TRIP 2018

Update #19 - August 15
Freeport, Illinois

Year Total : 4,086.85 miles (6,538.96 km)

August 01 - W : Elkhorn, Wisconsin to Delavan, Wisconsin : 03.86 miles (06.18 km)
87.11 C 47.89 R
Trip Total : 4,026.94 miles (6,438.37 km)

One Hundred-thirty-fifth day on tour.

I had a rough night. I didn't get much sleep. The room was cool but I had a really bad night of night sweats. I couldn't find the right temperature by turning on the heat. In the morning, I was able to connect with Brian in Rockford. He wasn't able to come and get me today but he told me that if I could get a little closer to Rockford he would go out and rent a truck tomorrow morning. The next town with hotels/motels is Delavan eight miles away.

There was an okay breakfast. I packed up some bagged muffins for later on. I left the hotel around 8 am. I made it up the hill and through the road construction to Mound Street and then I turned west to Delavan. My body wouldn't let me ride very far. Every thirty to fourty strokes, I had to stop to wait for my pulse to go down and the pain in my right side to go away. I did have to stop a couple of times to rest on the side of the road. After a couple of hours of this, I was really feeling bonked. It wasn't hot in the seventies. I didn't think that I was suffering from heat stroke. I was making sure to drink enough fluids and I had enough for the rest to Delavan.

About halfway to Delavan, a lady in a car stopped to check me out. She told me that I didn't look that good. She offered to call the local police to come and check me out. After about ten minutes, two officers did come by. There was an offer to have an ambulance come out to check me out but I didn't want to pay the $600 or more charge out of pocket. One of the officers contacted somebody with the city works department and they came by in a town truck to pick up Allison, I sat in the back seat of one of the police cars and I was taken into the downtown area to the Baymont hotel. I got a room there for the night. I'm thinking that I might have stayed there before. The room was in a weird alcove behind the elevator. It was really tight getting Allison into the room.

Around 6:30 pm, I got a text from my friend in Brian. He is going to go to Home Depot around 6:00 am to see if there are any rental trucks available and to come and get me and take me the rest of the way into Rockford.

August 02 - R : Delavan, Wisconsin to Rockford, Illinois : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
87.11 C 47.89 R
Trip Total : 4,026.94 miles (6,438.37 km) km)

One Hundred-thirty-sixth day on tour .

I had a some what rough night last night. There was some late noise in the back parking lot because there was a bar in the building. The curtains also didn't come together so there were gaps. I was able to get some sleep.

Around 6:30 am, I got awoken by a phone call from Brian. He told me that he was halfway to Delavan. He was going to be in front of the hotel in a half hour. I quickly got cleaned up, packed up, and I took Allison downstairs. I grabbed a couple of muffin packs. I used an ATM to get some money to help pay for the rental of the truck.

Brian was waiting outside around 7:00 am. He strapped Allison upright in the back compartment with a lot of straps. We made really good time getting back into Illinois and into Rockford.

August 07 - T : East Rockford, Illinos (Start of Trip Leg 09) to Westmoreland (West Rockford), Illinois : 11.97 miles (19.15 km)
87.52 C 53.48 R
Trip Total : 4,040.38 miles (6,445.46 km)

One Hundred-fourty-first day on tour.

It was around 6:90 am when I woke up. I got myself cleaned up and packed. I left the motel around 8:30 am. As soon as I got on the saddle of Allison, I was able to ride without feeling queezy. I was able to ride clear back to the intersection where the Alpine Inn was. From there, it was a couple of miles ride into the downtown area. I did have to walk up a couple of hills in a residential area. I did a lot of sidewalk riding when a sidewalk was available. I got into the downtown area around 10:30 am. I was able to ride across the bridge over the Rock River. Once I got on the west side of the river, it was a little tricky getting back on West State Street. Ther was a paved bike path to ride on some. I stopped at a Save-a-lot for a few groceries. From the grocery store, I kept on going on West State Street. The sky was clouding up. There was the threat of rain storms. There was a light drizzle. I got to a motel near the intersection of Bus 20 and US 20 around 1 pm.

I'm going to ride to Freeport tomorrow.

August 08 - W : Westmoreland (West Rockford), Illinois to Freeport, Illinois : 16.89 miles (27.02 km)
87.94 C 54.06 R
Trip Total : 4,057.27 miles (6,491.63 km)

One Hundred-fourty-second day on tour.

If I had known how bad this Potel was, I would have checked out the motel next door before paying the $50 for the room. There was no security system (chain or lock) on the door and the bed was just inches away from the bed. Instead of a regular switch on the bathroom door, there was a photocell that constantly turned the bathroom light on. After about twenty minutes, the light went off until something triggered the light to turn back on. There was a kitchenette but no water came out of the sink. To fill my water bottles, I had to use the spigot on the bathtub.

Around 6 pm, somebody used some power tools in the room next door. Around 9 pm, there was a loud knocking at the door that went on for a couple of minutes. I didn't see anything out of the window so I opened the door. A couple of doors away, there was a guy knocking on somebody's else's door. I told the guy that I was only there over night. A lot of the people here must pay by the week. It took a long time for me to fall asleep.

When I finally woke up, I saw that the time was a little past 7:30 am. I left the motel, around 8:40 am. Because of the lack of sleep, I couldn't keep pedaling a long distance. By noon, I had ridden a little over 12 miles. There wasn't any place where I could stop alongside the road for a break. Around 3:30 pm, I was almost 17 miles down the highway and about seven miles more to the Super 8. By the way I was getting the miles in, I probably wouldn't have gotten to the hotel till almost 7 pm. I decided to see if Corey's business associate, Tom, was in his office. Tom was there and he offered to come and rescue me. On the way to the Super 8, Tom offered to take me to a fast food place to get me something to eat. I opted for one of the king meals at Burger King.

When I get to Savanna, I'm going to have to go south to Fulton before I could cross the Mississippi River because the old bridge between Savanna, IL and Sabula, IA is shut down because a new bridge is still being built.

Being that I'm in Freeport, I'm going to call the 17th crossing of the USA complete. I rode through Freeport, the day before the accident last year.

August 13 - M : Freeport, Illinois to Shannon, Illinois : 16.97 miles (27.15 km)
88.67 C 58.33 R
Trip Total : 4,086.85 miles (6,538.96 km)

One Hundred-fourty-seventh day on tour.

I was able to get some sleep. I woke up around 6 am. I was packed up a little after 7:40 am. From the motel, I rode west a couple of miles to IL 26. It didn't take long to ride passed the Walmart. The ride was okay even though I took a lot of breaks along the way. I was sort of happy when there was a wide shoulder right passed the city line. I was really hoping that the shoulder would have lasted till I turned west on IL 76 towards Shannon but it ended about five miles before the turnoff. I stopped under some trees across the highway from a small dairy farm. The shoulder along the highway pretty well disappeared. I stopped everytime when a vehicle came up from behind me.

There wasn't any shoulder when I turned west to Shannon. Around noon, I had ridden just a little over a dozen miles. I stopped along side under a tree for a lunch break. I stayed off the road almost an hour.

From where I had stopped, it was a little over a 4 mile ride into the small town of Shannon. I had planned to ride at least eight more miles but I decided to try and stop for the day. I checked out the Catholic church but there wasn't anybody around. Bethel United Methodist Church was close by. I was able to connect with the pastor. He gave me permission to spend the night in the church..

August 14 - T : Shannon, Illinois to Freeport, Illinois : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
88.67 C 58.33 R
Trip Total : 4,086.85 miles (6,538.96 km)

One Hundred-forty-eighth day on tour.

Instead of staying in one of the basement classrooms, I stayed in the parlor upstairs next to the office. There was a three-quarter size sofa. I was able to stretch out on it. There was an offer to spend the night in the parsonage but I opted against it. I had some donuts and apple juice for supper. There were several good fiction books to read. I went to sleep around 10 pm. It was a rough night. Sometime during the night, I rolled off the sofa and stretched out on the floor. I didn't get much sleep. At daylight, I just rolled over. Around 8 am, Pastor Mike came over to check on me. He had to go to Rockford for meetings. He told me that I could stay over. It was suggested that I move down to a classroom in the basement because there was going to be an AA class in the afternoon. I spent most of the day trying to rest and I read three paperback books from the parlor library. I did go upstairs to get my sleeping bag. I was pretty disappointed at how bad the bag was. It had gotten wet and it was smelly and moldy. The last time that I had used the sleeping bag was in May in New Jersey. I couldn't open up the sleeping bad zipper because there was corrosion at the metal parts of the zippers.

Pastor Mike came by around 7 pm. After seeing the problem with the sleeping bag, he offered to take me back to Freeport to buy a new sleeping bag for me. Because I wasn't feeling well, Pastor Mike offered to take me to the Urgent Care Center so I could get checked out by a doctor. Pastor Mike offered to pay for the appointment. While I was waiting to be called to be taken to an examination room, Pastor Mike went to the nearby Walmart to see about the sleeping bag.

I was taken in back to an examination room around 7:20 pm. The main part of the examination was an ekg. The result mustn't have been that good because the doctor who examined me excused himself and went outside the room for a few minutes. When the doctor came back, he told us that he called over to the hospital emergency room and they were expecting us. This was the first time when somebody mentioned AFIB to me. .

Pastor Mike and I got to the hospital emergency room around 8 pm. It was about six minutes later when I got taken into the emergency room into an examination room. I got put on another ekg. Also, an IV was started. I was given some kind of medicine to get my blood pressure down. For a while, it was spiking over 155 bpm. A portable chest xray machine was brought in. I was told that I would be admitted into the hospital. Pastor Mike told me that he would stay with me until I get upstairs. The wait was almost 4 hours until a bed was made available in the hospital on the fourth floor. .

I hate to think that the mission trip is done for the year.

The next update might be posted between August 21th and August 28th.



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