TRIP 2018

Update #15 - June 20
Chittenango, New York

Year Total : 2,897.04 miles (4,635.26 km)

June 03 - SU : Gates Corner (N Dover), New Hampshire to Dover, New Hampshire : 03.47 miles (05.554 km)
52.33 C 23.67 R
Trip Total : 2,555.99 miles (4,089.58 km)

Seventy-sixth day on tour.

The room was pretty good. I was able to get some rest. There was an okay breakfast. This was the hotel that had a pancake making machine that worked. After breakfast, I got things packed up and I got on the web to check out the churches. I was going to go to the Methodist church but I found out that there was a lady minister and it was a reconciliation (gay friendly). I decided to go the Baptist church instead.

I left the hotel around 9:30 am. The service was going to be at 10:30 am. The church was in the downtown area. When I got to the church, I thought that it looked familiar. I might have stopped at the church on a weekend during a previous trip through the area. I got to the church about 9:05 am. The people there were kind of friendly towards me. I had picked the church because I saw that they were socially compassionate. This Sunday was the Sunday that they were collecting food for a local food pantry. I got to meet the pastor before the service. He was an older gentleman. The church was led by a praise team. The guy who was the drummer had a strange and disturbing tshirt. He wore a black t-shirt with a flag made out of blue pistols and red sub-machine guns. For about a half hour, the praise team sung songs over and over again. I thought that the pastor would have introduced me as a guest visitor but he didn't. There was a guest minister who was from Sri Lanka. He was a little hard to understand and he rambled some repeating himself. There was communion afterwards.

Nothing happened after the service. I went across the street to a law office and I got out my laptop and used my cellphone as a hotspot and made a reservation from a room the Days Inn a couple of blocks away. Instead of going directly to the hotel, I stopped at a pizza place and got a slice of pizza and a soda. There was a small grocery store a couple of doors down and I bought some peanut butter and a few other things.

I got to the hotel around 1:30 pm. I was hoping to check in then but there were no rooms clean. I was told that it would be a little over an hour before I could check in. I walked back to the square and set myself at a park bench. Around 2:40 pm, I went back to the hotel and there was a room available.

June 05 - T : Dover, New Hampshire to Concord, New Hampshire : 35.75 miles (57.20 km)
53.22 C 24.78 R
Trip Total : 2,591.74 miles (4,146.78 km)

Seventy-eighth day on tour.

I had a good evening. I probably got 7.5 more hours of sleep. Before going to sleep, I did a complete update of my ministry website and worked on all of the photos that I've taken the past three days. I woke up around 5:30 am. There was a good breakfast again. It was cold in the 50s so I layered up.

I left the motel around 7:50 am. I walked almost to the southern edge of Dover before getting on Allison. The ride to Durham went well. I stopped at a gas station for some hot chocolate. In the downtown area near the university, I got a little confused so I got on Google Maps to find my way west. I got into Northwood around noon. I had ridden almost 20 miles. I stopped at a gas station for a slice of pizza and something to drink.

About ten minutes after I had gotten back on the road, I got caught in some rain. I rode from one tree to another. The rain lasted for about 20 minutes. I didn't get that wet. I had a good ride to Epsom Circle. There was a Dollar General so I stopped to get a few things. The sky was pretty dark with clouds. About a few minutes after I left the Dollar General, the sky opened up with a lot of rain. I rushed over to a gas station and found cover near the gas pumps. I started a conversation with an older guy who had a truck. He offered to take me the rest of the way into Concord because the there was no indication when the rain was going to stop.

There is another chance of rain tomorrow. Because of this, I might just ride South to Manchester and ride to Keene from there Thursday

June 06 - W : Concord, New Hampshire to Manchester, New Hampshire : 18.87 miles (30.19 km)
53.69 C 25.31 R
Trip Total : 2,610.61 miles (4,176.98 km)

Seventy-nineth day on tour.

I had a good evening. I was able to get the room warm so I was able to get all of my wet clothes dry. I probably got at least 6.5 hours of week. I woke up around 5:30 am. There was an okay hot breakfast. I had to sew up a long rip on my jacket. The material is getting old and rips easily. This was the third rip that I had to sew up on my jacket in the past couple of days.

I left the motel around 8:30 am. The temperature was cool in the upper 50s and the sky was overcast. I walked about the first two miles because there were rolling hills and really no shoulder. About 3.65 miles down the road, I heard a loud pop in back and there was a loud rubbing sound coming from the back of Allison. I thought that it was a broken spoke but it was a lot worse. The bolt holding the rack on the frame on the brake side had sheared off halfway through the threads. There wasn't any way that I could clear out the hole. I took the fender off. While I was working on the recumbent, an officer from the Bow police station stopped. He helped me move my things to a spot off the road. I tried fastening the seat strut to where the rack strut was fastened but the seat back was too far back. I fastened the seat strut and the rack strut on the same hole. It took me about three hours but I was able to get Allison rideable but the seat back is still loose. I've got to take the time to put the original bolt back into the seat. Before getting back on the road, I packed up my long pants and jacket.

The ride went okay to Manchester but it was a slow ride because of the hills and traffic. I stopped at a gas station in Nooksett for a slice of pizza and something to drink. The rest of the ride into Manchester went okay. When I got into Manchester, I used Google Maps to get to the hotel where I had a reservation. Near the motel was a bike shop. I stopped to get some new disc pads. I also stopped at a BK for some chicken nuggets and onion rings.

My goal for tomorrow is Keene. If I just make it to Peterborough 32.2 miles away that would be okay.

June 07 - R : Manchester, New Hampshire to Manchester, New Hampshire: 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
53.69 C 26.31 R
Trip Total : 2,610.61 miles (4,176.98 km)

Eightieth day on tour.

I was hoping to head out tomorrow but it didn't happen. As I was replacing the disc pads in the rear unit, one of the pistons came loose and I couldn't put it back together. I noticed that the front tire was flat and there was a broken spoke. I opted to stay over and take the wheels and the brake unit to the Cycles Plus bike shop in the shopping center next door. I went online to Choice and reserved the room for another night.

I did have a good night. I was able to get some sleep. I woke up around 7 am. Around 10 am, I took the wheels and the disc brake unit to the bike shop. The mechanic was able to fix the disc brake unit. With regards to the rear wheel, the spoke wasn't broken. The mechanic took the time to true the wheel. With regards to the front wheel, they didn't have the spoke the right size. I was told about the Bike Barn in the downtown area across the River. The mechanic only charged me $15. I took the rear wheel and the brake unit back to the hotel and then I walked over to the Bike Barn. The mechanic there told me that the wheel should be ready in the afternoon.

Back at the hotel, I used the guest laundry. The price was high but they were large capacity washers. Around 1:30 pm, I got a call from the Bike Barn that the wheel was ready. I was hoping that this was all that I needed to do but around 4 pm, I had to go back to Cycles Etc to but some new tubes for the rear tire. I missed a small piece of wire that was sticking up in the inside of the tire.

June 08 - F : Manchester, New Hampshire to Keene, New Hampshire : 40.21 miles (64.34 km)
54.69 C 26.31 R
Trip Total : 2,650.82 miles (4,241.31 km)

Eighty-first day on tour.

Once I got Allison back on her two wheels and my clean clothes packed up, I had a good evening. I went to bed early. I did wake up once and I stayed asleep till around 5 am. I was the first ones in the breakfast room so I was able to get some cereal and other stuff.

After breakfast, I packed up Allison. I used the back handicap entrance to get Allison out of the hotel. Allison was outside around 7:50 am. The temperature was already warm in the 70s. The projected high was supposed to be in the low 80s.

I walked over to Boynton (NH 101). I took my time getting the rear brake working. I had to load and unload the rear rack several times to get the tension of the brake cable right and also the pistons in the right position so the rear brake worked right without squealing. It was good to have the brakes working.

In Bedford, I had to go through a long stretch of road construction where they were putting in new water pipes and electrical work. The construction zone lasted about an hour. Because of the late start, I only got about 19 miles in by noon. I stopped at a BK in Milford for lunch.

From the BK, I rode through the downtown area before getting back on NH 101. The afternoon ride was a slow one because of getting into the mountains. There wre several long climbs to walk up and coast down. The longest stretch was up to almost the top of Pack Monadnock Mountain and Miller State Park. From the top of the pass, there was a 9 percent downhill coast for about a mile and then it downgraded to a 6% slope. Along the way up the mountain, I thought that I was going to get caught in some rain but the temperature just got a little cool. Once I got out of the clouds, the temperature climbed up again.

I got into Peterborough around 6 pm. After a break at a gas station, I found my way over to the police station to see if somebody knew how to connect a local minister. The friendly officer that I talked to gave me some directions to some open lands near a shopping center but there wasn't any good land that was dry and big enough to put down my tent. I went back to the police station and the officer that I talked with directed me to go to the fire station. At the fire department, I talked with two paramedic firemen. One of the firemen contacted another guy who was in the department longer and had more connections. The guy who came to talk with me came in a van that had a bike rack in back. It turns out that the guys name was John and he was Jewish on his mother's side (non-practicing) and Catholic on his father's side. His mother's family was from Germany. John had offered to take me home so that I could camp out but he wasn't sure that his wife would like it. Instead, there was an offer to take me the rest of the way into Keene. I got out my laptop and used my cellphone as a hotspot and made a reservation at the Days Inn in the western section of Keene. John offered to get me some supper in Keene so we went through the Wendy's Drive in.

From where I am, I'm about 15 miles from the VT state line. I do have a long climb out of Keene on NH 9. From the state line, I will be about three miles into Brattleboro.

June 09 - SA : Keene, New Hampshire to North Brattleboro, Vermont : 16.05 miles (25.69 km)
55.09 C 26.91 R
Trip Total : 2,666.87 miles (4,266.99 km)

Eighty-second day on tour.

I had an okay night. I did wake up before 5 am but I fell back asleep till around 6 am. There was an okay breakfast. I left the motel around 8:30 am. I rode passed the Monadnock Covenant Church. I stopped there back in 2015, which was the last time that I came through the area. I didn't see any cars there so I didn't stop.

There was about a 2.5 mile climb right at the start out of Keene. I was able to ride all of the way up to the steepest area. For about 3/4 of a mile, I pushed Allisonup the hill. After taking a short break, I started the downhill coast. The grade was 7 % for 1.25 mile. I stopped at a gas station in Stoffard for a break. From the gas station, it was an up and down ride to the state line but no major climbs. Near Chesterfield, there was a lot of traffic through an intersection. Traffic was being stopped for a long bike ride. There were supposed to be 700 cyclists riding to Rutland, Vermont. The ride was supposed to be 150 miles long. About 1.5 miles from the intersection, I stopped on the side of the road to check out a metal water bottle but it was too messed up inside. As I was walking back to Allison, this guy with bikes on the back of his pickup stopped. He was the husband of one of the cyclists on the ride. Before he left, he gave me some organic energy snacks and a smoothie in a bottle.

The ride to state line went okay. Once I crossed the Connecticut River on the new bridge, I crossed into Vermont. From the state line, it was a short ride to the Super8 in North Brattleboro where I had a reservation. Before going to the Super 8, I stopped at a Wendy's for a takeout.

June 10 - SU : North Brattleboro, Vermont to West Brattleboro, Vermont : 06.97 miles (11.15 km)
55.26 C 27.74 R
Trip Total : 2,673.84 miles (4,278.14 km)

Eighty-third day on tour.

I had an okay night. I took a nap in the afternoon but I was able to fall back asleep around 10:30 pm. I stayed asleep till around 5:30 am. I was surprised that I didn't hear the ice making machine across the hall from my room. There was an okay breakfast in the room next to mine. I had another guest help me get Allison out of the room because the closing spring on the door was really tight.

I left the motel around 8:45 am. There were some rolling hills and a long downhill coast down into the downtown area. Going over a bridge, I noticed that in a lake somebody had made a fake sea monster. I stopped to take a picture of it.

To get to the Rivertown church, I had to go up a steep hill. On the way into the downtown area, I rode passed the Episcopal Church. There was a big sign outside the church saying that there was going to be a special Gay Pride service this morning. Across the street, there was a Baptist church but they listed a lady minister. This church wasn't southern Baptist. I learned that most of the major churches in town were liberal. The food shops downtown were already busy.

I got to the Rivertown Church around 10 am. People were showing up for the 10:30 am service. The building was being shared with an Assembly of God Church that had their service at 8 am in the morning. The congregation was mostly made up of young couples (in their 20s and 30s). There were only a small amount of older people than me. Not too many took the time to talk to me before the service. It was going to be a contemporary service. There was a portable baptism pool. Two teenage boys were going to be baptized. I got to talk to two of the three founding ministers. The lead pastor was sort of aloof. One of the ministers was the head of sales at a bike shop. There was a praise team made up of a guy who played the guitar and a young tall lady who was pregnant. Turns out that she was the lead pastor's wife. They sang two or three songs before the offering was taken up. The lead pastor, Ben, was next. The start of his sermon talk was okay. It sounded like it was going to wind down after about fifteen minutes. There was a prayer that I thought was going to be the end of the sermon but Ben started up again and he rambled on for another twenty-two minutes. During the preaching, there was a young lady sitting in the front row on the other side of the room breastfeeding a young infant. She did it out in the open. I don't understand why she didn't go into another room to do it. After the sermon, there was a song by the praise group. After the song, there was the baptism of two teenaged boys. This was kind of rushed through because there was going to be communion. One of the ministers who I talked to before the service, Corey, led the communion. He had an awkward time through it because his wireless microphone didn't work and he had to get the lead pastor's unit and use it. In the explanation of the instruction, there was clear instruction to the parents who had young children before the age of reasoning that the children shouldn't take part of the elements. The lead pastor's two young boys (3 and 4.5 years old) were up front on the steps of the stage and they grabbed the elements. The lead pastor or their mother didn't stop them. It was almost like the lead pastor was showing the other parents that his kids were special and could get away with anything. There was another song and then the congregation was dismissed without a closing prayer. There wasn't a prayer to start the service. There were a couple of cups left over and little kids grabbed them to drink. To me, this wasn't right because the elements were still sanctified and one of the ministers should have drank the left over cups. Nobody took to the time to talk to me before I left.

I got a little turned around in the downtown area. I forgot that I had to walk up a hill for a couple of blocks before I turned west on VT 9. I went up one side of the hill on one side of the road and then down the hill on the other side of the hill before I found out my mistake. I was going to stop and get something to eat at a bakery/ sandwich shop but the prices were really high. They wanted $3.50 for a cup of lemonade. Among all of the people on the streets, there was this homeless guy with a sign sitting on the steps of a closed store asking for some Christian kindness. His face (especially his eyes) were really bad. It looked like he had been in a fight. I gave him a small GH and asked if he needed any food. He thanked me for the GH and told me that he had some food already.

About a block away on a sidewalk on a bridge over a stream connecting to the Connecticut River, there was a young lady with a sign. She looked to be in her early 20s. I watched her for a few minutes along with the many people who just walked passed her. Nobody seemed to notice that she was there. I parked Allison and went over to talk to her. I gave her a small GH. I then asked her if she was hungry. She told me that she was. She had been recently kicked out of her boyfriend's apartment and was living in a tent some place. She didn't have enough food to carry her over till the next time a food pantry might be opened again. I told her to come over to Allison and I would get her some food out of the pockets of the food pannier. I overstuffed a plastic sandwich bag with some food stuff and some more food in her right hand. The young lady was amazed that I was willing to give her some of my food. I explained to the young lady Matthew 25. I was feeling a little empty inside from the church service that I had recently attended but helping the young lady filled me up. I also told her that my getting lost in the downtown area was actually to set up as a divine appointment to help her out and witness to her.

From the downtown area, it was a long and steep climb up a hill to where VT 9 leveled out some. In a field halfway up the hill, there was a small solar farm and some high grass being eaten by some sheep that had really thick wool. I stopped at a park that had a covered bench (a bus stop) and a small Little Free Library box with painted lizards on it. In West Brattleboro, I stopped at a Deli Market to use the restroom and also to get something cold to drink and also two small pieces of banana-nut bread and blueberry bread. In West Brattleboro, I had a long climb up to a motel/ bed and breakfast where I had a reservation. The building was made like a Swiss chalet because the lady who was the owner was from Switzerland.

I'm just going to Wilmington tomorrow. I got a reservation at a motel there. The last time that I was in the Wilmington area three years ago I camped out in my tent about two miles to the west of Wilmington near a lake.

June 11 - M : West Brattleboro, Vermont to Wilmington, Vermont : 12.76 miles (20.42 km)
55.58 C 29.42 R
Trip Total : 2,686.60 miles (4,298.56 km)

Eighty-fourth day on tour.

I had an okay night. The room was okay for being rustic. There were only three channels available on the television. At least, I had a good wifi signal. I was able to fall asleep around 10:30 pm even though I did take a nap in the afternoon. The room got moderately dark even though there was just a thin curtain in the window. There was just one light outside and that was at the steps.

I woke up around 5 am. Being that this was supposed to be a bed and breakfast, I sort of expected the lady who owned the place to come by with maybe a plate of rolls or something but that didn't happen. I put the key in the door lock and left around 7:40 am. I took my time going through the West Brattleboro. I stopped at a gas station to get some hot chocolate and some donut holes because the temperature was in the low 60s.

From west Brattleboro, I started my way up to the top of Hogback Mountain. I was able to ride some but it was tricky because there wasn't much of a shoulder and the road was windy. I took a break at a store advertising itself as the Vermont Maple Syrup Museum but there weren't any museum displays. The building was mostly a store with old advertising signs and other stuff. I bought a few things from the old lady at the counter but she didn't give me the right change back.

I got maybe a couple more miles of road walking done when this guy in a truck stopped and offered to take me the rest of the way to the top of Hogback Mountain. He told that the remaining four miles to the top on the East side because the highway hasn't been redone in years and there was little or no shoulder and lots of semi trucks. We got to the top of the mountain around 11 am. I got dropped off at the edge of a big open lot. After getting Allison reloaded, I walked back up the road to the visitor center/ store. I took quite a few pictures. After taking a break, I started the coast down the mountain to Wilmington. The westside of the mountain had been recently repaved and there was a good paved shoulder to ride along.

I got into Wilmington around 12:40 pm. I stopped at a Shaws grocery store to get a few things. There was a nice motel across from the grocery store but it wasn't the motel I had a reservation. The Old Mill Inn was on South Main street. It was a large wooden building. It was an old factory that was turned into a lodge. I was a little concerned when I saw a sign that said NO Rooms. I might have been the only guest. To get into the building you had to go down a tall step. When the back end of Allison hit the bottom of the step, I heard a loud pop and the rear rack went bonkers. The bolt holding the front of the rack onto the recumbent frame had popped through the hole in the rack. I unloaded the rear rack and took everything inside. There was no way that I was going to get Allison and all of my stuff up to my room on the second floor. I stored my camping gear and what I couldn't carry behind a far table in the corner of the old dining room along with Allison and I carried the rear panniers and my computer bag upstairs to my room on the second floor.

June 12 - T : Wilmington, Vermont to Bennington, Vermont : 22.67 miles (36.27 km)
56.15 C 29.85 R
Trip Total : 2,709.27 miles (4,334.83 km)

SEighty-fifth day on tour.

I had a somewhat okay night. The room was okay for being old. The room felt like it was from the 1930s or 1940s but there was a modern bathroom. The television was small and old. You could play dvds on it. There was cable television and a strong wifi signal. The main problem for me was that the room was cold. There was air conditioning and the cold air came out of a large round vent in the ceiling. The heat was steam heat and it wasn't turned on. I didn't venture out of the room but I think that I was the only person in the building for the night.

Because of the room being cold, I had to get up multiple times to empty out full bladders. I woke up the last time around 4:40 am. The kitchen of the restaurant was closed so I grabbed something out of my food pannier. While I was shaving, the fire alarm went off in the hallway. I went out into the hall and didn't smell any smoke. I figured out that it was a false alarm. I got cleaned up, dressed, and took my belongings downstairs. The owner came by and told me that the alarm in the basement had gone off but nothing was wrong.

I portaged everything outside into the stone parking lot. The owner left so I flipped Allison upside down in the entrance way and worked on the rear rack and the fender. The rack is stable for now. When I get to Chittenango, I'll drill a hole to make it work better. I had Allison loaded up around 8:40 am. I walked through the rest of Wilmington.

The ride West was level for about three miles and then there was a gradual climb for another mile. I stopped alongside the road for a break before I started up this really steep section. The grade had to be around 8 percent and the climb was about a mile. There were two runaway truck ramps. Once I got to the top of Searsburg Mountain, I went through the town of Searsburg. The last time that I went through here late April 2015 there were piles of snow still on the ground. There was about a two mile stretch that had four rises before the road started to go downhill.

In Woodford, I hit an three mile section of eight percent. I carefully went down the hill because the pavement was kind of rough being that it was repaved with large asphalt. About four miles east of Bennington, I crossed over the Appalachian / Long Trail. Closer to Bennington, I went through a section of road construction.

Before going to the motel that I had a reservation, I stopped at a Stewarts for a break. From the motel, I am a four mile ride to the New York State Line. From the state line, it will be a twenty-six mile coast down to the Hudson River. I'm looking at stopping in the Schnectady area tomorrow night.

June 13 - W : Bennington, Vermont to Troy, New York : 32.79 miles (52.46 km)
56.97 C 29.03 R
Trip Total : 2,742.06 miles (4,387.30 km)

Eighty-sixth day on tour.

I had a somewhat okay night. The room was okay for being old. The only major problem was that the room didn't get dark at night. There was a horizontal venetian blinds and bright lights outside. I was tired so I went to bed around 9:40 pm. I woke up around 1 am to go to the restroom. I woke up again around 4:30 am. I was able to fall back asleep for another hour. I wasn't sure how many guests there were so I didn't know how much breakfast would be provided in the office. I ate out of my food pannier.

I left the motel around 7:40 am. I forgot that there was a climb to go up to Old Bennington. Before leaving the Old Bennington area, I had to stop and work on the broken seat strut again. I also fixed the rear brake cable. From where I had stopped, it was a little over a mile to the NY state line. I had ridden around 4.41 miles in Vermont today. I stopped to take the traditional picture of Allison at the state line.

VT 9 had become NY 7. It was nice being out in the open with fields instead of being in woods. The sky was really overcast. A band of rain was getting ready to come through the area. In Hoosick, I had to find some cover because of brief rain showers. I stopped at a gift shop/ store that had a lot of wooden statues like cows, moose, people. etc. From Hoosick, there were quite a few areas where I had to get off and walk Allison up hills because of headwinds. Ocassionally, there were several sort of long downhill coasts.

In Pittsdown, I stopped at a gas station for a break. The lady who cooked food in the deli and the owner from India was outside. The lady asked me if I was hungry. She told me to go inside and get something to eat and she would take care of the bill. There were already pre-cooked items. I got a can of green tea and a hamburger and some french fries. The owner just waved me through the register. The hamburger was huge. There must have been either three-quarters of a pound of beef or a full pound. The hamburger was thick. I sat down at a table inside to eat the meal. Before I left, I did thank the lady again and the owner.

The afternoon ride was slow because of the strong wind from the west. There were also several long climbs to get up and over. The sky was darker. I didn't think that I was going to make it all of the way to Schnectady where I had a reservation at a motel. It took a long time but I was able to contact the clerk at the motel to have the reservation changed to tomorrow. I'm going to have to go through Albany. I think that it would be wiser for me to get to a bike shop in Albany and get a new rear tire instead of waiting till I get to Chittenango and replace it there.

In Brunswich, I stopped at a gas station and I took the time to make a reservation at a hotel in Troy along the Hudson River. The ride from Brunswich was a downhill run into Troy. I carefully went down a steep hill but the last two blocks were steeper so I carefully walked Allison down the two blocks. The hotel where I got the reservation was just a few feet away from the bridge that I walk across to get over the Hudson River to Watervliet.

June 14 - R : Troy, New York to Albany, New York to Schnectady, New York : 24.79 miles (39.66 km)
57.59 C 29.41 R
Trip Total : 2,766.85 miles (4,426.96 km)

Eighty-seventh day on tour.

I had an okay night. The room on the third floor was really nice. Before getting on the elevator, I grabbed a handful of the freshly baked m&m cookies. They were really good. I was able to get at least 5.5 hrs of sleep. I woke up several times during the night but was able to fall asleep till around 5:30 am. There was a really great got breakfast. There was a lot of hot food including french toast, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and hash browns.

I had one of the housekeepers help me get Allison out of the hotel room. I got a late start out of the hotel parking lot because there was a large group of French-Canadian cyclists from Montreal who were cycling down the Hudson River to New York City. One of the guys who was bilingual made a English-French video of me and Allison using his cellphone.

Around 8 am, I walked across the drawbridge to Green Island. The westbound lanes were under construction. There was a sidewalk to walk across. One the west side of the Hudson River, I followed local road (Bike Route 9) through Watervliet to Albany. In Albany, I rode passed a building that had a huge statue of a black and white dog. The dog had to have been at least fourteen foot tall. I struggled to push Allison up four steep blocks up out of the Hudson River Valley. The higher that I got up the hill, the stronger the winds was. I walked passed the state capitol. When I started to go west on Central Avenue, the winds were really strong and it felt like I was in a wind tunnel. In the Washington Park area, I spent a lot of time looking for a bicycle shop that I had stopped at before but it was no longer in the area.

A black lady with a rainbow hat came up from behind me reading the sign on the back of Allison. When she finished the sign, she gave out a yell and rushed up to give me a hug. When I told her that I was a minister, she pulled out her wallet and slipped me a GH of $5. We talked for about fifteen minutes. About four blocks down the highway, I stopped at a McDs for some lunch. After lunch, I walked Allison several more miles to a spot where I could get on a sidewalk and ride. Traffic was really backed up because there was a wreck just before I-90.

In Rosessleville, I stopped at CK Cycles. I thought that it would be a good idea to go ahead and buy a new rear tire instead of waiting till I got to Chittenango. I got a pretty good 1.5 inch tire 65 psi. I was able to use a floor pump to get the wheel inflated and also to pump up the front tire. Before I left, the guy who helped me gave me a couple of energy snacks.

From the bike shop, I had about a 10 mile ride to Schnectady. The ride was slow because of the headwind. I'm guessing that the wind had to be over 20 mph. The sky was dark to the north. I stopped at a Stewarts for a break. From the Stewarts, it was about a two mile ride to the hotel where I had a reservation.

Tomorrow, the winds are supposed to be a lot lighter. To keep on schedule so I could get into Chittenango Sunday afternoon, I've got to get to Little Falls about 53 miles away tomorrow..

June 15 - R : Schnectady, New York to South Amsterdam, New York : 19.37 miles (30.99 km)
58.07 C 29.93 R
Trip Total : 2,786.22 miles (4,457.95 km)

Eighty-eighth day on tour.

I had a somwwhat off night at this hotel. This motel isn't ADA compliant. Inside, you have to get up four steps before you get onto the main level of the hotel where the elevator was. The desk clerk helped me carry Allison up the steps. I'm glad that the seat strut didn't get busted. The room was kind of bad. There were these strange buttons on the wall that you had to use to turn the lights off and on in the room especially the ones above the beds. The wifi network wasn't working right. I tried multiple times getting my laptop connected but I couldn't. I could barely get my cellphone connected.

I was able to get some sleep. I went downstairs around 6:30 am. There was nobody else downstairs but the night clerk. I was going to take my breakfast upstairs but there were multiple signs that you could only eat breakfast in the breakfast room.

I left my room around 7:40 am. The gentleman who checked me in was back. Instead of helping me carry Allison down the stairs, the guy shut off the fire alarm system and took me down a corridor on the main floor to a door that was on street level. I cannot understand why the entrance is also street level or set up for the handicapped. If you were in a wheelchair, you could get into the breakfast area because you have to go up and down steps. Yesterday afternoon, I watched an elderly lady with a walker have problems going up the inside steps to the main floor.

The sjy was overcast. According to the weather report on tv, there was supposed to be rain. The temperature was only in the 50s but the wind was light. I was still chilled so I to stop and put on my jacket. I walked the rest of the way through Schnectady and halfway across the bridge over the Mohawk River to Scotia. Once I got into Scotia, the traffic on NY 5 was really light.

At the intersection of NY 5 and NY 38, I stopped to check out a ghust bike. The rider was a 65 yr old guy. He was killed by a guy who was 75 back in January 2016.

I stopped at a Stewarts outside of Rotterdam Junction for a break to warm up. I used my cell phone to see if there were any motels in the Amsterdam area. I found out that there was a Super 8 in South Amsterdam near I-90 (New York Tollway). It was a little over 9 miles away. I crossed the Mohawk River at Lock 9 and got on NY 5S. The ride to the Super 8 went okay. Before going to the motel, I stopped at a gas station that had a Dunkin Donuts. I got a turkey sausage and egg sandwich on an english muffin and a glass of their iced green tea and both of these things were really bad.

The Super 8 was really ADA compliant. The doors were extra wide and there had feet tbat kept the doors openoogle Maps. I got to the Super8 where I had a reservation a little before dusk. Before I checked in, I stopped at the Taco Bell next door for a take out meal.

June 16 - SA : South Amsterdam, New York to Little Falls, New York : 45.29 miles (72.46 km)
59.07 C 29.93 R
Trip Total : 2,831.51 miles (4,530.42 km)

Eighty-ninth day on tour.

I had a somwwhat okay night at the hotel. I got maybe 6 hours of sleep. When I went to the breakfast room, it was packed with other people on a bicycle tour from Buffalo to Albany. I talked with two of the guys for about ten minutes.

I got on the road around 7:30 am. I walked back to 5S and then up a hill. After about five more miles, I got on the Canal Trail bike path. The path was okay for about a mile and then it got really bad. The path surface wasn't packed dirt. I stayed on the path for several miles just because 5s was going up and down hills. The bike path was a rails to trails. At Fultonville, I crossed over the Mohawk River to Fonda and then I turned west on NY 5. NY 5 was mostly level because it was next to the railroad.

I got aboout 22 miles in by noon. I stopped at the McDs in Palantine Bridge for some lunch. The afternoon ride was okay. I walked up the hills when I needed to. I did have to dodge horse manure because there was some Amish living in the area. I did stop at a pie stand run by an Amish woman. I took a break at a Stewarts in St Johnsville.

A couple of miles out of Little Falls, I walked up a tall hill. There was some road slippage so the East bound lane had been closed and both lanes open were closer to the cliff.

I got to the hotel where I had a reservation around 4:40 pm. I've got a hotel room in Utica tomorrow afternoon. I'll be riding to Herkimer and finding a church there.

June 17 - SU : Little Falls, New York to Utica, New York : 24.67 miles (39.47 km)
59.69 C 30.31 R
Trip Total : 2,856.18 miles (4,569.89 km)

inetieth day on tour.

I had a somwwhat okay night at the hotel. I got maybe 6 hours of sleep. I left the hotel around 7:40 am.

Instead of staying in town for church, I rode on to Herkimer. I got into Herkimer around 9:40 am. I was going to stop at the Reformed Church but the service started at 9 am. I moved on to Episcopal church. People were meeting in the fellowship before the service. I didn't stay because the people weren't treating each other friendly. I wandered around the town checking out the church steeples. I stopped at the Methodist church. I got there during the second beginning song. I met the lady minister during the Passing of the Peace. During the Joys and Concerns, I got to share. After the service, the pastor's husband slipped me a GH.

After the service, I rode over to the BK for some lunch. The afternoon ride to Utica went okay. Before going to the hotel where I had a reservation, I stopped at a Wendy's for a chocolate Frosty.

June 18 - M : Utica, New York to Oneida, New York : 25.37 miles (40.59 km)
60.32 C 30.68 R
Trip Total : 2,881.55 miles (4,610.48 km)

Sinty-first day on tour.

I had an okay night. I was able to get some rest. I woke up around 5 am. Instead of making some waffles, I decided to try the oatmeal instead. It was okay.

I left the hotel around 7:40 am. The temperature was already in the mid 70s. I took a round-a-bout route to New Hartford where I got on NY 5. The ride was okay but when I got to a hill I walked up them because of the bad seat struts and the seat back wobbling. I got maybe 15 miles in by noon. The wind was really strong coming from the Southwest.

I stopped at a gas station that had a Subway for some lunch. I was still thirsty so I rode about a half mile to another gas station where I got some Gatorade. Because of the high heat, I decided that it would be a stupid idea to try and ride all of the way to Chittenango. I checked out the internet and saw that there were a couple of motels along the way to Vernon. I was going to stop at one but the emphasis was more apartments than motel rooms and there didn't seem to be a designated office. In Vernon, I stopped at another motel but there were no rooms available there. I found a place in the shade so I could get out my laptop. Using my cellphone as a hot spot, I found out that there was a Wyndham hotel in Oneida. I made a reservation for the night at the Super 8. The five mile ride went really well because it was mostly downhill and there was a smooth paved shoulder.

I'm going to have a short twelve mile ride to Chittenango tomorrow.

June 19 - T : Oneida, New York to Chittenango, New York : 15.49 miles (24.78 km)
60.71 C 31.29 R
Trip Total : 2,897.04 miles (4,635.26 km)

Ninty-second day on tour.

I had an okay night. I was able to get some rest. Around 3 pm. it started to rain. It rained almost an hour.

I got on the road around 7:40 am. There was a couple mile walk out of town. The rest of the way to Chittenango went okay. I did walk up the hills.

Coming up into Chittenango, I met another guy on tour. He had started from Santa Monica, CA and was riding to Boston, MA. Most of the way he cycled along Route 66.

I stopped at the Salvation Army to see if there were any lightweight coats but there weren't any. I stopped at the BK for some lunch. My friends didn't get home till a little before 1 pm. I wandered around the downtown area some. There were a few new shops including a bike shop but it was quite small and wasn't open at the time.

The next update might be posted between June 27th and July 04th.



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