TRIP 2018

Update #18 - July 31
Elkhorn, Indiana

Year Total : 4,020.12 miles (6,432.19 km)

July 19 - R : Roseland, Indiana to Fair Plain (South Benton Harbor), Michigan : 36.87 miles (58.99 km)
79.73 C 42.27 R
Trip Total : 3,725.04 miles (5,960.06 km)

One Hundred-twenty-second day on tour.

Yesterday was an okay day off. I stayed in the motel room for most of the day. The only time that I went out of the room was to go out and get breakfast. I got quite a bit of sleep last night.

I left the hotel around 7:35 am. I was really amazed at how hard my body was active. Just walking Allison up the driveway, got me out of breath. Things got a little better the farther I got away from the hotel. I did stop at a gas station in Dreamwood Heights for a short break. Afterwards, I rode along a paved bike trail for a little bit. I followed the bike path almost up to the MI state line. I rode 6.99 miles in Indiana. I stopped to take pictures of the state sign.

The ride north on MI 51 went okay because there was a paved shoulder to ride along. In Niles, I switched over to US 12 Bus and then US 31 Bus/ MI 139. In Niles, I stopped at a McDs for a late lunch.

The afternoon ride went okay. The miles went by quickly even though there were rolling hills. There were a lot of downhill runs. I rode through Berrien Springs and Scottdale. In Fair Plain, I stopped at a McDs for a strawberry shake before going to the Days Inn close by where I had a reservation.

I am going to ride to South Haven tomorrow. There might be the chance of rain tomorrow.

July 20 - F : Fair Plain (South Benton Harbor), Michigan to South Haven, Michigan : 33.57 miles (53.71 km)
80.57 C 42.43 R
Trip Total : 3,758.61 miles (6,013.78 km)

One Hundred-twenty-third day on tour.

Last night was sort of a rough night. I didn't get much sleep. I woke up around 5:30 am. There was a decent hot breakfast with multiple choices of hot food.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am. I followed local roads to get into downtown Benton Harbor, across the St Johns River, and then into downtown St Johns. I got on M61 (the river road). The temperature was in the seventies. The ride was okay. My body was just giving me a hard time. I took a long break at a gas station. Even with the long break and my body problems, I was still able to ride 20 miles by noon.

I finished up M61 and got on the Blue Star Highway. The farther down the highway I got, the better I started to feel. I got into South Haven a little after 2 pm. At an interchange of I-198, there was a homeless guy with a sign. I stopped and gave him some food out of my food pannier. He was appreciative. The sky was getting really dark. I was going to stop at a Wendy's but I decided to go on to the hotel that I had a reservation at. I got Allison inside before it started to rain.

July 21 - SA : South Haven, Michigan to Muskegon, Michigan : 40.16 miles (64.26 km)
81.57 C 42.43 R
Trip Total : 3,798.77 miles (6,078.03 km)

One Hundred-twenty-fourth day on tour.

Last night was sort of a rough night. I didn't get much sleep. I woke up around 5:30 am. There was a decent hot breakfast with multiple choices of hot food.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am. The sky was overcast. I didn't get that far into the downtown area before I had to get my jacket on because it started to rain again. I got back on the Big Star Highway. It was pretty tough riding up and down the hills and in the rain. I took a short break at a small store in Ganges. North of Ganges, I followe bike route M35 but it got me a little out of the way. It was a ride back to the Big Star Highway. There wasn't much in the small town of Ganges.

The road was pretty rough between Ganges and Douglas. I had an okay ride through Saugutuck. I hit another bad section of road after Saugutuck. The route that I was on took me to the Tulip Airport. The highway went under the runways in a tunnel but bicyclists and pedestrians were not allowed. I had to follow the hazmat route around the airport. The new route took me close to US 31 stopped being restricted. Holland was really touristy. There were several large tourist attractions.

Being that it was getting late after 5 pm, I stopped to see if there were any rooms available at several motels but they were all full. I rode on to Westerly. At a gas station, I connected with a young guy named Joe who had a truck. Being that it was getting ready to rain again, Joe offered to take me to Muskegon Heights where I had a reservation at a hotel.

I've got about a 22 mile day planned to Whitehall. I will be stopping along the way to go to church somewhere.

July 22 - SU : Muskegon, Michigan to Whitehall, Michigan : 22.37 miles (35.79 km)
782.13 C 42.87 R
Trip Total : 3,821.14 miles (6,113.83 km)

One Hundred-twenty-fifth day on tour.

Last night a little bit better than last night even though I had a little bit of a rash between my legs from riding in wet underwear. I got the room warm enough so my wet clothes could dry. I woke up a couple of times to go to the bathroom.

I woke up around 5:30 am. There was an okay breakfast.

I left the hotel around 8:10 am. The sky was a little overcast. At least, the temperature was only in the 70s. I followed local roads on the way towards the downtown area. I did stop at a gas station to get some chocolate milk. I sidewalk rode some.

I wasn't sure if I was going to find a church but I saw a church steeple. I stopped at Samuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. The service was going to be at 10 am. I got there a few minutes before the service started. They were meeting downstairs in the fellowship hall because the upstairs wasn't used much in the summer. I got to talk with the minister before the service. During the service, the pastor introduced me and I was asked to come up front and talk for a few minutes. After the service, two ladies slipped me GHs.

There was a lot of activity in the downtown area. They were having a motorcycle rally (Rebel Road). Six blocks were blocked off for the motorcycles. I stopped to talk with some people with BACA. Bikers Against Child Abuse. A couple of blocks from the rally, I found a BK. I stopped there for some lunch.

After lunch, I rode over to the waterfront and got on the Shoreline bike path. The bike path was about four miles and then I got on another bike path along Whitehall Road. I stayed on Whitehall Road for the rest of the way to Whitehall. I rode passed the Michigan Adventures Amusement and Water Park. It was pretty crowded especially people in the water park area.

I got to the hotel where I had a reservation in Whitehall around 4 pm.

I've got about a 46 mile ride to Ludington tomorrow.

July 23 - M : Whitehall, Michigan to Ludington, Michigan : 30.24 miles (48.38 km)
82.89 C 43.11 R
Trip Total : 3,851.38 miles (6,162.21 km)

One Hundred-twenty-sixth day on tour.

Last night a little bit better than last night even though I had a little bit of chest pain. I was able to fall asleep and dream a little. I woke up around 6:20 am.

I left the hotel around 7:40 am. The sky was still a little overcast. The ride through Whitehall went okay. The ride to Montague went okay. After a short break in Montague, I got on the Montague-Hart State Park bike trail. This was supposed to be the state's first rails to trails. The ride was a little slow going North because of some rolling hills and a headwind. I only got about 17 miles in by noon. For lunch, I stopped at this dairy farm that had a farm store/restaurant. I got a grilled cheese sandwich, some potato salad, and milk.

A little after noon, the sky opened up for a light rain. The ride to and through Shelby and New Era went okay. It was around 3:45 pm when I got into Hart. I stopped at a gas station for a break. After the break, I walked up a long hill to where oceano Road (Old 31 connected). I was hoping for a gas station but there was just a FOE center, which was a private club. i tried finding a ride there but nobody was friendly. I tried hitching a ride but I didn't have any luck. I was a little over 20 miles from Ludington.

Near where I tried to hitchhike was a family in a farmhouse. It was around 6 pm when I thought that I would see if there might be a friendly person there. There was a friendly family. The guy offered to take me into Ludington. His wife made me a take out meal of spaghetti and bread. It was around 7 pm, when we got into the Ludington area and to the Rodeway Inn where I had a reservation.

I'm a little over 3 miles away to the ferry landing of the SS Badger.

July 24 - T : Ludington, Michigan to Mantiwoc, Wisconsin : 04.48 miles (07.17 km)
83.00 C 44.00 R
Trip Total : 3,855.86 miles (6,169.38 km)

One Hundred-twenty-seventh day on tour.

Last night a little bit rough. I wasn't able to sleep very deep. I got up around 5 am. I was sort of the first one to get some breakfast.

I left the hotel around 7 am. The ride into Ludington went okay. In the downtown area, I missed my turn to the Badger.

There were four large ships. It didn't look like a regular ferry. It looked like a regular sea faring ship. Part of the back of the ship flips upwards to allow access to the deck. The ship was built in 1965 and it carried rail cars till 1992. 34 rail cars could be hauled on the train. At 8 am, there was a lot of activity. People were being allowed onto the ship. Ship crew parked the vehicles onto the ship. There wasn't a real designated area for bicycles. I was told to park Allison under a stairwell by leaning her onto two other bicycles. There weren't any other cross-country cyclists. There was a group of boy scouts on bicycles but they had bare bicycles. The main passenger deck was pretty narrow. The lights were really dim. I found a table with electricity in the main parlor. There was supposed to be wifi but it didn't work too well. I worked on my photos. The ship departed a few minutes before 9am. The sixty mile trip is supposed to take four hours. There was supposed to be a museum but it was being used as a lounge. There was a small movie theater, a place where people could play video games, and a small nursery. The food was pretty expensive. It cost me $5 for a slice of cheese pizza and a soda. There were 250 passengers. Max passengers is around 500. For most of the time, there was bingo in the main parlor. I played. During one of the last games, I won. I got a coin purse with the ship's picture on it.

Nobody was allowed below until the ship docked. From the waterfront, it was a short walk into the downtown area and to the hotel where I had a reservation. I was able to check in early.

July 25 - W : Mantiwoc, Wisconsin to Sheboyhan, Wisconsin : 27.86 miles (44.58 km)
83.70 C 44.30 R
Trip Total : 3,883.72 miles (6,213.95 km)

One Hundred-twenty-eighth day on tour.

Last night was a little rough. I did get some rest during the night. I woke up around 5 am. There was a cold breakfast.

I left the hotel a little after 7 am. Across the street was a small restaurant. There was a loaded bicycle outside. I went inside to see who the owner was. It was an older guy. He was on a thousand mile tour. He was going to take the Badger to Michigan in the afternoon.

I followed local roads until I could get on Lakeshore Road. The ride south along the lake went okay. I had a guy on an unloaded swb ride passed me but he didn't stop to talk. I didn't have much problem with my chest. I was able to get 20 miles in by noon. I got a little lost in the small town of Cleveland. Once back on the right track, it was an okay ride into the Sheboygan area.

I stopped at a Piggly Wiggly to get a few things. I used Google Maps to get into the downtown area. I got on this paved bike trail for a little bit. I stopped at a BK for a late lunch. From the BK, it was a short ride into the downtown area. There was some kind of farmers market in the downtown area. It was a short ride to the hotel where I had a reservation.

July 26 - R : Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Saukville, Wisconsin : 38.01 miles (60.82 km)
4.65 C 44.35 R
Trip Total : 3,921.73 miles (6,274.77 km)

One Hundred-twenty-ninth day on tour.

The afternoon and night were a bit okay. I took a short nap in the afternoon without closing the curtains before getting my laundry done. The washers and dryers were a little expensive ($2 each) and $1.50 for soap but I needed the clothes done because they were wet and smelly from being caught out in the rain earlier in the week in Michigan). I went to bed a little early around 9:30 pm. The room didn't get that dark because there were street lights right below the room. The room overlooked Central Avenue. I got some sleep even though I woke up several times to go to the restroom. I was able to dream some. I woke up a little after 6 am. There was an okay breakfast with scrambled eggs.

I left the hotel around 7:20 am. It was a little tricky getting through the downtown area. I had to cross the Sheboygan River and then walk up a hill to 14th Street South. Once I headed south, I followed local and county roads that was a designated bike route. I took my time walking up hills and when I turned west there was a headwind to deal with. I got on Sauk Trail Road. Before Oostburg, I met up with a lady who was on a short bike tour. She told me about a paved path that was close by. I headed west via local roads until I could get on the Sheboygan Interurban Trail. I stopped alongside the trail for some lunch. I probably got a little over 16 miles in by noon.

The afternoon ride was a little slow. I had some road construction to deal with in the small town of Belgium. The main road through town was being redone. I walked through the construction zone instead of going the long way around the town on the detour.

I got into Port Washington around 4:30 pm. I stopped for a late lunch/ early supper at the McDonalds. From the McDonalds, it was a coast down sidewalks into the downtown area. Once I turned west on WI 33, there was a long hill to get up . Once I got up to the top of the hill, there was a coast down to I-43. Before going to the Motel-6 in Saukville where I had a reservation, I stopped at a Piggly Wiggly to get a few things. I'm going to try some supplements to see if that helps my body.

July 27 - F : Saukville, Wisconsin to Waukesha, Wisconsin : 44.08 miles (70.53 km)
85.65 C 44.35 R
Trip Total : 3,965.81 miles (6,345.30 km)

One Hundred-thirtieth day on tour.

I wish that I would have gotten an odd numbered room at the Rodeway Inn instead of an even number. The even mumbered rooms were on the back side of the motel and close to the interstate. There was a lot of traffic noise to deal with even with the air conditioner-fan turned on. I slept lightly. I woke up around 5 am. There wasn't any breakfast provided so I got some stuff out of the food pannier.

I left the motel around 7:15 am. I was hoping to get an early start but my sun glasses broke. I backtracked to the Walmart on the East side of the insterstate and bought a new pair. From the Walmart, I followed local roads back to the Sheboygan Interurban bike path. The ride went okay. I was feeling okay in the morning. I didn't have any pain in my chest or have any problems with my respitory system. I was making good time but I stopped to talk to a guy who was riding a home made long wheelbase recumbent. He was supposed to rejoin a a group of boy scouts who were going across country. They were going to take the high speed ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon. The goal was to ride across Central Ohio, across Pennsylvania, to New York City, and then down the East Coast to Washington D.C. I stopped at a park in Merguon at a picnic table for some lunch. The Sheboygan Interurban ended in Brown Deer where I got on the Brown Deer Trail. I also rode along the Mennomonee River Path.

I rode along local roads and the Oak Leaf Trail. I rode through Wauwatso, Elm Grove, and Brookfield. Between Brookfield and Waukasha, I took a zig-zag route fighting Google Maps. I got to the hotel where I had a reservation a little after 8 am.

July 28 - SA : Goerkes Corner (Waukesha), Wisconsin to Waukesha, Wisconsin to Goerkes Corner (Waukesha), Wisconsin : 14.21 miles (22.74km)
86.01 C 44.99 R
Trip Total : 3,980.02 miles (6,368.03 km)

One Hundred-thirty-first day on tour.

It was a mistake heading out. I didn't get much sleep the night before and I was slightly exhausted. I had been on the road almost 13.5 hours yesterday. I should have made plans to stay over today instead of getting on the internet to find a route for today and making reservations for tonight and tomorrow night. The last day that I had traveled 0 miles was ten days ago on July 18 when I had stayed over at the Super 8 in Roseland, Indiana. That was 277.64 miles ago. I'm not counting Tuesday as a partial rest day because it was still a hard day traveling on the SS Badger. In physical miles, I had traveled almost 70 miles even though I had cycled less than five miles. My bioclock hasn't adjusted being back in the Central Time Zone.

I woke up around 5:30 am. Around 6:20 am, I went out to see what was available for breakfast. Around 7:30 am, I headed out from the hotel. On the way into the downtown area, I stopped to get some milk. For a few blocks near the downtown area, I went through a section of road construction where they were putting in new utility pipes and repaving.

In the downtown area, I got turned around a bit finding my way to the Fox River Bike Path. There were a couple of sections of bike paths. I thought that I was on the right path. I followed one path for at least four miles but the path ended in a round-a-bout at a creek. If I would have crossed a narrow bridge and crossed a highway, I would have come up with the right path. When I checked my phone, I saw that the battery charge was almost gone. I thought that I had charged it last night. I got more confused so I thought I would find the right path so I turned asround. This was my first mistake. In the area of Carroll College, I got more lost. I had pretty well lost all morning. There was no way that I was going to make it to Elkhorn before dark. I thought that the best thing for me to do was go back to the hotel, get a room, and try and cancel the other reservations for tonight and tomorrow night. I stopped at a gas station and was able to charge my cellphone some and plug in my laptop, I used my cellphone as a hotspot and made a reservation for tonight. On the way back to the Baymont, I stopped at a McDs for some lunch.

I called the Diamond consierce service of Wyndham and was able to cancel the reservations for tonight and tomorrow night.

July 29 - SU : Goerkes Corner (Waukesha), Wisconsin to Mukwonago, Wisconsin : 18.04 miles (28.86 km)
86.46 C 45.54 R
Trip Total : 3,998.06 miles (6,396.90 km)

One Hundred-thirty-second day on tour.

One year anniversary of the accident.

I didn't get much sleep. Taking the nap in the afternoon, goofed my bioclock at night. I had a hard time staying and falling asleep. I maybe got a couple of hours of sleep.

I left the hotel around 7:20 am. It was a couple miles backtrack into the downtown area. I turned South on North East Street. I didn't get that far down the road, when I rode passed several churches. It was around 8:20 am. I saw a sign that said that there was going to be a 9 am service at the First United Methodist Church. I went across the highway to get some chocolate milk. I got back to the church around 8:40 am. I met the sr pastor before the service started. One of the associate pastors was going out on a three month sabbatical. I did talk to another associate pastor who went out and did visitations. The choir was practicing. A few people came by to talk to me. There was a time for prayers so I got to say a few words. The sr pastor also added a few more prayers for me. This time was a little different because a budhist prayer bell was being used. There were just a few people who talked to me after the service.

My route took me around Carroll University (Presbyterian). I sort of hit a wall. Around noon, I stopped at a Kwick Mart and I got one of their chicken sandwiches and something to drink for lunch. The afternoon ride was a little slow. I felt comfortable when there was a shoulder to use but there was a section of rolling hills with no shoulder. I did a lot of road walking up the hills. Several people stopped to see if I needed any assistance but they didn't offer anything. One of the guys who stopped was going to opposite direction but he told me that he was going to turn around. I waited for about twenty minutes but he didn't show up. I got flagged over by a guy who was sitting in his yard but he couldn't help because he had been drinking alcohol.

I was happy when I got onto National going West because there was a shoulder to ride along. About four miles out of Mukwonago, I got caught out in the open in a fast moving thunderstorm. I just had enough time to stop and put on my old jacket but the rayon ripped again. At a gas station, I stopped to switch jackets. I tried out the Coleman jacket that I found in a bag along the Sheboygan Interurban Bike Trail a couple of days ago. The jacket fit.

I got to the hotel where I had a reservation a little after 5 pm. Before getting there, I stopped at a DQ and got a kid's chicken strip meal.

I have a 21 mile ride to Elkhorn tomorrow..

July 30 - M : Mukwonago, Wisconsin to Elkhorn, Wisconsin : 22.06 miles (35.30 km)
87.01 C 45.99 R
Trip Total : 4,020.12 miles (6,432.19 km)

One Hundred-thirty-third day on tour.

Last night was kind of rough. I got some rest but it wasn't consistent. I woke up around 5 am. Around 6:30 am, I went downstairs to see what was available for breakfast.

I left the hotel around 7:30 am. I stopped at a gas station for some milk. I didn't get far down the road when I started to hit the wall again. I had to stop every twenty or so feet to wait for my pulse to go back down. I did this maybe thirty times before I could ride longer distances. In the morning, I probably got 3.5 miles in per hour. Instead of a normal 20 miles in before noon, i got maybe 14 miles in before noon. I stopped alongside the road in some shade for a break.

I was really happy when I turned South on MS 67 and got off Cnty ES. I stopped at a gas station for another break. From where I had stopped, it was a short ride to the northern edge of Elkhorn. After a couple more miles, I stopped at a McDs for a late lunch/ early supper of a cheeseburger and something to drink.

I rode through the downtown area of Elkhorn. I got to the reservation where I had a reservation a little after 4 pm.

July 31 - T : Elkhorn, Wisconsin to Elkhorn, Wisconsin : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
87.01 C 46.99 R
Trip Total : 4,020.12 miles (6,432.19 km)

One Hundred-thirty-fourth day on tour.

Before going to sleep, I reserved a room at a motel in Beloit. I was going to stay at a Wyndham hotel but I decided to try Choice. I found a cheap room at the Rodeway Inn. Last night was kind of rough. I got some rest but it wasn't consistent. I woke up around 5 am feeling still exhausted. Around 6:30 am, I went out to get some breakfast. By 7:30 am, I was going to head out but I didn't feel like riding. My last real day off with no riding was almost two weeks ago (July 18) in Roseland, Indiana. I had cycled 396 miles.

Around 7:40 am, I decided to just stay over. I got out my laptop and reserved the room online. I called up the motel in Beloit and I had them switch the reservation for tomorrow night.

The next update might be posted between August 07th and August 14th.



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