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Update #24 - November 11
Hattiesbsurg, Mississippi

Mission Trip 74 Total: 743.30 miles (1,189.28 km)
Year Total : 4,845.74 miles (7,753.18 km)

October 24 - W : Union City, Tennessee to Days Inn, Dyersburg TN : 09.19 miles (14.70 km)
18.20 C 30.80 R
Mission Trip 74 Total: 742.50 miles (1,188.00 km)
Year Total : 4,844.94 miles (7,751.90 km)

Last night was a really rough night. I tried and tried to fall asleep, I swallowed a dozen melatonin pills but that didn't at all faze me. I woke up quite a few times to go to the restroom. It was around 6 am when I gave up and got up. I didn't try and go see if the office was open. I was surprised at finding cereal, milk, apple juice, and small oranges out yesterday. There wasn't going to be another way of staying an extra day at this motel because it was quite bad. It's not been a Super 8 for almost a year and the people of India haven't put any money in it for maintenance.

I headed out a little before 8 am. There were a couple more motels but they were full. Once I got out of town, the shoulder next to the highway shrunk to leas than a foot in width and there was also a wide rumble strip. It was really hard staying straight and not hitting the rumble strip while trying to get up some hills. It was especially hard to get through a long construction zone. I took quite a few mini breaks along the way. There were a lot of semi trucks.

I got into Troy around 9:45 am. I stopped at a gas station for a break. I tried seeing if I could get a ride for the rest of the way to Dyersburg but I wasn't able to. I was hoping to get to a secondary road but from what I saw on Google Maps, the road wasn't there like it was on Microsoft Streets and trips. I really didn't want to continue on riding along US 51 even though it was designated as a bike route.

About three quarters of a mile from the gas station was the First Baptist Church. There were some cars there. I found the office behind the church in another building. The sr pastor wasn't there but I talked with one of the assistant pastors. He offered to take me into Dyersburg on his lunch break. In the fellowship hall, I was able to get on the wifi network for a little bit. The church is having a revival. One of the other people at the church offered to prepare me a take out meal from the leftovers from last night's meal.

At the Days' Inn in Dyersburg, I was given a room on the third floor because there was an elevator. I might have to stay over tomorrow. There is supposed to be 80 percent chance of showers and the temperature is going to be in the upper 50s.

October 28 - SU : Motel 6: Dyersburg, Tennessee to Hospital: Dyersburg, Tennessee : 00.50 miles (00.80 km)
18.22 C 34.78 R
Mission Trip 74 Total: 743.30 miles (1,189.28 km)
Year Total : 4,845.74 miles (7,753.18 km)

Last night was a really rough night. I tried and tried to fall asleep. My chest really hurt and I had a bad wheezing problem. I don't know if I got about an hour of sleep. There was no breakfast provided so I ate a half pack of poptarts.

I left the motel around 9 am. It was about a half of a mile ride to the First Presbyterian Church. It was a struggle to get even that far. I was able to meet with the pastor before the sunday school class. Allison was put in an enclosed corridor. Pastor Bill took me to one of the Sunday school classes. I was introduced but wasn't given the chance to speak. During the service, the pastor introduced me.

After the service, the pastor was going to take me to an urgent care center but I told him that I really needed to go to the emergency room. Pastor Bill stayed with me until I was taken in back. I was in the emergency room for several hours and then I was admitted and taken upstairs to the ICU. Not knowing how long I will be in the hospital this time, I'm calling Mission Trip 74 over. I really don't know if I'm going to be able to finish the ride back to Hattiesburg on my own power.

November 01 - R : Hospital: Dyersburg, Tennessee to Economy Inn: Dyersburg, Tennessee : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
18.22 C 34.78 R
Mission Trip 74 Total: 743.30 miles (1,189.28 km)
Year Total : 4,845.74 miles (7,753.18 km)

Last night was an off night in the ICU because the night crew didn't turn off the lights in the main unit. I had the curtain clear across the glass front of the room but the curtain wasn't that thick. At least, I had my sleeping mask on. Around 3 am, somebody came by to take more blood. I had a decent morning. I was told that I was going to be moved since I wasn't critical again. Somebody down in the emergency room needed the space more than me.

Right before noon, my gear was collected and I was moved upstairs on the third floor to Room 361 in E section. They had to take my tray upstairs. The room wasn't a private room. There was an older guy in the room in his 80s. He was upset since he hadn't been released. The guy had the tv remote and he had the volume of the tv up really high. The curtain between us wasn't pulled. Around 1 pm, the guy's wife showed up and was starting to complain because they lived fourty miles from town. Around 4 pm, I was told that I was going to be discharged too. I called up Pastor Bill and told him what was going on and I needed to have him bring me my clothes. Bill told me that he had some meetings to go to and he wouldn't be available till almost 8 pm.

Around 6:30 pm, the older guy and his wife left so I had the room to myself for a little bit. Around 8 pm, Pastor Bill showed up and I was discharged. It was too late for the Walmart pharmacy so we went straight to the Economy Inn across the highway from the Presbyterian Church. Pastor Bill got me the room for a week. Bill had to get some spray because the room was supposed to be non-smoking but it wasn't. There was a burnt cigarette right above the air conditioning unit.

Before it got too late, I walked to the gas station - quick mart next door to get some milk and also something to eat tomorrow morning since breakfast isn't provided.

November 09 - F : Economy Inn: Dyersburg, TN to InTown Suites: Lamar Park (West Hattiesburg), MS : 00.00 miles (00.00 km)
18.22 C 34.78 R
Mission Trip 74 Total: 743.30 miles (1,189.28 km)
Year Total : 4,845.74 miles (7,753.18 km)

Last night, I was pretty anxious today because I was moving on to Hattiesburg. I didn't sleep so soundly because I was concerned about the roaches coming into the bed. I probably woke up before 5 am and I couldn't fall back asleep. I walked several times to gas station to see if the newspaper wasn't for sell yet. The article about me wasn't in this time.

Around 9 am, I rolled Allison out of the room and turned my key in. It was a little tricky getting her across the highway. At the church, I parked Allison near Pastor Bill's truck. I then went into the office and waited until Bill was ready to leave around 11 am. We headed out a little after 11 because a black guy had come by to see if he could get some assistance with his electricity that was supposed to be turned off.

From the church, we stayed on Bus 51 for the ride around town and then we got on US 51 for the ride South to Memphis. It was interesting in seeing the sights because I had cycled through here a couple of times. Just North of Millington we started out trip around Memphis to the East. We were in Mississippi in a couple of hours. Around 1 pm, we stopped at a Zaxby's for some lunch. After about 20 minutes we got back on I-55. We got into the Batesville area around 2:30 pm. We were to meet Pastor Knox at a Raceway gas station near the Lowes.

It was nice seeing Pastor Knox again. Knox had his wife's van. To get Allison in back, we had to take the front wheel off and then removed the quick release for the steering column. The miles went by really fast. We went around Jackson. We stopped at a Wendy's for some supper and we also stopped at Pastor Knox's parent's house for a short break.

We got into Hattiesburg a little after 7 pm. we got to the Intown Suites around 7:30 pm. I was hoping to get a room with a queen sized bed on the first floor but none were available so I was given a room on the second floor up front. Knox helped me get my gear and Allison up to the room. After Knox left, I had to make several trips down to the office to get a few things like a roll of toilet paper. I also walked over to the nearby Circle K to get a few groceries like bread and milk to tied me over for a few days.

The next update might be posted between November 18th and November 25th.



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