TRIP 2018

Update #14 - June 02
Dover, New Hampshire

Year Total : 2,555.99 miles (4,089.58 km)

Yesterday, June 01, I finally crossed into Maine. I ended Trip Leg 06 in Kittery, Maine, I started Trip Leg 07 and am now riding West towards Minneapolis, Minnesota.

May 20 - SU : Pocomoke City, Maryland to Ocean City, Maryland : 47.21 miles (75.54 km)
43.47 C 18.53 R
Trip Total : 2,146.28 miles (3,434.05 km)

sixty-second day on tour.

Last night was an okay night. I slept a little longer than expected. In the morning in the dark, I accidently dropped the laptop onto the carpeting. The laptop didn't break but the tip of the power adapter broke off. There was no place that I could just replace the tip. I had to get a new power adaptor.

I left the motel and rode to Walmart. I bought a new power adaptor and some more stuff. From the Walmart, I rode over to the Lynnhaven Baptist Church. There wasn't a direct access from US 13 so I had to backtrack almost 3/4 mile because there was a ditch filled with water.

I got to the church around 9 am. The first lady who came to the church welcomed me. She connected me with the teacher of the Open Door Bible Class. During the beginning of the class, I was asked to share. The class was about Purim and Esther so I got to share. Nothing happened after the class. There was about six minutes before the start of the service. I sat up front in the first pew. I got to talk with the pastor for a few minutes before the class. There was a praise team and the pastor played the drums. I was expecting that the pastor was going to introduce me but he didn't. The sermon was really long. The pastor really rambled. During the sermon, I found out that the pastor was a second career minister. His first career was a construction paper salesman. I didn't feel like asking the pastor if he knew of some place where I could spend the rest of the day. The church sponsored a local rescue mission.

I didn't feel like going back to the motel and stay another night because it would have been a backtrack of a couple of miles. I decided to head out. The sky was reasonably clear and there was a tailwind to push me along. Before leaving Pocomoke City, I stopped at a Hardees for some lunch.

The ride to Snow Hill went okay. I rode through town. The park was closed because of flooding. I was looking at stopping at the McDonalds north of town but it was closed for remodeling. Between Snow Hill and Berlin, there was some road construction because the highway was being redone to a divided four lane highway. I got into Berlin around 5 pm. I didn't see any activity at any of the churches. It was kind of disturbing to see a for lease sign at the Methodist church and there wasn't a pastor listed on the sign.

Since I was close to Ocean City, I decided to go ahead and see if I could reserve a room at a hotel there. I was able to. I made the ride into Ocean City around 7 pm. The hotel that I got a reservation at was a large resort. There wasn't any breakfast provided. The hotel had a restaurant but it was only open on the weekends.

I'm 7 miles south of the Delaware state line. I'm going to stop at a hotel in the Rehobeth Beach area and catch the ferry from Lewes, DE to Cape May, NJ Tuesday morning.

May 21 - M : Ocean City, Maryland to Rehobeth City, Delaware : 30.07 miles (48.112 km)
44.22 C 18.78 R
Trip Total : 2,176.35 miles (3,482.16 km)

Sixty-third day on tour.

Last night wasn't a good one. Getting into the room was hard because the walkway in front of the door was quite narrow and there were vehicles in the way in front of my door. The room was small. There was just frosted glass in the bathroom window so there would be a lot of light at night. The two windows up front had venitian blinds were two small. Instead of carpeting, there was fake wood laminate. This made the footsteps up stairs sound like elephants. The pool was right at the room and people were out by the pool really late especially two young kids who were screaming. I tried to fall asleep before midnight but there was the loud noise of the headboards banging on the wall because people were having sex. I woke up around 5:30 am. I had something light for breakfast. There was no way to get out the back door. I struggled to get Allison out of the front (poolside) door because there was a cupboard/closet in the way.

I checked out a little after 8 am. On the way north, I stopped at a BK to get some breakfast. Getting to the Delaware state line was long because of all of the traffic, stoplights, and wind. A cold front had gone through the area last night and there was a shift in the wind direction. The temperature was only going to be in the low 70s this afternoon.

The ride in Delaware went okay. Coming into Bethany there was some repaving being done. I stopped at a Chick-A-Fill for a late lunch before going to the motel where I had a reservation.

I have about a six mile ride to the ferry terminal tomorrow.

May 22 - T : Rehobeth City, Delaware to Rio Grande, New Jersey : 14.54 miles (23.26 km)
44.58 C 19.42 R
Trip Total : 2,190.89 miles (3,505.42 km)

sixty-fourth day on tour.

Last night was a somewhat good night. The room was okay but there were several loud bangs during the night but I couldn't find the source of the noises. The bed was near a large sliding door but there was no safety bar to keep it locked. I woke up early around 5 a.m.

Around 6:30 am, I left the room in search of breakfast. The breakfast room was supposed to be open but there was a sign that said that it wouldn't be open till 7 am. There was also a message to go to the EconoLodge next door for breakfast. It was good that I went over there because there was a hot waffle maker. It was great having a hot breakfast for a change.

I left the motel around 8 am. On the way into Lewes, I stopped at a WaWa to get a couple soft pretzels for the ferry trip and some chocolate milk. Also, I checked out the air in the rear tire. From the WaWa, the ride into Lewes went okay. I rode through the historical district. I took quite a few pictures.

I got to the ferry terminal around 10 am. There weren't that many vehicles there. I paid my $10 fare for the trip. There were some new bike racks. The large ferry float was gone. Two other cyclists showed up. They were just day trippers. Around 10:40 am, The ferry showed up. Before I was allowed to board, security came by to check out my gear and scan my ticket. They only checked out the seat bag.

It didn't take long for it to unload. I was the first vehicle on board the ferry. After I took some pictures, I grabbed my laptop and went upstairs to the passenger lounge and claimed a booth that had a table and outlet. I lost track of the time. In a little over an hour, we were at the ferry terminal in Cape May, NJ.

I was the next to the last person off the ferry. It was about 12:20 pm when I left the ferry terminal. I stopped to take a picture of the state sign. I stopped at a McDs for a hamburger and something to drink. The sky started to look dark to the west. I got out my laptop so I could make a reservation at a motel close by. I picked the Motel 6 outside of Rio Grande close by. I rushed to get on the Cape Charles Rails to Trails. I finished the trail and got back on US 9 before the sky opened up and it started to rain. The rain lasted about 12 minutes but it was enough to get me wet. By the time that I got to the Motel 6 the rain had stopped.

Tomorrow, I'll be riding to the Pleasantville area about 40 miles away. I've got to a side trip through Ocean City because the old toll bridge between Beesley's Point and Somer's Point is closed. I'm not going to get on NJ 50 and ride through Corbin City and Mays City.

May 23 - W : Rio Grande, New Jersey to Pleasantville, New Jersey : 41.17 miles (65.870 km)
45.58 C 19.42 R
Trip Total : 2,232.06 miles (3,571.30 km)

Sixty-fifth day on tour.

Last night was a somewhat of an off night. The room had paper thin walls so I heard people talking in the room next door. The heater unit kept on going on and off. The room was really strange because there were two rooms separated by the bathroom. There was a queen size bed up front and a king size bed in the back bedroom. The door to the back bedroom was missing. The wifi signal was weak. It was good that I had my own hotspot.

I woke up around 5 am. There was no breakfast provided.

I got on the road around 7:50 am. It was a short ride to US 9. The temperature was in the upper 60s and will get into the upper 70s in the afternoon. The ride through Cape May Courthouse went okay. In Swain, I had to stop and check out some Canadian geese. There were three pairs with a lot of goslings of various ages and sizes. I stayed around because the geese went across the highway to a place where there were soccer fields. I stopped to slow down the traffic so the geese wouldn't get killed.

By noon, I had ridden around 22 miles. In Mamora, I turned East towards the Atlantic Ocean on NJ 623 to get across the intercoastal waterway to Ocean City. There was a new bridge. There was a narrow sidewalk. There wasn't much of a shoulder but traffic was pretty courteous on the two lane bridge. What was hard was the textured concrete surface. I rode across the bridge. In Ocean City, I stopped at a McDs for a late lunch.

After lunch, the ride/walk across the Stanton Memorial Causeway (NJ 52) went okay. Because of the crosswinds, I walked up the high parts of the bridge. In Somers Point, I rode through traffic some and then I had to follow a big detour because there was a large area of neighborhood that was blocked off by police. I founda rails to trails bike path that took me through Linwood and Northfield to Pleasantville. There was an elementary school next to the trail and there were a lot of young kids on bikes. There were quite a few traffic guards.

From where I got off the bike trail, it was a short ride to motel that I had a reservation.

May 24 - R : Pleasantville, New Jersey to West Creek, New Jersey : 51.19 miles (81.90 km)
46.58 C 19.42 R
Trip Total : 2,283.25 miles (3,653.20 km)

Sixty-sixth day on tour.

Last night was a somewhat of an off night. The room wasn't that good. What bothered me was a motion detector in the room in the opposite corner of the bed. It just seemed so out of place.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am. I rode up US 422 to Mays City where I got on NJ 50. I got into Egg Harbor City around 10:30 am. I stopped at the McDs for something to eat and drink and to use the restroom.

From the McDs, I followed local county roads to Wharton State Park where I followed more local roads back to US 9.

I got into Tuckerton around 4:30 pm. There wasn't anybody at the Methodist Church. The office had been moved from the house next door to the church. There was a new side entrance. I tried for about 50 minutes to try and contact somebody. I had a hard time finding the new pastor's cell phone number.

Around 5 pm, I decided to head out back on US 9. There wasn't any open land. I decided to stop at the Sea Pirate Campground. The prices were really high because of Memorial Day. Every spot in the campground were supposed to all booked up starting tomorrow. I got a spot with water and electricity. The big plus for me was wifi. This was the first time that I've camped out this year and the first time that I've tried out my new tent. I didn't fully put the tent up with all of the cords and stakes. The inside of the tent was a little smaller than my old tent but I was able to get all of my gear inside without using the vestibules.

May 25 - F : West Creek, New Jersey to Manchester, New Jersey : 35.79 miles (57.26 km)
47.47 C 19.53 R
Trip Total : 2,319.04 miles (3,710.46 km)

Sixty-seventh day on tour.

I wish that I could have contacted somebody from the Methodist church yesterday afternoon because I had a really rough night. The two people in the next campsite were really loud and obnoxious. It didn't sound like neither of them ever camped out before. They had a loud blower that pumped up an air mattress. This happened quite often. Before dark, they turned on a music player and started to listen to loud country music. I tried to fall asleep around 11 pm.

I spent a lot of time on the campground wifi trying to make a couple of motel reservations so I would have a place to stay the next couple of nights. I tried getting onto the Wyndham Rewards website but there were system errors. I made a couple of reservations through Choice.

During the night, I slept kind of light if I got some sleep. I might have taken a lot of micro-sleep breaks. There was a moon to deal with. I crawled into my sleeping bag. The outside of the bad was a little damp from the rain showers last week. I did wake up a couple of times to empty out my bladder. Birds, especially woodpeckers started to get active around 5 am. I took my time getting things packed up. Nobody was up. Around 7 am, I left the campground and got back on US 9. I didn't eat anything out of my food pannier for breakfast.

About six miles down the road, I stopped at a WaWa to get a half pretzel and some milk for breakfast. The ride along US 9 went okay. There wasn't much traffic to deal with going north. The majority of the traffic was going towards Atlantic City and Cape May. By noon, I had ridden 24.16 miles. I stopped at a McDs for some lunch in Forked River.

The afternoon ride was okay except that the temperature was in the low 80s. The ride to Toms River went okay. I turned NW towards Lakehurst. After about five miles on NJ 37, I got to the hotel where I had a reservation.

I've got about a 40 mile ride to Middletown tomorrow.

May 26 - SA : Manchester, New Jersey to Middletown, New Jersey : 41.59 miles (57.26 km)
49.47 C 19.53 R
Trip Total : 2,360.63 miles (3,777.01 km)

Sixty-eighth day on tour.

Last night was really good. The room was really great. It was great that there was a guest laundry that didn't cost much. I went to sleep around 9:30 pm. I only woke up once to go to the restroom and I was able to fall back asleep. I got up around 5:45 am. I went down for breakfast around 6:30 pm. I was the first person there so I got the first dibs at the hot scrambled eggs and other stuff. I was told to take some bagged up pastries to go.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am. The temperature was warm in the 70s. It was a short ride to Lakehurst where I got on NJ 70. I followed NJ 70 to it's end where it joined NJ 35 where I turned North. Traffic on the most part was light. I got about 21 miles in by noon. I stopped at a McDs in Brielle for some lunch.

The afternoon high was supposed to be close to 90. When I got to Belmar, I was surprised at riding passed a motel that I stayed at before. I also started to ride along the NJ Transit train to NYC. In Asbury Park, I tried to find an alternate route but traffic was heavy and there was no shoulder. Once I got into Eastonton, the shoudler started up again. I had a good ride through Shrewsbury to Middletown. I got to the hotel where I had a reservation around 4:50 pm.

A half hour after I checked in a powerful thunderstorm went through the area. For a couple of minutes, the power went off and on. I stayed in my room because with the power off, I would have been locked out of the room until the power would have turned back on.

Tomorrow might be a wet day. It's going to be at least 30 degrees cooler than today.

There is already a named storm in the Gulf of Mexico. The start of the hurricane season is June 1. Alberto is in the Gulf just southwest of Cuba and increasing in strength. It's supposed to make landfall Monday between Biloxi, MS and Pensacola, FL. The Florida governer is already declaring a state of emergency. They are predicting 4 to 10 inches of rain in the Gulf. The beaches along the Alabama Coast are closed. Beaches between Panama City and Pensacola are under yellow flag warning. People in Tallehassee are filling up sand bags.

I was planning to ride to South Amboy to catch the train into New York City but there is the threat of rain tomorrow. There is a railroad station with a handicap a little over a mile away in Middletown. I can catch the 1:20 pm Coast #7236 train to Penn Station. The train ride will be around 82 minutes long. The fare should be $15.25

On the way to the railroad station, I will stop at the historic Christ Episcopal Church for church. The historic church was built in 1836 and the main church was built in 1956..

May 27 - SU : Middletown, New Jersey to Manhattan, New York City, New York : 02.75 miles (04.40 km)
48.54 C 20.46 R
Trip Total : 2,363.38 miles (3,781.41 km)

Sixty-ninth day on tour.

For what I had paid for the room, I didn't get my money's worth. The room wasn't that good. There was a sliding glass door to the outside but the curtain didn't fit. There was a lot of light leakage so the room didn't get that dark. I should have located my sleeping mask. Once, I turned the television and air conditioning/ heater unit off, the room wasn't that quiet. There wasn't much sound proofing in the walls so I heard the people in the bathroom next to my room. Also, there was the loud chugging of a compressor unit from a nearby air conditioning heater unit. I had to turn on my air conditioner/heater unit as a sound mask but that either made the room too hot or too cold. Overall, I probably got about three hours of sleep.

I woke up to the sound of loud thunder. It was really raining outside. There were flash flood warning till around 8:45 am. Around 6:30 am, I went up front to get some breakfast. There was some hot food available.

I checked the web again and found out that the service at Christ Episcopal was going to be at 10 am. I left the hotel in a light drizzle. On the way to the church, I stopped at a bank to use the atm. From the hotel, it was probably 1.9 miles to the church. On the way to the church, I rode passed the United Church of Christ (Congregational). There was a homosexual rainbow flag flying above the door to the fellowship hall.

I got to the Episcopal Church around 9:50 am. There wasn't any place to put Allison out of the rain. I was directed to park her on the side of the building. I got to meet the rector before the service. He was pretty friendly and I was introduced and was able to say a few words to the congregation. Father Bill's sermon was pretty good and to the point at around nine minutes. After the service, I went down to the fellowship hall. Quite a few people talked with me. I also got to talk with the rector some more. He is retiring in September after 29 years in the ministry. Near the end of the fellowship time, the rector called for some special prayers for me and I got to speak for about ten minutes. One of the ladies bagged up the left over grapes and several people gave me anomynous green handshakes.

From the church, it was a short walk to the train platform. At least it wasn't raining. I used the automated ticket machine to purchase my ticket. It cost me $15.25 for the ticket to Penn Station. The train was supposed to leave at 12:20 pm but it didn't arrive till 12:37 pm. I got directed to the very first car up front. The handicap door was the last door. The car actually had two levels of seating but I had to stay with Allison. There was a row of five seats and I put four of those seats up to get Allison in place. The only problem with the seating was that it was directly opposite to the bathroom. I sort of served as bathroom monitor because the occupied lamp didn't always turn on.

The train arrived at Penn Station around 1:45 pm. I was the last person off the train and the last person to get off the platform. It took a while waiting for the elevator to be free. I did wander around a little bit trying to find the elevator that would take me to the street level. I was at the backside of Madison Square Garden. Once I got my bearings, it was a short walk to the New Yorker. The hotel is huge. I got myself checked in but my room wasn't ready.

May 28 - M : Manhattan, New York City, New York to Manhattan, New York City, New York : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
48.54 C 21.46 R
Trip Total : 2,363.38 miles (3,781.41 km)

Seventieth day on tour.

Last night, I got a little over six hours of sleep. I was in cloudheaven getting a room at the top of the hotel. The room got reasonably dark. I did wake up in the middle of the night but I took the time to take some pictures. It was wild seeing all of the buildings lit up.

I woke up around 5:00 a.m. Around 9 am, I ventured downstairs to check out some of the other things in the lobby. I did something that I thought that I wouldn't do and that is sit in for some kind of sales pitch. I signed up to hear the sales pitch for Wyndham Resorts. I was promised 30,000 points and a couple t-shirts. I took my first Uber ride. The driver was from Pakistan. It was about a 10 minute ride to the building where the presentation was going to be held. The building that I went to didn't look fully developed. Somebody let me in and another person was at a desk where I got a pass. Somebody met me and took me upstairs to a second floor room. The floor that I was on wasn't really ready for occupation. Most of the floor was bare and the ceiling wasn't done. This was a boiler-room operation.

There was about thirty people there waiting for the sales pitch along with a family that had a young boy who was under 13. There were a couple of people overseas. After filling in some paper work, I got sent to a waiting area where I waited for somebody to come and get me. Near where we were, there was a banquet being prepared. I thought that we were going to be taken in a room and fed a meal while we heard the pitch. I was the last person taken into another room. A young black lady came and got me. She was light skinned and she had a face full of freckles including a big one on the tip of her nose. She allowed me to get a bottle of juice before I was taken into another room where the presentation was supposed to take place. The main guy who was the presenter of the sales pitch was Chinese American. The sales pitch wasn't that interesting. I wasn't really interesting getting involved with a sales pitch. In the middle of the sales pitch, the blackboard sized touch screen monitor froze. Everything was about points but nobody talked about the real cost of the points.

I didn't last through the whole sales pitch. There was food but wasn't served. The lady who talked to me kept pushing me to buy into the program. As soon as we got outside supposedly to go next door to check out a soon-to-be open resort building, I left. There was no mention that I would be getting the points. I wasn't fed or didn't get a I Love New York t-shirt. I'm probably not going to get the promised 30,000 reward poj ts. There was a Wendys a block away so I stopped for lunch.

On the way back to the hotel, I walked passed Grand Central Station. There was some guys with Top View Tours. I bought a discounted ticket. I boarded the bus in the Times Square area. I got a seat on top. I could have gotten off and on till 7 pm but I decided to stay on the bus for the whole loop. I didn't want to walk through all of the congestion. I got off the bus about five blocks from my hotel. On the way, I stopped at a 7-11 to buy a few things.

May 29 - T : Manhattan, New York City, New York to Branford, Connecticut : 12.71 miles (20.34 km)
48.85 C 22.15 R
Trip Total : 2,376.09 miles (3,801.74 km)

Seventy-first day on tour.

Even though I was still a little wired from what happened during the boiler-room presentation of Wyndham Resorts, I was able to fall asleep. I went to sleep a little before 8 pm. I woke up around midnight to go to the restroom but I was able to fall back asleep till around 5:30 am. I could have gone down to the Tick Tock Diner to get a continental breakfast for a dollar but I had food on my bike and I had stopped at a 7-11 to purchase a quart of milk on the way back to the hotel. I took my time getting ready to go because I wasn't sure when I was going to get an elevator. I didn't feel comfortable trying to go down the freight elevator with Allison.

I had things ready by 8:20 am. I was able to catch a housekeeper on the floor to help me with getting Allison out of the door. There wasn't anybody in the elevator lobby. I was surprised at getting an express elevator down to the hotel lobby. The lady who signed me up for the Wyndham resorts program wasn't there so I wasn't sure if she was able to procure the promised 30,000 points. It was a quick checkout. I had a bellman help me get Allison out of the hotel doors.

There weren't any naval personnel around. Fleet Week is over. The fourteen ships were heading out to sea to their home ports with the 2400 servicemen.

From the hotel, I wandered around a bit going to Times Square. I wanted to have a picture(s) taken of me and Allison there. Along the way, I did stop to give a few small green handshakes to several homeless person. There was this one homeless man who had lost his lower legs to diabetes but he had a great Christian attitute. Despite his problems, he had a great smile and he told everybody who passed him God Bless even when they didn't stop. I actually had passed him but I fought the traffic on the sidewalk to go back to him. He did have artificial feet so he could wear regular shoes. He told me that he didn't take care of his diabetes when he was younger so he lost circulation in his legs. Another person who got to me was a lady who was in a electric wheelchair. Her feet were missing along with her lower arms. She might have had a couple partial digits on one stump of a hand. I fought the sidewalk traffic to get back to her.

In Times Square, I was able to get one of the security guards take several pictures. I had him take a picture of me standing behind Allison with the building where the ball dropped on New Year's Eve in the background. He also took a picture of me sitting on Allison. The gentleman had been working in the Times Square area and he is on an eight hour shift. He wasn't really with the police force. His attitude was so great that I asked him if it would be okay to take his picture. He told me that I had made his day.

From Times Square I was going to take a few pictures around Rockerfeller Square and possibly Central Park eight blocks away, but I decided just to go on to Grand Central Station. The walk went okay. I got to the station around 9:30 am. There were automatic tickets machines. I purchased my ticket to New Haven, CT for $15.25. I saw that the next train was going to be at 10:32 am on Track 108. I asked a police officer where I could find an elevator down to the platform. He walked me over to the elevator. When I got to the platform, there wasn't anybody else on the platform. One of the train personnel opened up one of the handicap doors for me on the first car. I put Allison on the train. Bicycles were supposed to be hung up on a rack for two bikes but I was able to put Allison on the other side of the car and just used a short elastic cord to fasten the handlebar of Allison to a railing. This gave me the chance to sit in a regular seat facing forwards. There were only three other people in the car. The train was probably one with a dozen cars. There were compartments for the drivers on both ends of the train because the train was electric.

The train was an express train between the Harlem station in NYC and Stamford, CT. From Stanford, there were seven stops in CT to New Haven. At the station in New Haven, I was the last one off the platform. I had to find the elevator down to the corridor under the rail lines to the station. The elevator was one with two doors so I had to stand Allison almost upwards with the boom in the air. The elevator up to the station was small but I just happened to rain the front wheel up and the door was able to close.

From the train station, I took a different route to US 1. I had to stop and do some emergency repair done to Alllison. The left seat strut snapped off at the bottom. I took everthing off the rear rack and I used electrical tape to wrap up the seat strut. Hopefully, I will find a bike shop that sells Sun recumbents. On the way to the motel in Brandford, I stopped at a McDs for a late lunch.

I'm thinking about doing the same thing that I did with getting in an out of New York City to get in and out of Boston area. Quite a few years ago, I took an MTBA train into South Station and then caught another train out of Boston at North Station.

May 30 - W : Branford, Connecticut to Groton, Connecticut : 52.78 miles (84.45 km)
49.85 C 22.15 R
Trip Total : 2,428.47 miles (3,886.19 km)

Seventy-second day on tour.

For what I paid for the room, this was probably one of the worst Days Inn that I've stayed at. It's what you get when you allow Indians to run hotels. There was no television service or internet. At least, there was some breakfast.

I got on the road around 7:30 am. The ride East went okay. I got about 21 miles in by noon. I stopped at a McDs in westbrook for lunch. The afternoon ride went okay. I made it across the I-95 bridge over the Connecticut River okay. The ride to New London went okay except that I hit a lot of traffic in the downtown area. The bridge over the Thames River was under construction. They were repaving the west bound lanes. At least the bike path was open.

When I got to Groton, I got turned around because of Google Maps. I got to the Super8 where I had a reservation a little before dusk. Before I checked in, I stopped at the Taco Bell next door for a take out meal.

May 31 - R : Groton, Connecticut to North Kingston, Rhode Island : 58.98 miles (94.37 km)
50.85 C 22.15 R
Trip Total : 2,487.85 miles (3,980.56 km)

Seventy-third day on tour.

I had an okay night. I was able to get about six hours of sleep. There was a decent breakfast. I grabbed a couple of honey buns to go.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am. The temperature was around 60 in the morning. The ride through Groton went okay. The rolling hills to Mystic were a little rough. I walked up a couple of them. I took quite a few pictures in Mystic.

Between Mystic and Pawtucket, there was some road construction. They were repaving the highway. I walked some of the construction zone.

I got into Westerly, RI around noon. The temperature was in the 70s. I stopped to take a picture of Allison. There was some road construction in the downtown area and I accidentally got on 1A. Near the airport, I took side roads to get back on US 1. I stopped at a Wendys for a late lunch.

The ride to Wakefield went okay but I did get bonked before getting to Charleston. I rode local roads through town. In Wakefield, I followed local roads to 1A in Narrangansett. The ride to North Kingston went okay. I got to the motel where I had a reservation right before dark. I was wiped out after cycling almost 60 miles. I'm about 17.9 miles to the railroad station in Providence.

June 01 - F : North Kingston, Rhode Island to Boston, Massachusetts : 15.78 miles (25.25 km)
51.24 C 22.76 R
Trip Total : 2,501.84 miles (4,002.46 km)

Seventy-fourth day on tour.

The room was a lot better than the night before. I was able to get about six hours of sleep. The wifi had worked but I wasn't able to watch any television because it didn't turn on.

I left the motel around 7:30 am. I was able to get Allison out the back door okay. There wasn't anybody at the office on the second floor. There was a light fog. I stopped at a 7-11 for some milk. The was a guy in front of me at the cash register trying to buy some milk and food but he didn't have enough money on his food stamp card. He was going to put some of the food away but I asked the guy at the cash register what the remainder of his purchase was. It was just a couple of dollars so I told him that I would take care of it. I told the guy at the register that it was a Christian thing to do and he just shrugged.

The ride north on US 1 was a little tricky. There wasn't much of a shoulder. I didn't feel like riding clear up to Providence and catch the train. I found out that there was a railroad station at the parking garage of the TF Green Airport. There was a ramp to get up to the platform. There weren't any ticket machines. I got to the station around 11 am. The train to Providence was going to leave at 1:39 pm. There was an enclosed waiting room with electricity. I sat in it to work on my pictures but after an hour I gave up because the room was really cold from the air conditioning. I moved Allison back on to the main part of the platform before it started to rain. The wait for the train went okay.

The train came around 1:35 PM. The conductor directed me to a spot on the second car. I was able to get Allison situated and find a front facing seat for the trip to Boston. The fare was $14.25.

We got into South Station around 3:05 pm. I was the last person off the train and the platform because I took a lot of pictures. Before leaving the station, I got a take out meal from the McDs. From the train station, I took a rambling route in the downtown area. I had my late lunch near the Boston Tea Party ship. I walked by the Old State Capitol and then I walked to the Northeast corner of the Boston Commons. On the way to the hotel where I had a reservation, I walked around the state capitol.

June 02 - SA : Boston, Massachusetts to Kittery, Maine to Gates Corner (N Dover), New Hampshire : 48.89 miles (78.22 km)
52.24 C 22.76 R
Trip Total : 2,552.52 miles (4,084.03 km)

Seventy-fifth day on tour.

The room was pretty good. The view was of the Charles River to the North. I was ten floors up from the main door of the hotel. The only problem was that I wasn't high enough to not hear loud noises from the street. There were a couple of bars in the area. I went to sleep around 10:30 pm. I was able to stay asleep till around 3:30 am. After staying awake a few minutes, I slept till around 6 am. Being that there was a restaurant and room service (expensive), there wasn't any breakfast. I got stuff out of the food pannier.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am. I walked down to the Old State Capitol and then I walked to Fanuel Hall. There is a PC movement to have the name of the building changed after three hundred years. Fanuel was a slave owner and the money that he got for selling a black boy slave was used to build the building. I stopped to check out the Public Open Air Markey. I took a few pictures.

Nearby was the new Holocaust Museum. It wasn't completely open or dedicated. The main part of the memorial other than several granite slabs were five large square glass columns. The columns were about 24 feet tall. The glass panels were etched with the victim's names. There was steam coming out of grates in the sidewalk that rose up through the columns. It was kind of sad to see that in the unopened area that was still being developed several people had set up homeless camps. People were sleeping on the park benches.

From the memorial, it was a short walk to the North Railroad Station. I got there about 8:50 am. There was an open ticket booth. I paid my $12.20 fee. I walked Allison into the center of the station. I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts kiosk and bought a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter. I had about a 35 minute wait. While I was eating my bagel, I talked with a guy from Ireland who was working in Boston at Fidelity Investments doing software development. He was going on the same train with his bicycle and going to Lynn to do some riding there. There was a large group of cyclists that was also going on the train. There was probably a dozen. The train came to track 1 around 9:25 am. Because of all of the bicycle, the first car of the train got turned into a baggage car. I had a little bit of problem getting Allison on the passenger car. I set it up so it shouldn't move around. I found a front facing seat in the middle of the car on the lower level. The rider to Newburyport went okay. Along the way, one of the guys accidenly blew up one of tubes. He must have pinched the tube. I'm surprised that he didn't blow a hole in the bike tire since it was quite narrow and thin.

The train got to Newburyport around 10:35 am. It was a little tricky getting Allison out of the passenger car. I took a lot of pictures on the platform. There was a long wooden ramp to the parking lot and the station. From the station, I got on a rails to trails bike path that was about a mile long. There was some neat art exhibits that included a wood and metal horse called Clyde and a small minature steam train.

From Newburyport, I got on MA 1A to Salisbury. There was some grooved roadway for a couple of miles because they were in the process of repaving. The grooved paving lasted about a couple of miles. After traveling 9.62 miles in Massachusetts, I crossed into New Hampshire. I stopped to take a picture of Allison at the state sign. The temperature was in the upper 70s. The ride up the New Hampshire Coast went okay. The Hampton Beach area was pretty busy. There was a brief rain shower but I rode out of the cloud area. There was a bit of a tailwind so I was flying around 10 mph.

I got into Portsmouth around 3:30 pm. I got a little lost getting back onto US 1 and across the drawbridge into Kittery, Maine. I got off the drawbridge part of the bridge about a couple of minutes before it was opened up. At the state sign in the middle of the bridge, I stopped to take pictures of Allison. I stopped to send some text messages with the picture to some friends around the country.

From the state sign, I probably rode about .68 miles before I ended Trip Leg 05 and started Trip Leg 06 to Minneapolis, MN. Trip Leg 05 was 1,536.47. It took me 29.61 days of cycling at an average of 51.89 MPD (83.02 KMPD).

From where I turned west (northwest) to Dover, I followed local road and state routes to Dover, New Hampshire. The majority of the ride was on ME 268. After traveling 11.5 miles, I crossed back into New Hampshire. There wasn't any state sign. From where I got back in to New Hampshire, it was about a 4.6 mile ride to the MicroTel where I had a reservation. About .75 mile from the motel, I stopped at a Hanneford Grocery store to get some groceries. I got to the MicroTel a little before dusk. I was given a room on the third floor. The room was set up as a suite.

I haven't decided what church, I'm going to attend tomorrow morning. Even with the short days earlier in the week, I had cycled 191.89 miles.

The next update might be posted between June 09th and June 16th.



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