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Updated : January 02, 2018

I do hope that you enjoy your visit here. For those who have visited this website before, you will probably find some additions and changes since your last visit. One of the immediate changes is a brand new logo. I decided to change the logo slightly by including a recumbent bicycle instead of an upright bicycle on the tenth anniversary of this website on October 19th, 2008. I made the transition of traveling around on a recumbent instead of an upright bicycle back in 2000.

This website has been over 480 awards from agencies, individuals, ministries, and organizations from 27 countries around the world. There is over 1,000 pages of information inside using almost 300 MegaBytes of space. Here are some comments that readers have sent me.

As mentioned on the "HOME" page, navigation throughout the site should be quite easy for you. There is a pretty extensive Site Map Menu and the website has it's own search engine. At the bottom of each page there are navigation arrows that will help you navigate through the 1,000+ pages on this website. There is also a button at the bottom of each page that will allow you to jump to the top of that page without scrolling.

Each chapter (section) has an index page. Before you check out the individual chapters (sections), would you please check out the two introduction pages after this page. The first "intro" page shows stats for my missionary travels by bicycle. On the second "intro" page, four of the newest website awards that this site has been given are displayed. Along with the section about my travels, you will find sections on bicycle touring (in general , for the beginners), and multiple sections on religion (including my faith statement and testimony).

To find information about my "missionary travels by bicycle" around the United States please go to "Bike Journey". Since 1993, I have ridden 264,482.17 miles (423,171.47 km) as of July 29, 2017.

Mission Trip 72 started November 07, 2016 from the Crescent Beach area (South of St Augustine, Florida) but it ended quite abruptly in the Amboy, Illinois area, July 29th, 2017. The trip was supposed to take me around the United States in a ride of compassionate service and prayer. Of the nearly 10,000 miles (16,000 km) tentatively planned for the trip, I was able to ride 7,075.28 miles (11,320.45 km).

The trip was supposed to have lasted between twelve and thirteen months. I was 2,562.22 miles (4,099.55 km) into my 17th crossing of the United States and 1,112.76 miles (1,780.42 km) away from Kittery, Maine, which was supposed to be my turning point back to Florida. All of the dreams and work of finishing the rode were dashed when I got struck from the rear by a young guy who was speeding and texting while driving. There was enough concern about brain and spinal trauma that I was air lifted by helicopter to the Trauma Center at the Memorial Hospital in Rockford, Illinois. I didn't have to go through any surgery. There were fractures in a few bones but these healed through rest. I did spend eight days in the orthopaedic trauma unit of the hospital. For the year, I had cycled 5,099.47 miles (8,159.15 km) (as of July 9th) and 7,050.70 miles (11,281.12 km) for the whole mission trip.

After spending a little more than two months in Rockford, Illinois, I traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi where I will be spending the rest of the year and possibly through Winter. The trip was between Monday (Oct 02) and Wednesday (Oct 04) and it was mostly done by taking two Amtrak trains. I will probably not start on another missionary bike tour (Mission Trip 73) until the middle of March or early April of this year.

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