb up out of the Pugent Sound valley. I stopped at a McDS for a working lunch to that I could get out my laptop and charge all of my electronics. I was back on the road by about 1 pm.

I followed WA 104 to it's end where it connected with WA 522. WA 522 was a freeway so I got on the Burke-Gilman bike trail that was quite busy. There were two people on bents. There was a lady on a very low trike and a guy who was riding a velomobile. I stopped to talk to the guy with the velomobile. He only rode the bike trails. The velomobile weighed 84 pounds because of the fiberglass full fairing. I chastined the guy because he didn't have a flag and he wasn't wearing his helmet correctly. He was wearing a large hooded hat under his helmet.

To keep on following WA 522 to Monroe, I followed the Snonomish Creek bike trail for several miles and then I followed local roads to WA 9 that went North. I followed WA 524 and then I got on WA 522 for the rest of the ride into Monroe because it was now 2-lane. I got off WA 522 onto W Main.

I stopped at the police station. I used the intercom to talk to the dispatcher to see if an officer could come and talk to me. It was around 6:30 pm when I got to the police station. I had about a 20 minute wait. I wasn't the only person waiting to talk to a law enforcement officer. There was an elderly lady and a young lady in a foot cast. The young lady gave me a bag of chips and offered me some water but I passed on the water. A friendly sergeant came by to talk to me. He told me that if I could wait about a half hour more he could have one of the chaplains come to the station to talk to me. The sergeant was pretty friendly. He's been with the police force for 15 yrs and a sargeant for 4 years.

The chaplain wasn't that helpful. Supposedly, he was the outreach resource minister at one of the churches (possibly the community church). The guy was all excuses on why he couldn't help me after business hours. None of the ministries and agencies that he referred people to were open. He told me that he normally sent people West to Everett. He told me that there would have been no way for me to stay at his church overnight and he also told me that he didn't know of another minister in town that would allow me to stay in their church overnight without having somebody there to babysit me. He told me that he could talk to a motel owner to see if they could give us a discounted room but I would have to pay for the room. After talking to him for almost 20 minutes, I knew by his character and the words that he used he was just a goat in sheep clothing. There was just nothing that he wanted to personally do for me at the moment. I really don't know why he even answered the sergeant's request to come and talk to me. The guy was all words and platitudes and no action. He told me that if I had contacted him in the morning, he might have come up with something by the afternoon but surely nothing definite. The elderly lady and the young lady were more Christlike towards me than what he was. He told me that he wanted to pray for me but I told him no and that I will be praying for him to get a real servant's heart. I left him after quoting the last section of Matthew 25 to him.

It was probably around 8:30 pm when I got on US 2 heading out of Monroe. The next town of Sultan was about 7 miles away. US 2 was in the process of being repaved. I got through most of Sultan before dark. This was the first time in a long time when I had to get my rear flasher out to fasten it to my sign in back and to get out my helmet light.

On the east side of Sultan near a truck stop there was a bottleneck of traffic at a roundabout because there was a flagger through a construction zone on US 2. Road crews were grinding down the pavement for resurfacing. There was no way that I wanted to go any farther. I went around the truck stop in back and found some woods on the East side of the truck stop property and found an open spot to camp out. I had to make my way carefully through the area because somebody had made some big and deep holes. It was around 10:30 pm when I had my tent set up and all of my gear inside it.

I'm about 49 miles away from Stevens Pass. I'm going to try and get as close as I can to the Pass tomorrow.

June 06, 2017 : Sultan, WA to Skyhomosh, wA : 26.87 miles (42.99 km)
Trip Total: 4,797.03 miles (7,675.25 km)
Year Total: 2,845.80 miles (4,553.28 km)

Considering that I was camping out near three loud noise sources (the parked semis running in the truck stop parking lot, the loud noises from the road grinding machine and the other construction vehicles on US 2 North of me, and the occasional freight train running on the Great Northern rail line), I was tired enough that I was able to blank out and fall asleep using my sleep mask. The sleep mask helped because there was a bright full moon in the sky above me. It was almost 11:30 pm when I fell asleep and I was able to sleep till around 3:20 am. I stayed up a few minutes and was able to fall back asleep till around 6 am.

I had Alice packed up and I was out of the woods around 6:40 am. I went across the highway to the nearby McDs in hopes to get on the web and to charge up my other electronics but there were no electric outlets in the dining area. I was going to get a sweet tea but I opted against it. I went back across the street to the truck stop. I was able take in my water bottles to get filled up and I bought my self a can of green tea. While I was drinking my green tea and reading one of the paperbacks that I carry, this lady customer stopped to talk to me. She told me that she liked my signs and what I'm doing. She asked if she could help me out in any way so she took out her wallet and slipped me $15 in a GH. She also took some pictures and told me that she would post them on her Facebook account.

From the truck stop, I had a good ride to the next town of Supply. I stopped at a grocery store to buy some more peanut butter and some chocolate milk. There were some electrical outlets outside so I asked one of the lady assistant managers if it would be okay to charge up my laptop and other electronics. She said yes so I did yesterday's journal entry and worked on the hundreds of pictures that I've taken the last couple of days.

It was about 9 am when I got back on the highway. I took my time along the highway going East. I really wasn't in a hurry like all of the motorists who were zipping passed me. In the small town of Barre, I stopped at the general store/ post office. The store/post office has been in operation over 100 years. I had a good time talking to several guys there. There was a free book exchange so I switched out my two small paperbacks to one paperback medical mystery.

I stopped at this coffee place to take pictures of the wooden sasquatches. This spot was used in the making of the 1987 movie Harry and the Hendersons. Around noon, I stopped along side the highway for some lunch.

I took my time riding East in the afternoon because the temperature was warm in the 70s. About a mile away from the tunnel near Skyhomish, I made a great find. I happened to notice this small grey camping equipment bag sticking out of the tall grass at the edge of the road. I parked Alice and walked back to check out the bag. I was surprised when the outside of the bag said Thermorest. I found out that inside the bag was a full length sleep pad that you blew up. It was light weight under 2 pounds. I always been wanting to replace the foam sleeping pad that I've been carrying. I had a bit of a time stuffing the sleeping pad back into its carrying bag. A sleep pad in a store like this would cost over $100. About 100 feet from the sleeping pad, I found a bright 14 led mini flashlight that uses three AAA batteries. Before getting back on the road, I had a long praise fest thanking both Adonai and Y'shua.

About a quarter of mile out of Skyhomish this guy on a touring bike comes up from behind me and passes me. He told me that the lady barrista at Harry's Coffee shop told him about me. We met at the gas station outside of Skyhomish. The guy told me that he has started this morning from Everett and was riding to Yakima. He was going to climb over Stevens Pass and find some place to camp out along the way.

I rode into the small railroad town of Skyhomish, population 200. There was only one church, the Community. I stopped at the fire station to see if anybody knew how to contact the pastor. Rev Jim Foster came by to the fire station and gave me permission to stay in the church overnight since other cyclists have stayed there. Three years ago there were 2 brothers from Denmark who rode Segways across the country and stayed at the church. Rev Foster comes through Village Missions in Dallas, OR.

When the 7.5 mile long rr tunnel was built through the cascades there wasn't any ventilation so either steam or diesel engines couldn't go through. Trains were switched to electric engines at Skyhomish and were swithced back at Wenatchee.

I'm getting up early so I can make it over Stevens Pass before it gets too hot. Don't know where I will be tomorrow night. Leavenworth is 36 miles East of Stevens Pass. I just might find some place to camp out near the small town of Chiwaukum, which is 25 miles East of Stevens Pass in the Wenatchie National Forest and along the Wenatchee River.

June 07, 2017 : Skyhomosh wA to Cole's Corner, WA : 33.83 miles (54.13 km)
Trip Total: 4,830.86 miles (7,729.38 km)
Year Total: 2,879.63 miles (4,607.41 km)

I had an oky night camping out in the nursery/storage room of the community church. This was the only secludsed room and it had carpeting. I did venture out to the library to check my email.

I went to bed early and I woke up around 6:00 am. I left the church around 7:30 am. The ride to the top of Stevens Pass went okay but it took a long time because I didn't rush it because of my right knee. I took a lot of breaks and I stopped to take pictures of pretty well all of the small waterfalls. The biggest was Deception Falls and it went underneath the highway. About a mile from the top of the pass, I saw large piles of snow along the road.

I was so happy to see the ski lifts at the top of the pass. I got to the top of the pass of 2420 feet at 4:45 pm. It took me a little over nine hours but I did it on my power. The downhill ride went okay.

About 6 pm, I decided to camp out in some open land behind a rest area near Cole's Corner. I'm about 20 miles away from Leavenworth.

June 08, 2017 : Cole's Corner, WA to Orondo, WA : 50.87 miles (81.39 km)
Trip Total: 4,881.73 miles (7,810.77 km)
Year Total: 2,930.50 miles (4,688.80 km)

I had an oaky night camping out behind the rest stop except that there were a lot of mosquitoes. I had a hard time killing the mosquitoes that had flown into the tent. When I woke up around 5 am, it was lightly raining outside. I put on my sleep mask again and I was able to fall asleep again till about 6 am. I woke up after a short dream. It had stopped raining. I took my time packing up so I got the tent a little dry outside.

I left the woods a little after 7:20 am and I went back to the reststop to use the bathroom and to fill up my water bottles. The ride to Leavenworth went okay. It occasionally lightly rained. I got some great photos of the Wenatchee River. I stopped at the old Tumwater Dam to check out the fish lifting device.

The ride to Leavenworth went okay. I took a lot of pictures through town. It was neat seeing the name of the town that I was born in painted on the walls of one of the buildings. I did stop at a grocery store to buy a few things. It was kind of neat that I was given a senior discount.

About a mile South of Leavenworth, I found another great find beside the road. I was surprised at finding a pair of athletic (weight lifting) gloves. They were labeled Gold's Gym and they were fastened together. This was another great find because the cycling gloves that I had on were getting a little worn out.

The ride between Leavenworth and Cashmere went okay. I was surprised at seeing two large white water rafts with people going down the Wenatchee River. I stopped at the Applets and Cotlets store to check it out. I had to stop at covered picnic area next to the museum to wait out a hard rain and have some lunch.

On the way between Cashmere and Wenatchee, I stopped at several farm stores to wait out the rain. Most of the ride had been going downhill but there was one climb several miles out of Wenatchee that I had to get over before the downhill run to the Columbia River.

I didn't go all of the way into Wenatchee. The ride across the Columbia River Bridge went okay. There was a climb to get out of the valley. US 2 followed the Columbia River on the East Side. There were a lot of cherry orchards. Some of the farms had long aluminum ribbons in the trees to scare off the birds.

Around 6 pm, I found a spot down a hill to camp out a couple of miles out of Orondo. The camping area was sort of on a cliff and there was a fire ring so I knew that people had camped out there before. It was so nice that there were no mosquitoes.

June 09, 2017 : Orondo, WA to Farmer, WA : 24.67 miles (39.47 km)
Trip Total: 4,906.40 miles (7,850.24 km)
Year Total: 2,955.17 miles (4,728.27 km)

I had an okay night camping out. It was kind of strange hearing the road traffic about forty feet above my head. I was able to fall asleep early around 8:30 pm using my sleep mask. Around 11 pm, I got awoken to the sound of some strange digging near my but I wasn't able to determine where the sound was coming from. There was a bright full moon in the sky.

It was around 7:20 am when I got back on the highway. It was a short ride into Orondo. I stopped at a gas station for a short break and to also fill up my water bottles. After about a quarter of mile of relatively smooth ground, the climb out of the Columbia River valley (Pine Canyon) really started. The climb was six miles long with a six percent grade. The grade was so steep that there was a runaway truck ramp near the bottom of the downhill run. I had started the climb at around 785 feet above sea level and I reached a little over 2,600 feet above sea level. I took my time getting up the hill. Near the top, there were several long switchbacks. It was almost 1:40 pm that I had made it to the top.

I stopped at a gas station outside of Waterville. I got permission to plug in my laptop and other electronics to get them charged up. A guy stopped to talk to me. Before he left, he slipped me $5 in a GH. It was about 3 pm when I headed out.

In Waterville, I rode around town to check out the churches. I stopped at the town hall to see if I could get the names and phone numbers of any of the local ministers. I was able to talk to the Lutheran minister but he was out of town. He suggested that I try and connect with the local Federated Church. I rode over to the church to see if anybody was there. The church had members from the Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Community, and Discipes of Christ churches. I was able to find the cell phone number of the pastor but all I could do was to leave a voice mail message.

It was about 4:30 pm when I headed out again. The ride East to Douglas went okay because there was a tailwind to push me along. There wasn't much in Douglas. There was a 1.4 mile climb back to the top of the plateau. I saw an elevation sign that said 2,900 feet above sea level. I cranked out the miles because of the wind. I was getting kind of concerned about the clouds in the sky. It looked like it was going to rain. Around 6:30 pm, I decided to call it a day and stop at an abandoned farm stead. I found a place alongside one of the out buildings to camp out next to. I used the building as a windbreak. I got my tent up and most of my gear inside before it started to lightly rain.

June 10, 2017 : Farmer, WA to Coulee City, WA : 30.73 miles (49.17 km)
I had an okay night camping out in the abandoned farmstead. There was quite a bit of wind but not much rain. The building that I had camped near had blocked most of wind.

I was thinking to myself trying to guess how long the farm had been abandoned. There wasn't much left of the buildings. All of the doors were taken off and the glass windows in the house were gone. It looked like pretty everything of value had been stripped away. The grass was over two feet tall.

I went to bed around 8:30 pm. I did wake up a couple of times during the night but I was able to fall asleep till around 6 am. I took my time packing up. While I was taking down my tent, I spotted three young white tailed antelope in the field North of me.

It was about 7:15 am. A couple of miles down the road, I passed through what was Farmers. There was just a community church on one side of the highway and a small seed granery and fertilizer place on the other side. A couple of miles East of Farmers there was a long 4 mile descent down into a valley but there was a 3/4 mile steep climb out of the valley and a two mile gentle climb to the plateau again. The wind pushed me along for about 10 miles but there was some light rain to my back. By noon, I had ridden about 21 miles.

About six miles out of Coulee City, there was a long 4 mile descent down to Davis Lake. I rode across the Dry Falls Dam. On the East side of the dam was a small hydroelectric power plant.

I got into Coulee City around 1:30 pm. I rode around town a bit to check out the churches. The two main churches that I saw were the Assemblies of God and the Presbyterian Churches. It took a while but I was able to connect with the pastor at the Presbyterian Church. I caught the pastor's daughter leaving the church. I got permission to spend the night in the church.

June 11, 2017 : Coulee City, WA to Coulee City, WA : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
Trip Total: 4,937.13 miles (7,899.41 km)
Year Total: 2,985.90 miles (4,777.44 km)

I had kind of a rough night. I tried sleeping on the sofa in the second floor hallway since it was the darkest. There were two sofas in the jr high/high school youth room but there wasn't any curtains on the window. My legs really hurt. I don't know what hurt the most (the muscles in my lower right leg or the back of my right hip). I should have taken a couple more aspirins but I didn't have any water and there wasn't any bathroom upstairs. The surface of the sofa in the hallway was vinyl and it really made a lot of noise when you moved on it. About 2:30 am, I gave up on the sofa and I put my sleeping bag down on the floor and I slept there. Sleeping on a unmovable surface helped my muscles and I was able to fully stretch out my legs.

I slept till about 5:45 am. I took everything downstairs before I got cleaned up. It was really nice getting rid of six days of facial stubble. Razors are an expensice commodity. I took my laptop into the fellowship hall and I got some breakfast out of the kitchen refrigerator. For a couple of hours, I worked on the photos that I've been taking since June 09th. I was able to get through three cell phone picture dumps.

The pastor showed up around 8:45 am. He gave me permission to stay over today. People started to show up around 9 am for the 9:30 am service. During the beginning of the service, I got to share with the congregation so this was my 22nd service for the year (30th for the trip). After the service, one of the ladies slipped me $20 in a GH.

I don't know if I'm going to try and make it all the way to Davenport tomorrow. If I make it to the small town of Creston 39 miles away that would be okay. I'm two days ahead of my tentative schedule. In 19 more miles (30 km), I will be passing the 94,000 mile (150,400 km) mark on Alice. 35.82% of all of the miles (km) that I have traveled have been on Alice. This has been in 1,750.45 Days (4.7958 Y) since April of 2007 at an average of 53.69 miles (85.90 km) per day.

The next update will be posted between June 18th and June 25th.



Bicyclist in Sunset



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