The basic ways that you could help with the ministry is to pray and pass the word on about this ministry. Everybody needs prayer for one thing or another. And most definitely please spread the word about my ministry. Thank you.

You could talk to the heads of your churches (pastors or priests) to see if there might be an interest for my stopping at your church and give a talk. If your pastor or priest needs references, they can surely contact me because I can send them addresses or email addresses of quite a few ministers who know about my work and have given me the chance to speak at their church. There are also there are letters of reference in pdf form on this website. During Mission Trip 19 in 2009, I was able to speak at 32 churches either during the service or a Sunday school class. This is an ecumenical ministry since I have spoken at Assembly of G-D, Baptist, Catholic,Disciples of Christ, Episcopal, Evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc. I could also make arrangements for organizational and group meetings.

Please send a message to me using the Feedback Form on the "Contact Page" to see if something can be arranged. There has to be some flexibility on the dates because of course I can only travel up to sixty miles per day.

Some person also suggested to provide a way on the website for somebody to help out with my ministry financially. I do not think that will happen since I do not want to break the "Faith Covenant" that I have with my L-RD and I do not want to become dependent on these types of donations. I do accept "free-will" offerings of individuals or "love offerings" from churches but they are not necessary. My ministry hasn't become officially non-profit (501-3C compliant) at the present time and it will probably never will be.

If something in your heart tells you that you might like to host me for a night or if you want to do something else to help, please feel free to send the offer using the Feedback Form on the "Contact" Page also.

With regards to hosting, I don't need anything fancy (just a piece of grass for my tent in good weather or a place on the floor or on a sofa for my sleeping bag in cold or inclement weather). I really have a hard time sleeping in a bed.

I try to keep this ministry very low key so I don't ask for much. Do what your heart tells you if there is a sense to offer some other kind of assistance and just get in touch.

But most of all thank you very much for taking the time to get to know about this ministry.

If you cannot directly get involved with my ministry, you could indirectly get involved by doing "social ministry" in your own area.
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