TRIP 2018

Update #03 - February 16th
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Year Total : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)

The new short-wheelbase recumbent is finally here in Hattiesburg. After being almost 6.5 months bikeless (recumbentless), I have a two-wheeled steed that I can share with my life again. Some people have said that I've married my recumbent. Back in July, 2017 , you could say that my first wife, Alice, passed away but her cousin, Allison, stepped in to fill the gap.

I was really happy to find another EZ-Speedster-AX on the website of the
Bicycle Man Shop in Alfred Station, New York. The owner, Peter, and his assistant, Stew, has been really helpful. I was given free labor and some of the were taken off and switched for parts that were in stock for free. It took a couple of weeks, but Allison was ready for shipping. Instead of shipping the recumbent in tact, she was taken apart and packed up in two boxes. UPS delivered the boxes to my friend's place out in the country south of Hattiesburg Tuesday, February 13th. My friend, Johnny, brought the boxes to the extended stay hotel that I am staying at in West Hattiesburg. He told me that this was my Valentine's Gift.

I'm posting a couple of the pictures that I took. The first picture of the inside of the first box where the frame and most of the parts were packed in. The second picture you can see the box where the wheels and the seat were packed in. The third picture shows most of the parts laid out on the bed and the fourth picture shows Allison pretty well put together except for the chain being put on.

Picture of Allison parts in Box #1

Picture of Allison parts in Box #2

Picture of unpacked parts of Allison

Allison mostly rebuilt

Instead of trying to put the very long chain (2 and 1/3 regular bike chains) onto Allison, I took her to Moore's Bicycle Shop across from the zoo. I'll be getting a couple more things switched over and added like a different set of pedals and a bar-end rear-view mirror. Allison is supposed to be ready by next Tuesday, Feb 20th, but I will not be able to pick her up till Thursday, Feb 22nd .

With regards to the book, I almost done with the last and hopefully final proofreading. Then I will use desktop publishing software to make the manuscript. I've been given permission to use the cover that Published with Parables created. I hope to get the book for distribution through a POD "Print On Demand" service and the eBook version done by the end of this month.

I am planning to head out on my 73rd missionary bike tour on Monday, March 18th. This would be nine days before March 27th, which will be the 25th anniversary of the start of my ministry. Monday, February 19th, is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the start on my adventure on two wheels.

The next update might be posted between February 23rd and March 02nd.



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