TRIP 2018

Update #04 - March 06th
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Year Total : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)

For the past three weeks, the primary emphasis for my time was to finish my manuscript and get it published. I was going to publish a paperback through the Print On Demand service of BookBaby but that was stopped because I learned that I would have had to purchase at least twenty-five printed books before I could put the book into their Print on Demand service along with distributing the eBook. The extra expense was too much for me and it would have taken several more extra weeks.

I decided for now to go the eBook route first and possibly a printed paperback at a later date. After trying out some free eBook creation software, I took a friend's advice and purchased some software. I bought
Jutoh Ebook Editor from Anthemoin Software. Jutoh was quite easy to learn and also to use. Once a project is developed and completed, conversion to forms like epub and mobi was quite easy. For distribution of the eBook, I decided to use the distribution service of Ingram Spark . The application form took several hours to complete because I had to use several browsers and do a lot of writing. I should know in a couple of business days, if everything was error checked and validated. After that validation, the eBook will be distributed to seventy selling websites around the globe. In essence, I'm A Published Author!!!

With regards to my new short-wheelbase Allison, she is almost ready. Pretty well all of the accessories and gear that I purchased for the upcoming trip and for her have arrived. The last parts that I put on Allison were fenders. Currently, I'm just waiting for some new water bottles to arrive from
Clean Bottle Here are a couple of new pictures that I took of Allison

Allison - front view

Allison - side view

Allison - tall view

Yesterday, I took the time to do a tentative packing up of the new Lone Peak panniers that I bought from Modern Bike . The main pocket of the panniers are about 3/4 the size of the main pocket in the Ortlieb panniers but the rear panniers have three outside pockets. Because of the smallness of the panniers, Allison would weigh a little lighter than what Alice did last year. I also bought a special bag that was designed to be fastened to the top of the recumbent seat back. I'll carry my laptop there.

In the pictures, you can see the Lumina 1100 Boost headlight and Solas 100 tail-light from
Nite Rider , the Soundwinds safety flag that I bought from Hostel Shoppe , the below seat rack that I bought from Niagara Cycle , and some safety lights from Nite Ize Innovative Products.

I decided to use water bottles instead of sewing some pockets on the panniers. I bought three water bottles. One of the water bottles was fastened to the steering column while the other two were fastened to the back of the seat. Because of the seat bag, I will not be able to fasten a platypus bag to the back of the seat. I'll carry extra water on the rear rack.

Biking Things , I will be decked out in two new cycling jerseys. The owner of the site was so impressed with the design that he offered to sell them on his site. Here are the pictures. When you click on the pictures, new browser windows will pop up to the special page on the Biking Things website.

Allison - front view

Allison - front view

The jerseys can be made for either recumbent or regular bike riders.

The next update might be posted between March 13th and March 20th.



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